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Friday, November 09, 2007

Trash! There is Money in your trash!

Life is getting very hard! Every things is going up ( Yah! That include my ‘bro’! But this ‘bro’ of mine, going ‘up’ is normal lah ), like today I discovered that my everyday breakfast noodle is increase by another 20cts! Just yesterday it is RM2.00 now it is RM2.20! How much will it go up when cooking gas increased & petrol increased?

All the cost pass on to poor fellow like me! Ok from now now it is eat at home only but then bread price increased already! Eat what?………Eat Maggi mee?? If I eat Maggi mee every day very soon I will be going bald on the top & down 'there' also ( A hairless Ang Moh is a very ugly wan & my gf like a bit of hair on my body ). Dam I think I have no choice but to eat more bananas !

So I decide to cut down on living expenses. I cut down on all unnecessary expenses! I have even stop using Durex 'safety bag' ( nowadays I use hunter 'safety bag, much cheaper & gf say she get same enjoyment also ). I have stop eating out at expensive restaurant a long long time ago ( pokeing at foodie blog made me wish I am rich so can afford to eat at such restaurant ). I have also stop going to cinema eon ago ( nowadays I buy RM5 DVD, but for good quality RM5 DVD I have to wait for a long time so when it cum to movie I am a few months behind, like I have just watch Pirate of the Caribbean-At World End ). I have also stop buying gifts for gf ( for example a lady have so many important date to remember, like b-day, anniversary, pokeing anniversary, & even b-day for her pets! All this must remember with gifts wan ) so I just say to her I am forgetful and assure her that I have more or less hers! All this saving is still not enough! So I must look for extra money to stay alive!

And I find money in trash! Trash like aluminum can ( nowadays I keep all the drink cans, after sometime u will be surprise by how much u have collected ), tin can ( nowadays I also keep all the tinned food tin cans, like Milo tin, biscuits tin etc ) , any scrap metal I can find, paper ( newspaper, cardboard or any type of paper ) & even plastic containers ( mineral bottles, soft drink bottles etc )! Oh yes u can find money in ur trash!

Here are two view of the trash I have ‘collected’ for the pass few month! So when the recycle collector cum to collect I sold all my trash to him! All in all RM78.50! Yah I know not much but it is afterall trash which will be throw away anyway!

Desperate time call for desperate measure! I think it will get even worse next year! So to my dear readers what do u think?


3POINT8 said...

wah...u got rm78.50 from selling trash??? then i should keep my trash also...they might turn out to b a treasure

Anonymous said...

it's only right to classify your trash & dispose it properly. u are not only doing a part for the environment, u get back some money as well. why not? the only thing is, i didn't know plastics can be sold for money. usually we just dispose of properly for recycling. u didn't accumulate newspapers/magazines? what about the cardboard trays for your eggs? do the trash collectors want them?

the amount of cash u got in return for those recyclables, i think it's quite a tidy sum of money..

good luck to your side income!

Anonymous said...

oh, one more thing. is that girl in the background your gf? cham lor, H*orny, exposed liao!

L'abeille said...

Ok, now you've transformed trash into cash... when are you buying me dinner jek! :p

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi 3.8! Yes! Even old computer can sell wan! RM1.5 per monitor!

Hi Anonmus! Wellcum!Any newspaper they want! Carboard is best as it is heavy! 0.05 per kg! Plastic is 0.20 per kg! Oh that lady cum with the tash collector! No my gf lah!

Hi Labeille! No problem! Can buy u dinner with my trash money!

erinalaw said...

Wah! At least you get RM70 over. Last few days, we got only RM8.80. Cipet punya. Kena cheated lagi. I told my youngest sister that she can have the money to reload her card. Tengok tengok ......... RM8.80.

Daniel said...

nowadays, everything go up.. looking at u making $ selling trash, i also wanna go sell trash liow.. hahaha ;p

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Erina! u have to ask for the price of ur trash mah! If got good price then sell only loh!

Hi daniel! wah u also want arrr???

erinalaw said...

Paper is RM0.25/kg. Tin or aluminium is RM4.50/kg. Plastic I am not sure as I belum sell b4.

Iwan Sanchez said...


things always increase one lah ,horny..

but is that ur trash?
thats quite alot!

sylvesteR said...

you want to earn more money ar??? Go auction your old clothes in ebay la. Collecting trash is like those aunty on the streets. But for money, become like aunty oso can, haha!!

littlepolaris said...

horny jia you! jia you!
Eheheh i also broke here. Used up a lot of money on my cancer treatment. Eat also, eat biscuit only. Sigh. The only thing u can do is to be as famous as Kennysia and earn a lot from blogging! So jia you! I'm looking forward for more pokey post and i'll try to help u pull traffic as much as i could! (P/S: I think u got more visitors than mine)

adrian said...

That is very smart!

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Erina! Wah ur price is better! Over here paper is Rm0.05 only!

Hi Iwan! Yes! The trash I have collected!

Hi Sylvester!Can use ebay arrr?? Ok might give it a try!

Hi Polaris! Aiyah u r a very 'hot' lady! Me just am ordinary 'hor ny' guy! But if u can hook a rich bf then can becum 'siu nai nai' already no more worry! Tq tq very much for pulling vistor to my site! Ok I promise u a very 'hor ny' topic! Will inform u once it is done!

Hi Adrian! Warm wellcum! Tq for ur comment!

Cocka Doodle said...

Wah lao! Now you collecting aluminium and metal cans ah? Very soon you'll be graduating to manhole covers in your neighborhood liao. Hahahahahaa!

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Cocka! Manhole cover too heavy for me to carry on my bicycle so didn't 'collect'! He! He!

SlowCatchUpKuan said...

i stopped reading after u wrote about the hairless ang moh... i can't stop imagining and laughing muahahaha

Angie Tan said...


Aiyooo... Now, we must treat our life like a company. Must endlessly find other streams of revenue.

Hehehe... Yeap, a lot of people said that there is gold in trash. :-P

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Slowcatchupkuan! He! He! How do u think I llok like???

Hi Angie! So do u keep ur 'trash'?

Johnny Ong said...

WOW!!!!!!! if u can get 70++ from rubbish, that's really a load of rubbish there man......... ok, from now onwards no more rubbish from u hehehe

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Johnny! I am still collecting 'rubbish'! Got $$$$ u don't wan meh?