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Friday, June 01, 2007

At The Wedding........

At the wedding, what do u do? I suppost the main activities is 'eat'!! Ok before that, are u going alone or together with friends?? My activities differ if I go alone or with friends.If I went with friends then, where I sit & what I do ( mainly chit-chating & looking around ) will be with this group of friends. But the main aim is to eat & hope to get my money worth back from the food that I eat ( I am sure u feel the same ). The following is what I do when going alone.

Where do I sit?? I am sure a lot of u feel the same. If I am alone then I will always go for the table nearest to the main door because:-

1.I am a smoker, I can always go for a puff in between food being serve.

2.So that I can see the bride walking in.Ok I don't give a damn about the bridegroom. Actually I am more interested to watch for any well dressed ( sex*y dressed ) ladies. It never hurt to have good food & nice views.

3.So that I can go off once I finished the last dishes or just a few mouthfull if the dishes is lousy.I like to go off early as I hate the jam, both humen or traffic jam when everybody go off at once.

Well if the table nearest or near the front door is taken up, then the next choice will be to look for a table with the most ladies. Why?? Because:-

1.It feel nice sitting next to a ladies. Actually I meant it should smell nice, both the food & the ladies sitting next to me.

2.So that I can have most of the food to myself. This is because most ladies do not eat much. They have to watch their weight.

3.It is nice to see how a ladies eat. U can judge a lady by the way she eat. Some lady eat very slowly & neatly where as some eat like a hog ( it is a big turn-off, try to image a ladies lic*king & suc*king her fingers clean if she use her fingers)

My third choice will be to look for a table with the most number of rich people. U know they are rich by the way they dress, expensive cloths & for ladies ( mostly aunties type ) full of jewellries & gold, for mens fingers full of rings. Why? Because:-

1.I am in the 'services industries'. To me I am marketing 24/7. This is a good opportunities for me to market my 'servies' & myself ( yah, most of u proberly just sitting there looking around digging ur nose). I will be talking my head off ( but sadly sometime I end up sitting next to an arrogant 'towkey' so have to shut myself up & dig my nose ) giving them my name card.

2.It is always better to be seem in good ( actually rich ) company.

However most of the time I didn't get to sit where I wanted to be. So most of the time I end up sitting with a table filled with a few kids, a few elders, a few aunties & uncles. This is bad because there are not good views, smells & I can't do any marketing. I also got to waite for the elders to take the food before I did ( actually I don't really mind this as got to show respect, but some elders really terrible & slow ). The kids made a mess & some foods end up flying on to me ( this did happen a few time when kids started fighting as it take ages for the food to cum ). This is still OK. The worse sitting experiance is when u have no choice but to sit next to a toilet door. This is terrible. The smell is bad so the food end up 'bad' also. But as a sort consolation I got to see who visit the toilet, & if I am lucky, might saw a few 'nicely' dress ladies but, most of the time it is aunties.


erinalaw said...

ok ok. next time you take me with you lar. At least someone you know and someone you can talk to mah. Then, I spray a whole bottle of perfume to make me smell nice and good. Apa macam? LOL

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Ha! Ha! Oh Erina!! Sure wan to bring u out. May be u can taste out the pork leg. Have a nice day.

Calvin's Wife said...

LOL, kesian sama you... alone is horrible, I would pass mine if I was invited alone... Have a great weekend horny.. :)

Iwan Sanchez said...

Hello Horny...
I dun like to go wedding alone one.. So lonely...

But it seems like u are seizing every opportuinity to satisfy ur "needs" hor... hahahaha!!

Just joking only....

Have a nice day...

cindy said...

For a sec, when I saw you said you're in the "service" industry, I'm already thinking of THAT kind of service for the rich, desperate ladies. LOL!!!

Well, it's never syok going for a wedding alone, unless you know someone at the table when you'll be seating at. :P

Aaron Chua said...

Alone? I'd rather not attend. lol~
What are you marketing huh?

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

then ur gf ler?? never take her alone 1? scared she disturb u find biz isit? or u have to pay xtra red packet money?

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Everly!Sometime alone,as inviter by aunty's uncle wife etc!!!

Hallo Iwan! Have to seiz every opportunties to made money wan as always short of cash.

Hallo Cindy!That 'service' is also alvailable in got demand!!

Hi Aaron!! Wellcum! I 'market' almost anythings. U name its I c can help u out or not. Don't worry my 'advice' is FOC.

Hallo Joe! Sometime have to take her loh. But in her present I am a 'good boy' I am sure u know what I meant.

Have a nice day everyone.

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

Sometimes, we don't get to choose the seat. Most of the weddings now are well planned. Seats are reserved. No choosing where to sit! Right?

Not sure abt Borneo, but most of the wedding dinner in KL are planned this way.

Nonnie King said...

And so.. you'll never sit on a table when there are kids there huh?

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Purple! Over here is free sitting apart for the vip ie relative & those giving big 'ang pow'.

Hallo Nonnie! Yes, my choice is to sit with ladies.