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Wellcum! Wellcum!

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Friday, December 07, 2007

Money!!!??? No Problemo!!!!!!!

I am filthy rich! Very very rich like Bill Gate rich! With so much money what am I going to to with it??? Now let me seeee or rather let me think........Ok! I will spend my money like this:-

1. I will have my eye operated or better still have an eye transplant. Got such transplant or not??? If no I don't mind being the first! How much it cost it? No problemo ( remember I am filthy rich )! Why? Because I wear spectacle with very high degree! Without my spec I am more or less 'blind'. I have short sightless in fact I can only see object 2 inches in front of my nose! Now my regular readers will know that I am a 'hor ny' blogger & being 'hor ny' meant the main activities I do is 'pokeing' ( in fact I consider it my one & only form of exercise )! So how to do pokeing while wearing spec??? The spec will 'fly' off sooner then later once the pokeing started! Also since I can only see 2 inches in front of my nose I might as well do sniffing with my big nose, lic*king with my big mouth while 'examining' gf in her b-day suite without my spec!

2. I will want to reduce my big belly ( actually I should say my pot belly, but pot belly sound not 'nice' so I use big belly instead! Look at my profile pic! That is how big my belly is! )! With such a big belly it is very hard for me to buy shirt with XXXL size! In fact gf say my shirt big enough for her to use as 'sarong'! The other factor is with big belly pokeing 'performance' is affected also! While pokeing I can't see my 'bro' as the pokeing action view is block by big belly! Gf also complain as she also cannot see the 'action'! So I want to turn my big belly into a six pack belly! So I shall check into the best health clinic in the world ( I think it is somewhere in Switzerland ) & have my big belly reduced! Ok while having my big belly reduced I might as well enlarged & elongated & enhance my 'bro' ( I think this is now available but very very expensive )! I do all this for the benefit of gf mah! Also with a flat belly I will feel very confident with myself! And also with a humongous 'dic*k' this will boost my self confident even further ( Remember this entry Type of dic*k a lady like & its related entry Type of poosie a guy love ? )!

3. After doing the above two I still have lots of money left! Next I will buy a Mercedes SLR 500 ( I think this is the fastest Mercedes ) as I will like show off a bit mah! Next car I will like to buy will be a Hummer H1! This is a very big 4x4 big enough to fit in a bed ( So I can do pokeing on the go ). Why I buy just this two 'simple' car & not a Ferrari? Well, with boleh land road condition it will be suicidal to drive a Ferrari at max speed ( to enjoy a Ferrari u have to drive it fast )! And beside this a Ferrari is not a 'everyday use' car. I like to buy a car which I can use everyday.

4. Next things I will do is of cause to set up my 'pokeing' nest! Aiyah! I meant my house lah! A simple 2 storey detach house will do ( I like detach house as I am an 'active' fellow so I do pokeing a lot & sometime very noisy so I don't want to disturb the neighbour ) as I am a simple fellow! But inside the house must have a very good hi-fi system & big TV! It will be nice to watch 'nice' movie in surround sound!

5. After this still got a lot of money left! What to do arrr?? Ok! I will like to go & travel around the world! Any nice place I will like to visit! And since I am lowly educated I do need a travelling companion. Any ladies can be my travelling companion as long as u r 'hot' & 'pokerable'!! Oh with so much money I will go on a lot of 'business' trips so a travelling companion is needed ( This is why a lot of rich fellows always go on 'business' trips! Actually they go on pokeing trips )! He! He! that is why when I am filthy rich I have vacancy for personal secretary! As for my gf?? She can be with me lah! But then with all the money she might have already left me for other 'better' guy ( Thank my lucky star she still don't know 'hor ny ang moh' is her 'respectable' bf )!

He! He! I might do all the above if money is no problem! But then if I am ready that rich I will just carried on living as it. Yah! I know how I spend money with the above example is lame but in actual fact I really don't know how to spend if really money is no problem!

This tag is done at the request of this beautiful lady ! So how? U like it?


L'abeille said...

Aiyor Horny,

I like your ways to spent your money man! All for the love of po-king :p

Anyway, where should I drop my resume for the personal secretary position eh?

[fong88] said...

erm..if u got so much money where u dono where 2 spend..
then just pm me..i wil spend for ur behalf..

angel said...

I also can helpchu spend the $$$$... :D

Happy weekend, hor ny! Happy poking!

Daniel said...

haiya...if u got so much $$$ n still dunno how to spend, come lar i help u.. hahahaha ;p

Helen said...

Yeah lor, if dun know how to spend I give you my Paypal account. lol

Russ said...

Work hard and all your dreams wil come true Mr. Horny!
You can start by exercising that belly! hahaha...

All the best my friend!

Iwan Sanchez said...

ho horny,
maybe can go operation to enlarge ur banana?


have nice weekend and happy pokeing!

erinalaw said...

I like what Iwan said. Why u no mention that har? Wahahaha.........

lovie said...

Horny, I can help you spend your money. You don't have to give me all, half is enough. Haha.

A Suspicious Man said...


#5 sounds like a great idea man haha :D

littlepolaris said...

my gawd.... horny u forgotten 1 thing la! If u are rich, you must belanja me makan~ ahahahahaha

I'm Choonie. said...

Me very pokai after the my China trip. I can also help you to spend if you dun know how or where to spend.

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi L'abeille! Don't worry I don't might a secretary who not look hot but can cook as well! But I must have XT permission first before can employ u! That is if I am filthy rich!

Hi Fong88, Angle, Daniel! He! He! Can no problemo!

Hi Helen! Aiyah ur paypal a/c full of money lah!

Hi Russ! I am working on that big bell by doing 'push up' pokeing style!

Hi Iwan! I will want to have a gaint 'banana'!!!

Hi Erina! Got mention lah! I will enlarged my banana while reducing the big belly!

Hi Lovie! Cum! Be my secretary! U can have more then that!

Hi Suspicious men! Wellcum! He! He! U like my idea??

Hi Polaris! No problemo! I will visit u in Russia! Please introduce me to ur russian lady friends who have nice 'nen nen'!!

Hi Choonie! He! He! Ur hubby allow or not??

lankapo said...

why dunt u get married lah with ur gf hehe,
have a family lorr :)

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi lankapo! He! He!...........

lankapo said...

hehehe stil dun want comitment haa
still want to enjoy ? hehe

haiyaaa, hehe

no planning ?

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Lankapo! Ha! Ha! I am fully committed But I want to 'enjoy' also mah! I am sure u know what I meant!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I don't like the earshot of all those lists he's making - it's like prepossessing too multitudinous notes at philosophy; you sensible of you've achieved something when you haven't.

Horny Ang Moh said...

Hi to all the 'Anonymous'!!! Tq very much for dropping on my site! Have a very nice day!

Anonymous said...

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Horny Ang Moh said...

Hi to all the 'Anonymous'!!! Tq very much for dropping on my site! Have a very nice day!