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Wellcum! Wellcum!

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Monday, June 25, 2007

7-Hor ny facts

This tag is done at the requst of Casey & Peanut ( ). Today very revealing hor! Ok here go, the following are my seven hor ny facts:-

1.My nick is 'hor ny ang moh' which meant in hokkien 'hor ny red hair'. 'Ang moh'or 'red hair normally refer to caucasian or simply people with red hair. In my case, the later is true. I use to have 'ang moh' but that is a long time ago, nowaday I got ' o moh'. I use the nick 'hor ny ang moh' b'cos I pretent to be a 'hor ny ang moh' to pull the sex*y leg of Baby J. Thus 'hor ny ang moh' cum into being.

2.It should be know that I am as 'technologically advance' as an orang utan! I know nuts about internet ( in fact I am first attracted to internet as I am being shown a lot of 'nice' picture by my friend ). Setting up this sites is done with the help of baby g ( thus got her name at the link, until now I still have no idea how she put her name there ) which I regard as my first internet 'sifu' ( please don't ask me how is she as I also don't know her in real life ). Beside her I have also seek help from a lot of my reader like Boss Lepton, Boss Timothey, Ah pek & so on ( please forgive me if I left out ur name but I really appreciated all ur help ).

3.I love to play PC games, expecially the stratergy type where I spend a lot of my spare time thinking how to out-wit the computer ( this sort of game will usually last for hours for me as I am not a clever fellow ).

4.There is no such word as 'diet' in my vocabury! As such when its cum to eating or food, all can do & will do. But I am particularly fond of pork leg.

5.There is also no such word as 'exercise' in my vocabury! It has being replace by 'sexercise'. And so this is the only form of exercise or rather sexerise that I do ( I do believed this is the best form of exercise but it is not applicable to everyone & 'DIY' is useless also ).

6.I also know nuts about 'ball'! I meant any playing 'ball' which is 'ball' games. For example football, basketball, balling or any games involving round things. As such, I am not pasionate about this game ( I know it is rare for guy not to be interested in football ).

7.Finally the last fact!( I am running out of idea what to writes apart from revealing my real self )! I am lowly 'educated'. So to my dear reader please bear with me my poor english & if I leave bad or poor comment at ur sites ( as some of ur entries is too deep for me ) please forgive me OK.

So that is all the seven 'hor ny' fact. So my dear reader happy?


erinalaw said...

Being Horny Ang Moh, I am so glad you are so so hornest. Hehehe........ Low educate, is not wrong ok. The owner of Boon Siew Group also no go to school leh but damn rich. My ex-boss only go to school till std 6. If he give speech he will go like this Latuk-Latuk, Latin-Latin, Lalies & Gentaman............ but he is a big boss where his comp got public listed and also a Datuk himself. Me also, no such word as exercise or diet in my dictionary. Only sexercise .... hahaha....................

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Erina! Wah u also no such word in ur dictionary!! No wander u cook yummy food!! Have a nice day & tq for ur comment.

bokjae said...

Hi hor ny, you are suppose to tag the next 7 fellow bloggers! cheers! Glad to have known you!


PS Hey yr alexa is above a million but your PR is 2 Great!

Iwan Sanchez said...

helllo Horny,
its nice to know such facts from you.. hehehe!!

anyway horny, ur english is not that bad after all...

u have us lots of educational information on sex and i tthank u for that.. hehhe!

have a nice day!

Iwan Sanchez said...

*have = gave

bongkersz said...

your english is not bad at all hornyangmoh :D your post always make me laugh haha! glad that i found your blog hehe.. oh, sexercise move every muscles in you.. so definitely a good one :P

Aaron Chua said...

I don't have any sexperience wor~ hahaha~

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hallo Bokjae! Wellcum.BTW still donnot know what is alexa. Anyone can tell me??

Hi Iwan! Tq tq. U r so supportive.

Hi Bongkersz! Tq tq.

Hallo Aaron! Still 'brand new'??!!Any ladies interested??

belle said...

i like the NO DIET IN MY VOCABULARY! i liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike it ahah ahah

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hallo Belle!Wellcum!