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Thursday, September 28, 2006

The ABC of buying a car.

Car market is really bad nowaday with almost all car dealer offering some form of discount. It is now a buyer market. So u dicided 2 buy a car now. I am face with this decision a sometime ago. So how do I made mine decision?

1. Ask u'self this ? Do u really need a car? If yes
(I need a car 2 'par toll' ie 4 dating purpose, with car I can 'do' so many thing together inside a car. I think this is a very good reason.)
then how much or rather ur burget 4 the car.

2. How much u are capable of paying 4 the car will determine the type of car u buy. R u going 2 buy new car or 2nd hand wan ie pre-owned will do. Both have pros & cons.
New car is of course better,
(Which guy don't wan 2 date a virgin and have a virgin wife? )
it enjoy lower interest rate, waranty & the new car feeling. But please don't forget new car depreciated terriblely.
( Yeah virgin wife have no sexperiance at all, terrible in fact, u have 2 teach them every & any things of couse if u happen 2 be virgin u'self then everythings is OK)
Pre-owned car can be consider also.The main advantage is that with the same amount u use 2 buy a new car u can now buy a much bigger/better car. This is be'cos the car has already depreciated and the cost is being bore by the previous owner.
( Some guy prefer gf/wife with ex-bf.This is b'cos while dateing at intimate stage they enjoy it a lot as the gf/wife is well sexperiance as the ex-bf have already teach them all the technic ie all the hard work have be done, foundation has be established so 2 say. )
Some 2nd hand car came bundle with a lot of extra like sport rim with low profile tyre,hight power sound system,tinted glass etc which u can bargain 4 free. All this extra u have 2 buy if u buy new car although optional only but sooner or later u will fit as least some extra 2 ur new car, tinted glass 4 eg.
(Eg.Some get married & only have children after a long time. Some well sexperiance gf/wife came with extra as well!!! Ha! Ha! I meant children ie divorces. So u don't have 2 'work' 2 produce result.Somemore the children maybe thought babystage already so save a lot on trouble & cost.FIY baby milk is dam expensive. )
However buying 2nd car have risk since most 2nd hand car don't have waranty or at most with 2 months waranty only. U have 2 check out the car properly before buying it so as to prevent u'self from buying an accident car or problematic car. More of that later.
( This is the same with gf/wife with ex-bf made sure that she is really broken off with that guy.This is expecially so as that guy have intimate sexperiance with the gf/wife & of couse ur 'performance' must be on par if not better then the other guy or else ur gf/wife will yield 4 that sexperiance unless she don't mind ur poor 'performance'. Or worse still her ex-bf is a gangster & he came after u with a 'parang' then u r in deep sheep!!!! So be carefull. )

Now u have some ideal 2 buy new or 2nd hand car with ur burget. We came 2 point no3.

3.What type? Hah? What 2 u meant what type? Well there hatch-back, saloon, mpv, suv, pick-up double carbin and 4X4. So which type u want? Each type have pro & con also.

Hatch-back 2 door or 4 door.2 door eg proton satria 4 door produa kancil,kelisa,kenari(it is not a hacth-back sort of small mpv), hundai gets etc. Small size easy 2 park,easy on fuel comsumption (f c), simple maintentence quite cheap & simple.Car cc usually between 650 to 1000. Suitable for town use,single ( partoll can do lah ),small family <4.saloon style="color: rgb(51, 102, 255);">He! He! I am sure some of u do test drive ur gf, but ur gf is similar to but not a car ok. Seek permission first. If u want 2 test-drive do test-drive with responsiblelity & precausion ie wear condom. I am also sure that ur gf also want 2 find out about ur 'performance'. And if u r a lousy driver eer I meant ur sexperiance 'performance' u can always bring along a mechanic I meant someone good in this. Ahem! Ahem! Horny Ang Moh 4 e.g He! He!)

7. Financing!!!! Yeah u buy u pay! Can u affort? How much u pay per month :- amount u borrow x int rate in % x no of years + the amount u borrow divided by no of months = u monthly instalment. Also set aside some $ 4 fuel. When buying new car it is advisible to borrow so as to avoid IRD. U can pay off later with one lump sum 2 save int but please do it within a year as the rebate is more. Also don't redeem u reg card untill the loan period is up even though u have settel the loan to avoid IRD. Also u save on insurance 1st party dam expensive 3rd party only RM60 per year. If u wan 2 be safe buy 1st party but personally I feel it is a waste of money u cann't really claim u money unless the accident is real bad. If u buy pre-own car u can buy on cash no problem from IRD. Deal with first owner already.

8.Back-up service of the car. A lotl of people forgot about this. Some car in, fact most new car are control by electronic. So u just can't simply have them service by any garage under the coconut tree. Nomal service like oil/filter chg can of couse but made sure u fill the correct oil grade. Made sure the car is fully back by service centre and the service centre service is good. It will be a good ideal if u can pay a visit 2 the service centre & have a look see. U can judge the service, price and most impt the problem likely 2 be developed by the car u intended 2 buy. A talk withe the car owner there will yield a lot of valuable information like fc, ride quality, any regret with the car etc.

9. Some other factor 2 consider beside the above. Some people buy car for snob appeal. U will look better if u arrive in a merc then if u arrive in a kancil but then merc have hight maintence hight fc, the opposit of kancil. People will say wah! rich fellow.BTW pre-own merc is real cheap due to high fuel price. A merce c200k is now less then RM100k.
( This why some rich people will always find a beautifull gf/wife if cannot then beautiful mistress also can do 2. So people will c & say that bugger is real rich can affort 2 have such beautifull wife. )

So the above is mine ABC of buying car. Hope it is helpful 2 u reader. Do drop ur comment.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Condom Tester

Yeah! I decided to do just that. Apply through a condom manufacture online last night. Hemm wander if I will be selected and what am I suppost to do. Will I be pay for all the hard 'work' I did? Anyway will up-date later.