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Monday, December 31, 2007

Debts!! U Must Settle Yours Debts!! Or Else………..!!!!

Debts! Debts of all sorts! It can be of the monetary type which is the most common! In our life we all have at one time or another times or another owed people money! Can’t be helped sometime for example, several time this year I forgot to bring my wallet so have to borrow money to buy lunch!!! And also on a few occasion I even bring my gf wallet by mistake also ( lucky on this few occasion no policemen stopped me! I will have a difficult time explaining how I becum a man! ) !

Of cause all this small debts I settled off as quickly as possible! Do u have people or college who borrow from u, usually small amount & then conveniently ‘forgot’ to pay u back???!!!

Apart from this small debts I have a few big debts like housing loan, ‘mistress’ loans ( car loans ) & other long term loans which of cause I can’t settle! But most importantly I have made regular payment for all this debts! In fact most of the 'things' I owned really belong to the bank! He! He! If the bank will accepted me as collateral I am most willing to 'loaned' myself to the bank! So to all my dear readers! I am for sale!!! Any taker???!!!

Emergency loan of the ‘Ah Long’ type ( loan shark )!!! Of all the debts this is most ‘dangerous’ type! Yes! I have also borrowed money from this source! Just for one month! Lucky for me I manage to pay it off! ‘ I will chop of ur head if u don’t pay back!’ or ‘ I will cut of ur ‘dick’ if u don’t pay back!’ This will be the threat if I didn’t pay back! So please don’t ever borrow from ‘Ah Long’ whenever possible! But can’t be helped sometime, as where to get money quickly ( u can’t borrow from the bank so quickly & it take ages to get approved or in most case not even approved )? So please spend ur money wisely ( next year will even be worse when the fuel price increased )!

Beside this do I have any other ‘debts’ I have not settled??? Debts! Not of the monetary type. Debts like ‘favors’ which I have received this year which I have no returned?? He! He! Do I own any lady any 'poke' ( fcuk ) apart from gf of cause???!!! Do I owed any ‘debts’ like requested from my dear readers? Have I miss out any post that my readers like me to post up??? I can’t really remember! However if I do miss out on any request or any tags, feel very free on put down in the comment! Oh yes I do post up on topic which my dear readers requested especially of the ‘educational’ type ( se*x related )!

This is the last day of 2007! So have u settled ur debts? If u haven’t, better do so as the Chinese have a believes that all debts must be settle & not to be carried forward to next year! Debts is considered to be ‘bad luck’, so u don’t want ur ‘bad luck’ to be carried forward to next year! Do u?

To all my dear readers a very HAPPY NEW YEAR! And may all my readers be as ‘debts’ free as possible!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

I Want To Die!!! Fuc*ked & Dumped!!

‘I want to die! I must have him, why did he treat me so after what I did to him! Life is so meaningless! I want to die!!!!!!!!’

This is what a thirty something teacher utters while she try to commit suicide! She want to die because her bf dump her! Oh yes they have being ‘staying together’ ( as in pokeing 24/7 )! This would have being quite a ‘normal’ scenario of lady committing suicide after a guy dump a lady ( usually after being poked or staying together )! But this case is ‘unusual’ as the guy is a young fellow………..half the age of the lady teacher!

Yes! This is a case of a ‘teacher & student love affair’! Except the teacher is a lady falling in love with a student. There have being case of teacher pokeing student or teacher being poked by student but a lady with intention of having this young student as hubby is rare!

So this is what happen! The reason given by that young man is ‘I have grown up’!!!! Yeah! I am sure he must have poked around after gaining sexperiance! No doubt he find himself the laughing stock by his friend also! And being a young men with an immature thinking this outcum is of cause expected!

Oh the teacher teach biology! And she did conducted tuition class after school! So I supposed for this fellow she not only conducted theory but also 'practical' aspect to him also ( How I wish my biology teacher did that to me also! Then I wouldn't have to lost my 'first time' at an old age of twenty something! )!

So who is to be blamed? My horny opinion is, it is the teacher fault! Getting a few poked by her student is ok with me although morally it is wrong but to me ‘u want I give’ is OK with me! After all it is a teacher role to teach all that she/he know even with ‘extra’ lesson!

Why the hell did she want to fall for a young guy who happens to be her student half her age! Surely at that age this guy will know nuts & maybe he agree to the relation in the first place because of the pokeing! Thus it is not surprise that he want to end the relationship! The teacher should at least choose someone who is mature in thinking!

Oh! This teacher didn’t die as her parent rescues her in time! But at this moment of time she is behaving like a ‘vegetable’! She really needs counseling! There are still many guy around to choose!

So lady please have an open mind before committing yourself fully into a relationship so that if the guy ‘dump’ u, u don’t really feel so bad & want to kill yourself!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Lady Wearing Ultra Short Skirt!!! Aiyoh!!!

I am having my breakfast at my usual coffee shop, nothing unusual or fanciful just a plate of ‘kampua’ ( foochow noodle ) & my ‘tea pang’ with ‘susuh banyak’ ( ice tea with lot of milk ) when on the next table a lady cum & sit on the next table facing me!

Woah! A rather tall lady with a nice body shape ( ‘nen nen’ not too big, the firm type ) with a pair of long se*xy leg!!! She is wearing ultra short skirt!! Once she sit down she cross her leg! Due to her very short skirt I even have a flash of her panty ( pink in color )! Woah her leg is silky smooth even without her wearing panty hose!

Once she sit down & cross her leg she do what all lady do when wearing short skirt! She try to pull down her skirt! Aiyah if u wants to pull down ur skirt why do u wear a short skirt in the first place! It is like u want to show off & yet u don’t want to do it! After a while she uncrossed & crossed her other leg! Aiyoh she do this several time!

Dam! I am having my breakfast! With her crossing & uncrossing her leg how can I concentrate on my breakfast ( I do suspect she is enjoying herself showing off! Oh yes! I think she did notice I am having ‘difficulty’ having my breakfast! ) ?

In fact I do accidentally use my chopstick instead of spoon when I want to drink the soup! It is a wander that I didn’t eat through my nose! It is not a big surprise that 'accident' do happen when ladies dress to killed! We men get killed literately!

Oh yes! This time I don't go & tell her ' Lady I can see ur panty!' Not like this entry when I am a good boy & kaypot ( busybody ) & say to the lady ' Lady I can see ur 'nen nen '! Once slapped! Now forever clever wan!

Ladies! Why are u like this???!!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Laptop to be ‘fuc*ked’ or Poked!!!!

Hallo to all my dear readers! Tq very much for all ur support in round one of my entry into a contest to win a free laptop! My entry to have a laptop for ‘pokeing’ purpose manages to go into round two!

This is an international contest and I happen to be the only Malaysian entry! He! He! I am surprise that I manage to go into second round but due to all my dear readers support I made it through!

Should I made it to round three the finale round & win the laptops I will do a very good review for this laptop! This laptop will be subjected to the ‘harsh’ environment in my bedroom! No doubts it might be subjected to all the ‘bullet’ short of the ‘sticky’ type & sweat! Oh yes! Will it stand up to all this abuse???

This I promise to do! The detail of my entry is in ‘ The Thinkingblog Poll: Vote For the Best Ruff Pc Review- Round 2 ’! My entry is No 16 ( do go & read my entry, very funny & horny entry )! Just click your vote very simple & take a few moment of ur valuable time! This poll will close on 30-12-07. So to all my dear readers I need your vote!

Thank you all so much to all my dear readers! Have a very nice day & happy new years!

P/s Oh I will also like to say a very big Thank You to Liquid Ecstasy & her's readers for helping me out in round one! Tq very much in advance to all my readers!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Accident!!!! Fuc*k With Responsibilities!

This is what happen to my young relative! He has being ‘pokeing’ ( fuc*king ) around with different ladies! Some of the ladies do go and stay with him as in ‘staying together’! So I presume that it is ‘pokeing’ 24/7!

Oh yes! He is a handsome fellow thus ladies do fall head over heel for him! And since he lives in a big city finding willing ladies is no big deal! This is not a big deal anyway as nowadays it is common for guys & ladies to poke around or be poked while having fun ( this is no applicable for small town where everybody is a busybody, if someone chicken died the whole town will know about it by tomorrow afternoon ) & having a taste of ‘living together’.

Being a young fellow with a small & unstable income he certainly can find lots of pokeing partners! Unfortunately in his latest pokeing session with a big size lady, an ‘accident’ happen! Accident in the sense that the lady now has a growing tummy! Now this lady comes from a small town so of cause it is a very big deal! He has no choice but to have an ‘emergency’ marriage! Luckily for the lady my relative has at least have the responsibilities to accept her as his wife!

Now to my regular readers u will have know I am guy active in ‘pokeing’ having post up a lots of entries on my ‘pokeing’ knowledge ( just click on my ‘hor ny’ labels for more juicy detail ) but all this while I poke with responsibilities! I don’t poke around ( actually I do like to poke around but I live in a small town & beside I am as handsome as shown in my profile pic so of cause no lady fall head over heel for me apart from my gf ) with any lady ( actually I want but with gf around I don’t dare! ) since I am a guy with responsibilities! But not matter how careful I am, near miss do occur as I have a few of this Nightmare & Relieved!

This will be different case if it is PPP….No no not Pay Per Post but it is Pay Per Poke!!! That is u have to pay the lady per pokeing session! In this case u can poke to ur heart content or until ur wallet is empty! Accident or what so ever is none of ur business as u have pay for it! It is not advisable to go for PPP as u might get more then what u bargain for like some STD ( pokeing diseases )!

As for my relative the only goodness outcum from his ‘accident’ is he get himself a wife real cheap! Just RM5,000-00 as dowry! No wedding expenses whatsoever!

So to my dear readers please poke with responsibilities unless u want to have a ‘cheap’ wife!!! And for ladies don't get poked without precaution as the guy might just be an 'as*shole' & dump u or unless u want to have an instant hubby!!!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Blog Of The Year 2007!!!!

Woah! Woah! I have just being award ‘CANUCKLEHEAD'S BLOG OF THE YEAR 2007’ ! One of Canada’s most popular websites! I feel very honored for this award! Thank you very very much! Poke into Canucklehead’ site & u can see why it is so popular! Very very funny wan!

To all my readers thank you all so much for ‘pokeing’ into my ‘hor ny’ site! Have a nice day & marry x-mas to all!

Friday, December 21, 2007

HELP Me To Poke! ( Normally Meant Fuc*k To Me )

To all my regular readers normally POKE or POKEING in my site it meant Fuc*k or Fuc*king! But now in this ‘pokeing’ I can’t do it myself! I need all my readers help! Yes! Sometime u need help when it cum pokeing also!! Oh there are nothing wrong with my ‘equipment’ but it is with the type of ‘Pokeing’!!

Remember my post on ‘A Horny Fellow Need This Type Of Laptop!!! ’ which is a contest I enter to try my poke luck to win a laptop? Now the contest is closed & in order to win this contest the entry with the highest vote win! The vote site is ‘ The Thinkingblog. Poll Vote For The Best Pc Review ’ ! My entry is no 31.

All I need for my dear readers is to poke into this ‘ The Thinkingblog. Poll Vote For The Best Pc Review ’ go down to the end of the list & click on no 31 & submit your most valuable vote!

So Please vote for me! Oh yes! Should I win the laptop I will do a ‘extreme’ review on it in my bedroom! Under very ‘harsh’ environment full of ‘earth shacking’ environment!

Remember my entry is no 31 ! Just click & submit from no until 24-12-07! The winner will be announced on the 25-12-07!

Oh if I do win this laptop it will be the best x-mas gift for me! Tank you to all my dears readers in advance! So please vote for me! Have a nice day & marry x-mas to all!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Press 1 for…Press 2 for…Credit Cards teleporn call!!!

How do u feel when u call up a teleporn number & u received a recorded voice at the other end asking u to………..

Press 1 for English

Press 2 for Malay

Press 3 for Chinese

Then u have to press the button of ur prefer language. This will then be followed by more options & the various button to press………..And if u wants to talk to the operator the number is mostly button numbers zero or five!

So finally I get to talk to a real person! In most case it is a big NO! Fat chance! In most case u gets to listen to more ‘music’ which is mostly about the company ads & service! So u will be force to listen to all this while u are supposed to get connected to the operator! It will be OK if u get through to operator! But in most case u will get the standard answer ‘ All our operators are busy at the moment! Please call back later! ’

How do u feel about this company if u go thought the above! To me it give me a very bad impression of the company! It shows either the company doesn’t want to entertain calls from client or the company is too poor to haired enough operators or both!

This is the common teleporn answer I received when I call up the number on the back credit card! A real waste of teleporn calls charges! And all the numbers are KL numbers! Don’t they know it cost a bomb to call from the east to KL!! Why don’t they have toll free numbers!

So to my dear readers how do u feel???

Monday, December 17, 2007

‘Nen Nen’ ( Breast ) & Poosie Also Everywhere I Look!!!

I wish to apologies first, to my reader as this is yet another ‘nen nen’ post! But ‘nen nen’ of another type!!! Something happen to me, I am very worry yet I post up this entry to ‘cheer’ myself up! No! No! Nothings happen to my ‘nen nen’ or gf ‘nen nen’!

Mummy is sick ( No! Hers ‘nen nen’ is ok as far as I know! ) well sort of! For the past few months her ‘aunty’ visits her several times & each time the ‘visit’ is a short one! I understand that this is not good for a lady! Apparently there is something wrong with her ‘down there’! So I bring mummy to the government clinic for a check up & the doctor refer mummy to the big general hospital ( 140km aways as I lived in a small village, So no big hospital! ) for a complete & detail check up! The appointment is schedule for 2.30 pm today!

Due to very big demand & overwhelming support for government hospital ( I am not surprise as the equipment is rather advance but inadequate stuffed & most importantly it is cheap compared to private hospital! I am not only lowly educated but very poor also ) I spend more then 3 hours waiting just for the specialist doctor to exam mummy! Not only that, after a ‘casual’ examination he say a detail examination is needed & for this she have to stay overnight in the hospital! I understand from the nurse in the female ward that mummy will be cleaned & examined ‘down there’ first thing tomorrow! I do hope the doctor will not find ‘something’ inside & just a cleaning will chase mummy’s ‘aunty’ away!

Now while waiting for the doctor appointment I have nothing to do but look see look see! Now what did I see…………Poster! Big poster! Small poster! Poster of ‘nen nen’ everywhere! ‘NEN NEN MILK IS GOOD FOR UR BABY’ screamed each poster! Wah! I have an eyeful!! Since I am waiting with mummy in the female section of the hospital 90% of the people there are ladies!!! Young & old! A few quite beautiful! Dam! With ‘nen nen’ posters all over the place & all this ladies around, I have no choice but have ‘hor ny’ thought! This is what I saw outside in the waiting room!

Once inside the female ward I am bombarded with more ‘nen nen’ posters! Not only that, now I am also bombarded with poosie poster! Poosie poster! Big wan with color some more! All sort of poosie’s problem poster! I must say some of this poosie ‘gone bad’ poster is yucky ( But it is most educational for me as now I can now be a ‘doctor’ also & will know if gf poosie have ‘gone bad’ or not! )!

So how?!!!! I really wander what is ‘wrong’ with all this ladies??? ‘Aunty’ pay multiple visit? ‘Nen nen’ problem? ‘Nen nen’ cancer? ‘Dry’ poosie??? ‘ Infected’ poosie??? Some of the ladies are rather pretty & young! Oh yes the doctor in charge of the female ward is a young lady & quite cute also! I ask her how it is like to be a doctor! She shack her pretty head, put out her tongue & say this is a job for devil & so yucky!!! I look at all the yucky poosie posters against and I agree with her totally!

Sorry for this ‘nen nen’ post! I do hope mummy is ok & I will be ‘off line’ maybe most of tomorrow! But rest assures that I will answer all the comments. Wish all my dear readers’ nice day!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

'Nen Nen'! Breast! How is it? Painful???!!!

‘Aunty’ cumming already ( monthly period )? To most lady there are some sort of indication that her ‘aunty’ is paying her monthly visit! They might have painful ‘nen nen’, headache, very choosy in food or have mood swing from a cheerful person to a very moody wan & temper is on short lease! He! He! This wan all lady have ( So if a lady is very moody & bad temper then it is likely she is having her period. So it is the best policy for guy to give in to her demand! )!

So it is near the ‘month-end period’ or in this case mid-month as gf have her period sometime around this time last month! It just happen her ‘aunty cum’ indication is a ‘painful nen nen’ so that is why I want to know how is her ‘nen nen’?

Painful ( actually just a bit pain or tender not very very painful ) meant green light! All system go! No restriction! No ‘safety bag’ ( con*dom )! Maximum enjoyment for both of us!

In most case her ‘nen nen’ is quite accurate by giving a few day of intensive pokeing ( fuc*king ) but on a few occasion, no indication at all ! So before I know it, she is in her ‘off period’ or in worse case 'something extra' while I am pokeing! Or I will be having this nightmare !

To all my lady readers what is ur indication? To my guy readers do u know when is ur gf ‘off period’ or her ‘aunty is cumming’ indication?

Saturday, December 15, 2007

I Can See Your Breast! Nice ‘Nen Nen’!!!

Ladies! Why do they dress to ‘kill’!!! Don’t they know we guy get into all sort of trouble when we stare at u ladies ( Very dangerous when u r driving! Almost kiss into the car as*s in front several time because of se*xy ladies on the road! )!!!! Oh! Yes! All mature guys are like that including old fellow! Unless that fellow is only interested in ‘banana’! I am very sure that ladies know this & the effect on how they dressed have on the guy!

That is why if they have nice leg they like to wear short skirt! Now if they have nice or big ‘nen nen’ they like to wear low cut! But sometime ‘accidental’ exposure do occur even when the lady have no intention of showing off!

T-shirt! It sure feel nice to wear big size t-shirt, but then it does create accidental exposure though the large open collar ( That is why some ladies use the hand to covered the neck line when they bent down, which to a guy is annoying action, it is like telling the guy ‘ I know u r watching’ ! ) and also though the large opening of the sleeve ( from this we can see the color of the bra & even part of the cup depending on the angle )! Oh! Also we guy can see if this lady shave their armpit or have hairy armpit ( To me very yucky )!

Now if a lady purposely wear low cut then please by all meant show off ur nice ‘nen nen’ & don’t spoiled it by covering it with ur hand! It is like watching a heavily censored movie!

Being a good boy & a gentlemen I once kind heartedly informed a lady…. ‘ Excuse me! I can see ur ‘nen nen’ can u……….’ SLAP!!!!! That is what I get before I can even finished my sentence! Actually what I want to say is I can see ur ‘nen nen’ because ur bra slip! (Yes she is wearing a large & loose t-shirt so can see quite a bit! & she is bending down buying fruits & u know ladies when buying fruits very choosy wan! )

See being kind hearted don’t bring good deed! So from that day on I just enjoyed the view & keep my big mouth shut!

Now to all my lady readers what will u do if a nice gentlemen ( that is me lah ‘Hor ny Ang Moh’ ) say to u :-

‘ Excuse me lady! I can’t help but see ur breast! Can u cover it? Oh! U have a very nice breast!’ ????

To my guy readers! What will u do?

Please do comments! Nothings to be shy about & it will be a nice topic to 'cover'!!! Tq in advance for all ur invaluable comments! Have a nice day!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Living Together! Sex! Fuc*king/Pokeing 24/7????!!!!!!

‘I love u darling!’ he say!
‘Me too!’ she reply!
‘Oh lets live together! Then when I have enough money we get married!’ he say!
‘Oh! How wonderful!’ she reply!

So that is how most dating couple end up living together! True or not? Or something similar lah! Living together as in a guy & a lady living together as hubby & wify but without the formal announcement that they are married. So in this sense they are not legally hubby & wify! So what are the goodness & badness of living together!


Aiyah! Look at the title! That is the main goodness of living together! The proposal of living together will almost in all case is done by the guy! Why? Can do pokeing of cause lah! If not living together want to do pokeing also very difficult & inconvenience wan! If pokeing is not the main reason then why ask a lady to live with u ( for companion u can also ask a guy or anybody other then a lady mah! Dog for eg make excellent companionship! ) ? It will be nice to live like hubby & wify!

Can poke or not! Straight away will know! Enjoy or not? Good or not? All can be discovered when living together! Best of all both of u can do pokeing in the house , pokeing in the bathroom & general both of u can poke 24/7! So if he or she very good & both of u enjoy it then can consider marry lah! But in most case they still don't want to get married! Money not enought is the main excuse used! Actually they just want to enjoy the pokeing & the trill of living together until this accident happen!

U get to know each other real well before both of u really get committed! Both of u will get to know each other habit (for eg a lady really hate a guy who pee all over the toilet bowl, a guy really hate a lady who don’t tidy up the bedroom or left her soiled undies laying on the bathroom floor ) which u will only know if both of u live together! Snoring! How do know that ur potential partner don’t snore in his/her sleep? In fact snoring is one of the unpleasant ‘discovery’ discovered by newly married couple but if the snoring is not loud or one partner sleep like a dead pig then no problemo!

He! He! When both of u went dating & eating, do both of u put on ur best eating behaviors? Eating slow slow & polite without using hand! That is while dating! Some guy/lady eating style is really terrible wan using hand with leg on the seat even when at home! All this u will 'discovered' when living together!

While dating money no problem ( mainly pay by the guy, & the guy will be more then happy to pay as have to show face mah ) but once both of u live together the living expenses have to share already. Now u can see if how much both ur earning is enough or not! Is the guy still willing to pay? Is he willing to pay for ur 'monthly bag' for example? Many a time it is the financial problem that let to the break up of ‘living together’!

Beside this both of u can really discovered if both of u can really get together, live together & care for each other in time of sickness ( Yes! U can really text each other love in sicky time )! How does ur lady behave when her 'aunty' pay her monthly visit! How does ur men behave when u disturb him while he watch his football program?


Pokeing already for 24/7!!! Boring already! So when it really cum to the big day of getting married the ‘just married’ atmosphere is not there! There is not sexitment in the ‘first night, first poke’ ! Beside this, pokeing 24/7 will let to this nightmares ! Then all the planning both of u have will be turn up side down!

If pokeing already boring so for sure other factors of living together will be boring or becum routine! This of cause let to quarrels & break-up! Other factors like money & habits also play a part!

Reputation! Living in with so & so for so long already! Now no can do! U still want this guy/lady arrr??? If u live in a big city this is no applicable as people don't give a dam & also not so 'kaypot' ( busybody )! However if u live in a small town then the whole town will know wan & ur reputation will be not so good ( That so & so arr has being poke by this guy 24/7.....u still want her to be ur wife arrr? That so & so guy arrr have being living with this nice lady for so long yet in the end dump her! Really heartless fellow! He will also dump u wan! Look for other men instead! )!

So do u want to 'live together'???

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Making Love! Sex! One Night Stand & MILF!

Ma*king Love!

When I am young I ‘accidentally’ read my daddy letter to my mummy when he is out traveling ‘ When I am back I will ma*ke love to u & our love ma*king will be so good!’. Being an innocent & curious boy I ask mummy what did daddy meant by ‘ma*king love’? This is her reply:- ‘Aiyah! Ma*king love meant daddy love mummy lah! Now be a good boy & go to play ur troy!’

Now I am a big boy ( with all the wisdom, pokeing wise ) I know the meaning of the phase ‘ ma*king love’! To me it meant POKEING ( to my new readers it meant fuc*king lah )! Yes! POKEING with feeling! It is a nice way to say I want to poke u for the guy! For eg ‘Darling I will like very very much like to ma*ke love to u!’. Surely it sound nicer then for eg ‘Darling I will like to very very much fuc*k u!’. For the lady it is a nice way to say ‘Oh darling I love u so! Yes please ma*ke love to me!’ Surely a lady will not reply ‘Yes u may fuc*k me!!!!’


Normally it meant the type of species ( male or female )! But if u say ‘lets have se*x!’ It meant let us poke! Now in this ‘modern’ time it is applicable for a guy to say to another guy ( ga*y coc*k ) or a lady to another lady ( lesbo poosy )! But basically it just meant pokeing ( for more detail on pokeing, please poke into my entries under 'hor ny' labels on the right side bar, some entries are not suitable for kids! He! He! )!

One night stand!

It meant one night only! Pokeing for one night only! No feeling wan! Poke just for the ‘enjoyment’ of pokeing! I want! U want! We both want! So let us poke! Next question will be ur place or my place or how about NOW ( in the toilet, car, park or any suitable place can do also )! If the pokeing is good & both side enjoy it so much that it might let to a relationship! This is most applicable to big cities life when life is hectic so where got time to look for a proper pokeing partner? Beside it will be nice to have different taste of pokeing! But beware that u don’t end up with something extra like AIDS ( Animal Infected Disease Syndrome! He! He! Hor ny definition lah! )!


Mummy I Love to Fuc*k! I think this is what MILF stand for ( Pardon me if I am wrong as some internet words I just learn! )! It meant a mummy with a body shape so ‘perfect’ a guy will lost no time to take off his pant! ‘Nen nen’ just nice or big or leg so long! Such mummy is normally dress to kill when she is shopping! Normally she will be alone! She known that there many guy drooling over her & she is enjoying all the attention! It could be because she has lost the hubby attention so she is out to attract the attention outside! A very good chance for one night stand! Now I could be wrong in my definition for MILF so any correction is most wellcum! Any MILF among my lady readers ( Some of my lady readers are very very ‘hot’! Much more ‘hotter’ then gf! )?

This post is done at the request of this hot LADY in Russia! Because u ask for it ( He! He! Will I be sue inside out & all over because I use this phase arrr??? )!

Good Thing Must Share Wan! Just Like Pokeing/Fuc*king!

To all my dears readers, I have being posting up all my pokeing sexperiance & knowledge on regular basic so that I can share & most importantly I can also learn new knowledge from my dear readers! Once in a while I do cum across interesting site or news during my daily pokeing into the internet.

Money! I am sure everyone is interested in money! True or not? Actually beside money I am interested in pokeing of cause! Now about money I have heard so much about people making tons of money from internet! But sadly to tell u the true I have so far only make 'peanut'! Apparently I am too 'hor ny' for most ads ( see my site very empty wan )!

Until I get to know about PPP ! No! No! No! Not Pay Per Post ( they reject me as my site content 'adult' material!!!! Wah Luaeh! Pokeing is 'adult' material arr???!! Should be 'educational' material mah! )! This PPP is actually Pay-Per-Play ! A new form of ads to place on ur site! The ads will play for 5 sec only so u can earn some money! I don't know what sort of sound ads they will place but 5 sec only so I can 'tahan' lah!

Good or not? I don't know as I just sign up only! But as I say good things must share so I just post up this entry to share loh! So my dears readers why don't u sign up for PPP after all what have u got to lose? Oh I can also get 5% for being a referent ( He! He! If they accept a 'hor ny' fellow like me first! )! Anyway I try my poke luck! Nothings to lost also!

Oh I get this inform from Ah Pek ! This fellow is a real 'sifu' when it cum to making money! Good luck to all my dears readers & may all of us make some money!

Monday, December 10, 2007

I Want A Boy/Girl……….

Or maybe boy or girl will do! A mission which every married couple must accomplished ( Or else why do they get married in the first place! Ok! Ok! Banana get married to banana or poosie get married to poosie is the exception )! Oh some couple accomplished this mission even before they get married! So should I say Congratulation! Or should I say Oops ( pokeing accident lah )!

Boy or girl are decided by the fellow up-stair ( God ) by the ‘holy’ peoples or it is the fault of the mother ( by the mother in law ) if the mummy keep on having girls or boys. It is the law of the nature that there are more ladies then guy so that the human race will still be around ( I think no problem with this as human favorite pass time is pokeing ) just like in the animal kingdom ( from what I watch in animal channel ). There are goodness in having boy or girl . But it need not be this way! Yes! They are ways on how to have baby boy or girl! So maybe we ‘adjust’ the natural law a bit.

I want Boy!

Pokeing for boy u need co-operation by both partners. First, by nature boy ‘swimmer’ ( spe*rm ) is a bit low compare to girl ‘swimmer’. So the first thing a newly married couple must do is to stop pokeing! Yes I know this is a tall order! Just married so of cause pokeing is top priority! Poke 5 time a day ( morning 1 time, afternoon 1 times, night 3 times ) is normal lah! So after so many pokeing, ‘bullet’ supplies very low or diluted already. Beside no pokeing very hard to resist wan ( wify going about the house nakel or dressing in front of hubby or hubby shaking his ‘bro’ in front of wiffy so how not to do pokeing? )!

But u do want to have a boy don’t u? So not pokeing for two weeks at least! One month will be better! So by now the hubby will have a very concentrated ‘bullet’ ( thick, milky & have a heavy smell ). Also now he will be very very 'hor ny' already as 'bullet' supplies is full! This will help in the following part!

Next pokeing have to be fast but not furious! What I meant by this is the guy must poke in & poke in deeply & shoot out his entire ‘bullet’ as quickly as possible! Yes! I know this is hard to do! Pokeing has to be in out in out at least a few minutes before can cum mah! But wify can assist by doing a good & long bj ( lic*king & suc*king hubby's 'bro' )to the hubby! As soon as he is going to shoot……….he must poke in & shoot! Remember he must poke in as deep as possible as apparently ‘boy’ swimmer is a bit lazy & don’t swim very fast thus the hubby must poke in fully ( so that boy 'swimmer' don't have to swim very far to poke into the egg ) so the best position is the ‘missionary’ position ( do*ggy position can poke in deep but then all the precious ‘bullet’ will flow out )! That is what he must do!

Now for the wify! She must be ‘dry’! Yah! I know this is hard to do also! Even while doing bj already very w*et! So wify ( mainly done by hubby as wify so ‘high’ already she just eager for pokeing ) must wipe off all the w*etness! The w*etness of a lady is acidic which kill off most boy ‘swimmer’! This is why she must be as dry as possible. So pokeing for boy is no fun at all!

Once the pokeing is done the wify must lay on her back with a small pillow on her small back so that the precious ‘bullet’ will not flow out of the poosie. That is she sleep with her b*utt higher the her head!

Timing! But this I meant the time to do pokeing! Pokeing for boy is to be done just after the mid period between the visits of the monthly ‘aunty’. For example the period is 30 days so the best time for boy pokeing is 18 days onwards ( wify will be most ‘hor ny’ by days 15 days ). So for the next few days the hubby must do one pokeing per nights using the above method. That is fast but not furious!

I want a girl!

It is just the opposite for the boy. Pokeing is most enjoyable ( I suppose that is why most newly married couple have girl first! Ok! Ok! Some couple do start off with boy! Maybe the guy is a fast poker or the lady has dry hole? He! He! Maybe just not very good in pokeing as first time mah! So have a quick poke! But they have girls afterward as pokeing sexperiance improved ).

Pokeing timing is from days 10 onwards as a ladies is now very ‘ripe’ to be a mummy which is why she is also very ‘hor ny’ at this period.

So it is easier to have girl then boy. That also happens to be the law of nature.

The above method is no fool proves but it did increase the chance of having boy or girl instead of 50/50 chance. Some of my friends have tried it out & are happy with the result. There are other methods but the above are ‘Hor ny Ang Moh’ method! So u can try it out! What have u got to loose? So if u r successful after trying out, a comment is highly appreciated! He! He! After all free pokeing lesson is available here.

Oh! This post is being posted by popular request by my dear readers. So feel free to comment.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Pokeing/Fuc*king Is Good For You!!!

This morning I went to my usual clinic to buy ‘safety bag’ ( con*dom ) yet against.

Hor ny : U got that ‘things’ or not?

Lady Doc: Oh that wan arrr? Nah! How many box u want?

Hor ny : Not this type. That type got picky ‘spike’ got or not?

Lady Doc: Oh that type arrr! Out of stock! How about this ‘smooth’ 002 type?

Hor ny : This type still got left! Gf like the ‘spiky’ type as it has the very rough feeling.

Lady Doc: Arr………Didn’t really order as more expensive ( Rm18.00 for 6 pack ). But will order it for u. Cum back in 2 weeks time ( she is grinning away while saying this. No doubt she also like type & understand what I meant when I say got more ‘feeling’ ) ! Wah! U are so ‘active’ arrr!

Hor ny : Have to be active mah! Just like ur car u have to use it everyday! If u don’t ur car sure give u problem wan! It also proves that I am healthy mah!

Lady Doc: Yalloh ( smiling away )!

Now while this conversation is going on, the young lady clinic is looking & listening with a bemusing face ( I am sure she is wandering how cum an ‘ordinary’ looking guy can be so active in pokeing! Or maybe she is wandering how it must be like to be my gf! )!

So u see even a doctor agree with me pokeing is good for u! All this while if my friend say they are sick or going to died, I just ask them can they do pokeing or not? If they can do pokeing then they are not going to died or it is not worth dieing!

This entry is base on what happen this morning when I pay a visit to my usual clinic!

So to my dear reader do u agree with me that pokeing is good for u? And for my ladies reader don’t u think being poked & the ‘enjoyment’ u received is also good for u?

Friday, December 07, 2007

Money!!!??? No Problemo!!!!!!!

I am filthy rich! Very very rich like Bill Gate rich! With so much money what am I going to to with it??? Now let me seeee or rather let me think........Ok! I will spend my money like this:-

1. I will have my eye operated or better still have an eye transplant. Got such transplant or not??? If no I don't mind being the first! How much it cost it? No problemo ( remember I am filthy rich )! Why? Because I wear spectacle with very high degree! Without my spec I am more or less 'blind'. I have short sightless in fact I can only see object 2 inches in front of my nose! Now my regular readers will know that I am a 'hor ny' blogger & being 'hor ny' meant the main activities I do is 'pokeing' ( in fact I consider it my one & only form of exercise )! So how to do pokeing while wearing spec??? The spec will 'fly' off sooner then later once the pokeing started! Also since I can only see 2 inches in front of my nose I might as well do sniffing with my big nose, lic*king with my big mouth while 'examining' gf in her b-day suite without my spec!

2. I will want to reduce my big belly ( actually I should say my pot belly, but pot belly sound not 'nice' so I use big belly instead! Look at my profile pic! That is how big my belly is! )! With such a big belly it is very hard for me to buy shirt with XXXL size! In fact gf say my shirt big enough for her to use as 'sarong'! The other factor is with big belly pokeing 'performance' is affected also! While pokeing I can't see my 'bro' as the pokeing action view is block by big belly! Gf also complain as she also cannot see the 'action'! So I want to turn my big belly into a six pack belly! So I shall check into the best health clinic in the world ( I think it is somewhere in Switzerland ) & have my big belly reduced! Ok while having my big belly reduced I might as well enlarged & elongated & enhance my 'bro' ( I think this is now available but very very expensive )! I do all this for the benefit of gf mah! Also with a flat belly I will feel very confident with myself! And also with a humongous 'dic*k' this will boost my self confident even further ( Remember this entry Type of dic*k a lady like & its related entry Type of poosie a guy love ? )!

3. After doing the above two I still have lots of money left! Next I will buy a Mercedes SLR 500 ( I think this is the fastest Mercedes ) as I will like show off a bit mah! Next car I will like to buy will be a Hummer H1! This is a very big 4x4 big enough to fit in a bed ( So I can do pokeing on the go ). Why I buy just this two 'simple' car & not a Ferrari? Well, with boleh land road condition it will be suicidal to drive a Ferrari at max speed ( to enjoy a Ferrari u have to drive it fast )! And beside this a Ferrari is not a 'everyday use' car. I like to buy a car which I can use everyday.

4. Next things I will do is of cause to set up my 'pokeing' nest! Aiyah! I meant my house lah! A simple 2 storey detach house will do ( I like detach house as I am an 'active' fellow so I do pokeing a lot & sometime very noisy so I don't want to disturb the neighbour ) as I am a simple fellow! But inside the house must have a very good hi-fi system & big TV! It will be nice to watch 'nice' movie in surround sound!

5. After this still got a lot of money left! What to do arrr?? Ok! I will like to go & travel around the world! Any nice place I will like to visit! And since I am lowly educated I do need a travelling companion. Any ladies can be my travelling companion as long as u r 'hot' & 'pokerable'!! Oh with so much money I will go on a lot of 'business' trips so a travelling companion is needed ( This is why a lot of rich fellows always go on 'business' trips! Actually they go on pokeing trips )! He! He! that is why when I am filthy rich I have vacancy for personal secretary! As for my gf?? She can be with me lah! But then with all the money she might have already left me for other 'better' guy ( Thank my lucky star she still don't know 'hor ny ang moh' is her 'respectable' bf )!

He! He! I might do all the above if money is no problem! But then if I am ready that rich I will just carried on living as it. Yah! I know how I spend money with the above example is lame but in actual fact I really don't know how to spend if really money is no problem!

This tag is done at the request of this beautiful lady ! So how? U like it?

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

2 Award!!

Woah! I feel very honoured to be awarded 'Best Friend Award' by Bokjae !!! Tq very very much!

Expert Cook award me with 'Thank You For Being My friend'!! Woah thank you very very much!

And to all my readers I will like to say a very BIG THANK YOU for being so supportive & poke into my 'hor ny' site! Reading all your comments is most 'stimulating' ( gf sometime think I have gone nuts when she saw me grinning when I read my reader's comments ).

Have a nice day to all my readers!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Hor ny Back to School!!!!!

When we are young our parent will always say ‘ Happy birthday to u! A year older a year wiser! ’ To me the only true in this statement is ‘ A Year Older!!! ’ Yes we are all getting older!

Although all of us don’t want to admit it! Including ur ‘hor ny’ truly! I always say I am 25 ( I can always say I am 18 but to some ladies, a 18 years old guy is ‘in-mature’, or I can say I am 50 something’s well established guy, but then some ladies will say what for? So rich but pokeing no power wan! ) but then the facts is we are all getting older all the time.

With age do we get wiser? He! He! Some do some don’t! Some get more & more confused & so get more & more ‘stupid’ which included ur truly! So it is time for me to go back to school & attended classes!

The following are the five classes I want to attend so as to make myself more ‘clever’ & make my life as ‘hor ny ang moh’ better!

1.Internet Class!

Until recently, I know nuts about internet ( I am lowly educated )! Until a friend ‘introduced’ me to internet & show me how to & where to poke into ‘nice’ ( pornish ) site & also show me how to download ‘nice’ picture! From then on my life becum better & more interesting. The next big step cum when I becum a blogger! This is a very ‘complex’ class & I am struggling to learn, with all sort of coding, so complex that I gave up ( that is why my site is so plain unless got colorful ads ). The other aspect of blogging is the various blogging/internet language! For example only recently I know what KNNCCB, TFK, Niamah & so on meant! So if got ‘internet’ class I will like to enroll in one ( Oh I prefer a ‘hot’ lady teacher as I have very short attention span! )!

2.Pokeing Class!

Ok! Ok! Once in a while I do post up ‘pokeing’ entries ( under ‘hor ny’ labels ) but I still consider myself amateur. To learn more on pokeing & to go on to ‘advance’ level I need to enroll on pokeing class. But to enroll in such class is expensive as u need to poke into different ‘hole’ & each ‘hole’ demand payment ( Aiyah if u r a bit lost on what I am writing about expensive ‘hole’…..I am referring to pro*stitute lah ). So far I have attended none of the pokeing class as I can’t afforded it. And in such a small village where I live where got ‘free class’ wan unless in big city like KL? But once I have achieved ‘advance’ level, the one who benefit the most is gf! So if gf is happy my life will be happy also!

3. ‘Tai Chi’ Class!

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese kung fu which is slow in motion yet the effect is very powerful wan! It main abilities are to use the force of the enemies against themselves while u uses minimum force yourself! I am sure my dear readers must be thinking I must have gone nut wanting to learn Tai Chi!!! Ah!!!But I do want to learn Tai Chi but Tai Chi of a different type! Having being working for a numbers of years already I have being at the receiving end of many many sh*it! Even if the sh*it is produced by other people but somehow it end up in my face!! And of cause I becum the scapegoat! Now if I know the art of Tai Chi I can defect all the shit back to the shitter or even to the boss! So any Tai Chi ‘sifu’ among my readers?

4.Music Class!

I love music! My musical taste is vast! From classical music to dance to techno to heavy metal! The problem is I know nuts about musical instrument so how to make music? The only ‘music’ I can made is with the help of my ‘bro’ pokeing into a w*et ‘hole’ with regulated banging & timing ( back up & vocal provided by gf )! Ok! Ok! Actually I want to learn to play musical instrument ( any type will do ) & made music as I know most lady are ‘su*cker’ for musician ( to my lady readers true or not? )! Hopefully with my music I can melt their hearts & maybe spray their legs also!

5.Make Money Class!

Got this type of class or not arrr??? If got I sure will like to enroll but please do not charge me with money as I am a poor fellow! However I am most willing to give free ‘pokeing’ lesson in exchange ( ladies only please, as until now the idea of pokeing into a guy’s backside made me go on ‘diet’! In this case any ladies will do as I have to beg my ‘bro’ to co-operate & I will switch off the light! Yes for money I am willing to do it! )!

That will be the five class I will like to attend to make my life better! Yeah! I know the above classes are a bit different from normal classes but then I am different! Don’t u think so?

This tag is done at the request of this fellow He! He! Hope u like it!

Monday, December 03, 2007

I Am A 'Hor ny' Blogger!!!

I think why first time my reader poke into my site is because of my nick 'Hor ny Ang Moh' ( He! He! True or not??? How many blogger call himself/herself like that? ). Why I choose such nic is all in this entry Why I am called 'Hor ny Ang Moh . After first poke if my readers find my entries 'not too bad' they will poke in regularly ( Thank u my reader for ur supports ). First poke & the entry for that day happen to be an 'educational' entry some reader will think 'Yuck! What sort of bugger will write such an entry?!' For this I am sorry if some 'educational' post is a bit 'offensive'.

So what is the 'goodness' or 'badness' of being a 'hor ny' blogger??

For 'goodness' I think I can blog on this wide topic lah! This 'educational' topic everybody interested to know wan ( all those who are old enough to poke or to be poked will be interested to known )! Everyone want to have a 'perfect' poke! Everyone want to 'enjoyed' pokeing or being poked! So due to my nick as 'Hor ny Ang Moh' this topic is found under 'hor ny' labels! And it so happen that I am quite experience in sexperience so posting up entries in 'educational' post is easy for me ( just post up all my real life sexperiences will do ). And of cause as a popular topic my reader increased ( I think so as I am burr burr in Internet, by unique no of readers pokeing into my site ).

And now for the 'badness' for being a 'hor ny' blogger! Apparently my site is too 'hor ny' for some people ( I understand lah ) so when I apply for some ads I got rejected by for example PPP, Smorthy, Text Link etc. To be honest if I can made some money through blogging why not. I have read that some blogger made so much money through blogging that I got 'wet' also! But alas this is not so for me ( but it is ok lah as I can still survive ) due to all the rejection I get. I suspect due to the 'hor ny' nature of this site I get so little or no ads ( I am very sure no respectable company want to be associated with a 'hor ny' site ).

Due to 'educational' post which happen to be real life sexperience I can never post up my pic ( so sorry my dear readers. Just imagine I look just like an orang utan )! If I did that I will be 'killed' by gf! I find out it is lonely to be a 'hor ny' blogger! No only that I find out I can't earn any money being a 'hor ny' blogger.

Goodness or badness for being a 'hor ny' blogger I will just be what I am in blog sphere ( If reading my post brighten up my reader life, I am happy already & for this no money can buy! ). So do u want to be a 'hor ny' blogger?