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Wellcum! Wellcum!

To all my dear readers if u find this site too 'horny' then please poke into My Other Site where I am more 'normal!!! Feel free to poke into any link within the post as it normally led to more 'interesting' post! Rest assure it is mostly not paid post! No ads for a 'horny' blogger!!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cock Sing Fuck Chai!!!

It is that time of the year against................Yes! It is Chinese New Year! And in another 11 hours time all the Chinese will started the count down to mid-night, getting ready to light up all the firework & praying to the 'fellow up stair' for POKEING SAKE DON'T RAIN!!!

Well not much of a problem for me as I don't play any firework ( too poor to buy & also too 'chicken' to light it up ) so rain or not I don't really care. But if it did rain, and most probably do & it will not be a noisy affair................Which is not good for me as even though I don't light firework but I do have my own unique 'count down'!

About 40 minutes before I have started my CNY count down..................with gf!!! He! He! Shall I say 'poke down'( to all my new readers I usually refer poke as to fuck )!!! It is after all 2008 ( Chinese calender ) & so foreplay will be a elaborate affair leading to a good poke to wellcum a good 2009! And so my pokeing shall started leading to an 'explosive' cum at the midnight! Now this will be good if it is all noisy as by now gf will be screaming her head off!

Ah! Ah! Ah! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!! What a big wellcum for 2009!!!! So care for a second round???!!! Well that is what I plan to do every CNY but to date it is easier to say then is near inpossible to cum at the exact midnight! So far it is either to early or late when I cum! Damn !hope I do it this year!

And to all my dear readers who is still reading my cocky post...........I wish u all a very Happy & Prosperous Chinese Year & expecially the Prosperous part as economy is no so good.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Big Nen Nen (Breast)!!! Slow Down & Look!!!

Have a look at the following video clip....................What say u??? BTW this is NSFW ( not safe for work ) especially if your boss is a very 'holy' bugger!

Now if the above is implemented in 'bolehland' I am very sure the traffic accident will be greatly reduced! I will cumfirm that I will in fact stop my car completely as I want to examine the 'nen nen' closely!

He! He! To all my dear readers what say u!!! Wishing Happy & Prosperous Chinese New Year to all & please drive carefully & slowly when 'balik kampung'! This is also why the above measure need to be implemented to reduced traffic accident due to speeding!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Best Deal Of The Year! Free Of Charge!!!!

Look at the pic! See it is free! Free CREMATION ( Burning of body until only aches )! Now normally it cost quite a lot just to burn death body.

He! He! The above service I don't know if it is extended to Chinese New Year or not. But in this bad economy time I am not surprise to see many 'sale promotion' extended 'due to popular demand' ( Which in most case meant NO Demand! )!

To all my dear readers I do hope none of u take up the above offer! Wishes all my dear readers Happy & Very Prosperous Chinese New Year! So sorry that I miss posting up a 'Ang Moh' Happy New Year as I am too tired 'pokeing'( fucking ) gf from 2008 to 2009! :)