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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Reaction to Red Bomb!!!

This is the reaction to the last of the red bomb I received last months.

This cost me Rm1,600-00!! Made of 99.999 pure gold. Lucky I am not the main sponsor but I do the buying. And because all this red bomb I end up with a red meat roll and this made me go off-line for the last few days as I have to go on travel.

This wedding is between the east & the west. Or rather I should say the west 'poke' the east ( this is also the truth for the other type of 'pokeing' which is politically sensitive ). Thus I can made some comparison.

The wedding in the east take place in Sibu ( pai kia land ) in a restaurant behind Kawan Hotel while that of the west take place in the biggest resturant in Batu Pahat in Johore ( now u know why I end up stuck here ). Here is some pic taken in the wedding hall in Batu Pahat. I didn't take any wedding hall picture, appart from food in Sibu as it is 'ordinary'.

This hall is big! Can accomodate more then 100 table! And this restaurant have two such hall.
I never get to taste the cake! Just for show only?
I get to drink the champage as I have to go on stage to toast ( I represent some VIP ).

Sorry for the fuzzy pic for the food taken in Batu Pahat as I cannot take pic as I sit here on the VIP table ( I really regard sitting here as I can't take food pic, I have to waite for the men of the house to take first bite,the food is already pre-divided ie two to four pieces per person, I can't get to look at all the Batu Pahat pretty ladies & I have to eat slowly & properly so that the food don't end up on someone head ).

Ok here go the food pic. The bottom is the wedding food in the east ( Sibu ) while the top is from the west ( Batu Pahat ).

This the first dish. 'Cold dish' I think. Both side taste so so only.

This is dish 2. It is lobster meat in honeydrew bowl I think. The lobster taste super ( I am wet in the mouth but I only get to eat two pieces & it is inproper for me to eat next table potion wan ). The Sibu side is shark fins. Inside I did find shark fins.

This is dish no 3. Batu Pahat side is shark fins. I didn't find any shark fins but a lot of crap meat. For shark fins both side taste so so only. Sibu side is steam proffer. Taste OK but the meat is a bit on the 'hard' side as oversteamed.

This is dish no 4. Batu Pahat have roasted duck. The duck skin is so crispy. Taste very good. Sibu side have roasted duck & lemon chicken. Taste so so only as the duck is not crispy & the lemon chicken is too sour.

This is dish no 5. Batu Pahat offer steam proffer. Done just nice, fish is flesh & the meat is not oversteamed. Sibu offer mixed vege with abalone. Taste ok.

Dish no 6 is... Batu Pahat offer mixed vege in abalone & mushroom with meat. Taste so so. Sibu side offer assorted prawn in yam bowl. The prawn is nicelly done. Two type of prawn, one is stired fry while the other is deep fry coated with cheastnut.This dish taste yummy.

Dish no 7. Batu Pahat offer curry lamb together with bun.Curry pic on the top, bun pic in the middle. This dish really save my hungry stomach ( image only 2 to 4 pieces of food from each dishes ) luckly the fellow sitting next to me say she can't eat curry. I am more then happy to eat her potion! Yes. the curry taste nice & so is the bun ( I have 4 bun & two bowls of curry ).Sibu side offer meat wrap in flour sheet & yam cake. This dish taste yummy.

Dish no 8 is the last wan. Batu Pahat offer some sort of soup with chinese date, white mushroom & somethings else. Taste herby. No picture is taken ( as mention I ask a lady to take the food pic, she forgot the last dish & she got unsteady hand ). Sibu side offer fruits on ice. Taste so so only.

So it seem that the food serve is similar apart from the arrangement in the arrival of the dishes.There are one exception, that is curry as wedding dish.I suppose it is normal in the west but never in the east. The other is pork leg. It use to be the compousory dish but lately some wedding left out this dish. The other different is pork is not serve in west wedding feast where as in the east u can find pork in almost every dishs.

Given the choice I prefer wedding food in the east as the potion is more, even though the food arrangement is so so only ( to me good food taste good no matter how it is arranged ).


PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

It's touturing to look at those pic. It's been really long ago since I went for a wedding dinner. I think one year plus or about 2 years coz i'm away. Long time didn't taste those food.

Calvin's Wife said...

whoaaa 99.99 gold....

:: Nicole :: said...

wah! now i can say for sure that wedding food are the same every where

Linky Love said...

Still reading my Linky Love site is it? :-)

Well, if you add today my Linky Love button (no, no, I mean the green one u can get HTML code right top side bar on my site), then u will be my blog of the day of tomorrow!

Linky Love said...

U can put it under ur Hor Ny Links, then u have double amount :-)

W_W_Ho said...

whuaaaaaaa!!! 999 gold arr??? very mahal wan woh. steady lah ang moh!!!

the foods really makes yum yum. "slurppppp"!!!

Iwan Sanchez said...

hello Horny!!
Wah.. so many weddings lately? hehehe!!

and the food looks way nicer than the previous wedding that u attended lor.. hahahaha!!!

have a nice day!!

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hallo Purple!!Long time no wedding feast?? China wan no??

Hi Everly! Yes! 99.999 gold! Very expensive!

Hallo Nicole! Now I suppose chinese wedding food is mostly the same apart from a few different.

Hi Linky love! Wellcum! I am still trying to the linking. ( have no done this before, pervious done by baby who put her name there )

Hallo W W Ho! Wellcum! The gold is mahal! The food yummy. But u will not like to have wedding food every day. U will get bald very fast wan as full of ajinomoto!

Hi Iwan! I hope no more red bomb. Very very poor this month.

Princess Eileen said...

I also prefer east malaysia wedding dinner food, perhaps because more suitable to my taste buds. How come the Sibu wedding didnt serve foochow dishes? *saliva drooling*

Linky Love said...


If u give me ur login on blogger, can add the link myself ;-)

Linky Love: ur best service in z world!

Linky Love said...

Just leave a comment on my blog, and I will not publish it

Linky Love said...
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Linky Love said...

Meanwhile u r blog of the day ;-) Thanks for participating: let me know how many extra visitors you get today!