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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Hired!! As Conndoms Tester!!

A few days ago I received a letter from durex. Gosh! I am excited when I saw 'Congratulations! You've just been hired!' I have forgot about the application. Refer to mine entry dated 06-09-06.
Upon opening the letter ( I have half expected it content term & condition of employment ) it content the one successful applicant letter, testers questionnaire & one small packet of durex fetherlite with three condom for me to test.
I am a bit disappointed. I expect to recieved may be a bit more condom or at least different range of condom 4 me to test out. Well I tell myself something is better then nothing.

The above show the condom I normaly use. From left to right, Durex fetherlite, Hunter comdom free gear 002, Hunter condom big gear & one no brand condom ( which I use just once ) red in colour. Hunter condom free gear 002 is the one I usually use for nomal sesion lasting between 20 minites to 40 minites. Hunter condom big gear is use for exteneded sesion lasting more then 40 minites. U may have notice the big gear is full of spike as shown on the box. This is the one I use to give mine lover extended pleasure as its is rather thick hence I don't really enjoy it, but mine lover it as it stimulated her to the max.The reason why mine sexecise last so long is maybe b'cos mine 'equipment' ( 'equipment' refer to sexual organ or 'cock' if u like ) have being in regular use, so lost a lot of its sensitivety.

I like the durex fetherlite b'cos it is thin & give both me & mine lover pleasure. I like it b'cos it is fit well & thin enought to give me enjoyment. However mine lover have a bit of trouble puting it on & unroll it for me. (This is mine lover job, it is very stimulating letting her to do it.)Maybe durex made it slighly smaller or maybe mine 'equipment' is bigger. Mine lover like it b'cos she can feel the texture & the hotness of mine 'equipment' unlike the usual condom which I use, she say it is too smooth hence that is why I use spiky one. I think it is b'cos durex fetherlite is very thin & fit well. Mine lover also like durex b'cos it is almost transparent hence mine 'equipment' look more natural & appearing. ( Imaging a green or purple 'equipment', so yucky. ) Since using durex give her all the pleasure as it I am not wearing one, she don't complain.( Mine lover usually don't like me to use condom as it is not so pleasure & most of the time she is no co-operative to let me pull out to eject mine 'load' outside .) Finally durex fetherlite smell nice! Almost like perfume. This is very good, great for bj. The usual condom I use smell of latex so not good for bj. I must mention here that durex fetherlite too smell of latex after sexcerise.

I must also say durex is good enought to include a simple instruction on how to have safe sex.
Finally I think the word 'hired' is not suitable, only 3 condom for me to test, I thought got full range then I think I can made a more comprehensive comparesion. Anyway I think I will switch to durex since mine lover like it once I finished off mine present stock.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

ABC Of Wife/Husband Hunting (Part 3)

4. Background.

Guys will usually place this at the bottom of their factor to consider, some don't even consider, as long as the girls is beautifull & he has the chance to woo her, that is it. But do pause for moment, the girls may be beautifull now, what about after married? She don't have to be on diet now, & soon may take after her mother who look like an oil drum. What if there r hereditary disease in the family ( I know a guy who woo a beutifull girls & almost get marry untill he discover that she have kiney problem, apparently he may the discovery when he complain that she is always 'dry' when he made love 2 her ) It will be a good things 4 guy 2 know the other family members first while in early stage of courtship eg bro is not the local 'pai kei' leader or sis work as a whore!

Girls should consider this factor seriouly as sooner or later u have 2 live together with ur in-law. The saying ' In-Law From Hell ' do apply if u r not carefull. After all son still listen to his parent unless u r a terrific/terriber wife! Other reason is the same as the above.

Sumary of Wife/Husband Hunting

For Guy 2 look in Girl

1. Physical attraction

For Girl 2 look in Guy

3.Physical attraction

There u r mine simple ABC of Wife/Husband hunting. I am sure if u consider all the above factors, of couse, no body is perfect, u have to give & take & lower some of the requiment, u can find ur ideal wife/husband.

Feel free to drop some coment.

Monday, November 13, 2006

ABC Of Wife/Husband Hunting (Part 2)

2. Character.

Guys tends 2 look for girls which they consider 'cute', it could be the way the girl smile,laugh or her general behavious. That is somethings that attract his attention, apart from her physiacl attraction. Generally guys is usually put off by 'bitchy','sacastic' & 'proud' behavious. But then girls usually play 'hard to get' if she don't known the guy intentially which is normal, if she is too friendly then the guy may say she is so 'cheap'. So if u like the girls then at least give a few try before giving up wooing the girl. After all things u obtain through hard work is usually worth more. Also most guy love girls who can cook a good meal. The saying 'men is rule by his stomach' is very true.

To a ladies charcter is more important then physical apperance. Girl love attention. She tend to choose guy who shown concern for her well being. A good example will be when she is sick, call her up to show ur concern as many time as possible, visit her as many time as possible with 'gift' (please don't bring banana. chicken essence will be good). Girl like their guy to rember 'important' date like their birthday (very important, u can forget all this 'important' day once u get married) and also a lot of other date like their parent b-day. Girls consider guy to be romantic if they can rember this date. ( Guy however think otherwise). Apart from this she tends to choose guy who listen to her and also agree to her opinion.(guy can consider this as nagging) Most girls like guy who shown 'leadership' quality and know how to made decision. Almost all girls don't like guy who gamber or drink. Smokeing is still accetable to some. ( girls if u want to know wheather the guy gamble or not, it is very simple, just ask if he like football & place bet during world cup, also if he like to buy 4-d) Hence sometime we can see beautifull with bf face like 'kanasia' it could be b'cos the guy have the above quality.

In other words both character must comparetible including way of thinking & belief, ( eg. religion, but not in all case some, I know a couple, husband is buddish, wife is rc, but b'cos husband love the wife so much, in her present he is a devout christen, but behind her back he is buddish.) For a happy marrage one must give & take & understand each other.

3. Financial & Health Consideration

Many a time perhap the girls is so beautiful that the guy forget to consider the finance & health of the girl. It is always prudence is ask uself if u can afford to have a 'flower vase' as ur wife. Is the girl a 'sicky' type? ( most slim girls is 'sicky' perhap they r on diet most of the time, u can check working girl sick leaves, sicky wife will stop all sexual activities ). Some guy also perfer thier wife to be working so that the family is financially stronger.

This should be the second most important factor after charcter that a girl should consider in choosing a good husband. The guy must be fanancial stable. Never mind if he don't look like Tom Cruise, so long as his character is good, hard working with stable income & don't waste money, that guy is good husband material. But of couse u must be sure that his health is good so as to enable u to have a happy married life. ( Sexual activities will be affected if ur man is sicky hence very weak) It will be bad is all the money earn & save is all spend on medical bill.

Of couse we all get sick in our life, husband & wife should look after each other in time of sickness. What I mean to say is during the wooing period if u discover either parties is 'sicky' or fanancially not stable u can still have a choice to look else where.

Rember 'Money Can't Buy Everythings, No Money Can Buy Nothing' be continue

Thursday, November 09, 2006

ABC Of Wife/Husband Hunting (Part 1)

Most of us will go looking, searching or hunt 4 for a good/suitable gf or bf 2 be our wife or husband at some stage of our life. (Unless u r a monk or prist or ur 'equipment' is non functional hence no desire, even gay look for partner except their 'equipment' might not be fully utilised. 'Equipment' refer to male/female reproductive organ. ) Some sooner (marry young) some later (marry old, some well past prime time). So what r the things or point we look out for?

1. Physical Apperance.


Ah! This is the most important and in fact the first things that men look out for in choosing wheather this girls will be his special hence pontential wife. I am sure the following type is suitable for almost any men:-

How about this girl? So very beautiful & cute.

For those who like bigger 'asset' how about the following:-

The above is just some eg of the physical types of ladies men look out for when seaching for gf. Most men perfer their gf 2 be physically smaller them them. Why? So that they can 'sayang sayang' their gf. However there r men who prefer their women to be bigger them. Why? B'cos they like to be 'sayang sayang' by their women!! According 2 one of mine married friend (whose wife is almost 6' weight almost 80kg) it feel very nice when wife hug him every night, just like what mummy use 2 do when we r young & there is another (hor ny) reason.

We set target 4 ourself that mine gf must have physical like the above eg. If u have the luck to have the above as gf, fine u r so lucky, if not then lower u target a bit eg, small boop can do also or as long as got boop (big boop sag very fast beside u might be salforcated in not carefull) then I do believed nomal guy should have no problem having gf.


For ladies physical apperance is also important, but for most ladies it is NOT the most important factor when choosing bf. Some example below:-

This fellow handsome or not?

How about this fellow quite handsome & funny.

Ok this fellow a bit extreme but I just use it as eg to show the big muscular body.

I can safely say all ladies don't mind haveing bf size bigger then them as they all like to be 'sayang sayang' by their bf and not the other way round. According 2 one of mine ladies friend she feel very 'secure' with big guy. Big as in physically big. (big equipment is another story to be blog later if no body complain). Ladies also feel more 'secure' if the guy is bigger then them. So guy size does matter big time. OK. be continue

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Project Aqurium

This past few days I am having mine anual leaves hence with nothing (apart from cleaning ac) 2 do I decided to clean out mine aqurium which have being in this stage 4 the past 6 months:-

After that the following is the result. Any idea what 2 put on the other half?

DIY Cleaning Air-Con

Almost everyone have one or two air-con at home nowaday as it is now very cheap to buy an air-con. It is cheap to buy but the running cost depend on the brand and the air-con condition. Dirty ac is not effecient hence ur electricty bill will go up, ur ac will work extra hard 2 keep u cool in the long run increase the noise level of ac and workload of ac part. The following is mine own diy way of cleaning ac.

1. Take off the ac cover thus exposing the inner part expeciallty the coolling fin.

2.Cover up the ac electrical part with plastic bag.
Afterthat use water 2 hose down the cooling fin with water, made sure the water pressure is no high or else u will flatten the cooling fins. Use dishes cleaner or liquid soap 2 clean the cooling fin using soft brush, I use the largest water colour brush to applied on the cooling fins then hose clean with water. Of course the water will flow onto the floor so I have rectangle container below the ac.

3.Clean the ac cover & filter & left it out 2 dry.

4.Now 4 ac outside unite take off the covering
& the fan exposing the evaporating fin. Hose
clean with water first inside out then from
behind the ac units.Clean the covering & fan.

After all the above u just reassember back every thing. U will fine ur ac now cooler & not so noisy. I basically do the above every 3 months. I clean the air filter every 2 weeks.