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To all my dear readers if u find this site too 'horny' then please poke into My Other Site where I am more 'normal!!! Feel free to poke into any link within the post as it normally led to more 'interesting' post! Rest assure it is mostly not paid post! No ads for a 'horny' blogger!!!!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Shaving 4 Your ‘Up-There’ & Her ‘Down-There’ Plus Some!!!

First I will like to say a very very big ‘THANK YOU’ to Spectre for your ‘handpron’ to me as ‘gifts’!!! I have always believed that if someone send u a gifts it is always good to return the favor. So after much consideration/research & lotsa of pokeing in REALMART I have decided to send u the following as ‘gift’ ( Actually I really didn’t find what I want, something really very special, yet ordinary, yet a poor fellow like me can buy! )!!!

A Panasonic Men Travel Shaver! Now this is a very special shaver! U can use it to shave off all the hair on ur face & if any other place which u consider too hairy u can also use it to shave that off also.That is ‘ordinary usage’ for ordinary fellow! But I am ‘Horny Ang Moh’ & a very poor fellow! For me everything & anything can have multiple usage ( Aiyah! U must made it ‘value for money’ mah! )!

Allow me to ‘introduce’ other usage for the above gift! U can also ask ur gf to use it to shave off all her hairy parts of her body ( I assure u have a gf, no gf??? Never mind! Ur sister or even your mother can use it too!!!)! Yes! I know there are shaver for lady but to save cost she can use your shaver ( Aiyah! Share share mah! Next time if get married everything also share share so started by sharing this first! ).She can use it to shave off her armpit hair, her hairy leg & also the hair ‘down there’!!!If using shaving cream is too expensive then can use soap, lotsa of soap! Don’t worry about electric shock, use battery so no electric shock.

Do be a man & clean up the shaver after she use it to shave her hair! Trust me on this! I know as after gf use my shaver to shave off her hair, I have to spend at least 10 minutes plucking out all those curly hair stuck between the shaving blades! He! He! But I don’t mind as she is very smooth & not to mention I have flesh ‘oyster’ for supper! Priceless!

So with this Panasonic Shaver as my gifts to u I wish that u have a smooth life just like after u & gf have a good shave! This Shaving Gift is bought by 'Nuffnang Gift Ideas Contest'!!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What A Women Wished! Don't Play Play!!!

A Woman was out golfing one day when she hit her ball into the woods. She went into the woods to look for it and found a frog in a trap.
The frog said to her, "If you release me from this trap, I will grant you three wishes."
The woman freed the frog, and the frog said, "Thank you, but I failed to mention that there was a condition to your wishes. Whatever you wish for, your husband will get times ten."

The woman said, "That's okay." and for her first wish, she wanted to be the most beautiful woman in the world.
The frog warned her, "You do realize that this wish will also make your husband the most handsome man in the world, an Adonis whom women will flock to. "
The woman replied, "That's okay, because I will be the most beautiful woman and he will have eyes only for me."
So, KAZAM! she's the most beautiful woman in the world.

For her second wish, she wanted to be the richest woman in the world.
The frog said, "That will make your husband the richest man in the world and he will be ten times richer than you ".
The woman said, "That's okay, because what's mine is his and what's his is mine."
So, KAZAM! she's the richest woman in the world.

The frog then inquired about her third wish, and she answered,
"I'd like a mild heart attack."

Moral of the story: Women are clever. Don't mess with them.

Attention female readers: This is the end of the joke for you.
Stop here and continue feeling good.

Attention Male readers ONLY : Please scroll down.
The man had a heart attack ten times milder than his wife.

Moral of the story: Women are really dumb but think they're really smart.

Let them continue to think that way and just enjoy the show

PS: If you are a woman and are still reading this, it only goes to show that you women never listen!

He! He! To all my lady readers, please don't feel offended ok! A man still need a lady to poke! Well, most man anyway!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

U Need A Poosie/Asshole……..For Pokeing!

Unless u likes DIY or u like to be a virgin forever, a poosie/asshole is needed for pokeing. Poosie or asshole is needed as u need to poke in ur ‘didi’ for pokeing. Without a poosie that is not called pokeing. An asshole can also be used but those is not the normal case & in most case not a common practice.

Now for a complete HT ( Home Theater )system u need a source before u can started off & enjoyed the world of having a good HT system in urs own house( Just like pokeing, u need to have a poosie first before u can do pokeing & in the process enjoyed the world of pokeing! )! In most HT system a good DVD player is the beginning of a source of a HT system although any source can be used like radio, pc or even a good mp3 player but this is rare ( Just like using a asshole for pokeing! ).

Well I am a normal guy ( Just a bit more ‘horny’ then most guy! ) so I will have a DVD player as my source for my HT system. But if I am having a HTiB ( Home Theater in a Box ) then, no need to consider as it included the player as well. Now to buy a DVD I will consider the following point:-

1. The player must be reliable & most importantly must be able to play all sorts of discs. It must be able to play ‘nice movie’ which is normally from ‘china made’ ie not following any ‘international recording standard’. It must be able to play all sort of discs & not choosy. Some banded DVD player are very choosy it that it can only play ‘original’ movie discs.

2. The picture quality must be good. So in this case I will choose only DVD player with HDMI output as I will need it to connected to my flat panel TV ( LCD/Plasma which type I choose will be post up in later post ). DVD with HDMI is the way to go as it cans up-scale DVD quality to 1080p.

3. Sound output. This will depend on your sound system. Does it has 5.1 analogue input? If it does then it is better for u to look for a DVD player with 5.1 analogue output. This will not be a problem if u r using a av receiver as most have digital/optical input. All DVD players have optical output & some better one have both optical & digital output.

So buying & choosing a DVD player is not so complex & most good DVD player with HDMI output are now quite cheap. Beside DVD player u can also consider Blue Ray player. BD movie quality is much better when compare to DVD movie quality.

If u r starting off with a complete new HT system, u can consider having a BD player as more & more BD movie in now available. Besides playing BR disc it can also play back DVD & CD. In most case the DVD picture quality is much better when compared to DVD with up-scaling as it picture processing chip is much better as compared to those in HDMI DVD player.

Beside BD player u can also consider PS3! Yes! PS3 game console, besides playing PS2 game u can also use it to play BD disc. I heard picture quality is very good but I will not consider it as I don’t know if it is reliable when using it to play DVD.

So which to choose? Well I can consider a good banded HDMI DVD player ( mostly likely Pioneer as my present HTiB is a Pioneer but no HTMI ) or a BD player ( It will be super clear to watch BD ‘ahem ahem’ movie! He! He! If got ‘ahem ahem’ BD movie in the first case! ) or even a PS3!

So which will it be? It all boils down to the question of money. These conclude my DIY post on how I set up & choose my HT system. Part I ( Pokeing Sight ) & Part 2 ( Pokeing Sound ).

Friday, July 25, 2008

Pokeing/Farking Must Have Sound!!! ‘Oh! Oh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!’

When u do pokeing, it is most ‘stimulating’ if your partner moan with pleasure ( He! He! Or is it with pain!!!??? ).And u can judge ur pokeing ‘performance’ by her moan & the sound she made! Or maybe she might find u very sexy when u poke in with full force while u grunt with all ur effort! The fact is, with sound pokeing is more enjoyable!

Same as watching movie!He! He! If got sight but no sound, watching the best movie with blue ray quality is also no ‘syoik’ wan! Sorry this post is not about pokeing’s sound. On my previous DIY entry, I blog about visual aspect of Home Theater System ( HT ) & so now I will blog about the audio part.

Buying a HT system is also a ‘confusing’ matter. What types to choose? Well the following factors are what I will consider:-

1.What type? 2.1 ie. Two speakers ( L & R ) plus one sub woofer. This is the basic set-up. Mostly use as PC audio system. 5.1 ie Five speaker ( L & R, LR & RR & Centre ) plus one sub woofer. Better then 2.1 system as the sound field is all surround. 7.1 ( L & R, LR & RR, LBR & RBR & Centre ) plus one sub woofer. Currently the best sound system set up as it carter to the latest sound decoding ( more on this later ). 7.2 is the same as 7.1 except got two sub woofer. It is suppose to give more ‘oop’ to your bass ( not much of a factor to consider if u have a very powerful sub woofer )!

2.What sort of movie u watch? Asstro? If u spend most of ur time watching watching Asstro programs, then u don’t even need to buy a sound system. The TV speaker is good enough. Yes, Asstro sound is that ‘normal/lousy’! If u spend most of ur time watching Korean love drama or Chinese love/family/action drama ( whole series in on a DVD ), then the TV speaker is good enough as such movie don’t have any sound effect at all. Now if u watch mostly English movie & some good quality Chinese movie with Dolby Digital or DTS sound encoded then buying a sound system is necessary to enjoy the sound effect. Latest sound effect are Dolby Digital True Hd & DTS Hd which is available only in blue ray disk.

3.Where do u watch this movie? If u watch ur movie on a Pc then a 2.1 sound system will do. If u watch ur movie in ur bedroom then a 2.1 or a 5.1 will do ( Unless ur bedroom is very big, how to have a good poke with so many speaker laying around? ). If u watch it in ur living room then a 5.1 will do or if ur living room is big then the best set-up will be a 7.1 system.

4.What type? By this I meant the sound system, as in all in one like HTiB ( Home Theater In a Box ) which is normally a 5.1 set-up. Everything is included ( except the TV ) like the DVD player, 5 speakers & a sub woofer. Very simple to set-up & quite neat & tidy. The only cons is up-grading is almost non-existing & on some cheap HTiB the sound might not be very powerful ( Perfect for small living room & in apartment/condominium ). Component system. So far the best set-up as it allows u to up-grade & in most case the sound is much better & more powerful than those in HTiB. A proper HT sound system will consist of a AV Receiver ( The most important component & usually the most expensive part! ), a set of speakers ( 5 or 6 speakers depend on ur set-up ie. 5.1 or 7.1 ) & a power sub woofer.

Now having decided on the type of sound system u think it is suitable for u, u now end up even more confuse! If u decided to set up a 2.1 system then no problem, very simple! Buy what u can afforded. If u decided to buy a HTiB also not much of a problem as u only have to decided on the ‘style’ & brand of the HTiB & of cause the price! Some high-end HTiB can cost as much as a entry level HT component system. And it sound real good, only that up-grading is non-existing. Basically just set it up & u r good to go! Now the headache is on choosing a HT component system! U have to consider the following:-

1.What type of av receiver? 5.1 or 7.1? It is much better to buy a 7.1 capable av receiver as it able to output the real surround sound as needed by Dolby True HD, DTS HD & other sound code. 7.1 is not really necessary to enjoyed surround sound but a 7.1 give a much better sound effect. HDMI ( High Definition Multi-media Interface )input? Well it is much better to have a av receiver with HDMI input plus decoding capabilities as Dolby True HD & DTS HD can only be inputted via HDMI. But at this moment of time such av receiver is real expensive.

2.What type of speaker? Front speaker is a must & you got to decided to have floor standing or bookshelf? It is much prefer to have a pair of floor standing speaker as it can really output the full range of sound, and it look much better! A nice center speaker is needed as it can produce the much need dialogs when watching movie. Surround speaker, 2 pair for a 7.1 set up or 1 pair for a 5.1 set up? If got the space go for 2 pair. It will have a much better effect. U can buy the speaker stage by stage but matching different type of speaker is a skill & so to save all the trouble u can consider buying whole set of matching HT speaker. It is much cheaper than buying separately. Do remember to set up speaker with the same impedance ie. All are 8 ohm or all are 6 ohm type. U risk damaging ur av receiver if different ohm are used.

3.What type of power sub woofer? Another headache! So many different types to consider! Side firing or down firing? To me as long as give off a nice & low bass effect good enough. Well just choose the type u like & look nice.

In conclusion it all cum down to money! How much is ur budget? Money no problem? Then by all meant go for the latest av receiver & pair it up with a good & expensive set speakers plus a big & high powered sub woofer, powerful enough to shake down the whole house! He! He! Rm 20k at least I think is just about enough to buy such a kick ass av sound system!

Now where is my Rm20k???? Where arrr??? Remember my job as ‘gigolo’ still not ‘jadi’ yet!!!! This conclude my 'pokeing sound system' next on the manual will be my 'poosie' post! Previous post is 'pokeing sight' in my HT system. He! He! Stay tuned!

This is what I end up buying, a Pioneer VSX 917s system.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

DIY!!! Long Time No Do!!! Pokeing sight!

DIY refer to Do-It-Yourself. Now if u r a ‘horny’ fellow ( like urs truly ) it also meant ‘Go & Fark Yourself’ that is do pokeing using ‘five sisters’ or whatever. For more detail poke into my DIY entry. Pokeing sight! Don't u think it is very sexy & most stimulating if u can see pokeing in action! I am very sure most of my readers will get a 'hard on' or get 'wet' if u watch nice 'ahem ahem' movie!

Now this entry is not about horny ‘diy’ or about pokeing action, it is about the ‘normal diy’ diy & about sight. It has being a long time since I post up a 'normal' DIY.

What happen when your TV gone ‘kaput’!!! This is what happen to my TV! One night I am watching & enjoying myself watching a very nice ‘ahem ahem’ movie! Now ‘ahem ahem’ movie usually all yellow yellow in color. When suddenly everything shown on TV turn red! If showing red poosie, then still ok to me but then it show even the ‘hair down there’ also red in color!!! Dam ! My TV gives me red color! How to see???

No choice but to buy a new TV ( This Samsung flat 34" TV very high tech wan, nobody know how to repaired it! ). This is post about TV & Home Theater ( on later post), HT for short! What to consider & what type to buy! No choice as I spend most of all my ‘non-pokeing’ time watching movie. The following is how I will choose my TV:-

1.What is the purpose of your TV?! To watch TV programs ie. Asstrow programe? Now if I spend 70% of my time watching Asstrow then buying a TV is a simple affair! Just buy any 34” flat TV will do or at the most 42” LCD or plasma TV. Anything bigger will be terrible as asstrow signer are of ‘low definition’ type ie 480i resolution ( The higher the resolution the better! Just like low resolution pic! The ‘hair’ show no clear once u zoom up the pic! High resolution pic will show nice ‘hair’ pic even if u zoom it up! ) so if u use big TV the pic quality will be bad! But I don’t really watch Asstrow, only the motor gp, animal planet ( animal pokeing ) & news ( So that I know who poke who, who is sleeping all the time or who blow up who! ).

2.What sort of movie u watch? I do spend a lot of time watching good quality DVD movie. Most of which are action movie ( ‘ahem ahem’ movie can also be consider action movie as got fast & furious pokeing action )! Because of this LCD TV is out for me, as LCD reaction time is ‘slow’ ( the fastest LCD time is 4ms, most of which is 8 ms )which is slow when compared to Plasma TV ( 0.001ms ). This is very important as when u watch fast action on LCD, due to the slow reaction time the ‘action’ will be blur blur wan! This is terrible for me! I want to see very clear ‘ahem ahem’ action!

3.Since I watch mainly good quality, fast action DVD movie it meant I will have to buy a Full HD ( Full High Definition, it meant this TV has the abilities to display resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 ) Plasma TV as I want to see the ‘hair’ clearly. HD ready ( 1,366 X 768 ) will do for me if I seat more than 10 feet away from my TV & my TV is less then 42". But then I seat about 8 feet away only & I want a big TV! So I have to buy a Full HD Plasma TV! He! He! Big TV can see much more detail mah! So no need to zoom up the picture.

4.How big??? This is a very important factor to consider! Now my formal TV is a flat screen 34” crt TV, so by right I should buy myself a 34” or bigger TV ( should have improvement mah ). But unfortunately the biggest crt TV now is only 29”. So ‘older’ TV is out. Beside this to watch DVD in high definition u need HDMI ( Hight Definition Multi-media Interface ) input. This HDMI input can support up to 1080p picture quality. Actually depend on the type of LCD/Plasma u buy. But most can support up to 1080i ( 1080 interlace ). Which is almost as good as 1080p ( 1080 progressive ). That meant only LCD or Plasma TV bigger than 34” to consider!

5.Other factors to consider are like styling & cost! Plasma is usually more expensive but will give better picture quality. LCD looks good & is usually cheaper & beside this LCD have a lots of brands to choose from. For Plasma TV very limited choice as only Panasonic, Pioneer, Samsung & LG got Plasma TV ( Correct me if I am wrong ). For Full HD Plasma only Panasonic & Pioneer got, and this cost a bomb! Beside this if u like to watch in bright place then LCD is suitable. But I like to watch movie in dim light!

Now in summary if u r like me……….like to watch good quality fast & furious movie & like to see detail, seat quite close to TV ( so can see clearly mah ) then I suppose a 42”Full HD Plasma TV will be the perfect choice for me!

But in reality the following is what I am using NOW!

A Panasonic 32" LCD model TX-32LX75M the cheapest model in Panasonic LCD TV! Well I will post up my 'review' on the performance of this LCD in later post! Oh! I have post what happen to me in this entry & this entry on my other more 'normal' site.

This conclude my 'pokeing sight' part on my HT system. I do hope this entry is of some use to my dear readers as nowadays buying a TV is a rather confusing affair! Feel free to post all yours comment & if the information here is wrong do feel free to correct me. Next on the manual is 'pokeing sound' entry!

This is what I end up buying a big ass 50" Plasma TV!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Gigolo! As A Career! Part time/Full Time!

Life is getting very hard! Every thing is up! All living expenses are up! Even the price of rice is up ( Too expensive for me so I sometime end up eating bananas only! Luckily I am not a ‘rice-pot’! )! Every thing is up that is except for my salary! I must find an extra job quickly or else I will be in deep shit since I have so many monthly commitments to pay each month end!

But I am a lowly educated fellow, know ‘nuts’ about accounting, mechanical, medical, biological & so on & so forth! In short I don’t have any educational qualification ( paper qualification ). Ok! Ok! I think I might seek extra income working as an odd job man. But working as such it very tiring & I don’t think after a hard day work as odd job man will leave me with enough energy to look after my gf ‘need’ ( pokeing )! Beside all this while I have being employed in the 'service industry' so carrying garbages is out of my league.

I know what I will do! I will be a gigolo! These don’t need any paper qualification ( Even those with good paper qualification like ‘doctorate degree’ might not be qualified as gigolo! Most of this people are ‘geeky’ & lousy in pokeing! ) !

As far as I know, to be a gigolo u must understand the need of a lady & must be good in pokeing. And to be good in pokeing, ur ‘didi’ ( bro/pokeing equipment better know as cock ) must be in excellent ‘working condition’ & not too small! In other words ur ‘didi’ must be able to perform like a ‘jack hammer’ ( the roadside banging equipment used to break up rock ) so that u can bang ur ‘didi’ in full force & at high rpm ( ram per minutes ) into a lady poosie ( All ladies like some form of hard banging! )! Oh! Yes! U must be 'handsome' as well!

I think I am qualified to be a gigolo. I have being pokeing for a long long time ( Just like a pilot, the more flying hours u have, the more experience u r! And with more than 300 pokeing hours under my cock I think I am rather sexperiance! 300 pokeing hours is a rough estimate base on average pokeing session time numbers of days time numbers of years. ) so I should be good!

My ‘didi’ size should be of the ‘correct’ size, as so far gf never complain about it being small ( she always say ‘Oh! U r so big! I can feel u go so deep!’)! Banging like a ‘jack hammer’ I can do that too as I manage to break a bed ( Try to imagine a 95kg ‘jack hammer’ banging at full force! ) once due to excessive ‘ramming’ ( Since that breaking that bed, I have always prefer doing 'pokeing' on the floor! Buying a new bed is dam expensive! ) !

Of cause pokeing ‘performance’ must be of good quality ( big, hot & hard cock )& quantity ( lasting )! It will be terrible if the pokeing last for just 5 minutes! So far, on average my pokeing last for more than 30 minutes ( The longest is one & half hour & the shortest is 25 minutes! ) so I think that should be long enough but pokeing session can always be extended ( Monies is a very good motivation for extended pokeing! )!

Am I a 'handsome' fellow? Well I don't look like Andy Lau or Edison Chan ( Both handsome fellow with one fellow posting up his 'didi' pic in the internet! )! But then so far no ladies had ever say I am 'ugly', most say I am 'cute overgrowth baby' ( Whatever that meant! )! So can a gigolo be 'cute'???

As I am being engaged in the ‘service industry’ it is one of my working life’s mottoes to provide the best possible ‘service’ to all my client, that is ‘good value for money’. In order to provide the best service, training need to be attended & skill needed to be learned & up-dated.

Thus before I really get to become a gigolo I need to have ‘training’ in how to be a good ‘gigolo’! I need to learn the ‘skill’ & ‘technique’ on pleasing a lady need ( Beside this I want to know how much will a gigolo earn! Very important information! )!

This is getting to be a rather long post thus I will blog in detail ( very ‘horny’ entry 18xsx not suitable for kids & holy reader ) on my ‘training’ to be a gigolo in a follow up post.

To all my dear readers your comments are highly appreciated ( only through comments can I know my readers reaction to my horny post )! To all my dear readers u are also most wellcum to ‘link’ me up so that u can know how is my ‘training’ as gigolo going to be! In the meantime have a very nice day!

Friday, July 11, 2008

To Be A 'Stud' ( Pro Poker/Farker ), U Must......

U must eat lotsa & lotsa of 'Tongkat Ali ( a sort of root ), egg & honey' only then u can becum a 'Stud'!!! This sort of food mixture is good for pokeing! Very high energy food. Now after eating such food mixture I am sure I will be 'powerful' enough to do pokeing for days! My 'bullet' will be very well stocked!

In fact I think I will be powerful enough to poke 80 ladies!!! Yes 80 LADIES!!! I am very sure after pokeing so many ladies I will be weak all over! So weak I need a week rest! Now where the hell did I get the idea? Well, read the following!

Goat stud has Dewan in stitches

A QUESTION on the rearing and breeding of Boer goats got the House laughing after a deputy minister insinuated that the “stud” or male goat was playing “hard to get”.

Replying to a supplementary question from Datuk Ibrahim Ali (Ind – Pasir Mas), Deputy Agriculture and Agro-based Industries Minister Datuk Rohani Abdul Karim said the studs for Boer goats were expensive because they were “hard to get”.

“When I first visited a goat farm, I didn’t believe it myself. I call the stud a hero. The cost of this stud is so high and sometimes, the stud can ‘service’ up to 80 goats,” she said as the MPs laughed.

Rohani said the stud would be left to rest for a week and fed with a mixture of “tongkat ali, egg and honey” during this period.

At this point, Deputy Speaker Datuk Ronald Kiandee intervened, asking: “80 female goats, right?” The Dewan erupted into fresh laughter.

Rohani then said the stud could be “loaned” to other goat farms for a fee.

Ibrahim had asked the ministry if it would probe the reason so many goat farms had failed.

Earlier, Rohani told Mohsin Fadzli Samsuri (PKR – Bagan Serai) that Malaysia hoped to achieve 35% of self-sufficiency in goat meat by the year 2015.

Now the problem is finding 'demand' for my 'pokeing service'! Well as they say any new 'service' provided need promotion! So to started of this 'pokeing service' I propose 'Buy 1 Poke Free 2 Poke!'...............'Buy 1 Free 2'!!!

Good or not??? What! Not good enough arrrr???? Ok! Ok! Like this I give free poke to any 'willing ladies' lah! And if 9 months later u have a handsome & cute baby u can give me a big 'ang pow' & maybe help to 'advertise' my 'pokeing service'!!!

To my dear readers, the above good 'business proposal'??? Honestly I need to find way of earning some extra money! Oh! For heaven sake please don't look at me like I am a good goat!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Cut Off Your ‘Didi’!!! Then U Know!!!

In new today! A certain lady minister ( Sure recommended by a lady lah! ) propose that rapist will have their ‘didi’ cut off…..castrated! If they keep on pokeing into unwilling poosie! This is because raping cases is on the increased! Almost every day we can read about all this rape cases in the news. It is now getting to be a dangerous life to be a lady!

I supported the lady minister suggestion totally! Why the poke can’t people control their ‘didi’ urge? Why do they have to poke an unwilling poosie? It is because it is very nice ( Subjective, as I do find it rather enjoying when I pretended to ‘rape’ gf! Of cause gf like it as it is rough play! ) ? Or is it as they say forbidden fruits tasted nicer?

I am very sure if it is implemented there will be less raping around! I am sure guy will think twice before they do any pokeing! I am very sure they don’t want their ‘didi’ to be cut! A man ‘didi’ is a very private & personal ‘pride’ for a guy!

A guy with a small ‘didi’ will always feel ‘inadequate’; it is as if he lack something! All this is because a lady will always prefer a big ‘didi’! ‘ Oh! U r so big’!!! This is what a guy always wants to heard! ‘What the fark! U no got ‘didi’???!!! This is not what a guy want to heard if he get his ‘didi’ cut off when he poke the wrong/unwilling poosie/hole! Without a ‘didi’ a man will lose all his ‘moral’ support to live as a man!

He! He! In bad time or when I feel very down in life I do look at my ‘bro’ & think at least I can still poke strongly so life cannot be that bad!

If ‘cutting didi’ becum a law………….. 'Don’t Poke Poke arrr!!! Cut Off Ur Didi!!! Then U Know!!!’ This warning will be used by a lady! ‘ Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! May I poke u???? & please sign here! ’ Written permission needed before a guy can poke into a willing poosie, to prevent any blackmailing by the lady!

So to all my dear readers……….What is ur opinion?

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

‘Hot Bone Tea!’ Dam Hot! Good Pokeing/Farking Food!

One of my favorite pass time while in KL is eating ( Apart from chick watching! )! One of the favorite dishes KL people like to eat is ‘Hot Bone Tea’ ( direct mandarin translation ) or commonly call ‘Bak Kut Tea’( in hokkien meant ‘Meat Bone Tea’ )!

Apparently there is a very famous BKT shop somewhere in Klang ( Sorry I forgot the name of the shop! ) so my friend took me to have a taste of this dish. After driving for sometime we came to the BKT shop ( finding parking space is a problem ).

We order a big serving more then enough for two. From the pic the dish look just like any ‘hot pot’ dish. Nothing special to me, just a few pork ribs, three layer meat, leafy vegy & some other stuff! We have a plate of rice each top up with fried onion ( This is the first time I eat rice top up with onion! ).

Looking is different from eating! My the food is real hot! Before long I am sweating from eating this hot dish! Helped by the hot weather! No, we didn’t eat in air-con restaurant! I actually hate eating in air-con restaurant as I can’t smoke & the food is more expensive!

Then the bill arrived! RM65.00!!! Wah laued!!! Dam expensive! I have this before the fuel increased! If I have such dish now it will properly cost RM100.00!

Well after eating such hot food, I am all heated up! I am in heat! I have to look for way to release all my heat! I have to do some pokeing!

To my dear readers do u feel the heat eating ‘Hot Bone tea’!!!