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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Pokeing/Fuc*king Is Good For You!!!

This morning I went to my usual clinic to buy ‘safety bag’ ( con*dom ) yet against.

Hor ny : U got that ‘things’ or not?

Lady Doc: Oh that wan arrr? Nah! How many box u want?

Hor ny : Not this type. That type got picky ‘spike’ got or not?

Lady Doc: Oh that type arrr! Out of stock! How about this ‘smooth’ 002 type?

Hor ny : This type still got left! Gf like the ‘spiky’ type as it has the very rough feeling.

Lady Doc: Arr………Didn’t really order as more expensive ( Rm18.00 for 6 pack ). But will order it for u. Cum back in 2 weeks time ( she is grinning away while saying this. No doubt she also like type & understand what I meant when I say got more ‘feeling’ ) ! Wah! U are so ‘active’ arrr!

Hor ny : Have to be active mah! Just like ur car u have to use it everyday! If u don’t ur car sure give u problem wan! It also proves that I am healthy mah!

Lady Doc: Yalloh ( smiling away )!

Now while this conversation is going on, the young lady clinic is looking & listening with a bemusing face ( I am sure she is wandering how cum an ‘ordinary’ looking guy can be so active in pokeing! Or maybe she is wandering how it must be like to be my gf! )!

So u see even a doctor agree with me pokeing is good for u! All this while if my friend say they are sick or going to died, I just ask them can they do pokeing or not? If they can do pokeing then they are not going to died or it is not worth dieing!

This entry is base on what happen this morning when I pay a visit to my usual clinic!

So to my dear reader do u agree with me that pokeing is good for u? And for my ladies reader don’t u think being poked & the ‘enjoyment’ u received is also good for u?


L'abeille said...

LOL...Poking into your blog everyday will surely keep me healthy already liao lor... :p

Kenny Ng said...

I never pokeing before wor... so how? My engine gone already ah? So far my engine still like new 1 la... LOL

W_W_H said...

hey, got professor also study bout this u know. it says that it is the best ever exercise that anyone can put it into practise......... hehehe......

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi L'abeille! Ha! Ha! R u sure?? BTW nice chatting with u!

Hi Kenny! Aiyoh! Still no use kar??? U do self maintainece or not?? That DIY!!! If u do DIY still ok lah!

Hi W W H! Ah so happy u agree with this! So did u sexecise everyday?

lovie said...

I heard there are a lot of benefits, good for health and make you happy and all that, so you're right, it's good for you. =p

AceOne118 said...

Poke at this site best lah, tarak filter wan. kakaka

lankapo said...

there enzim being release when ur orgasm hhehe

and u feel so good hehe

anyway, how many times perday horny?

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Lovie! It is true wan! It is good for u! U should try it out! BF too busy/tired? Then u diy also can!

Hi Ace1! That why every day I poke into ur site mah!

Hi Lankapo!He! He! Let just say I am very 'active' wan! How about u?

eastcoastlife said...

Thanks for pokeing into my blog. lol....

I get poke everyday on Facebook. Good exercise. hahaha.....

Why are you still keeping the tam pui? I had one for my wedding... kakaka.... I threw it away when I moved house.

SlowCatchUpKuan said...

why u go but at clinic geh. at guardian or watson also got wat muahaha

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Eastcoastlife! Wellcum! Oh! I got facebook but don't know how to use! He! He! Got poked inside also! I keep the pee pot as got sentimental value mah!

Hi Slowcatchupkuan! Where I live not guardian or watson wan!