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Sunday, August 17, 2008

I Lick Ur ‘Nen Nen’( Breast ) U Check Mine ‘Didi’ ( Cock )!!!

The no.1 lady killer is ‘nen nen’ cancer, this wan is old news lah! Almost every lady know wan but going to be a no.1 killer for the guy is ‘soft didi’ or better know as erectile dysfunction which is ‘soft didi’ to me! According to a recent new report if guy cannot get his ‘didi’ to stand up he will die as this show that he got weak heart!

Wah lauehhhhhhh!!! This is very scary! But to my dear readers I will now teach u how to check if u have ‘soft didi’ for the guy & ‘nen nen’ cancer for the ladies.

Ok for the ladies according to the doctor u must exam ur ‘nen nen’ in circular motion when u r having bath & check for hard or lumpy part of ur ‘nen nen’. This method is good but I got even better method as I use the most sensitive part of out body to exam your ‘nen nen’! No! No! I am not using my ‘didi’s head’ to check ur ‘nen nen’! Althought that part is very sensitive but it is too sensitive! No! I will be using my lips to rub all over ur ‘nen nen’ & also my tongue to lick it to check for an lump or hard patch in ur ‘nen nen’! After my ‘nen nen’ licking any abnormally will be detected! It is perfectly normal if the whole ‘nen nen’ get firmed up!

For the guy one sure way is to watch ‘nice’ movie ( blue, xxxxx rated ) & see if ur ‘didi’ get hard or not! If still no reaction then watch the ‘nice’ movie & listen to the movie in 7.1 surround sound! What! Still no reaction arrrr??? Then u have to ask ur gf to ‘play’ with ur ‘didi’ & balls also with her soft & tender hand ( Most lady have soft & tender hand unless ur gf is a butcher! )! If still not reaction then ask her to give ur a good bj ( Those without a gf u can still have a bj provided by an ‘ah kua’, only Rm10.00 as informed by my friend! )! Wah if still no reaction then u better quickly have ur ‘didi’ exam by a doctor!

This is a life & death situation so I think it is most appropriated to apply ‘I lick ur ‘nen nen’, u check mine ‘didi’’!!! Oh! To all my lady readers I do give free ‘nen nen’ licking! Sorry guy I don’t do ‘didi’ sucking!!!

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