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Wellcum! Wellcum!

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Monday, June 18, 2007

She Finally Cum!!......... But!!!!!

Warning! This is a hor ny post! Finished whatever u r eating or have ur food before reading this post!
She finally 'cum' I meant her monthly 'aunty'. But the timing is..........!!!From the previous post, u will have know that her 'aunty' is late, very late this month by more then 2 weeks which got me very very worry. So as to encourage her 'aunty' to cum I have to do intensive 'pokeing' ( my nomal method ). So as usual after the 'pokeing', around 10.15pm we both went off to sleep. She sleep with a smile on her face, satisfied. Me, sleep like a tired men!

Around 3.15am she woke me up ( I know the time as I look at the alarm clock thinking its time to go to work ) by stocking my 'bro' ( yes it is easy to wake up a sleeping 'bro' by stocking it with ur soft hand althought suc*king it wake it even faster ). Actually my 'bro' woke up before I did. It is already standing at full attention!

' Hor ny let go for another round ' she whisper to me.

Before I could respond she is on top of me helping herself to my 'bro'. After squating on it several time she wishper ' I want u to love me, u r so strong! ' ( of couse she wan me to do all the hard work )

I just made a grunting sound & roll her over & started my strong 'pokeing'. With each 'poke' I thought to myself 'cum 'aunty' cum'! After several minites of strong 'pokeing' I could feel that she is 'cumming' & sure enought she did 'cum' & she moan with satisfication.

I want to pull out but she whisper ' U r still so hard & strong, give me some more!' ( actually with all this intensive 'pokeing' I am rather 'dry*' myself so most of the time I didn't 'cum' so of couse 'bro' is still hard so I have no problem giving to her demand ).

' Horney u r so wet*, let me wripe it dry ' I whisper to her ear ( I usually have two towel ready on hand, one to dry her's & one to dry my sweat, as it is hard work doing all this 'pokeing' )

' For u I am always wet* & ready ' she whisper back.

So back to round two.
' Horney u r really very very wet* tonight! ' I whisper to her.
' Ohhhh! faster faster ' she say softy. I could feel some difference in the pokeing. Its feel sort of sticky, smell fishy & salty.

' I must stop & see ' I say to her.

' No, I am almost there! Ahhhhhhhhh u r good ' she moan back.

' Some more? U r still hard ' she whisper. ( of couse I am still hard, I haven't cum yet! )
' I got to dry* u, u r so wet* ' I whisper.

So with relutance she allow me to pull out my still hard 'bro'. Anyway I went over to swith on the light to have a look as all this 'pokeing' is done in darkness. I am sure she look very very nice in this hightly 'stimulated' state!

Wau laueh!!!! Her 'aunty' cum while I am doing all the pokeing!!! No wander the 'pokeing' feel different this time!!! She is all bloody* in that area ( due to my strong 'pokeing' ), the bed is bloody* & so is the towels & so is the floor when I went to switch on the light from my bloody* 'bro' dripping blood.

The sight of my bloody* 'bro' stright away sent my 'bro' home to kingdom cum!
How does it look like......... Well how about dipping a hot dog, no not a hot dog ( my 'bro' is much bigger the a hot dog ), arr a meat roll ( the type u can buy in any sunday market, u slice it up to made dishes ) will do. Well u dip the meat roll in tomatoes sauce ( cilli sauce will not do as bright red in colour whereas tomatoes sauce is dark red ) then u hold it up & watch the sticky tomatoes sauce dripping down from the meat roll. That is how my bloody* 'bro' look like! ( Yes I know it is disgusting but I did put the warning )

My lover have the cheek to smile at me & say ' Hor ny ! No more worry! '

Anyway both of us have to have a bath & we end up sleeping on the floor as the bed look like someone has being kill on it. Bloody* bed!!

What happen to me?!!! First I blog about 'red bomb', red wedding then 'red packet' & now I end up with a red 'bro'!! I suppost there got my chance of winning any 4-d, 6-d, or whatever! Or it is? Perhap with all this red colour I might be lucky! So my dear reader do wish me lot of luck ok.

Oh please purposely spell wrongly word like Se*x, wet*, dry*,bloody* etc so that I can acess the coment via office computer which is a very 'holy' computer. No 4-d word or else my sites will be baned by office computer. Tq for ur co-operation.

Have a nice day ( as I certainly need it ) & do feel free to coment. Tq tq.


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

wah by far the most grosteque post i have ever least we all know we wont b getting a red packet from u anytime soon at least..

and yes..its almost lunch time and i m not hungry anymore..

Berberboo said...

lol dude... good luck in striking 4-D!!! all the best...xD

im underaged for this post... but who cares... just dont tell me mummy...=D

bongkersz said...

strike jackpot.. :D bloody bro heh? nod** nod** haha! i don't know should congrats you for she finally cum, or congrats you if red bomb come.. haha both also need to congrats :P take care bro!

-jUsT- said...

my god... i just had my lunch jo... geez... anyway, good for u.. then u have time to post some educational stuffs now... haha... =>

cindy said...


Eh, I thought it's painful doing it during THAT time of the month? Hmmm...

:: Nicole :: said...

wah! good for u.. congrats ya? heheh..

Donny Ang said...

Hrmmm... At least you are safe for now. Do take precaution next time when you do some poking around.

best of luck in 4D. :)

Iwan Sanchez said...

hello horny!!!


i love this post...

very very simulating for me!!!

have a nice day!!

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Joe! Sorry I made u lost ur appitise.

Hallo Berberboo! I am sorry u r underage. But that this as an advance bylogy lesson OK. Please do try any of this at home.

Hi Bongkersz! Yeah hope to strike jack-pot.

Hallo Just! No more worry, so got time to think up some 'educational' post.

Hi Cindy! My gf seem to enjoy it.

Hi Nicole! Good day to to u.

Hi Donny! Of couse will be carefull.

Hi Iwan! Happy u like it.

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

Wah.. potong steam... so shiok suddenly see all red. Mood also gone liao. Hahaha.

erinalaw said...

Wah!!! U really serve your lady well on bed har? But hor when your little brother got red jam mah gili leh.........

Anonymous said...

yo horny ! usually hor , the girl will be at stimulating time or i mean "gatai " time when near period or before or after period...

so, when u poke her , i guess that she is at super duper gear of "high time" and she will be hungry all the way...this is just a hormone stimulating the female body.

those female readers will know and keep quiet after i wrote this...confirm true one !

so, when your GF touch u here and there or send u signal will know lah..It's feeding time !


conan_cat said...

wahlao... y you go until so detail one... ur gf also veli geng lor can want so much one non stop... wah liao... you also geng lor everytime can satisfy her XD

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Purple!It is done in the dark, so don't know untill too late!

Hi Erina! Meat roll with jam! Anyone want?

Hi Veteran! Wellcum! Agree with u.

Hallo Conan! With regular partice can do lah.

erinalaw said...

eeee......... meatroll with jam. you so detail leh until i feel gili liau.......... but funny at the same time. LOL

Iwan Sanchez said...


i have always love ur horny entries...

-jUsT- said...

haha. thanx 4 ur comment... was writing some feelings i hav for rainbows.. crap only.... anyway, thanx ya.. n im really happy 4 u... i mean er... i can understand u felt "relieved"... haha

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

oh yeah horny..just in case all u c is food in my blog..i hav another blog now..

its very funny also..have a look!

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Erina! So do u still like meant roll dip im tomatoes sauce?

Hi Iwan & Just! Tq for the coment.

Hi Joe! Visit already. Can post up 'nice' pic or not?

Nonnie King said...

Ewww.. Even I'm a girl myself, I still find this whole "hot dog dip in ketchup' thing disgusting..

And poor you, perhaps you'll need to drink more tongkat ali to boost your energy.

Anyway, how many times can you cum in a day? Just curious =p

erinalaw said...

I agree with nonnie king..... gili................. eeeee

zewt said...

congrats... i am sure u want to be wish such eh? so how many times u cum inside her? and all tak jadi... i guess all the stress was ... worth it? :P

T.c said...

Wah you are quite 'ong' leh recently! Haha!

lovegoddess said...

good to know your lover's aunty came. you must be so relieved huh ? ;)

try not to do it when the women is menstruating. it may cause infection in the women's cervis/uterus

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Nonnie!I don't drink 'tongkt ali' just a few dishs of pork leg will boost my energy. I cum at the most 3 time a day. But that is very very rare ( sure die wan if do everyday ).Most of the time I don't cum ( I fake my cum, lucky gf don't know internet ).But if u meant 'pokeing' that wan can do a few time per day depend on mood & demand.

Hi Zewt! No cum inside as already very dry from past week 'pokeing'.

Hi Tc! Yalloh very very 'ong' this month.

Hallo Lovegodess!This time is really accident wan.How do I know her aunty cum while doing 'pokeing'??Gf also didn't stop me.

erinalaw said...

So, now is your resting period lar since she is having a visit from her auntie. Rest rest rest and have more pork legsss............... lol

Anonymous said...

haha.. how u describe things is so funny. u shd also be called farnie ang moh lah.

usually 1st day of auntie is very little, esp the beginning. why ur gurl wan like niagara falls?

women hv 3 holes wat.. walau. one is anus, one is pass urine, one is for sexual/give birth/menses (if not where the vaginal uterus connects with?), one is to pass shit. u cannot expect babies to be coming out of dirty places (urinal) rite? then when baby is still inside the tummy how? swimming in urine meh?

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hallo Ano! Wellcum! I believe baby swimed in a special chamber way above the pee pee bag. So don't worry before we cum into this world we all swim in a special chamber & it is very very clean.

Aaron Chua said...

Girls will demand for more during they period, I think it's much related to their hormones. But at the same time, shouldn't it be really painful? Just something that I've learned from my friends.

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Aaron! No pain wan except very 'yucky' if u see it!

Aaron Chua said...

Alamak~ Don't have to thank me at my blog. lol~ I have your link in my blogroll, always check once in a while.

By the way, not pain? Hmmm~ Maybe my friend's condition different. lol~

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Aaron! Tq for putting me in ur blogroll. Please don't try it. Its is very very 'yucky'.As I say mine is accident wan. Untill now I can't bear to eat meat roll!

kaklong said...

wahahahhahahahha... i laughed a lot at this! wahahahhaha

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hallo Kaklong!Wellcum! Happy that u like it!