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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

How To Made Ur 'Pokeing' More Sexited...Conclusion

In this modern stressful environment where we are living today, we have hardly any time left to enjoy life. Everyday we have to work our as*s off just to enjoy & have a 'basic' quality of life. By this I meant we can earn enough to have decent food & maybe with some leftover to buy a house & a car ( but this is quite hard if u live in big cities where the cost of just a simple house will cost u a bomb, owing a car is no different as the operating cost will easily took up 20% of what u earn ). So it is not surprise by the end of the day we are all stress out so how to enjoy life?

One the basic enjoyment of life is eating ( I do have great pleasure in enjoying my food ) & the other enjoyment is 'pokeing'. This I got to enjoy when I am fully mature ( actually over mature as I only do pokeing activities when I am in my twenties already working ) as I still belong to the 'traditional' class or should I just say I am shy to try it out as a student ( there are chance presented but I didn't took it up ). Having a stressful life meant the first enjoyment in life u forgo is ur pokeing ( this is very true for married couple as reality set in, love don't feed an empty stomach ).

So I do hope my entries on 'How To Made Ur 'Pokeing' More Sexited... ' will be of some help to my dear readers & made their life more enjoyable. In fact a good poke does save many broken family. The Chinese have a saying 'fight at the bed head all forgotten at bed end'. Its meant a couple may quarrel at day but by night after pokeing all problem will be solved.

The following is a summary of all the part on the above topic. Feel free to comment.

How To Made Ur 'Pokeing' More Sexited...Part 1 It is sort of an introduction on pokeing sexitment.

How To Made Ur 'Pokeing' More Sexited...Part 2 It is a detail entry on where to do pokeing in our house.

How To Made Ur 'Pokeing' More Sexited...Part 3 It is about pokeing outside one home, in the office & also in the great out door.

How To Made Ur 'Pokeing' More Sexited...Part 5 It is about time, pokeing time & pokeing timing.

How To Made Ur 'Pokeing' More Sexited...Part 6<> It is about preparation prior to pokeing activities.

Happy reading my dear reader & hope u get stim*ulated!!!


zewt said...

so what will the next series be? :)

Little Ray said...

No more? :( I thought there are still more, like "after pokeing"? Don't stop! NOOOOooo :'(

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Zewt!Oh! U want another series? Let me think about it. Better still what is ur suggestion?

Hi Ray! Still got pokeing entries lah! After pokeing is wash-up lah so no more issue! Do worry I will do somemore research then post up.

Princess Eileen said...

Kind of feel like a legend series came to an end... a bit LOST... like LOTR, harry potter etc... wakakakaka... but I am sure there are better to CUM!!!

Miss Loi said...

Which big city are you staying at to make you so stressed? Besides 'pokeing' all day, why not consider other more intellectual activities like playing chess and solving maths problems with your loved one? Haha

BTW thanx for joining my community. I've just 'poked' into yours too :)

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Princess! Ok I will think up some 'educational' post!

Hi Miss Loi!I got other 'activities' like playing PC game while gf like to watch korean movie which will kill me with boredom!!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

yeah lor..end d can write abt kama sutra nxt?

Helen said...

Holy crap, no wonder so many couples are fighting. Just so they can have better

BTW, it's the only time a man dun mind a woman on top of him..:-P

Iwan Sanchez said...

hi horny,
what u said is true also.. couples who quarrel will settle everything after sex one..

why is that so ar?

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Joe! Oh u want kama sutra! That wan I will think about! Tq for ur suggestion.

Hi Helen! U r totally right! He! He! I am sure my married reader will agree!

Hi Iwan! Aiyah once u get married then u know wan!

AceOne118 said...

Errr! Is "SEX POSITIONS" our next lesson Sir?

Angie Tan said...

very very very interesting....

so distracted-la.. poke and then read lagi... wah liao... macam watch chinese series, so chee kek!

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Aceone! This topic arr must have pic wan very hard to discribe. But if I post up pic then this site will be banned!!!But tq for ur suggestion! I will think up some good 'hor ny' post!

Hi angie! Wah u read & practice at the same time meh??? So good or not??

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

I really think you should write a book. It will be best seller... haha.

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi purple! Tq for ur comment! Oh to go about publish my 'knowledge' arr??? Tq for ur advice!