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To all my dear readers if u find this site too 'horny' then please poke into My Other Site where I am more 'normal!!! Feel free to poke into any link within the post as it normally led to more 'interesting' post! Rest assure it is mostly not paid post! No ads for a 'horny' blogger!!!!

Friday, November 30, 2007

Are U A Male Or A Female????

In this 'modern' age, we all have a very hectic lifestyle! If we are born into a rich family then we can have easy life! But I am sure most of us are just the ordinary people. We have to work our as*soff from early morning to night just to earn a decent life!

With such a hectic lifestyle it is not surprise that we sometime forget who we are! We forget our aim in life. We forget how to enjoy life. In some case we also forget how to poke as we are too busy working. So where got time to poke. So long no poke so, also forget how to poke!

Now let me ask u! Are u a male or a female??? Oh! Dear! I also forget now! Not sure! He! He! Never mind.............just Look Down!!!!!!









See already????? Aiyah! Not yet arrr???








Still not yet see???? Look down! If ur have 'bro' then u r a male lah! If u have a 'poosie' then u r a female lah ( if any of my readers happen to have both 'bro' & poosie please email me! I want see & 'examine' it Ok )!

Aiyah! I write Look down, not scroll down!!! If u use ur computer mouse to scroll down, how to see whether u r a male or female???

Ha! Ha! Ha! I am sure u scroll down wan! Modern life really hectic wan! Reading also not done properly! So pokeing of cause also not done properly!!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Horny Fellow Needed This Type Of Laptop!!!

Normal people with normal usage have normal laptop. But me, I am a 'hor ny' fellow. For this I want my laptop to be special & my usage is unique.

After pokeing around in the Internet I discovered this Rugged Computer ! This is perfect! Just what I need! This laptop is real rugged! The casing is made of magnesium ( 20 time harder than plastic alloy base case & so it can withstand all the abuse! It is likely that this laptop will be dropped & even kicked ) & it has shock proof mounted HDD & cd drive & it is vibration proof ( the environment in which the laptop is to be used is full of vibration )! Thus data will not be losted ( especially all the 'nice' picture & 'nice' movie stored inside )! The laptop must be powerful with good processing power ( I will be using it to watch movie & to play game ). The screen must be non-glare TFT LCD type ( so that every details like hairs will be shown clearly )& it is heavy duty in the multimedia department ( I do like to have good sound ). Any other extra is most wellcum!

The above qualities is very important to me as I will be using it on my bed to watch 'nice' ( pornish ) movie! So even while watching such movie I will already be in 'action' or rather my 'bro' will be in 'action'. This 'action' with be conducted jointly with gf as she will like to watch 'nice' movie with me on bed! And u will agree with me that this laptop will be used in 'harsh' environment ( the bed will be shacking none-stop, pillows flying, bed sheets torn off & so on & so forth ) as nothing is more enjoyable then a very good & long poke! Oh yes! Forgot to mention that the above laptop is also spill proofed ( from 'bullet' short & sweat )!

To my dear readers do u have such demand from a laptop???

Actually I post up this entry as I found out that The Thinking Blog is holding a Free Laptop giveaway with the above laptop as the price! So of cause I decided to try my poke luck ( I have never won anythings in any contest before so wining this laptop meant a lots to me )! So may I have all my dear readers supports?? Tq very much in advance. Have a nice day!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


1. You accidentally enter your password on the microwave. ( Actually this don't happen to me as microwave use by gf. But I did enter my password on my handporn! )

2. You haven't played solitaire with real cards in years. ( I don't know how play card but solitaire is my first pc game! )

3. You have a list of 15 phone numbers to reach your family of 3. ( true isn't?? )

4. You e-mail the person who works at the desk next to you. ( ha..ha..,everyday! )

5. Your reason for not staying in touch with friends and family is that they don't have e-mail addresses. ( Yalloh! handpornn bill very expensive wan! )

6. You pull up in your own driveway and use your mobile phone to see if anyone is home to help you carry in the groceries. ( Normally done by gf! Wah laueh! When she do shopping it look like she bought the whole shop!!! )

7 Every commercial on television has a web site at the bottom of the screen. ( This wan I don't know as TV at home very small wan. So cannot see lettering! )

8. Leaving the house without your mobile phone, which you didn't have the first 20 or 30 or 60 years of your life, is now a cause for panic and you turn around to go and get it. ( Without my handpornn cannot wan as my client might wan to contact me for 'service'! No 'service' meant no money! So to me 100% true! )

10. You get up in the morning and go on line before getting your coffee. ( He! He! I did that sometime to see how many people poke into my site! Very 'syok' wan if see many pokeing! Even more 'syok' if a lot of comments! )

11. You start tilting your head sideways to smile. : ) ( Actually now I only know what this meant, yeah I am that burr when it cum to Internet 'language' )

12 You're reading this and nodding and laughing. ( I nod my head lah & yes it is true. )

13. Even worse, you don't know exactly to whom you are going to forward this message as u got so many email. ( Yalloh! Who to forward to??? That is why it end up here. )

14. You are too busy to notice there was no Number 9 on this list. ( Got meh! Let me go up & check! )

15. You actually scrolled back up to check that there wasn't a Number 9 on this list! ( you did... don't deny.. )

AND NOW YOU ARE LAUGHING at yourself. ( ha..ha.. you are... )

I received the above in my email & so will like to share with my readers. So what do u think??

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Dead Birdy!!!

Dead birdy meant either dead bird or it meant dead bird of a different kind. Birdy can also refer to ‘didi’, ‘bro’, ‘equipment’ etc it all meant the same thing that is ur pe*nis! So a dead birdy can mean a dead pe*nis! It is dead b’cos it cannot do what it is suppose to do! That is ‘get up’ & do pokeing ( if it cannot perform this task then what is the use of having a birdy? ).

So this morning I wake up and find a dead birdy! No no no! I don’t have a dead birdy! My birdy is fine ( every morning it wake up before I do ). Thank goodness for this! Personally I am happy that I am still a man. To me what is the use of being a billionaire if u have a ‘dead birdy’?













No! This is the dead birdy I find in my house back door! Don’t ask me how it died. I have no idea also. But judging for the blood oozing of its mouth it seem to have a ‘cashed’ landing! Poor pigeon! So what am I suppose to do with it? I can cook it & have roasted pigeon for breakfast ( but I gave up the idea as I can’t cook & the pigeon is real small ) or I can just throw it in the rubbish bin ( I gave up the idea as it will smell real bad afterward ) or I can buried it & use it as fertilizer for my nen nen' tree ( I gave up this idea as I don’t fancy digging early in the morning )!
In the end I call for my cat! Yes! My cat is dam lucky! I have catch rat for my cat & now I have a dead birdy for it! So my cat have breakfast even before I do! So to be my cat is real lucky!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Today I am a Zombie!

Only 11.45pm! Wah! Still early! The night is still young! Actually how young the night is also no use to me as gf 'aunty' cum for her monthly visit! So with nothing to do & a bit early to go to bed ( normally I got to bed around 12.30 am after watching Bloomberg news, but due to assthrow 'adjustment', now no more Bloomberg! ) I decided to do some pokeing in the internet! I have to poke into my reader's site especially those banned by my 'holy' office computer ( all site with se*x, fcuk, bi*tch, sc*rew & so on words will be banned, that is why I put a * in between the word ).

So after that, I go & poke into site showing 'nice' pic ( I can't poke into site showing 'nice' movie as I am using 56k line that will take forever to load ) & oh the pic is sooooooo 'nice' & this 'activated' my 'bro'! Goodness know how many pictures I view last night! Then I check the time! What! It is already 3.45 am! I better go to bed at once as I am working today! I have planned to spend at the most only about 30 minutes pokeing the nets. Dam time really fly when pokeing Internet!

Off I went to bed! But I have to sleep on my back as no choice as 'bro' is still on full 'attention'. So I sleep with Mt Everest ( use ur imagination lah, with 'bro' standing at full 'attention' & covered with a light blanket it did look like Mt Everest ) on my 'down there'!

I have no idea how long my 'bro' stay awake but with just about 2 hours sleep ( wake up at 6.45am by my alarm clock ) I go to work like a zombie! I can barely keep both my eye open! This is also why I post up this entry! At least while doing this entry I manage not to bang my head on the table ( I am that sleepy ).

Oh! Why time pass super fast when pokeing into the net & why time pass super low while waiting for gf to finished her shopping???

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

DIY radiator flushing!

Have u check ur car radiator coolant lately? Is ur car always on ‘heat’ ie the engine temp is on the high side ( more then the half way mark )? If so then it is very likely that ur radiator’s coolant is already not longer functioning as it should i.e. keep ur engine ‘cool’ & rust preventing ( some people didn’t even have coolant, just plain water & while the engine might not overheat in the short run but it will due to rusting ).

Radiator flushing is the process of flushing out the radiator content before u fill it up with new coolant ( it is important to flush out the old coolant before u put in the new coolant as old & new coolant mixed together is no good ). Radiator flushing is being done at workshop or car service centre ( the job done might not be through as it took a least more then 15mintes & usually they pour in flushing agent which is very corrosive ) but u can diy at ur own home.

Over the weekend I DIY ( DIY is do it yourself ok! Not this type of DIY which is totally different but much more enjoyable ) my Nissan Sentra 1.6 auto Xe radiator flushing. I do the flushing as I discover that the coolant has lost it green color ( the Nissan is use by gf, and as lady as long as the car can move everything’s is A Ok ) for goodness know how long already!

This is how the flushing is being done as shown in the pic. First u disconnect the top big hose on top of the radiator ( the top hose is the outlet i.e. hot coolant from the engine ) then u connect in ur garden hose pouring in water all the time . Then u started the engine. U can see old coolant pouring out from the disconnected top hose. Continuing with the engine running until u see clear water coming out of the top hose ( in my case I let the process go on for half an hour with engine running ). This is how radiator flushing is done DIY style.

Please don't do radiator flushing with a hot engine! Wait for the engine to cool down first before u open the radiator's cap or disconnect the top hose. When engine is hot the water inside the radiator is very hot & under pressure so the danger of busting hot water is very real ( I don't want my reader who try out this diy to end-up half cooked if unsure or have no confident then better don't try this diy but u can try this DIY lah! He! He! ).

Now u have to fill in the new coolant. Pour out the radiator content by loosening the radiator outlet tap located on the left or right bottom corner of the radiator ( in my Nissan it is on the inside right corner ). Let out the content of the radiator ( don’t fully unscrew the tap so that flow is small as u need to let out just a bit more then the amount of coolant u r pouring in ).

The reason why I don’t empty the whole radiator content before I do radiator flushing is that the engine water pump ( located in the engine block ) don’t function with air in the radiator cooling system ( that is also why sometime engine overheat occur when u change radiator coolant as the radiator might be fill with water but engine block water piping is dry especially if the water pump is not filled with water ). In this case u will have to fill in the water through the top hose until u can see water pouring out out of the top hose.

In my case I pour in two bottles of Toyota long life coolant 1 liter each as it give longer & lasting protection for my Nissan ( I use Toyota coolant as it is cheaper at RM18.00 per bottle ). Using the correct type of coolant is important, engine block using case iron or alloy engine block, use different type of coolant.

I do hope the above information is useful to my dear readers! And to my regular readers sorry if this post is not so ‘hor ny’ as once in a blue moon the ‘real me’ appear!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Woah! U R We*t!!!! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! U R Dry!!!

Woah! U r we*t! This will be what a guy will say when he poke in! Ouch! Ouch! U r 'dry' so painful pokeing into u! Not lah he will not say this aloud but u known wan by looking at his 'painful' & 'agonised' face with each poke!!! U are also painfull wan. Oh this is a follow up post from this post What sort of co*ck a lady like ! So this post will be what sort of poosie a guy like to poke into ( He! He! Surprise with this follow up? I am very fair wan, lady first now it is the guy turn! )!!!!

Oh! This is a hor ny post! So little boy please don't read. This post is to be read by 'ripe' reader with 'ripe' thinking ( Sorry arr have to put this warning in so that little boy don't simple go & poke! )!

Like guy's 'equipment' ( of which certain type are perfered by ladies ) so there are also poosie which are preferred by guys! I shall blog on the poosie types here, other factors like big 'nen nen', long legs, smell nice, perfect body shape & so on & so forth are equal or not consider here.

I am sure all guy like a we*t poosie. What do u meant by that? We*t like a we*t sponge? He! He! No lah, what I meant is when a guy poke in his 'equipment' the poosie is we*t with lubricant so he can poke in smoothly. But of cause some ladies are really we*t so u do have to wripe off the we*tness with a towel ( u can even feel her sticky juice flowing down ur 'ball' ). In fact when pokeing a juicy we*t poosie it also got 'pokeing' sound ( even listening to the sound is very good & most 'stimulating' ). Pokeing into a we*t poosie is most enjoyable for both partner.

On the other hand it is.....Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! If u happen to poke into a 'dry' poosie! The poosie is actually not bone dry ( it is still moist ) but the juice she produced are the very 'thick' type ( whitish in colour ) & amount produced are little & since the juice are 'thick' so the hole inside are 'dry'. Yes it is very painful to poke in to such a poosie as the 'head' of a 'bro' is very very sensitive, for lady also painful as the hole lining also sensitive. In fact quite a number of ladies have the problem of 'dry' poosie but they are unaware of it until they get poked ( so first poke already so painful so of cause don't wan to get poked next time as where got enjoyment? ).

So to my lady readers do u have 'dry' poosie? U can find out urself by diy . For first timer the juice maybe thick but the more u 'stimulate' urself the more juicy ur poosie will becum ( please don't poke in ur finger if u want to reserve the original ' quality seal' for ur special bf/hubby ). Eating a lot of juicy fruits also help in having juicy poosie! If after all this diy session still have 'dry' poosie then u can always go to visit a doctor & ask for help or buy pokeing lubricant from a pharmacy store. This should solve the 'dry' poosie pain.

Squeeze! Squeeze! How wonderful if the poosie can also squeeze ur 'bro' strong strong! This wan all poosie can squeeze wan. Is it a strong squeeze or a weak wan? A small hole will of cause give u a strong squeeze. U can do squeezing exercise like sort of when u go peeing ie contracting & relaxing ur poosie muscle ( u can do this any time u wan even when u r sitting in office doing ur work! Nobody will know wan ).

Appearance! Well most Asian have dark colour poosie lips where as Ang Moh wan are pinkish in colour! Some have big lips while some are small. Doesn't really matter as a guy where got hole will poke in wan. But a shaved poosie do look nicer & more appearing ( if the forest down there very dense the guy will feel more like a cow eating grass......I meant hairs, beside this with dense forest he have to do some 'searching' to find the 'hole' ).

A hot poosie ( ladies like a hot rod )! Guy u will know u have a 'cool' co*ck when u poke into a hot poosie! So in this sense only one get to enjoy ( according to my friends who like to poke around, lady with cool hand have hot poosie! I am not so sure about this, can my readers enlighten me on this? )!

A lady will always wan a big & long co*ck! This is just the opposite for guy! He will like to have a lady with small & hopefully not too deep poosie ( if very deep that meant his co*ck is too short ). How do u know how deep a lady poosie is?? As a rough guide u can measure from the tip of ur middle finger to the base of ur palm ( lady take out a ruler & measures..........I am sure at least more then 4 inches......6 to 7 inches even & most ladies have long & slender hands, this wan I heard it somewhere perhaps any doctor among my reader can enlighten me on this ).

Oh for ladies u can have a rough guide on how long a guy's 'equipment' is by looking at his hand, ask him to closed his hand like a fist with the thumb out like showing a very 'good' sign. His 'equipment' length will be from the tip of the thumb to the base of his fist, a rough guide only as is could be a bit longer also ( so ladies look at ur bf hand closely, better still ask him to show a very 'good' sign to u ). Sorry I forgot & left out this inform on What sort of co*ck a lady like .

So a guy will like to poke in a we*t, hot, tight, squeeze poosie! So to my dear readers do u agree with me?

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Time…………According To A Hor ny Fellow!

How cum to me, time pass at different rate! Yes I know my watch & house clock is working at a constant speed but it seem to me this is no so. On daily basic time seem to pass very very quickly when I wake up that is morning time!

Normally on week day i.e. working day, I wake up at 6.45 am & spend about 10 minutes in the toilet ( it is a habit I developed so as to clear my body to start a new day, so got waste or not I will squat on my ‘horse pot’…. direct translate from mandarin…for toilet seat, to ‘pang sai’ ) then clean my teeth, wash my face then to dress up smartly ready to go to work providing ‘service’ to my client.

All this took about 20 minutes so I hit the road at about 7.15 am. But sometime I miscalculate & spend a bit more time at the toilet then I have to really have to rush ( so sometime I end up wearing different color sock or wear my un*die inside out ) just 5 minutes late & I end up stuck in the morning traffic jam ( a bit earlier & I escape the traffic, it seem that almost all the people hit the road at the same time ).

Beside this every morning my ‘bro’ will ‘stand’ at full attention. In fact my ‘bro’ wake up much earlier then me ( so of cause my gf play with my ‘bro’ before she play with me when she is no working ) so sometime I obliged & give in to my ‘bro’ demand & I say ‘Just another 5 minutes before I wake up!’ I can say on all this occasion this 5 minutes seem like 1 minutes! And on all occasion I end up late to work!

So how cum all my morning time is not enough! This is no so when I am not working! That is during weekend or when I am not working! I have all the time in the world!

Back during school day during examination, time always seem to go against me! Time is never enough when I know the answer to the question paper ( this is very rare as most of the time I fark my examination )! This is just the opposite when I long for the examination to end as I have finished the question papers within 15 minutes for a 1.5 hr paper ( I finishes very very fast wan as I don’t know the answer mah! So I answer with ‘paten’ like 1 is A, 2 is B, 3 is C, 4 is D & so on for objective question but sometime I use my trusty rubber eraser with ABCD written on it. Subjective question I just answer according to my ‘knowledge’ One example ‘ Why must all living things reproduce’? My answer is ‘All living things like to do ‘pokeing’ one form or another & reproduction is the ‘by product’! ) so I spend the remaining time looking at my watch or look at the examiner ( if she is a looker then I don’t mind, but most of the time it is the ‘aunty’ type ) wandering why time pass so slowly for the examination to end!

Oh! Time also seem to pass so slowly when I wait for lunch time or time to go home! 5 minutes seem like forever!

So to my dear readers are ur time like mine time? Fast when u want it to be slow, slow when u r look forward to some good time!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Ratatouille! Rat of a different kind!!

Yes! I just saw the movie ( I only get to see the movie now, as the clear RM5 DVD is only available now but I don't mind the wait ) & I like the story & yes, the rat are cute inside the movie ( I heard b'cos of the movie 'hamster' are in demand ). And I also have a 'ratatouille' of my own! Look at the rat that I caught! I try my best to look for the cuteness of the rat as shown in the movie, but no matter how much I try I just couldn't find it cute! I thought I have get rid off all the rats in my house but I am wrong! The rat that I caught in the mouse trap are the big type ( it seem that everything I post up are big eg big bananas ) so big that even my poosie cat scare to eat it ( 'balless' cat, how cum not like its owner wan got big 'ball' ).

So instead of mine cat catching rats, it is the other way round! Me the cat owner have to catch rat for the dam lazy cat! And worse still I even have to kill the rat first ( by drowning ) before the 'balless' cat dare to eat it ( if I let the rat out of the trap it will be gone before the cat can catch it )!

Actually I didn't catch the rat for my cat. In fact I don't even mind rats in the wild ( to me all animal have the right to live ) but please don't made my house ur home.

Why I hate rats? It is all in this rats entry! I heard the snake are good rats hunter ( apart from this I don't have to put up with all the howling & yelling done by tom cats trying to poke my lady poosie cat, yallah that is why it is 'balless' ) ! Maybe I should rear a snake instead?

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Hor ny Home Alone!

I am home alone when gf is not with me! By home alone I meant I am the only one in the house ( I am very sure I am home alone, the 'other people' if any, so far didn't appear or show any! 'other people' meant ghost lah ) & since I leave near a 'small' jungle i.e. no house on both side of my house, my house is very very quiet!

Oh! How nice it is to be home alone! I have the whole house to myself! I can do what I like! I can sleep late ( playing pc game or watching dvd but with gf around she will ask me to go to bed early wan ) & wake up even later ( go to bed at 3.30am & wake up at 11.00am )! I can even go around the house nakel ( which I did, nobody can see lah as got tinted glass )!

I can go & play my new PS2 like no tomorrow ( Yallah I know PS3 is out already but I am behind technologically so only now play PS2 )! I can lost the game how many time I want & gf will not know. Normally she will say lost against arrrr?? U must be getting old!

Beside playing PS2 I also spend my time playing my Pc game ! In fact I prefer to play pc game to ps2! I really regret buying ps 2!

So after playing pc game for sometime I got bored ( if I win the pc game where got bore wan, it is only when I lost then got bore very quickly )! Now what will a home alone lonely guy do next?! He took out his collection of DVD 'nice' movie ( it use to be video tape collection, then change to vcd now very advance already it is DVD ) and watch this 'nice' movie! Of cause looking at such movie alone with sound will very very fast wake up my sleeping 'bro' so I diy loh ( I do watch such 'nice' movie with gf but watching 'nice' movie her has one big problem! At the most can only watch the movie for 15 minutes as after that me & gf will be doing it as shown in the 'nice' movie so can never finish watching the nice movie )!

Yes! It is nice to be home alone once in a while! I enjoy being home alone! But very very soon I long to be with gf against. I want her by my side so that I can 'sayang sayang' ( huggy & lovedy ) her & of cause can do pokeing lah! Diy not so 'enjoyable' lah! Oh but most importantly I miss my gf for one very very important reason!

This is what I normally have when home alone! Chicken rice ( cost Rm4.00 with chicken drumstick & roasted three layer pork meat, which is the only part of a chicken I like to eat apart from thigh & wings )! But having chicken rice all the time is no good for me! I do feel like a chicken after a few days of chicken rice! Yes! I may be good in a lots of things but cooking is not one of them! I su*ck big time when it cum to cooking ( all my cooking end up in the rubbish bin )! So whenever my stomach rumber I wish gf is around ( that is also why to be my gf, cooking is a must, do I sound very 'bad' like this? )!

So to my dear readers do u like to be home alone? Do u spend ur home alone like me ( Oh! Do I sound like a pre*vert? When I say I go around the house nakel? Actually it did feel very very nice & cooling going about nakel in the house when home alone )!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Giant banana! U want this or not?

Have u see a banana of this size! Previously in this entry on banana & 'nen nen' the banana shown is the nice big Sarawak banana.
Now on this entry I happen to get my hand on this giant size banana ( I am very very sure any ladies will go bananas if ur ‘banana’ is of this size! Sarawak Banana size will be more then enough for Asian ladies ). So here is how a giant banana look like ( Yeah it is RM1.20 per banana, smaller size one will be RM0.90 )!
Giant banana ‘undressed’. See big or not ( compare this banana with the banana shown in banana & 'nen nen' )? Unfortunately it cannot be eaten in its natural state as it is very sappy & don’t taste nice ( if it can be eaten ‘raw’ I will like to see how a lady eat such a big banana ).

This is how the giant banana is eaten, as deep fry banana slice know locally as ‘goreng pisang’. First u slice the banana into thin slices & coat it with flour mixed with egg then u deep fry it. Taste yummy! This fry banana is prepare by gf ( actually I ask her banana this big want or not? He! He! ).

So my dear readers do u like fry banana?

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Hor ny Gone Shopping!

Shopping! It is normally a lady job ( a job which a lady will enjoy very very much ). Cum Mega Sale time………… is a time which most lady must spend on either buying( that is if money is not a problem ) or just windows shopping. A time which most guy will rather forget but can’t, as he will be constantly be reminded by gf or wify ( so the poor guy have to accompany the lady while she shop to her heart content & have to give his ‘honest’ opinion on how she look on yet another dress she has try on after the pervious one dozen ) ! Oh yes! I know as I have being through all this but what to do this is an ‘art’ which all ‘good’ bf/hubby must learn ( if u don’t………forget ‘pokeing’ ok )!

Now there is another type of ‘shopping’ which is normally done by lady i.e. groceries shopping or day to day shopping.

A lady will chose her shopping very carefully. She will look at the food labels, prices & she will do this at half a dozen different department store located at different part of the city, comparing the same food stuff before she buy the cheapest with the longest expiring date! According to her she have bought a ‘bargain’ as it is the cheapest ( but she never took into consideration the petrol, driving, parking & time spend while she do the comparing )!

Shopping for flesh food stuff??? Like buying an apple for example. A lady will smell, touch, squeeze, pinches, compare the size & might even weight each apple before buying the apple that she likes & she will do all this to each apple she buy! In fact she pay very close & detail attention to all the apples she buy ( how I wish she pay that much attention to my ‘ball’….No no no I meant just close attention like the touch &the smell. I will not want her to squeeze or pinch my ‘ball’ of cause ).

That is how a lady shop or at least that is how my gf do which also include my friend’s gf/wify ( thousand apologies if I have offended ‘sensitive’ lady readers, but I wellcum ur comments on this ).

Now this is how ‘Hor ny Ang Moh’ do his groceries! Prices! The most important factor! As long as the price is cheap all can do wan! For example washing powders………any brand will do so long as it is ‘cheap’( all the 5kg wan compared together, if got 10kg I will buy the 10kg as the bigger package will always be more economy to buy ), smell nice & the location of this ‘shopping’ is near ( that meant the nearest departmental store or on my daily traveling route will do ).

Gf shopping is totally different she will want to use a particular brand which according to her, clean clothing better ( I don’t know, to me a clean undy is a clean undy after being washed by washing machine using washing powder of any brand )!

Buying flesh food? My style is, as long as the veggie look green or the apple is big, look flesh, its goes into my shopping bag ( I must admit ‘accident’ do occur when for example gf ask me to buy corn flour I end up buying wheat flour! So of cause got a bit of ‘lecturing’ from her! How the he*ll do I know the different between corn flour or wheat flour? Look the same to me ) ! No touching, pinching or whatsoever!

So of cause when it cum to me doing shopping, it is all over in less then half an hours! Gf shopping will take at least three time longer!So to my dear readers how do u do ur shopping?

Friday, November 09, 2007

Trash! There is Money in your trash!

Life is getting very hard! Every things is going up ( Yah! That include my ‘bro’! But this ‘bro’ of mine, going ‘up’ is normal lah ), like today I discovered that my everyday breakfast noodle is increase by another 20cts! Just yesterday it is RM2.00 now it is RM2.20! How much will it go up when cooking gas increased & petrol increased?

All the cost pass on to poor fellow like me! Ok from now now it is eat at home only but then bread price increased already! Eat what?………Eat Maggi mee?? If I eat Maggi mee every day very soon I will be going bald on the top & down 'there' also ( A hairless Ang Moh is a very ugly wan & my gf like a bit of hair on my body ). Dam I think I have no choice but to eat more bananas !

So I decide to cut down on living expenses. I cut down on all unnecessary expenses! I have even stop using Durex 'safety bag' ( nowadays I use hunter 'safety bag, much cheaper & gf say she get same enjoyment also ). I have stop eating out at expensive restaurant a long long time ago ( pokeing at foodie blog made me wish I am rich so can afford to eat at such restaurant ). I have also stop going to cinema eon ago ( nowadays I buy RM5 DVD, but for good quality RM5 DVD I have to wait for a long time so when it cum to movie I am a few months behind, like I have just watch Pirate of the Caribbean-At World End ). I have also stop buying gifts for gf ( for example a lady have so many important date to remember, like b-day, anniversary, pokeing anniversary, & even b-day for her pets! All this must remember with gifts wan ) so I just say to her I am forgetful and assure her that I have more or less hers! All this saving is still not enough! So I must look for extra money to stay alive!

And I find money in trash! Trash like aluminum can ( nowadays I keep all the drink cans, after sometime u will be surprise by how much u have collected ), tin can ( nowadays I also keep all the tinned food tin cans, like Milo tin, biscuits tin etc ) , any scrap metal I can find, paper ( newspaper, cardboard or any type of paper ) & even plastic containers ( mineral bottles, soft drink bottles etc )! Oh yes u can find money in ur trash!

Here are two view of the trash I have ‘collected’ for the pass few month! So when the recycle collector cum to collect I sold all my trash to him! All in all RM78.50! Yah I know not much but it is afterall trash which will be throw away anyway!

Desperate time call for desperate measure! I think it will get even worse next year! So to my dear readers what do u think?

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I Really Want To Poke In To..........

I always check my reader in my comment box & myblog on my site. It is always a great pleasure to read my dear reader comments ( good or bad all wellcum ), if fact whenever I post up new entry I check up my comment box ( the pleasure is as good as pokeing in a non pokeing way ) & the comments by some readers really made me grin from ear to ear ( He! He! Could be due to my idiotic entries ).

I have always made it a personal policy to replied to all my reader comment as it is nice & polite to do so & I am sure my readers will return to read my reply ( I always got back to the site where I left a comment, unless I forgot & feel a bit disappointed when there is no reply, it is Ok to me as some blogger never reply to comments ) to their comments. To all my anonymous commenter. Aiyah! Don't feel shy shy lah! Just state ur big name lah! Thank you very much! I certainly like to poke in to all my readers site ( if they are blogger ) as all their site are much better then mine ( Other people's things are always better, like other people's bf/gf & hubby/wify are always better! ).

But alas! There are some site I can't poke in due to my 'holy' office computer banning it! My 'holy' office computer banned this site as it got restricted word like se*x, fcuk, b*ra, di*ck, poosie, hor ny etc ( that is why my entries got many funny spelling & also got a lots of * ) & worse still it also banned sites like all friendste*r site ( I heard got a lot of nice pic inside ), fac*ebook ( I got a lot of email on activities inside but how to responded with a snail connection speed ? ) & also hotmail ! So I have no choice but to poke in to my reader site when I got home using my 'hor ny' computer with 56k Internet connection! I will died waiting when I poke in to sites with lot of pic! It took forever to load the site.

So I really want to poke in to all my readers site but sometime want also cannot ( due snail connection speed & lousy connection )!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Wah! Sooooo Big Arrrr? ( Yes! Size Does Matter )

That is what almost all the guy like to heard when they show their gf their 'bro' or 'equipment'!!! That will be what most ladies will like to exclaimed or look forward to ( some ladies shy shy of cause will not say but they will look amaze wan )! Forget what u read elsewhere about 'Size doesn't matter'. SIZE DOES MATTER! This entry is about size. Other factors like pokeing method & duration of pokeing is equal or not take into consideration.

Oh this is a 'hor ny' post! Please don't read if u r not 'ripe' in ur thinking or if it is a bit too much for ur 'clean' mind! But if u r curious do continue to read lah! He! He! I wellcum all my reader wan ( I have to put up the warning as I discover some of my readers are very young below pokeing age )!

What is big what is small? How big is big & what is small? How long is long & what do u meant by short!This I am sure my reader wan to know especially ladies!

To all my lady readers who have sexperience before, do u feel nice when he poke one of his finger in ( Yah! I know it feel nice when he wiggle his finger inside u )? Yes? How about two fingers in? Nicer I am sure but it will never be as nice as if he poke in his 'equipment'! So if a guy 'equipment' is the size of a finger it is consider small. For Asian ladies any size or maybe I should say the 'thickness' of the 'equipment' the size of a broomstick or bigger should be satisfying ( Not applicable for 'ang moh' ladies as their poosie size is XL wan, so Asian size 'equipment' poke into an 'ang moh' the 'ang moh' ladies will say 'In already kah?' ). So to my male readers take out ur 'equipment' & see if it about the size of a broomstick or it is bigger?

How long? Any length longer then ur middle finger will be good! That will be at least about 5 inches ( Yah! I read somewhere before that a length of 3 inches is good enough, that is good enough for u to poke for baby but for lady enjoyment that is not long enough ) or more. This is because a lady have two g-spot one located just inside the entrance of the poosie ( u can feel it with ur finger ) & another deep down on the entrance to the womb ( this wan u will need a 'bro' to feel it when it go pokeing in & out ). With an 3 inches 'equipment' banging a lady will feel nice as her outer g-spot get rub on but with a more then 5 inches 'equipment' banging away both of her g-spot get rub on so of cause she get more enjoyment! This will be what she prefer ( so guy take out a ruler & measure...) !

A guy's 'bro' or 'equipment' cum in many size & length. No only this the 'equipment' may be smooth or rough ( lined with blood vesel ) & the 'head' also got different size & shape! The type that give a lady more 'enjoyment' is an 'equipment' with 'rough' shaft with a big mushroom shaped 'head'! With this 'equipment' ramming away a ladies can get to really feel the pokeing!

A hard & hot 'equipment' is always prefer by a lady ( Guy u know u have a hot 'bro' when u can't feel her hotness, u r hotter so u can't fee her hotness.....get it? ). Yes ur 'bro' might be big but what is the use if it is not very hard or rigid ( u have a 'soft equipment' when it is 'hard' yet u can bend it around & u can 'squeeze' it slightly ). A hard equipment is hard, u can't bend & it can stand at full attention. I am sure my lady will known how it feel like ......having a big hot & hard rod ramming into ur poosie!

So how? My 'equipment' is not like that! It is ok wan as I am sure u are the only wan to poke ur gf so without any other 'equipment' pokeing sexperience ur 'equipment' is the best! But if gf have sexperience before the u can made it up with other factors like pokeing method & duration ( I might blog on this depend reader request ). Apart from this u can go for 'enhancement'! 'Bro' head shape can be enhance to made it bigger & rougher & 'bro' body can also be made 'rougher' through surgery. Increase the length can also be done but I am not too sure on this.

So a lady will like to have a big, thick, long, hot & rough with a mushroom 'head' 'bro' ramming into her! This post is done by the request by this hot lady in Russia as she want to know which type of 'bro' is better & can give more 'enjoyment!

All the above are my personal sexperience & view point from my friends from both ladies & guys. It might not be what u prefer but I am most happy to know ur preference! Do comment & please don't feel shy!

Have a nice day!

Sunday, November 04, 2007


Whenever I poke in to sport channel in 'assthrow' I see Manchester ( actually I want to check up on gp-racing, yes I am also a petrol nut )! On Manchester football only, so I am curious to see what is this Manchester about apart from ball kicking!

Woah! I discover quite a lot. Apart from ball kicking u can have a look at many nice picture in Manchester Art Gallery,Cornerhouse, Museum of Science and Industry & so on. Apart from nice pic I am interested to go clubbing here at Rock World for eg.
Apart from this I will like to go to this place & see if it is spooky or not!

Of cause while in Manchester I will like to stay in Manchester Accommodation as I like on save on accommodation.

Beside Manchester I will also poke in to Edinburgh! To visit the The Castle and Cathederal. For accommodation I will check out Edinburgh hotel as pokeing in to Edinburgh accommodation I got many choice of hotel & pices to choose from. And for more deal I will poke in here .

So apart from ball kicking there are more activities in Manchester! This is another wishful thinking on a boring Sunday morning. May be I better buy some 4d no & if I am lucky I will like tio visit the above place for some 'activities' I am most interested in!

So my dear reader wish me luck!

Have a nice day!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Boy Or Girl!

I am sure that is the question that is on every young parent mind when they are pokeing away trying to start a family! Well may be not when they are pokeing for their first baby. Some young couple will be happy to have a baby boy or girl will do. Some will be most happy if they successes ( in fact u will be surprise to know that there are many couple who have be pokeing away every night only to be disappointed the lady ‘aunty’ cum to visit every month ) !

So their will be most happy when the auntie finally stopped cumming ( In most case anyway for married couple unless u really wan to enjoy pokeing or u don’t want to have started a family. If u r in this ‘class’, sure u don’t want to have this nightmare ! U want to enjoy this ! ) the couple is overjoyed! So after three months the couple will have the lady tummy scanned ( the doctor will apply a sort of gel on the tummy before rubbing the lady tummy with a scanner similar to those use in supermarket ) & he will see if the developing baby is in good condition! Now the couple will be most exiting when the lady went for another scan around 8 month. This time the doctor will try his best to look for the baby’s dic*k. This is one sure way to see if the baby is a boy or a girl ( he can’t use ‘ball’ as a determination as a baby girl down there will look similar to a baby boy ‘ball’ as the monitor picture is mucky ).

Congratulation! U has a baby boy! U r overcum with joy & happiness! Boy or boy! I have a baby boy! Ur parent & parent in law will also be overcum with joy! Wah their first grandson is a boy! Then u go & tell all ur friends & relative that u r now a father to a baby boy. To a couple if their first kids is a boy it somehow have a feel ‘good’ feeling ( applicable to Asian only as they like to have boy to pass continue the generation ). It sort of like ‘ woah I have a boy in the family ’. Ok the next wan safe lah, boy or girl will do! Better if another boy! But if the second & third still boy! What to do arr??? Ok another try! So that is why sometime a family end up with half a dozen kids! But be prepare even though having a boy seem sort of ‘glamorous’ boy do have such problem !

Congratulation! U has a baby girl! Wah so good wan ( but deep down a bit disappointed as first kid is not a boy, not all couple are like this ok, some only )! Mummy got help loh! And girls have this advantage! And u informed ur parent & parent in law! They are happy of cause! They are now up-graded to grand parent and can carry baby now ( it has being ages since they last carried a baby ). Ok first wan is a baby girl. Next wan will be a son I promise. Next time I poke in strong strong sure will be a boy wan! What happen if after four kids all girls? Ok lah one more try! He! He! I suppose that is why there are more ladies around!

But then boy or girl as their parent I am sure every parent must give them all equal love, attention & give them the best they can. After all they are the result of our pokeing.