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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Hor ny Back to School!!!!!

When we are young our parent will always say ‘ Happy birthday to u! A year older a year wiser! ’ To me the only true in this statement is ‘ A Year Older!!! ’ Yes we are all getting older!

Although all of us don’t want to admit it! Including ur ‘hor ny’ truly! I always say I am 25 ( I can always say I am 18 but to some ladies, a 18 years old guy is ‘in-mature’, or I can say I am 50 something’s well established guy, but then some ladies will say what for? So rich but pokeing no power wan! ) but then the facts is we are all getting older all the time.

With age do we get wiser? He! He! Some do some don’t! Some get more & more confused & so get more & more ‘stupid’ which included ur truly! So it is time for me to go back to school & attended classes!

The following are the five classes I want to attend so as to make myself more ‘clever’ & make my life as ‘hor ny ang moh’ better!

1.Internet Class!

Until recently, I know nuts about internet ( I am lowly educated )! Until a friend ‘introduced’ me to internet & show me how to & where to poke into ‘nice’ ( pornish ) site & also show me how to download ‘nice’ picture! From then on my life becum better & more interesting. The next big step cum when I becum a blogger! This is a very ‘complex’ class & I am struggling to learn, with all sort of coding, so complex that I gave up ( that is why my site is so plain unless got colorful ads ). The other aspect of blogging is the various blogging/internet language! For example only recently I know what KNNCCB, TFK, Niamah & so on meant! So if got ‘internet’ class I will like to enroll in one ( Oh I prefer a ‘hot’ lady teacher as I have very short attention span! )!

2.Pokeing Class!

Ok! Ok! Once in a while I do post up ‘pokeing’ entries ( under ‘hor ny’ labels ) but I still consider myself amateur. To learn more on pokeing & to go on to ‘advance’ level I need to enroll on pokeing class. But to enroll in such class is expensive as u need to poke into different ‘hole’ & each ‘hole’ demand payment ( Aiyah if u r a bit lost on what I am writing about expensive ‘hole’…..I am referring to pro*stitute lah ). So far I have attended none of the pokeing class as I can’t afforded it. And in such a small village where I live where got ‘free class’ wan unless in big city like KL? But once I have achieved ‘advance’ level, the one who benefit the most is gf! So if gf is happy my life will be happy also!

3. ‘Tai Chi’ Class!

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese kung fu which is slow in motion yet the effect is very powerful wan! It main abilities are to use the force of the enemies against themselves while u uses minimum force yourself! I am sure my dear readers must be thinking I must have gone nut wanting to learn Tai Chi!!! Ah!!!But I do want to learn Tai Chi but Tai Chi of a different type! Having being working for a numbers of years already I have being at the receiving end of many many sh*it! Even if the sh*it is produced by other people but somehow it end up in my face!! And of cause I becum the scapegoat! Now if I know the art of Tai Chi I can defect all the shit back to the shitter or even to the boss! So any Tai Chi ‘sifu’ among my readers?

4.Music Class!

I love music! My musical taste is vast! From classical music to dance to techno to heavy metal! The problem is I know nuts about musical instrument so how to make music? The only ‘music’ I can made is with the help of my ‘bro’ pokeing into a w*et ‘hole’ with regulated banging & timing ( back up & vocal provided by gf )! Ok! Ok! Actually I want to learn to play musical instrument ( any type will do ) & made music as I know most lady are ‘su*cker’ for musician ( to my lady readers true or not? )! Hopefully with my music I can melt their hearts & maybe spray their legs also!

5.Make Money Class!

Got this type of class or not arrr??? If got I sure will like to enroll but please do not charge me with money as I am a poor fellow! However I am most willing to give free ‘pokeing’ lesson in exchange ( ladies only please, as until now the idea of pokeing into a guy’s backside made me go on ‘diet’! In this case any ladies will do as I have to beg my ‘bro’ to co-operate & I will switch off the light! Yes for money I am willing to do it! )!

That will be the five class I will like to attend to make my life better! Yeah! I know the above classes are a bit different from normal classes but then I am different! Don’t u think so?

This tag is done at the request of this fellow He! He! Hope u like it!


L'abeille said...

Seriously, I don't think you need to attend all these classes...because to me, you're already good in all these area! *LOL*

lovie said...

Are you sure you need to attend the pokeing class? Haha. I don't think you need to, you're such an expert already. Haha.
Money making class? If you've found one remember to tell me, I'm so interested. Haha.

lankapo said...

pokeing class?
coem on, bro..
got so many youtube, porn site still need class aa

learn from pros tute? haha better careful my fren, got aids maa. u will never know

anyway, got gf still want to pokeing others..

did ur gf read ur blog ? hehe

Helen said...

You're a born genius.. so don't sweat it. lol

AceOne118 said...

Assuming you can attend all the classes mentioned. As the end of the day come back exhausted ledi. Lidat where can poke somemore? hahahaha

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi L'abeille! No harm in getting more 'knowledge' mah!

Hi Lovie! Tq tq for ur comment! They are people better me on pokeing wan!

Hi Lankapo! That wan can see & DIY only! I want real action wan!! He! He! Yalloh! I am clean so afraid might get aids wan!

Hi Helen! He! He! Tq tq! First time people call me 'genius'!!

Hi Aceone! It is ok wan! I can train my 'bro' to go for pokeing marathon!

Miss Loi said...


Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Miss Loi! Wellcum back! Ouch! Ouch! Ur cane very painful wan!!

FoxTwo said...

I'm an instructor for school 2, and first lesson is free for female students... *wink* ahahahah!

lankapo said...

fox two,
I will be your free volunteer for practical training hahah

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Fox2! A fine teacher ( Miss Loi ) Just decline to be my teacher! He! He! As instructor u have to find student wan!

Hi Lankapo! Wah! No theory wan to do practical arrr???

3POINT8 said...

Yes.. you are very different!
your blog also one of a kind....

Iwan Sanchez said...


u r so talented. so no need to enrol any more class lah..


have a nice day~

erinalaw said...

You still need pokeing class meh? If you say will open classes for pokeing, I surely no surprise but you say you want to attend pokeing class, i really garu kepala liau leh. hahahaha.......... afterall, you are already a sifu/master in the art of pokeing. Btw, come claim ur award

Netster said...

Ang Moh,

Oh I like it 101%

heheheheh you are so funny, great work man!

I like the "Tai chi" part, LOL! "kolian"... why you every time "tiok tai chi" back one?


Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi 3.8! Tq tq for ur comment!

Hi Iwan! There are always room for 'improvement' wan!

Hi Erina! Aiyoh! I am not sifu lah! Still learning!

Hi Netster! He! He! U like the tai chi part? Working people have to learn tai chi wan!

SlowCatchUpKuan said...

for someone who no nuts about so many things, i think ur doing a great job :)

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Slowcatchupkuan! He! He! thanks!!

Daniel said...

hahaha.. if got that kinda classes, i also wan 2 join lor.. don't forget 2 tell me lor... hahaha

belle said...

poke poke class?!! DON LIE OK! DON LIE!

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Daniel! He! He! Got this 'class' but very expensive!

Hi Belle! Yallah! It is poke poke class! U wan to joint??

Anonymous said...

u r an need to learn new stuff or u will no longer b an original on the www


Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi 'Mr Longlang'! Warm wellcum! He! He! Tq for ur comment! Yalloh! Me still 'original' be'cos I don't know how to copy & paste!!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Horny Ang Moh said...

Hi to all the 'Anonymous'!!! Tq very much for dropping on my site! Have a very nice day!