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Monday, August 04, 2008

Ahem Ahem Sound In 7.1!!!!

Watching movie without sound is like drinking coffee without sugar. Taste bitter & yucky! Watching movie without sound is so not enjoyable! It may have the best picture quality but u will be left wandering what the movie is about, u may spend most of ur time guessing the storyline & this made the watching movie a very lame experience!

He! He! I admit I am a very shy & timid fellow & so I am scare shitless whenever I watch scary movie! To make it no scare at all I just ‘mute’ all the sound effect! So how about watching ‘nice ahem ahem movie’ in 7.1 effect? All the ‘Ah! Ah! Oh! Oh! Ohhhhhhhhhhh!!!’ in surround sound??? The sound effect is so good & give watching ‘nice ahem ahem’ a total new sexperiance ( I am very sure the whole neighborhood will think I am a very good poker! )!

Previous in this post I blog about buying a kick ass Av receiver ( Audio visual receiver )…..well this is what I end up with. A Pioneer VSX 917s including a pair of Pioneer MS700F front speaker, Pioneer Ms700Cs center & surround speaker 3 units & Roger ASB100MKII power sub woofer. Plus a pair of Panasonic sur speaker ( This is needed as the original Pioneer Av package is a 6.1 system. ). This made it a full 7.1 system.

My Pioneer Av receiver, in the box & ‘exposed’. He! He! Look like quite a lots of stuff. In fact all together 4 boxes.

Picture show the free 3m HDMI cable, digital/optical cable & one roll of 100m cheapo speaker cable. It is considered cheapo as I can’t afforded to buy Monster speaker cable which is very costly ( 15m Monster cable cost Rm399 compare to my 100m Rm170!!! ).
Setting up the Pioneer VSX 917s is a simple affair. Pic show the acoustic mic ‘detecting’ & setting up the 7.1 speakers. The mic is included together with the Pioneer VSX 917s. I use a stool as that is roughly where my ears are.

Pic show the OSD ( On Screen Display ) of the system manual with the auto sound detection & setting in action. The Av receiver output a series of signer & it is finisher in about 8 minutes. When all this set up is going on u have to be as silent as possible. He! He! In my case I do this when gf go to bed, or else she will be making all kind of noise!

Here is the overall pic of my Av system including the right & left view of the surround speaker.

2 HDMI input & 1 HDMI output is available but it is only for switching purpose only, no up-scaling of picture or decoding is done. As such no connection is made through HDMI. The only only connection I use is through digital connection for DTS/Dolby sound decoding.

Over all I am quite happy with the sound effect at least when compare to my previous HTiB system. At least the ‘ahem ahem sound’ is much louder & have better effect. Sound from DVD movie is very good especially when having DTS signer. Listening to music thought the USB pen drive is good.

Any regret? Considering what I pay I should be quite happy but then I am a ‘fussy’ fellow. In my opinion the front speaker is farking ugly & traditional looking. I will have prefer a ‘modern’ looking wood color speaker. I will have prefer a black av receiver ( only got silver color ) as all my HT system is in black. It is very hot Av receiver! I think it is hot enough to cook my ball. But the most regret I have on buying this Av system is that Pioneer VSX 917s cannot decode the latest Blu-ray sound code like DTS HD or Dolby True HD. This is because I have a Blue-ray player. But then such av receiver will be very very expensive.

The other disappointed I have is with the performance of the Roger power sub woofer. It is simply nor powerful enough, perhaps my living room is too big? If I set the input to high level, the effect is just more low level bass. Not earth shacking effect at all.

Hemmm! I am really not very happy with my HT sound system but as they say 'If U pay peanut u will get monkey!' So to have a kick ass HT sound system I suppose I must spend Rm20k, not 15% only like what I did on this system. Next on the manual will by the source of my HT system.

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