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Monday, July 30, 2007

How To Made Ur 'Pokeing' More Sexited...Part 1

For student.....................

Ur room or my room? Why? This is the usual place where the first poke occur. Applicable to student. Normally student do studying & revision in their room as there are more privacy & more convenience! Of course parent are more then happy to allow their kids to study in their own room as whatever they do they don’t disturb their studies ( while their kid is busy 'studying' in their room parent can watch, movie,play majong & maybe some 'quality' time together ). Pokeing occur when students decided to do revision together. Especially one on one, like a guy & a girl. Oh yes at first they really did do studying & revision together, but after sometime they end up studying each other instead ( studying test book is so boring, studying each other is so much more interesting, got mountain, hill, valley, cave & one solitary log to explore & of cause also got jungle )!

Pokeing is normally a straight forward business just poke in & out & it is usually a quick poke as they never knew when their parent will check on them. Radio or rather cd is on playing Linkin Park or any other noisy music ( u don’t expect them to play Carpenter music ) to cover up any moa*ning or soft scream. Of cause the window is shut with curtain drawn.Usual excuse when parent ask why play noisy music when they are suppose to study, is that noisy music relax the mind!!! So parent do take note of this when ur kids are ‘studying’ in their locked room together with his/her gf/bf in the room & the noisy music is on. They might be pokeing away instead of studying ( but I do think some parent know what is going on but just choose to ignore it until the girls end up with a growing tummy )!

So boring or not? Or rather in this case not boring but thrilling & risky. So any way to do ‘poking’ safely………..?

Not! Horn y Ang Moh do NOT encourage pokeing amount student. It is my opinion that student should put all their best effort into their studies. But nowadays kid get their poking experience at young age.

For stage 3 ( stage 1 is getting to know each other, stage 2 is going out, stage 4 is already bonded up together for life ) date*ing couple………….

Ur place or my place? Normally it is the guy who made the first move ( but sometime ladies also made the first move but this is rare ) when he brings lady home. Pokeing is normally done in the bedroom after all in most case the guy is still living with his parent. So of course most parent is happy if they see their kids bringing home their gf & going to their own room. This is just the opposite for parent whose daughter bring home their bf & going to their room ( surely as parent u will not be happy if ur daughter start bringing home bf to her room in fact some parent will go berseck if their start bring different bf home into her room )!

Beside the guy bedroom, the living room is another favourite place for pokeing by stage 3 couple but only when the parent are out or if the guy is staying alone. It is so much easier to induce in 'pokeing' activities as the guy can just switch on the TV showing 'nice' movie. Watching 'nice' movie of cause made 'pokeing' more interesting. However doing pokeing in living room while it is sexiting have some hazard. Do watch out for the TV, flower pot etc which might get knock down due to intense pokeing. U can do pokeing on the sofa, sofa table & even on the floor. While pokeing on the sofa or sofa table do be careful so that u don't fall down onto the floor & hurt uself or ur partner.

Pokeing is done with romantic music on & maybe with some fore*play if the guy has some sexperiance. So pokeing is always at the same time usually after a dinner out together, a walk in the park or maybe after a movie, at the same place that is the guy place. So boring or not?

So how about changing time ( this will be future post ) & place or even method ( this will be in future post )? Any change in this will made pokeing more interesting! So how about pokeing in a car? This is sexiting but not in this post as it will be covered in detail in future post. So how about pokeing in hotel room? This is more romantic & u can do whatever & however u want in the hotel room. But of cause u got to pay for this enjoyment! Do check out for hidden camera if u stay in some cheapo hotel room.

To be continue..........


Anonymous said...

haha.. educational e-textbook indeed! next time ah, can produce another e-book on recollection of 1st sexperience of Hor*ny Ang Moh.

keep your humour going! :)

-jUsT- said...

very good lah hor ny... cant wait for part 2.... haha... inform me ar... cuz i might be away for some time... gonna miss ya dude...

Rabbit said...

YEah yeah, my parents do not allow guy to go into my room. They'll nag nag nag nag nag non stop. :)

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Anomus! Ah yes! Maybe if hor ny entries a lot already then can consider!

Hi Just! Part 2 cum*ming soon! So where do u go?

Hallo Rabbit! So ur parent do object! So ur did ur bf do what I wrote?

Jonny said...

LOL! pokeing needs clean up. Remember to include tips on how to keep things clean! ;)

Nonnie King said...

Not to mention the excitement of fearing that people will just suddenly come back home.

You should blog about what normally happen for most people's "first time" mah~

Teach virgins what to prepare.

tingtitlei said...


girls go into my room my mom also mau bising -_- ask this ask that.

Iwan Sanchez said...


that was so infotainment.. hehee!

But nowadays got gals daring to ask the guys for sex ar??


i agreed with u having sex while watching porn ad spice to the sex..


i also cant wait for the next post!!

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Jonny! Wellcum! Requst noted.( Might post up in future post)

Hallo Monnie! Oh u want first poke experiance! Ok requst noted! ( Might post up in future post )

Hi Ting! Ha! Ha! Mummy checking on u!

Hi Iwan! just wait for a while lah!

Donny Ang said...

Aiyoh! Don't leave me hanging here. I was so interested in that article. Good one. I await the next one.

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Donny!Cum*ming Soon!

W_W_Ho said...

aahhhhhhhhhh............. more sexited than catching the tv series. expected when will be part 2 to be release???

Princess Eileen said...

hmmm.... i never do revision with guys in my room, not even in my house!!! What is with the school's library? I am so innocent during my schooling years.... Dun tell me school libary.......

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi W W H! Cumm*ing up soon! I think applicable to u!

Hallo Princess!Wah U so good wan! Library cannot use wan. Revision late into the night!

erinalaw said...

finally............ the story is out liau. Good education you shared.

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Erina! Story out a bit already! Somemoreon the way!