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Wellcum! Wellcum!

To all my dear readers if u find this site too 'horny' then please poke into My Other Site where I am more 'normal!!! Feel free to poke into any link within the post as it normally led to more 'interesting' post! Rest assure it is mostly not paid post! No ads for a 'horny' blogger!!!!

Monday, April 30, 2007

5000!!! 5000 hor ny visitor!!!

5000 visitor reached at 1.40pm 30-04-07. This entry is made to remain myself that there are readers to my sites. Even though the sites counter register as 'hor ny' reader I believed all my reader are good guys/ladies. But there is one confirm very very 'hor ny' reader!!! That fellow is..........your truly. So strictly speaking the counter havn't reach 5000 as I contribute to its also.

I will like to take this opportunity to thank all my reader for your time spended to read what I have written. Up to this point I find that mine 'hor ny' entries generate most interested ( I could be wrong here ) & tech entries lest interested ( it could be due to my lousy writting ). Feel free to coment & ask for whatever topic u want me to write ( sometime don't know can write or not as this sites could becum pornish ).

So with 5000 hor ny visitor, this call for a celebration!!! But sadly I have to celebrate alone. It is a lonely life as 'Hor ny Ang Moh'. I can't tell my friend, relative or anyone that know me in real life that I am really ' Hor ny Ang Moh ' address is If they know the first one to knock on my head will be my lover!!!

(Another reason why I made this entry is b'cos the auditor is very busy pokeing their nose into every files, carbinet they could find & asking all sort of question. So I have to do some typeing to made myself look very busy).

Monday!! It is Monday Against.

I have Monday blue today ( becouse I have a blue Sunday night with heavy 'blue' activities ). In fact I wake up late ( 7.30am ), I have to hurry up & cut short on all my morning activities like spend 5 minites in the loo ( nomal 10 minites ) brush my teeth in top speed & drive my car ( Monday is the only car driving day, rest of the week I use bike, unless it rain ) in 90kph ( nomal speed is 80kph ). I have to drag myself to work. Worst still they are auditor checking out in Office doing anual auditing & u know how auditor worked!! ( they will check anything & everythings & I have to look smart & busy & typeing in this entry made me look busy ).

Lucky tomorrow & the day after tomorrow is a hornyday to me ( public holiday on 1-05-07 & 2-05-07 ). I can have my usual nighly activities & slept until late in the morning ( breakfast & lunch all roll in to one ).

So I wish all my ready happy holiday. To those who still have to work I wish u the best.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Name & Number........

This entry might offence some readers, if I unwittingly offended please accept my appology as it is totally unintention & not meant to represent anybody that I know of.

Sunny Ku go to work everyday driving a wira number 378, sometime he drive honda city number 3278 & when it is sunny he ride to work on his motor bike number 578. This is just a statment. Meant anything to u? Why nothing wrong so what is the big deal on the first statement about appologies?? It meant something to a foochow reader ( this is what my foochow friend tell me. Foodchow is a chinese clan like for eg cantonese, haka, hokien etc ) will explain at the end of this entry.

Do we like our name??? Some say I like, some don't know where as all of us agree we have no choice. It is given by our parent when we poke into this world. Do our parent give due consideration when nameing us?? Or do they just name us as they have to register our birth certificate ( as we r made accidently )?? I do hope parent who are reading this post give some due consideration & also factors when nameing their children. If u give a good name to your kids as lest u r giving him/her a head start. For eg. giving your kids starting with letter 'A' will also ensure that whatever he does he will be the first to be called. Of couse chinese name started with their surname so where if ur sur name is 'Au','Ang' etc ur kid name will also appear first on the school class name list ( finding which class ur kids is in, will be so much easier ) if surname started with 'Yiing','Zhen' etc then of couse ur kids name will be at the bottom of the list. Depend on u point of view ur kids will always be the last to be called & of couse if he/she is entitle to school books loan he/she will be the last to receives ( if there are any left over & the condition of the book is nomally the worse as all the good wan have being taken ).

All is no lost however!! Just give ur kids an Ang Moh name in front of the chinese. So if ur surname is 'Ang' & a kid name ' Aaron Ziing Yii Kong ' his name still appear in front of ur kids name. However they are several ang moh name which is no suitable for us. I just give some example ( now don't be angry if ur name is the same, I appology already ). Dick, John & Virginia of couse u know can get another meaning. Now for some interesting wan. Monica in foochow meant 'touch ur leg'. Theresa in foochow meant 'all fu*ckable'. Kenneth in foochow mean 'dog shi*it'. Augustine in hakka meant 'all shi*iting'. This are just some example given to me by my foochow & hakka friend.

That is for name. It is the same for number. No '8' is the best number. Everyone favourite number ( it is suppose to meant luck or money, but to me No '8' sound like 'fu*ck' in serveral chinees dialect so to me that is a real 'fu*ck-up' number ). Now for some interesting number & their meaning. '378' in cantonese meant grow quickly with money, however in foochow it meant ' fu*ck poosie'. So in foochow '3278' meant ' fu*ck ur poosie '. And '578' meant ' cow poosie'. To the foochow '78' sound like 'poosie'.

So in effect the statement above meant ' fu*ck ur father' ( Sunny Ku in foochow meant fu*ck ur father ) go to work driving a wira number ' fu*ck poosie ', sometime he drive a honda city number ' fu*ck ur poosie' & when it is sunny he ride to work on his motor bike number 'cow poosie'.

This entry is made to remind myself that next time I must give my kids a proper name & the number on my car & bike don't have '78' on it. If your name or car/bike number happen to be the same as above I am sure nobody will laugh in ur face. The foochow will laugh silently.( Please to my foochow reader don't feel offended. In fact some of mine good friends are foochow ). So read the entry with an open mind OK. Feel free to coment & wish mine reader a nice day.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Satisfied!!! Are u really sure?!!!

On your se*x life that is. Base on the respond to my pervious entry it seem it seem almost everybody is happy, well on those who coment anyway ( perhap those who read but don't leave any coment is not happy, don't know happy or not or maybe a vir*gin as one reader say he is or maybe too shy to coment? ).

How do u define having a 'satisfieing se*x' ? Nomally for ladies they have 'or*gasm' & for guy they cum. As usual ladies first!

A ladies experiance 'high' when she is highly 'stimulated' that area is hot, wet & the two lips firm up as it is engross with blood hence very red, the muscle of the hole firm up & squeez the the lover's 'bro' tightly. At this stage she will urge the guy to poke with all his might ( this is also the stage when some guy unload all the 'bullet' as he can't stand all the squeezing hence the 'bro' go soft, this is very very frustrating for the lady as she just started on the upward trend to reach her 'or*gasm ) at the same time she will be moaning or screaming & grasping at the bed or the guy bu*tt or even crawing at the guy back ( all this action contribute to the guy cumming before the lady reach her 'or*gasm' if the guy cannot control his urg to cum & of couse usual excuse give by guy for scracted bu*tt & back is it is done by a pu*ssycat!! ). If the guy continue to poke with all his might for another 5 mintes the lady will experiance her 'or*gasm', she will have a sort of convulsion & her whole body stiffen up for a while & she will have a discharge of wetness. She has a feeling of very very nice well being ( nothing in the world matter anymore she just feel nice in fact she feel that all her need is being achieved ) sort of like the feeling u get when u eat some very tasty food except the feeling is much higher & better. Now if the guy continue to go on pokeing with all his might when the lady soften up a bit & increase the speed the lady will get to enjoy the second round of 'or*gasm'. And she will treat her lover very very nicely for a job well done like cook up some very nice dishes expecially like chicken cook with herbs to enhance power or to replenish his energy so that his 'performance' is enchance. For some lady who don't cook or don't know how to cook the chicken essence is the simple answer. ( For guy who are in the 'service' industry chicken essence is a must as it is a very tirying occupation ).

For the guy it is the process of stimulating the head of the 'bro' until the stage when he cum either when he go pokeing into the love hole or when his 'bro' got rub, su*ck or lick through 'blow j*ob'. When he cum he has feeling of well being ( nothing in the world matter any more ) & satisfied & of couse very tired. For guy it is a simple job, poke in & out until cum. If cannot cum then not enjoyment ( yes sometime they don't cum ) .

Now do u have the above feeling?? For guy no problem if they cum they have the feeling. For ladies it is different. Some experiance as above, some are not so drastic but they must have a very very nice feeling of well being ( and for them to have this 'or*gasm' is not easy, the guy must do a lot of foreplay if he can't stand long pokeing or his 'bro' is short or he has to do pokeing with longer duration. Love make*ing must be more then 30mintes ).

Now do u really enjoy having s*ex that u really look forward to it, like u really clean yourself real nice & look forward to the time? If u really enjoy it u shouldn't be saying that I need the mood to do it ( it is ok for lady to say they have 'close period' but even then if the guy don't mind it is ok & very very safe as he don't have to worry about the lady getting pregnate ). Afterall it is like takeing drug it is addittive ( according to drug addit the feeling is the same except the feeling last longer hence they take more & more drug & b'cos of this drug addit lost all urge to s*ex ). Now u say I do enjoy s*ex but not like looking forward to it because..........( this will be a future entry )

So now are u really satisfied with your s*ex life or rather s*ex performance that your partner get to enjoy?? Think about it.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

What do u think?

Never mind if you are a Malaysian or a non Malaysian, read the following and..........What do you think???!!! ( some of the word have being censored to enable 'well-manner' computer to view )

Few Malaysians satisfied with their se*x life

KUALA LUMPUR: Although most Malaysians agree that se*x is important, fewer than two in five (38%) of them are satisfied with their se*x lives.

According to the latest Durex Se*xual Wellbeing Global Survey 2007/08 report, loss of romance and se*xual prowess are key factors for the lack of se*xual satisfaction.

SSL Healthcare Malaysia general manager Voong King Yee said: “Many Malaysians have lost the sense of adventure, interest and romance, which explains why they are not fully enjoying their se*x lives.

“Se*x plays a fundamental role in our physical and emotional well-being. Thus, it is important that we protect and nurture our se*xual health as well as that of our partner's,” he said, adding that 64% of Malaysians would like more inti*macy and better communication with their partners.

The survey was conducted on more than 26,000 respondents across 26 countries, of which 1,026 were Malaysians.

The respondents were asked about every aspect of their se*x lives. covering health, general well-being, education, beliefs, attitudes to se*x, and social circumstances, in a bid to comprehensively chart what constitutes se*xual well-being.

Consultant clinical andrologist, reproductive and se*xual health specialist and Durex Se*xual Wellbeing Global Survey local expert Dr Mohd Ismail Mohd Tambi said: “There are reasons why people are not satisfied with their se*x lives. It could be due to problems in physical and emotional health as well as physiological issues such as va*ginal dryness, painful se*x, and erec*tile dysfunction.”

“Such issues can be dealt with and cured. Despite se*x being perceived as fun and exciting by most, satisfaction is still only marginally equal between men and women, with 40% of Malaysian women saying they are satisfied, compared to 37% of men,” said Dr Ismail.

He pointed out that people could also improve their se*x lives and se*xual satisfaction by spending more time with their partners, de-stressing and introducing more romance into their se*x lives.

“The ability to talk things out with your partner can lead to an emotional relationship filled with love and respect, which can then lead to ultimate se*xual pleasure.


A continuation from last entry...

After setting up all the hardware it is time for the installing of the computer programe ( it is useless haveing the best hardware if it is 'brainless' ), this is a important stage as it show how good the hardware really is & if the hardware is defective.

Programe installed are Windows XP service pack 2 ( I intended to installed windows vista but I heard that it is full of bugs ), windows office 2003 & some high end pc game. I am disappointed as installing the XP took more the 15 mintes ( I compare to a older system using AMD 3 ghz, which took about 10 mintes to install ) & I also don't like the format in installing the driver for the mainboard & graphic card ( I compare to MSI system ). Once the installation is complete I didn't not feel that the computer operated in anyway different as compared to older system like the AMD system. In fact booting up is a bit slower then the AMD. Apart from this the game play beautifully. I suppost this is due to the graphic card. As mention the graphic card use silent pipe in the heatsink without the use of cooling fan so of couse the cpu operated silently. But I did touched the graphic card is very hot. So hot that I almost burn mine finger ( I believed I can cook egg on this heatsink if I can of couse ). And finally I must say that the latest Intel powered system no longer support windows 98 or Me.

Overall I am disappointed with Intel ( luckly the system is not mine ). So if I want to upgrade my computer system, it will be AMD.

Monday, April 16, 2007

965P Mainboard, Intel Core 2 Duo Processor & Nvidia 7600 GS Graphics Accelerator

A 'hor ny' review of Intel P965 express chipset based mainboard, Intel Core 2 Dua 2.13ghz processor & Nvidia 7600 gs 512mb graphics accelerator. So my friend bought the above mention computer component & also one 1gb of ddr2 memory as an up-grade of his old computer. So he ask to to install it for him ( as usual I couldn't resist a DIY with the lastest computer hardware ).


What a mouthfull of name! Actually this is the mainboard ( also call motherboard ). This is the main circuit board on which all computer component is attached to. This particular mainboard from Gigabyte is not the top model, it is rank near the top. The top model is not available unless by special order & it will cost a bomb! ( In fact there is only one of this mainboard at the shop as it is quite expensive ).

The most impressive feature of this board is of couse the Intel P965 express chipset. This chipset control all fuction of the mainboard ( sort of like the part of the brain which control bodily function ) & also the mainboard electronic part which is made of high quality material. Eg all capacitor are solid stage ( in this case all the silver small short cylinder like things u see in pic are solid capacitor, nomal capacitor are coloured with a -tive strip on one side ) this made the mainboard more reliable & expensive. Also this board has a build in surround sound output ( imaging playing game in full surround sound but u will have to poke in 6 speaker ). Plus of couse some othe feature like build in network etc. Beside this I like the dark blue colour of the mainboard. The mainboard also support FSB 1333 mhz processor ( this meant it can support high end cpu. FSB meant front speed bus measure in mhz, it actually meant the speed that a intruction is to be carried out from CPU to the mainboard component, like for eg the brain asking your 'bro' to do some pokeing & how fast your 'bro' respond to your brain instruction ). Assessory consist of back panel, sata cable & conventional ide cable ( I expect more than this ) & one driver CD. This mainboard run on the newer 24 pin power supply, luckly it also support the older 20 pins power supply.


Another mouthfull of name ( why don't Intel call it P5 or P4XX as it is sort of 2 P4 on one package ). This is rather confusing, in fact another lower spec Intel cpu is called Intel core 2 processor. As shown in the above pic the cpu cum together with one big heatsink, the cpu itself is about the size of a 50 cents coin. This cpu FSB is 1066 mhz with 2 mb l2 cache ( this is not top of the range intel cpu ). For nomal usage any cpu higher then 2 ghz is more then enought. For faster computer the quality of the mainboard & more importantly the amount of system ram is important.


Yah! Another mouthfull ( why don't they call it geforce gen seven-six?? ). This is the nvidia geforce seven serie graphic card using PCI express slot. This is the latest graphic slot with speed up to 16X whereas the older AGP slot can support up to 8X only. ( All this 16X or 8X sound a bit por*nish but it actually meant how fast the mainboard can pass graphic instruction to the graphic card ). This is a sort of small circuit board to be poke into a slot on the mainboard. As shown in the pic above the card came with a big gold colour heatsink & some sort of cooling pipeing & without cooling fan. The function of graphic card is to produce graphic of couse. The feature of this card is the nvidia 7600gs chipset which is a graphic cpu ( this is not the top range chipset, the eight series is the current top dog & buying it now will cost u an arm & both legs ). Of couse the top range graphic cpu can support even the best pc game there is with all the game graphic option set to full value. I perfer nvidia chipset to other chipset as this is the graphic card supported by almost all pc gamer.The other main feature of this particular card is the 'silent pipe heatsink'. It is silent as there is no cooling fan. The design seem very complicated with a lof of cooling fins ( if this card belong to me I will have a fine time cleaning up those fins ). And this card also cum with a 512 mb of graphic ram. The higher the ram is the better is it performance in gameing especially those 3D RPG game. Together with the card are 2 cd one is the driver disk & surprise, the other is a DVD game 'call of juarez'. Plus one dvd input socket.


Finally I have to mention the small green card shown in the first pic. That is the DDR 2 system ram in this case 1 GB ie giga byte. This small card is an essential part of computer hardware it act as an temporary storage of cpu intruction ( for eg your brain instruct ur 'bro' to go pokeing which ur 'bro' obey but at the same time it send back instruction to unload the cum, of couse the brain don't wan to unload all at one go so it instruct the 'ball' to unloard the cum bit by bit the 'ball' in this case act as system ram. Of couse the higher the ram the better it is, like having a bigger 'ball'. Yah! Yah! I known this is not a very good example to explain the function of system ram but I like to hornyrise any example ).

Putting Together the four component.

For system ram it is a simple case of pokeing the ram to the system ram slots ( there is only one way to slot in, due to a notch on the ram ). For graphic card it is the same case. U poke it in to the PCI express slot.( U only poke in the graphic card when the mainboard is being assemble onto the computer casing already ).

I like the latest design of Intel cpu as pokeing in the cpu is rather simple. As shown in the pic ( sorry the pic is a bit blur as my camera is already 4 years old or maybe I took lousy pic ) the connecting pins of the cpu is on the mainboard called LGA775 ( hundreds of small needles in the cpu bay ) where as the cpu bottom side itself is flat with hundres of small contact points. This made handling the cpu so much easier.( I have to be very careful with the older socket type as hundreds of small pins is on the cpu itself & if one small pin is out of allinement or the pin is broken then kiss that cpu goodbye ). U just put the cpu in its bay in one position due to two notchs on the cpu bay & on the cpu itself. Before u do that u have to remove the protective cover both on the mainboard cpu bay & on the cpu itself. Then just attached the cpu heatsink onto the cpu & mainboard. Care must be taken to ensure that the cooling fan can operate due to its exposed disigne ( actually when I assemble the whole computer one of the power cable stuck the cpu cooling fan luckly I notice in time or else the cpu is a fried wan )

As the above is only an upgrade, the full computer system hardware consist of the following ( the bracket corespond to body par,t well sort off ) :

1.CPU ( brain )
2.Mainboard ( body )
3.System Ram ( 'ball' )
4.Graphic card ( no needed if mainboard got built in, cheapo cpu system ) ( 'bro' )
5.Hard disk ( stomach )
6.CD rom ( mouth )
7.A-drive ( small mouth )
8.Computer casing including power supply ( clothing & heart )
9.Keyboard & mouse ( hand & leg )
10. Monitor

Feel free to coment & advice if the above information or example use is incorrect as I am just an amature ( using 'hor ny' example )

To be continue...............

Thursday, April 12, 2007

DIY...Do It Yourself!!!!!! & Ways to DIY yourself!!!!

DIY or do it yourself usually meant do things or any jobs yourself. But do you know there is another meaning to the phase ' Do it yourself' !!! The other meaning is you relieved your pent-up se*xual urge by yourself. As usual I shall touch on ladies first.

Ladies normally mature faster then guys ( that is why some girls already started dateing in form one or some even at primary six while most guys are still playing playstation/pc games ) thus some girls already have some se*xual urge when they start having their period. ( This is normal due to their body perparing bilogically for motherhood ). This urge peak mid term between their period.

So how do ladies relieved their se*xual urge?? By touching & stroking, on their sensitive area on breast, on the two lower 'lips' & especially on the small piece of sensitive bob of flesh between the two 'lips'. This will of couse made the area wet.Once they get the hand of it, they will try pokeing in their finger. Using midder finger will enable them to just stimulated the outer 'g-spot'. Apart from this ladies also made use of barnana, brinjai ( a type of vegetable purple in colour ) & test tube ( that is why a few science lab test tube usually gone missing every years ). All this 'apparatus' is longish in shape like a guy's 'bro'. Ladies normally started off by rubbing against their sensitive area using the 'apparatus' then sooner or later they will poke in the 'apparatus'. These are the home made 'aparatus', for the more daring wan ( provided they can buy it ) they made use of vi brator. However nowaday there are a lot of good subsitute for vi bractor like handphone ( in vibrating mode ) massager ( in fact almost all massage is bar shaped with an angled massage head ) most convinence to be use by lady to relieved their se*xual urge.

It is however doubtfull wheather a lady get full enjoyment ( reach climax ) out of all the above self sitmulation unless she poke in the 'apparatus' or fingered to stimulated the g-spot. Most DIY by ladies is done in the bedroom or just about anywhere in strict privacy.

Now as for guy, they started to get 'hor ny' in maybe in form one ( for those who 'mature' fast ) but usually later then ladies. How do guy do DIY? They started by using the service of the 'five sister' that is their hand. First after getting a 'hardon' ( which is easily achieved ) they use the hand to stroke the harden 'bro' slowely at first increasing the speed until they cum ( climax ). However strocking/rubbing the head of the 'bro' is painfull as it is sensitive. Thus a lubricant is use hence soap is widely use for this purpose ( hence the phase 'playing with soap' cum into being ). Since soap is use, guy mainly DIY during bath ( doing DIY in bathroom is to be done carefully as while doing DIY & with one leg on rised position on toilet seat or bended leg, & standing in soapy water on the slippery bathroom floor, falling down in the bathroom while doing DIY is a real danger. Beside this guy usually do DIY with their eye closed with 'hor ny' image on their mind ). So ladies if a guy took a long time to bath please don't hurry him as you will disturb his concentration if he is DIYing inside, in worse case you might couse him to fall down.This is the most common method use by guy to DIY, while some maybe lucky enought to have doll to help them.

Ladies & guy who have DIY before & get some enjoyment out of it will continue to do so even if they are married or have lover as it is fast & can relieved the pent up se*xual urge ( also for guy maybe their 'bullet' is already full ).

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Ladies what do you think of the following:-??

1. The nice men are ugly.

2. The handsome men are not nice.

3. The handsome and nice men are gay.

4. The handsome, nice, and heterosexual men are married.

5. The men who are not so handsome, but are nice men, have no money.

6. The men who are not so handsome, but are nice men with money think we
are only after their money.

7. The handsome men without money are after our money.

8. The handsome men, who are not so nice and somewhat heterosexual, don't
think we are beautiful enough.

9. The men who think we are beautiful, that are heterosexual, somewhat nice
and have no money, are cowards.

10. The men who are somewhat handsome, somewhat nice and have money and
thank God are straight, are shy and NEVER MAKE THE FIRST MOVE!!!

11. The men who never make the first move, automatically lose interest in
us when we take the initiative.


I just wander which class I fall under on the above?

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Computer Keyboard.....Cleaning/Maintance

The computer's keyboard is one very essential part of the computer apart from the mouse ( without the mouse it is still possible to operate the computer, don't ask me how, without the mouse I am helpless ) & it just happen to be the cheapest part of the computer ( ok a lousy mouse may be cheaper ). Being mechanical in nature it is subject to failure if abused. Of course high quality keyboard can stand up to abuse & cost more then RM100-00. Abuse like constant pokeing at certain key when playing games ( in my case typing also as I type using two finger first I use my index & when that finger get tired from pokeing at the keyboard I then use my middle finger of course with either a cigarette or my tongue hanging slightly out of my mouth ).

After sometime u will find that the keyboard can become very dirty & certain key will stuck & lost its springiness. It is time to do some checking & cleaning. Checking to see if the keyboard is beyond repair for the sticky key or cleaning for dirty keyboard ( if the keyboard is the cheap type just throw away & buy a new wan ).

As it is mine nature to DIY to save money, I open up the keyboard & clean it. Opening up the keyboard is an easy affair just a few screws at the bottom of the keyboard & it open up in two half the upper half which house the keys & the bottom half which contain the circuits board. In the pic above the white pieces is the membrane circuit board, if dirty just brush off the dust/dirt using brush, if the membrane board ( usually made of silicone rubber ) is broken or got tear or the rubber buttons is depressed then this keyboard is 'kaput'. Do not wash the membrane board.

The upper part of the keyboard hold all the keys. The keys can be remove from the inside out usually secure by individual clips. As shown the keyboard is very dirty once the keys is removed. U can then clean the board & keys using soap. Dry it out in the sun then reassemble back the keys just by pressing the individual keys back into the holes.

Finally before taking out the keys it is advisable to take a digital pic of the keyboard or have another keyboard ready so that u known which key go to which hole. I must say I spend an enjoyable half hour figuring which key is which just like jigsaw. Eg it is N or Z, I or 1, O or 0 etc.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

A lady Need!!!

What are the needs of a ladies? Many many needs, in fact more needs then a guy's needs ( corrected me if I am wrong ). This is needed by all ladies. What is 'this'?? ( I am sure some 'hor ny reader will stright away think I am going to blog about love makeing against, perhap with more detail this time ).

A few years ago in order to earn extra money I took up part time as a direct sale agent. In other word I becum a salemen.This direct sale co. sell all sort of goods, everyday goods, from food stuff to health supplement to water filter to car engine oil! It is due to the wide range of goods with resonable price that I joint in as sale agents. Due to mine hard work ( I really go around visiting household to household with sample ) I quickly rose to the rant of Manager ( to me this is bullsh*it title, actually u have to work your a*ss off, some salegirls actually sell 'themself' to get the sale ).

One of the goods that I advertise is the co's sanitary napkin!!! ( Actually I intended to take some pic & take apart the sanitary pad to show the feature. But after seaching my lover's room I couldn't find it. Lady where do u keep the sanitary pad? I don't ask from my lover lest that she want to know what the hell am I doing with it). Am I correct?? It is the only product needed by every single mordern ladies. ( Some of u may say bra or panties, no true, some ladies go around without wearing bra or panties, ladies can do that, guys if u go around without wearing undie ur 'bro' will feel very weird & u will awake 'bro' at any time ).Now I am a guy selling a rather intimate ladies product, how did I made the sale??

Knowing that it is one of the basic ladies need I quicky mention all its unique feature bla bla bla & bla. Most of the ladies I approach more or less know the feature of a sanitary napkin..... But wait, the sanitary napkin I sale is unique, it can act as 'panadol' if u have fever or headach.. U don't believed me, this is b'cos its contain a super absorbent gel which also absorb the 'heat' from your head hence your fever & headach will be gone.( actually any sanitary pad with high contain of the absobent gel will do the job, it is not applicable to the tampex type which u poke into the 'hole' to absorbe the period discharge ).

Actually this really work as while I am marketing the sanitary pad one of mine office stuff feel sick with high fever. With no panadol around, I have to apply the sanitary pad on his forehead & secure by cellophane tape. It worked! An hour later that fellow feel much better & the fever not so high. ( So do u think I get thanked for saving that fellow from high fever? No! Talk about ungratefull bugger. He scold me & say it is extreme Bad luck!!He can forget about buying 4 D & wining any bet that he place for seven years with a sanitary pad stuck to his forehead. Got such things meh?? ) Nevertheless I sold off quite a few bags of sanitary pad that day.

Beside this u can also use the sanitary pad as emergency bandage to treat cut & wound as it is clean ( u don't apply use pad to the cut ) it & absorb blood & stop blood flow.

Being a good salemen I always do follow up with mine customer. From mine sanitary customer which include girls, ladies & also aunty I find that the sanitary pad is no suitable for heavy discharge user & also it is also a bit expensive compare to those in the market. Mine advice to heavy discharge user is to change the pad more often ( more business for me ) & to save on pads use my advice is to use folded tissue paper & apply on top of the pad hence u just discard the paper when it is 'full' ( but this method is not liked as got 'sticky' feeling )

Ladies now that u knows there are other usage beside sitting on it, u can keep a few more pieces in your handbag. Guys in case of emergency all u got to do is to raid the nearest handbag for sanitary pads ( u can find of sort of stuff in a ladies handbag, if u r lucky can also find condom ).

Monday, April 02, 2007

Cleaning National Air-con

While everbody is either fooling around or being fooled on April Fool day, I just spend the day cleaning my very dirty National air-con.

As shown it is very dirty, the filter is clog with dust & even fine hair!!The cooling fins is being coated with dirt as well, no wander it is no so cool nowaday. Takeing the whole caseing apart only involve removing 4 screws. Two for the main cover, one to remove the lovern motor & one earthing screw. I have to remove the lovern assembly as I have to clean the blower fan's fin located inside the air-con unit as clean fan' fin is more efficient & quiet. Care must be taken when removeing the lovern as it is secure by ledge. Normally air con cleaning just involve cleaning the filter & cooling fins, since I am doing the cleaning myself I might as well do a good job & give it a completed clean out.

Shown above the cleaned air-con part & cooling fins. Before cleaning the cooling fin made sure that you cover up the electrical board with plastic bag. Nomally I use dishs washer to clean the various part but I sometime use liquid soap as it give a nice smell after that. I clean the cooling & blower fan fins using brush & sponges & clean off using garden hose ( after cleaning the air-con the room is almost flooded hence I end-up cleaning the room as well ).

Now for outside unit. To take out the fan I have to disassembler the caseing which is a weird 2 blade designe, so I might take apart its caseing total number of screws is 14 plus one nut for the fan propelar. Now cleaning the cooling fins is easier using brush, dish washer & spraying it clean using garden hose. Care must be taken when takeing apart the caseing to advoid cut.

I have made a pervious entry on cleaning air-con, but on that occassion I am clean Toshiba air-con. It is much easier to clean Toshiba then National air-con. in term of usage I perfer Toshiba air-con to National now known as Panasonic. The whole process of cleaning air-con took me half a day.