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Friday, December 14, 2007

Living Together! Sex! Fuc*king/Pokeing 24/7????!!!!!!

‘I love u darling!’ he say!
‘Me too!’ she reply!
‘Oh lets live together! Then when I have enough money we get married!’ he say!
‘Oh! How wonderful!’ she reply!

So that is how most dating couple end up living together! True or not? Or something similar lah! Living together as in a guy & a lady living together as hubby & wify but without the formal announcement that they are married. So in this sense they are not legally hubby & wify! So what are the goodness & badness of living together!


Aiyah! Look at the title! That is the main goodness of living together! The proposal of living together will almost in all case is done by the guy! Why? Can do pokeing of cause lah! If not living together want to do pokeing also very difficult & inconvenience wan! If pokeing is not the main reason then why ask a lady to live with u ( for companion u can also ask a guy or anybody other then a lady mah! Dog for eg make excellent companionship! ) ? It will be nice to live like hubby & wify!

Can poke or not! Straight away will know! Enjoy or not? Good or not? All can be discovered when living together! Best of all both of u can do pokeing in the house , pokeing in the bathroom & general both of u can poke 24/7! So if he or she very good & both of u enjoy it then can consider marry lah! But in most case they still don't want to get married! Money not enought is the main excuse used! Actually they just want to enjoy the pokeing & the trill of living together until this accident happen!

U get to know each other real well before both of u really get committed! Both of u will get to know each other habit (for eg a lady really hate a guy who pee all over the toilet bowl, a guy really hate a lady who don’t tidy up the bedroom or left her soiled undies laying on the bathroom floor ) which u will only know if both of u live together! Snoring! How do know that ur potential partner don’t snore in his/her sleep? In fact snoring is one of the unpleasant ‘discovery’ discovered by newly married couple but if the snoring is not loud or one partner sleep like a dead pig then no problemo!

He! He! When both of u went dating & eating, do both of u put on ur best eating behaviors? Eating slow slow & polite without using hand! That is while dating! Some guy/lady eating style is really terrible wan using hand with leg on the seat even when at home! All this u will 'discovered' when living together!

While dating money no problem ( mainly pay by the guy, & the guy will be more then happy to pay as have to show face mah ) but once both of u live together the living expenses have to share already. Now u can see if how much both ur earning is enough or not! Is the guy still willing to pay? Is he willing to pay for ur 'monthly bag' for example? Many a time it is the financial problem that let to the break up of ‘living together’!

Beside this both of u can really discovered if both of u can really get together, live together & care for each other in time of sickness ( Yes! U can really text each other love in sicky time )! How does ur lady behave when her 'aunty' pay her monthly visit! How does ur men behave when u disturb him while he watch his football program?


Pokeing already for 24/7!!! Boring already! So when it really cum to the big day of getting married the ‘just married’ atmosphere is not there! There is not sexitment in the ‘first night, first poke’ ! Beside this, pokeing 24/7 will let to this nightmares ! Then all the planning both of u have will be turn up side down!

If pokeing already boring so for sure other factors of living together will be boring or becum routine! This of cause let to quarrels & break-up! Other factors like money & habits also play a part!

Reputation! Living in with so & so for so long already! Now no can do! U still want this guy/lady arrr??? If u live in a big city this is no applicable as people don't give a dam & also not so 'kaypot' ( busybody )! However if u live in a small town then the whole town will know wan & ur reputation will be not so good ( That so & so arr has being poke by this guy 24/7.....u still want her to be ur wife arrr? That so & so guy arrr have being living with this nice lady for so long yet in the end dump her! Really heartless fellow! He will also dump u wan! Look for other men instead! )!

So do u want to 'live together'???


Abby said...

HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAa.. all ur posts so funny.. pokeing pokeing pokeing...

aiya, better dn stay together.
^^ religious!

AceOne118 said...

Everything also have it pros and cons wan.

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Abby!Ha! Ha! Bout sooner or later have to stay together!

Hi Ace1! All got pro & cons wan! Just like pokeing! U poke in but u also have to pull out! He! He!

Chee Hoe said...

I got exactly the same problem lah. Agree with staying together first but live in a small town!!

Good thing i am now single... hahaha

Daniel said...

hahaha.. depend how u see lor.. either u "buy ticket 1st before u naik bus" or u "naik bus 1st b4 u buy ticket" ;p

haan said...

after reading your pros and cons, i wonder do u want to "live together"?

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Chee Hoe! Ah!!! But sooner or later u have to get married! Don't tell me u want to be a monk!

Hi Daniel! I perfer to 'test drive' first! Aiyah I don't wan a bus!

Hi Haan! Wellcum! Sometime no choice but have to 'live together'!!!

haan said...

say no choice.. i bet u were the one asking for it.. clearly "indicated" in your writing :)

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Ha! Ha! This is all ask by guy first!

Chee Hoe said...

Hor Ny,

I am definately not a monk. Let me assure you about that... haha

W_W_H said...

so ang moh, which one is your preferable choice???

Anonymous said...

Yeah .. If pokeing 24/7 no fun anymore hoh .. poke poke oso no feel. Ha ha ha. Can try different game liw eh?

zewt said...

i am now beginning to live together... die lor...

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Chee Hoe! Ah!! Very good!

Hi W W H! I want to test drive first!

Hi Cibol! He! He! What game want to try irst??

Hi Zewt! No die lah! But very tired! Yes??

lovie said...

I agree that there are pros and cons when you stay together. =)
I will agree to stay together, at least I'll be able to know how he is like when he's at home, I don't want to regret in the future. =p

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Lovie! What happen if he dump u??? Some guy r like that!

lovie said...

I guess if eventually he dumps me then we're just not meant to be together, at least we're not married yet right? If we're married then he dumps me, that's worse, right?

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Lovie1 He! He! Nice lady like u will have a good by! So I think he will be stupid to dump u!