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Monday, April 26, 2010

I Want To Attract Ladies!

Are you a lonely guy like me? I have spent many lonely weekends alone with just my dog for companion playing computer games. This is no so for some of my friend who seems to have the power to attract women like fly to sugar. I really envy them. Every weekend they will be having a good time partying & clubbing away while I am quietly playing computer games alone in my small hut.

Why? I want to be like my friend who can pick up women like plucking apple from apple tree. I must find out why I am such a loser when it comes to me trying to attract ladies. Perhaps I should ask my friends to see if there is anything’s wrong with me physically or is it due to me being a very shy guy?

So to all my dear readers, can you teach me how to attract ladies & to all my ladies reader can you tell me what you find attractive in a guy. Thank you all so much for all your comment in advance.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Lonely….I Want To Have A DATE!!!!!

Come every Friday & weekend………… gang of ‘hamsaplou’ ( Cantonese slang for horny ) friends will be like an expert pickup artist with so many ladies to ‘pick-up’ for their ‘ahem ahem’ weekend activities. Me………..I am also a ‘hamsaplou’, just look at my nick……….I am Horny Ang Moh, but unfortunately for me the only lady I manage to ‘pick up’ every weekend ( actually everyday ) is my one & only gf.

Why like this arrrr???? I want to meet women easily like my friends so that I can have a wonderful ‘ahem ahem’ weekend. What is it that my friend have that I don’t have?

Ok! Ok! I know they got a ‘banana’ but so do I, well maybe, are their banana are bigger than mine?

They are more handsome than me? Well I am not exactly handsome but then my gf always call me ‘big baby’ so I take that I am cute!

Is it because my friend have big car? Yes! I know that lady pick their guy depending on what sort of car they drive. Yes my friend drive sport car & executive car. But I don’t think I lose in this area, because I drive the biggest car among then! He! He! I drive a big diesel 4X4 truck! So any lady with me in my big diesel truck should feel very safe!

Is it because they are rich??? Now this I got to admit defeat. My friend got big bungalow & condominium where as for me I just got a hut, living in the countryside rearing a few chickens & growing some veggies.

So I conclude to be a successful ‘hamsaplou’ picking up ladies for ‘ahem ahem’ weekend u must be very rich! It does not matter if u r handsome or not & the size of the car u drive! I am cute & I drive a big ass diesel truck but because I am poor I got to stay alone with my chickens & I only got to ‘ahem ahem’ my gf!

So to all my dear readers, r u a successful pickup artist or r u likes me, lonely every weekend? Do teach me some of ur tips on ‘how to meet women’. Thank you very very much.

Oh please don’t let my gf know that I am dying to meet women, other women to have a very good ‘ahem ahem’ weekend! My gf will kill me!