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Wellcum! Wellcum!

To all my dear readers if u find this site too 'horny' then please poke into My Other Site where I am more 'normal!!! Feel free to poke into any link within the post as it normally led to more 'interesting' post! Rest assure it is mostly not paid post! No ads for a 'horny' blogger!!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Dead Cock!

Take a short break from stress and enjoy this joke my dear readers. Ok, this is how it sounds like:

Judge : "You want to divorce your husband for threatening you with his DEADLY WEAPON?"

Wife : "You got me wrong, Your Honor. I'm divorcing him for threatening me every night with a DEAD WEAPON!"

Hope u enjoy this very short entry..........He! He! No much 'activities' due to 'dead cock'!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Farking 24/7!!!

A man took his wife to the Rodeo and one of the exhibits was of breeding bulls.

They went up to the first pen and there was a sign that said, "This bull mated 50 times last year."

The wife poked her husband in the ribs and said, "He mated 50 times last year."

They walked a little further and saw another pen with a sign that said, "This bull mated 120 times last year."

The wife hit her husband and said, "That's more than twice a week! You could learn a lot from him."

They walked further and a third pen had a bull with a sign saying, "This bull mated 365 times last year."

The wife got really excited and said, "that's once a day. You could REALLY learn something from this one"

The husband looked at her and said, "Go up and ask him if it was with the same cow."

And that, my dear readers is the problem! Now if I get to poke different ladies every night of the year I will be farking 24/7 but alas there is not such job as a ‘breeding human’!!!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Mine's 10"! 12"!!14" OMFG!!!R U A Freak!!!!!

To a lady if she hears u said:-

‘Mine’s is 10”’ she will think ‘Wow! So very BIG!!!’

‘Mine’s is 12”’ She will think ‘OMG! Really???!!!’

‘Mine’s is 14”’ She will go nut! ‘R U a FREAK???!!!!’ And for sure she will look at ur crotch & try to imagine a 14” big sausage!

Now as far as I know most ladies prefer a bigger 'didi' (cock) than to smaller 'didi'! Hence the above exclamations (Oh! Come on ladies, just be honest! Admit it! U do like a big DICK! Don’t u?)!

Well it is the same for guy……….they do look at ur crotch too! Size is important in almost every aspect of our life. In most cases it is better to have a bigger size as compare to a smaller one. Now how many of u guy do wish u have a big dick? And have u try to ‘enhance’ or ‘biggerise’ it in any way possible ( How successful is this dick ‘enhancement’ anyway? It is no like a lady ‘enhancing’ & making her boob bigger which is well advertise )? And if u does have a big dick do u ‘advertise’ it to the ladies?

And now I am proud to show u mine 10”!!!!! Not! It is a 12”!!!!!!! What! Not big enough? How about 14”!!!!!!!!!Surely this will be big enough! Now for ur information my gf is complaining every night ever since I get 14”!!!! And what more I took some picture of my humongous 14”…………………















‘What the POKE/FUCK!!!’ ‘Where is the 14” DICKY!!!’ Now I am sure that is what u think! Ha! Ha! Ha! I am very sure I fool u! Ok! Ok! I apologize, so please forgive me & do read on this post, I promise to make it as ‘horny’ as possible! Now it get real 'horny' toward the end!

He! He! For sure I am not going to post up pic of my ‘sausage’ (It is big enough for gf or maybe too big as so far no complain from this department but she did complain about the 14”! More in later part of the post.), well I might not be a VVIP now, but what happen when I become famous or a VVIP later? I will be in deep shit if so & so Minister Of Health/or whatever is aka ‘Horny Ang Moh’ & here is his dicky pic!!!! Ok the pic is actually my sub-woofer size 10”,12” & my most recent HiFi equipment a Paradigm DSP 3400 14” sub-woofer.

The above pic the 10” Roger Sub Woofer ASB100, 12” Sherwood Newcastle SP-312W (no website available thus I suspected that it is a ‘local’ product) & 14” Paradigm DSP 3400 with all the grill off. One look & u can see that the Paradigm is special with the big sub woofer! Now u will notice the two huge port ( to let off the sound pressure & to emit low frequency sound ), it is huge so I am most worry of any mousy try to crawl in & build a nest inside & most importantly some kids poking in their small hand to see what is inside! See the increment of just 2” is huge (now just imagine a ‘didi’ size 4”, 6” & 8”, a lady will surely say ‘Oh! La! La!’ for an 8”)!

Now the above pic shows the size of the cabinet of the three sub woofer. Needless to say the Paradigm is huge! The size of a small safe, u can in fact play poker on it! Well actually the Paradigm DSP 3400 14" is the top model in the Paradigm DSP range, the other smaller model are the DSP 3100 10” & the DSP 3200 12”.

Thus to be on the safe side & to prevent any fellow poking the sub woofer & for the Paradigm DSP 3400 two huge port it will be safer to have the sub woofer grill on as show above.

The job of a sub-woofer is to produce very low sound frequency as in movie sound effect commonly know as LFE (low frequency effect) denoted by the .1 as in 5.1(5 speakers system),6.1(6 speakers system) & 7.1 (7 speakers system). This is also because more often than not, most front speakers cannot reproduce low frequency effect (40Hz & below) thus a sub-woofer is needed. Now sub-woofer got two types, passive (none powered thus need an amplifier) & active (self powered i.e. with build in amplifier).

Here is the back side view of the three sub woofer. Now u can see that the Roger ASB100 has two small ports located at the back, it is power by a 100W RMS class AB plate amplifier. The Sherwood Newcastle SP-312W is similarly power by a 100W RMS class AB plate amplifier. The Sherwood Newcastle is also a ported design sub woofer but the single 3” port is located at the bottom hence it is not shown. Now the Paradigm DSP 3400 back side look similar but it is being powered by a 300W RMS digital amplifier which is specially developed by Paradigm called Digital Sound Processor hence DSP.

Now I am sure you must have wander why I got three sub woofers. Well if u has read my previous entry of my Pioneer HT it is being purchase together as I think a 10” is good enough for me (Previously I got a Pioneer HTIB with a 6” sub woofer……….see from 6” to 10”, great improvement!) but alas it is not so when I go & listen to some other HT set up. It is very weak & when I increase the LFE (low frequency effect) of my avr (Onkyo TX-SR875) & also increased the volume of the Roger ASB100 it just cannot perform. At best it gives off Ooooomprararar! Ooooomprararar! This is badly distorted bass! I couldn’t really blamed it as it is meant to be use in a small room & not really suitable for movie use (which got lot of low frequency) as it is only good for 30Hz only, make worse by my big living room with a volume of 5000 cubic feet.

Now being a very poor fellow & think that I am a smart Alex I started to look around & though of modifying the Roger ASB 100 but then it is brand new & still under warranty thus I am most sexited when I manage to buy an ‘old new stock’ 12” Sherwood Newcastle. Well it performance is much better than the Roger ASB100 with some low frequency effect but somehow it lack the feel of the deep rambler of a good movie.

Now here comes the smart Alex in me! As show above I decided to change the sub woofer! He! He! I got a few car sub woofer to play with & try out! The pic show two car sub woofer (the original Sherwood Newcastle is on the left, also notice the 3” port) a 12” Pioneer car sub woofer & a 12” Mohawk car sub woofer. I like the 12” Mohawk, big, rugged, huge rubber rim surrounding the fiber cone (this meant it is a long throw sub woofer with good bass reproduction) & also most importantly I like the huge magnet as the bigger the magnet is, the sub woofer will be more powerful! Too powerful in fact as the Sherwood Newcastle can barely power up the sub woofer! As for the Pioneer 12” sub woofer it performs better & just nice for the Sherwood Newcastle.

And so for the next few months I am happy with my Pioneer Sherwood Newcastle Sub Woofer! Compare to the Roger ASB100 it is better, I got to hear some LFE in a movie.

Big trouble come when I got to listen to a Velodyne CHT-12R sub woofer, wow I really got to know what I have being missing………all the low rambler & low frequency effect! Damn! This started my craving for a good sub woofer for my HT (home theater)! The HiFi shop owner really try his best to persuade me to buy the Velodyne CHT-12R but since I already have a 12” sub woofer I am afraid that the effect is just a bit better then my modified 12” sub woofer. More over my living room is big so it is advisable to buy at least a 15” sub woofer.

Now a 15” sub woofer is much more expansive & in fact 15” sub woofer is normally reserved for the top range model in most bland (The Velodyne got 18” at the top model DD1218) and being a poor fellow I couldn’t really afford it. Beside there is no 15” sub woofer available for me to try it out in my small town. So it is with luck that I mange to buy the Paradigm DSP3400 a 14” sub woofer.

The Paradigm DSP 3400 is the top model in the newly launched (sometime in Jan 2008) DSP range. It is suitable for use in medium to large space up to 10,000 cubic feet. No too expensive (well I can still afford it by eating porridge rice for the rest of the year), it cost about 2 to 3 time of a 12” sub woofer in similar class. Perfect just what I need!

How is the Paradigm DSP 3400 14” vs Sherwood Newcastle 12” vs Roger ASB100 10”? Well I will give u a poking (farking) performance as comparison. I do hope my dear reader don’t mind as this is a ‘horny’ site thus in almost all entries it will be hornynise!

The Roger ASB100 is just like both virgin poking for the first time! U got to do poking & the guy get to cum real fast & the guy feel very happy & think his performance is OK. Now whether the lady has orgasm or not doesn’t really matter. She did her duties & the guy is happy even though he cum real fast! Now the Roger ASB100 perform quite well if u r not demanding & ur HT area is small in size as in a 10’ X 12’ room.

My modified Sherwood Newcastle with 12” Pioneer car sub woofer performance is just like a season couple poking on a regular basic. Both get to enjoy each other poking & both are happy with each other performance. Having a satisfied sexual work out is nice. The poking performance is better than a virgin, just like a 12” sub woofer will always be better than a 10” sub woofer in similar class.

Now for most ‘good’ guy who are faithful which meant they don’t ‘poke around’ a 12” sub woofer will be good enough! Now the trouble or rather craving set in once he got to taste & get to feel how it is like to poke a beautiful, sexy & very very sexually knowledgeable lady! Dam he got to know how a good ‘blowjob’ is like! How sexy & beautiful she is licking & sucking your ‘didi’! The taste & the smell of a clean, pinkish shaven pussy! The squeeze of a tight & wet pussy! Oh! It is like being in heaven! U feel like u want to be inside her forever!

Now that is how the performance is like for the Paradigm DSP 3400! Oh! The deep ramble, the sound pressure I feel! My sofa vibrates! My floor vibrates! It feels like an earthquake! In fact my whole house shook! The difference is like heaven & earth! Now I got to re watch all my blu ray collection! Wow! Watching movies took on a all new meaning! It is much better than going to the cinema!

As for my gf! She has being complaining every single time I watch movies since I got the Paradigm DSP 3400 (Unless I am real low on the volume now that will be a big letdown thus I only watch movie when she is deep asleep or out of the house! Sob! Sob! Sob!) because of the vibration! She says her heart can’t stand it & even her small boob vibrates! Hemmmmm maybe next time when I want to up-grade my sub against I should bring my gf along & ask her which sub vibrate her boob the most!!!! Now which sub vibrate gf boob the most……………that will be the best sub!

But then I had better not test out any other more powerful sub (The Paradigm Servo 15”, reference 15” & Signature 15” are the top sub in Paradigm, thus my 14” can be consider as the second in range. Real value for money!) as I might just get the craving to up-grade & economy now is getting shitty day by day! And so I shall be a very good boy & don’t ‘poke around’!!!

Well to all my dear readers what is your comment on the above long & horny review of my sub woofer? He! He! I do hope Paradigm don’t mind me equating their Paradigm DSP 3400 performance as a very good ‘poking performance’. Now if u thinks the above is too horny & not informative well, I do have a rather normal version here. It is different & more informative in helping you to choose the best & most suitable sub woofer. Oh do feel free to read up the link in this post as most of it are my past entries!