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To all my dear readers if u find this site too 'horny' then please poke into My Other Site where I am more 'normal!!! Feel free to poke into any link within the post as it normally led to more 'interesting' post! Rest assure it is mostly not paid post! No ads for a 'horny' blogger!!!!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Do u play like me?

This is how I spend most of my free time! In front of my pc playing pc game ( not I don't spend my pc time connected to the net as I use 56k, unless to check up mail or acess banned sites ). While playing pc game I usually do some munching on some snack, mainly dry noodle. So do u play pc game like that also?

I like to play strategy game. Current game is Command & Conquer Tiberium Sun Kane Edition. Finished all the campaign already. So any suggestion on any strategy pc game is highly appreciated.

Monday, July 30, 2007

How To Made Ur 'Pokeing' More Sexited...Part 1

For student.....................

Ur room or my room? Why? This is the usual place where the first poke occur. Applicable to student. Normally student do studying & revision in their room as there are more privacy & more convenience! Of course parent are more then happy to allow their kids to study in their own room as whatever they do they don’t disturb their studies ( while their kid is busy 'studying' in their room parent can watch, movie,play majong & maybe some 'quality' time together ). Pokeing occur when students decided to do revision together. Especially one on one, like a guy & a girl. Oh yes at first they really did do studying & revision together, but after sometime they end up studying each other instead ( studying test book is so boring, studying each other is so much more interesting, got mountain, hill, valley, cave & one solitary log to explore & of cause also got jungle )!

Pokeing is normally a straight forward business just poke in & out & it is usually a quick poke as they never knew when their parent will check on them. Radio or rather cd is on playing Linkin Park or any other noisy music ( u don’t expect them to play Carpenter music ) to cover up any moa*ning or soft scream. Of cause the window is shut with curtain drawn.Usual excuse when parent ask why play noisy music when they are suppose to study, is that noisy music relax the mind!!! So parent do take note of this when ur kids are ‘studying’ in their locked room together with his/her gf/bf in the room & the noisy music is on. They might be pokeing away instead of studying ( but I do think some parent know what is going on but just choose to ignore it until the girls end up with a growing tummy )!

So boring or not? Or rather in this case not boring but thrilling & risky. So any way to do ‘poking’ safely………..?

Not! Horn y Ang Moh do NOT encourage pokeing amount student. It is my opinion that student should put all their best effort into their studies. But nowadays kid get their poking experience at young age.

For stage 3 ( stage 1 is getting to know each other, stage 2 is going out, stage 4 is already bonded up together for life ) date*ing couple………….

Ur place or my place? Normally it is the guy who made the first move ( but sometime ladies also made the first move but this is rare ) when he brings lady home. Pokeing is normally done in the bedroom after all in most case the guy is still living with his parent. So of course most parent is happy if they see their kids bringing home their gf & going to their own room. This is just the opposite for parent whose daughter bring home their bf & going to their room ( surely as parent u will not be happy if ur daughter start bringing home bf to her room in fact some parent will go berseck if their start bring different bf home into her room )!

Beside the guy bedroom, the living room is another favourite place for pokeing by stage 3 couple but only when the parent are out or if the guy is staying alone. It is so much easier to induce in 'pokeing' activities as the guy can just switch on the TV showing 'nice' movie. Watching 'nice' movie of cause made 'pokeing' more interesting. However doing pokeing in living room while it is sexiting have some hazard. Do watch out for the TV, flower pot etc which might get knock down due to intense pokeing. U can do pokeing on the sofa, sofa table & even on the floor. While pokeing on the sofa or sofa table do be careful so that u don't fall down onto the floor & hurt uself or ur partner.

Pokeing is done with romantic music on & maybe with some fore*play if the guy has some sexperiance. So pokeing is always at the same time usually after a dinner out together, a walk in the park or maybe after a movie, at the same place that is the guy place. So boring or not?

So how about changing time ( this will be future post ) & place or even method ( this will be in future post )? Any change in this will made pokeing more interesting! So how about pokeing in a car? This is sexiting but not in this post as it will be covered in detail in future post. So how about pokeing in hotel room? This is more romantic & u can do whatever & however u want in the hotel room. But of cause u got to pay for this enjoyment! Do check out for hidden camera if u stay in some cheapo hotel room.

To be continue..........

Friday, July 27, 2007

When Routine is Boring.......The Real Message....

Actually the previous post is just an 'introduction' to this 'educational' post. When u take thing for granted or when u do the same things or routine day in & day out it becum BORING! Of cause this apply to 'pokeing'. Doing it everyday ( well it use to be everyday ) or very often, soon it becum routine & hence boring!

Previously I mention how nice it will be if I live in a big cities instead of like now living in a very small town ( just a few rows of shop house 15 minutes walk around & u have visit the whole towns ) because life will be more sexited & because u can do what u want & nobody give a dam especially like who do u 'poke' or whoever u 'poke'. Also I do think big cities ladies is more 'adventurous' & they don't mind to experience different type of 'poke'. Over here in my small town u can forget all that. People here are all busybody ( last time when I rear chicken & one of it died, the whole town get to know about it & by afternoon it has becum my duck which died! All news get distorted by day end ) & whatever u do people get to know about it sooner rather then later ( now u know why I am so thrilled that until now I am still undiscovered ) so of cause if local ladies want to experience different 'pokeing' also cannot try!

I also mention about different type of food available in big cities, actually I meant in the context of 'pokeing' of cause in my small town where got choice! There are not even a proper night club but got several karaoke joints. So of cause I look longingly at the different type of food I meant ladies like Korean, Japanese, PRC, Ang Moh etc available in big cities.

Of cause all this is only wishful thinking as so far when in KL for courses ( how to be a super salesmen ) I have being a 'good boy' with no extra-curriculum 'activities' or may be I have got a very choosy 'bro' ( this also proof that all my super salesmen courses go to waste as I can't even sell myself ). Plus of cause I can't afford to leave in a big cities.

This post is to be continue..............On How To Made Ur 'Pokeing' More Sexited!!!....This is the real message which I have being trying to put across ed ( I still have a long way to go to improve my English, oh yes until now I still don't know how to use the term KNNCCB, CCB,KNN etc in my post ).

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

When Routine Is Boring......

Every weekday ie working day I wake up around 6.45am ( well almost everyday, unless I happen to have morning sexerise ) do my morning usual ie 'pangsai' ( going to the lo*o ) wash face, brush teeth ( but I do forgo my morning usual when I am late for work then 'pangsai' using office toilet ) then off I go to work using either my 4 wheels or 2 wheels ( mostly 2 wheels nowadays as cannot afford to use 4 wheels ). Day in, day out my breakfast consist of mee, kua tiew ( fry,soup, dr*y or we*t) either one of them. Meal is also about the same but include mix rice when I feel like eating rice. Drink is either ice tea with milk or ice coffee with milk.So roughly I spend about Rm20 on food & transport daily. After work I spend my time on TV & computer game ( to relax after a stressful working day ) & on line for a while ( mainly to check my email & access sites baned by 'holy' office computer ).

So I lead a pretty boring life! Oh how I wish I live in some big cities. Where I can have so many different type of food like Chinese,Indian,Korean,Japanese & of course Ang Moh food also. Where different type of jobs can be found & u can be 'Mobile'!

So what can I do about my life?? Should I change it? Or more importantly will my life be better or becum worse if I chose to change? Of course I can change all that & made my life more 'interesting'. The power is in my hand to change.

This post is a preview ( similar ) to an 'educational' post. Can guss or not?? Have a nice day my reader!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

10,000 Hor ny Visitors

On 30-04-07 I reach the 5,000 visitors mark after Hor ny Ang Moh cum into blog sphere on 16-08-06. Since that sexiting day I have being very 'busy' both physically & mentally trying to post up entries which is as 'informative','entertaining' & 'educational' as possible for my reader. Yesterday,23-07-07 I am most surprise to find that I reach the 10,000 visitor mark, its meant this sites have being poked in 10,000 times by visitors to have a look at my 'hor ny' life experience & sexperience.

I am truly honour ( as a lowly educated person I have no idea that my 'writing' have readers, during school day all my teacher say my writing is lousy ) by all the supports that my readers gave me! Of course I will continue to post up more 'educational' post ( this type of 'educational' post have the most comments so I suppose it is the most popular topic ). Perhaps some suggestion on what type of 'educational' topic u will like me to post ( after all there are only so many 'method' of pokeing to be done ) from my dear reader is most appreciated.

All comments and in fact any sort of comments is highly appreciated! Thank you to all my dear readers. Have a nice day.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Finally I Understand Why.........

It is late in the afternoon with nothing to do I am connected to the net looking at some 'nice' picture ( I am using my super fast 'hor ny' computer but using 56k so I suppose it is like driving a Ferrari fitted with kancil wheels ). Without warning the sky open up & start pouring like there is no tomorrow together with lightning & thunder. I just manage to shut down my computer ( as for the nice pic I am viewing, I just manage to see her perfect upper part almost showing that 'area' when I shut down the computer, I am still trying to find my dream girls ). No a moment too soon as the there is a power black-out! In my area it is quite normal to have black-out whenever it rain.

Thus like a 'good boy' I wait patiently for the power to cum back on! I wait & wait, by now it is getting dark & it has stop raining ( the thunder storm last for just half an hour in fact the road is just 'we*t' only dam the frea*ky weather ) & my gf have the dinner ready & we have candle light dinner ( I must say it is romantic & the food taste or seem to taste nicer even though it is the same food as lunch, that is veggie & more veggie )! After dinner my gf have her bath using candle light ( actually she did invited me to have a bath together but I suspect she want me to hold the candle while she bath ). As for me I am still waiting for the power to cum ( I want to connect to the net to continue viewing the 'nice' pic ) but by 8.00 pm I got the news that power will restore latest by tomorrow morning as power cable strike by lightning! Dam I have no choice but to have my bath as I am hot, sweaty & stic*ky!

Having a candle light bath is quite an experience. Everything have to be done by touch! Of course I can bring the candle nearer & have look at where I am washing but I rick putting out the candle or burn myself neither of which I fancy. Because of this, no shaving is done thus that night I have a picky face ( apparently gf like the pickish feeling when I rub my face over hers body ).

It is 9.00pm!! So early but what to do but to go to bed. My gf is already gone to bed at 8.30pm. Normally I went to bed around 12.30am on weekday & around 2.30am on weekend or when the following day is a non-working day. No power meant no air-con, no fan & no light apart from candle light ( I got torch light & emergency light but both also no power ) & so I am very hot & how to sleep in this condition! I find that gf is also the same, how to sleep!!!!!!!!! What to dooooo???

Yes! U r correct! Before I know it, me & gf are doing 'pokeing' sexerise in moonlight ( I have put out the candle as it is dangerous to have candle in the bedroom )! I suppose this is the only natural activities for us to do as it is dark & we can't do anythings else using candle light.

Now I understand why our grand parent have big family!! My grand-parent have 12 kids! I suppose if I live in his era where power is not available I might just as well end up with a dozen junior 'hor ny ang moh' as there is nothing much I can do but 'pokeing' after sundown & 'safety bag' ( Oh! I just forget to wear it against! That is twice this month ) is expensive in my grand parent era!!

The power only cum back on, 29 hours later! By now all the ice-cream ( I bought this ice-cream for gf because I like to see her lic*king ice-cream ) in the fridge is all melted & in a mess & I suffer a 'blow'! My computer's usb modem is strike by lighting & posting this entries made me remember I forget to wear 'safety bag'.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Awesome Hor nyness!!!!!!

I am very sexicted when I poke over to evelynholic ! She have just award me the 'Awesome Guy Bugger' Award! See! See! See the top right corner of this sites!!!Woah! According to her she award this to me as:-

Hmm, this award is for the awesome ones. The ones that
you would love to meet someday, cause he is just simple awesome!
LOL, therefore I present this award to
Horny Angmoh of Love & Horny Horny.. LOL...
His posts are awesome cause its always horny
and fun part is, they are funny! Also, he has been mistakenly
calling me Everly for erm, almost a year now(?) and I'm
already used to it liao.. LOL, this guy
is just awesome lah!

Thank you so much for comment! I call u everly as ur blog title is evelyn ( Ok I spell wrongly lah ) will try to call u evie ok! I am happy that my reader find most of my post funny as it is my aim to made my reader ( of cause if I can made them 'hor ny' so much better ) feel happy after pokeing into my sites.

So thank you evie & also to all my reader. Feel free to comment in fact any comment will do. Also any suggestion for any 'subject' is most wellcum & if possible will of cause post it up hor nyly of cause!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Gosh!!!!!..............It is but............

Warning! This is a Hor ny post. 18sxs for mature/'ripe' reader only ( As 'responsible bugger I give 'warning' first so that any mummy or daddy will not 'parang' me ). However to my all dear reader u r more that wellcum to this sites!

She is perfect! She stand in front of me in all her gory in all her natural beauty..........not a single piece of cloth on her!!! I look at her, absorbing in the sight before me.........

Her face is so pretty just like a model with her long silky hair( actually she look a bit like the model doing the glade home perfume ads ).
Her fair skin is silky smooth.
Her breas*t.........oh soooooo nice the type which is firm, can 'stand' wan, the 'jambu' type ( no the 'papaya' type or the bouncy type which can suffocate u if u bury ur face there )
Her body shape is sooooooooo perfect
Her love triangle is soooooooooo neat & pinkish without a single hair
Her leg is soooooooooo smooth & long

Me! I am seating on a big long sofa in a big house. Even though I am seating down but my 'bro' is standing at full attention, I can feel it trying to uproot itself & rocketed to her! I can stand no more, I beckon shakily to her........... She knee down &........... She lic*k my 'bro' full length down to my 'bal*l'. Then she took my throbbing 'bro' in her sen*sual mouth.I can feel her running tongue all over my 'bro' head & gently scrub it with her teeth, teasing it. I can stand no more, my 'bro' is at it max, my 'bro' head is throbbing, it is near 'burs hing' point!

I lift her pretty head. She climb on to me, she want to sit on me..........No! I lift her further up until she is standing on the sofa over me. Then without warning I bury my face between her long smooth leg. I could hear her grasp! Oh her pinkish lov*e lips is soooooo w*et taste sooooooooo good & smell sooooooo natural. I use my mouth to lic*k & suc*k on her lov*e lips. I thrus*t my tongue into her until my tongue could go no more. I use my tongue to rub & explore her inside & her firm lips & her small bop of plea*sure flesh! I use my teeth to scrub on & also gently nibble her two lips & her small bop of pleasure flesh. I try to lic*k her dr*y but she is oh soooooooo w*et! She grasp my head & try to push my face away between her leg but just when my face is about to move away she push it back in. She is moa*ning & I could feel her body shudder with what I am doing to her between her legs.

Finally I let her sit on me. Gosh! With one strong smooth thrus*t I bury my 'bro' deep into her while she sit down on me in one smooth move. She gave one sharp grasp & then moa*n with each thrus*t! She grip me strongly with all her might . She match the timing of her grip with my thrus*t perfectly. She is breathing deeply , oh the sight of her firm up fair breas*t in front of my face showing faint blood vain is too much........I bury my face in them. I lic*k, suc*k each breas*t, each firm pink nippl*e giving each of them full equal attention.

This is too much I want to give her my best. I need to do it in the bedroom! I carried her still stuc*k to me up the stairway into the bedroom with huge mirror on the wall! I lay her down on the huge bed with me on top. I spread apart her sex*y long leg, then I began to thrus*t into her with all my might.........faster & faster........first she moa*n softly then as I increase my thrusting she scream with each thrust urging me first she grasp the bed sheet tightly then she grasp my arm & then my back.......... Gosh she is strong inside, my 'bro' could feel her grip.

Faster & faster I thrus*t, her so strong almost hurting my 'bro' I am going to.............
( start my count down )

10...I am a big lion ( ram in with full force )

9.....faster...........faster ( pull out ) ( ram in )

7.....& furious ( ram in against )

6.....the bed headboard is banging hard against the wall ( pull out )

5.....she have her eye shut tight ( ram in harder )

4.....her scream is ( ram in & pull out, ram in & pull out )

3.....where should I cum ( ram in & in )

2.....she is clawing my back, her grip on my 'bro' is so strong ( ram in & stay in )


I WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dam!! Dam!!It is just a 'hor ny' dream!!! I look at the alarm clock! It is 4.35am! And as usual my 'bro' is having his morning drill standing up at full attention. Then I know what wake me up & hurt my 'bro'. My sleepy gf is gripping my 'bro' with her small hand! 'Having dream' she whisper? Well with the dream flesh in my mind I gave gf an early sexerise!

So I cum to work this morning working like a zombie.Oh! Now I remember I forgot to wear 'safety bag' this morning! I hope my gf is not going to give me this nightmare, I will keep my finger crossed but then I don't want to end up with a red meat roll either. My gf? She is very satisfied & happy. Oh!!!!!!! How I wish it is not a dream! Perhaps one of this day this dream will cum true!

Monday, July 16, 2007

What Did I Do In Genting.....

Genting is a side trip to me ( as I have no money to gamble & don't know how to play cards ) but gf & her gang ( including a few kids ) insisted so this is how I end up in First World Hotel looking miserabley at the small toilet & bathroom! Oh well, I might as well made the best of it. While gf & her gang is out enjoying themself out in the outdoor, I might as well enjoy myself indoor. According to my friend genting have a lot of freelance PR*C ladies. So off I went sightseeing & 'hunting'. But I didn't find any, perhap they are in the carsino ( or perhap it is off season or our police very 'efficient' in this area ). Beside by now I am thirsty so no choice but to visit the carsino. Yes, inside u can have free drink ( food & drink in genting is very expensive, so to cut cost we bring our own food that is, goodness know how many packets of noddle cup we bring which is cooked by pouring hot water on it ).

But first I must change into somethings smarter. Nomally I go wandering in t-shirt,short pant & slipper ( I feel safer as nobody pay me any attention, even the police ladies at KLIA check in don't bother to chec*k me ) but must wear at least collar t-shirt,long pant & shoes to enter carsino. This is applicable to men only. As for ladies they can wea*r whatever they want or even no*thing ( not fair to us guy I say ).

As I stay in First World Hotel, the first carsino I visit is First World carsino. The first things I did is to go to the free drink counter. Got a few drinks choice. I have a few cups of mil*o ( luckly I did as genting carsino only offer plain water ) while looking around. Not much to see as First World carsino is quite small, didn't find any PR*C ladies & also didn't see any cute carsino ladies.So off I went to Genting carsino which is quite far from First World carsino, have to use a number of escalator before reaching it. It is much larger. By now I feel the urg to 'play' & do some betting ( it is because of 'something' or it is because of the enviroment? ). This is how I 'play' at Genting carsino, 'hor ny style or rather chicke*n style'.

Have a budget on how much u want to 'invested', in my case I have just RM10-00 ( remember I am a poor fellow ).

How do u like it to be 'invested' ie which type of games or slots machine? Since I know nuts about gambleing or cards I spend quite sometime looking & studying at the various type of games ( ok actually I am 'studying' the carsino ladies ) .

What is ur strategy? My strategy is simple, I will only 'invest' in my winning ( chicke*n style ) so that if I lost, I only lost the winning, my principal is still intact.If I lost my principal amount then too bad, I am not lucky that day ( better get out or else u will even lost whatever u r wearing ).

When do u 'invest'? Me, I will start to 'invest' on an empty table or the table with the lest number of people. To me its meant that table or that game is not popular so that 'something' ( don't know got such things or not ) will give some small luck to the people 'investing' there so as to retain & attract more people to that table.

I decided to 'invest' in wheel of fortune, b'cos the ladies is cute, the game is simple & nobody play at this table for long as the winning is small. The game is simple if the wheel stop at RM 1, & u place ur bet at RM1 slots, u get back one time on ur 'investment and so on. Minimum bit is RM5. Since I have only RM10 to 'invest' my first bit is on RM5 with just one pieces of RM5 chips. The return is RM25-00. Thus I spend about 4 hrs at the carsino highest winning is RM85-00 but in the end my net earning is just RM40-00.

Do I really enjoy myself? Not really, I did find some PR*C ladies, but they are the 'aunty' type & they are busy 'investing' on limpek table, so not worth me 'investing' in them. I did saw some cute carsino ladies, all of then wearing gold shirt, black skirt*s & black sock*ing & also a few wearing black b*ra. Really wasted my time there.

I think gf & her gang have a far more enjoyable time then me. For example I would never have dare to try the roller coaster ride because it is too expensive RM15 for a few minities & I am afraid I will end up with 'twist*ed' 'ba*ll' or worse still my 'ba*ll' will fly off.

( My dear reader I must appologies for all the 'poor' spelling & a lots of word with * in them as office computer is now very 'holy' wan. Even 'bal*l' I have to put * inside, if not this post is ba*red. I do hope my reader understand. Have a nice day )

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Only One Night......First World Hotel

So after staying for only night, I am on my way to Batu Pahat to attend a wedding feast. This is the real reason why I am in W'sia! Paying Lim Pek ( Genting ) a visit is just a side trip. Luckly only one night, another night I think I have to change hotel as I can't 'perform' in the small toilet & I can't really give myself a throught clean up in the small bathroom. U know I can't really reach all the crook & cranny of my big body without opening the bathroom door. And of couse I lost the privacy as I have to unpant outside the toilet & bathroom.So I went to Batu Pahat on this!

A double decker bus. Well actually not a full double decker as the lower deck is very low ( I can't even stand up & I am real shorty ) so can put baggage only. But it did have a set of fixed benchs & table ( which enable u to play card & so on ).

This is the interior of the bus. The seating arrangement is 2 & 1 per row. So the seat is wide & comfy.Not bad I say. It also got 3 LCD TV. Not much use to me as its show the movie 'Shooter' which I saw already. The bus took my group to Yong Peng where my relative will pick my group & then on to Batu Pahat. The Bus took about 5 hrs to reach Yong Peng!

This is the view I saw going down Genting! Twisty road & twisty view. Looking at this sort of twisty view give me twisty thought & drifting cum to my mind ( anyone actually do drifting here? ).

Here is another view of the twisty road on the decend down Genting. I think this is the new road as going up Genting or cumming down Genting is now a oneway affair. I really don't dare to think what will happen if one of those supporting pillar is to give ways.

Oh I almost forget the bus trip to Yong Peng is unevenfull apart the very few pee-stop. In fact only one pee-stop ( so by the time I arrive at Yong Peng, the first thing I ask at Yong Pengner is 'where is the loo!' )! As the bus is not full I got to seat where I like. So I choose at the emergency exit. Why? Because the space is big & I got to hang my leg up. So I go to Yong Peng from Genting hanging up my leg on the bus window in full view of all the pass-by! Oh I am wearing slipper only. So it is my bare feet in full view ( pity I forgot to ask GF to took pic of my hanging feet ). He! He! Can u imageing the image?

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Genting.....First World Hotel

What do u expect? Poor guy like me will of couse look for the cheapest type of hotel available! Here is a view of First World Hotel.

Anyway the hotel room is 'sponsored'. So I do'nt know how much. Here is a view of its huge lobby outside ( I didn't take the pic of the actual lobby as it is rather ordinary ). It is 'People mountain, people sea' ( direct translation from manderin ) its meant it is full of people! I can see all sort of people checking in/out and even more people sitting on the lobby chairs. In fact all the chair is occupated. So I have to stand & look around. I notice quite a number of people sleeping on the chairs & even one young couple hugging each other sleeping, & even more sleepy head!I don't think they are in this state due to 'hor ny' activities. ( Even with heavy 'hor ny' activities I don't think people will behave like those sleepy/sleeping people found in First World's lobby ).

This is how my hotel room look like ( sorry it look so messy, I should have took the pic first & not the after I sleep in it, as I almost forget about takeing pics for this entries ).
I have have the following complain! No air-con! Ok ok I know the air is cooling. But I sort of get use to having hotel room with air-con! My first complain is this:-

Small toilet! So small wan. This is the smallest toilet I have see so far. It is located just as u entry the room, the usual hotel room lay-out.I think about 2.5 feets wide only! Aiyoh big size fellow like me how to 'use' it? In the end I unpanted myself outside the toilet & leave my pant & undy outside the toilet. I can't do it in the toilet as the space so small & the sliding toilet door is made of glass ( I am afraid I might break the glass sliding door if I unpanted inside )! While I am doing my 'business' in the toilet I have to warn other occupant in the room not to cum out of the room as I can't close the toilet door. It is a tight squeeze inside if the door is close ( if the door is closed I have to 'closed' my legs & so forget about doing 'business' in the toilet ).Luckly for me I am alone ,most of the time. The other complain is the small bathroom!It is about 3 feets wide. So small for me. How to take cloths & bath inside? So what I did to the toilet I did to the bath except this time I did close the bathroon's glass door while taking bath.
Here are the two view I see from the hotel windows. The view not bad. Lucky I didn't take the middle room which have the view of blank wall. From what I understand this room is rather 'cheap' & beside most people don't spend a lot of time in the room as they are busy with other 'activities' outside. So for nomal size people I suppose the room & hotel rate it is OK.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Genting here I cum...........!!!!

Before making my way to Batu Pahat to attend a wedding, I made my first stop at Genting. I first arrive at LCCT using AirAia. As this is the first time I use AirAsia ( nomally I use MAS on co expense ) I will just give a quick review. Apart from the AirAsia ladies ( who all have nice butt* ) the seating arrangement is different from MAS, there are no class!In MAS there are first class ( fare cost almost 2 times! ) and nomal class where poor guy like me usually sit. In fact it is free seating. So whoever is the biggest/fastest get to seat in front and more importantly get the overhead compartment space to put his/her bags. To save on excess baggage charges I can see almost every AirAsia passagers hand carried including ur truly. And I can see all sorts/sizes of bags including a few big biskuits tin! Apart from this, passagers are also allow to put small handbags/rusacks on the floor besides the passangers. This is no allow on MAS flight. For slow passangers, sorry, their bags maybe be further down from where they sit as their overhead compartment space may be already taken up.

Now there is another advantage for the fellow who manage to sit in front. Apart from the bigger space those who sit on the left front seat get to have a very good view! And I am not talking about the view outside ( ok u do have a small window but so does every seat )! Faceing the front left seat are two small collasible seat. This are the seats where two AirAsia ladies seat when the plane take off or land. Now the two small collasible seat is lower then the standard seat, so with AirAsia ladies wearing tight & short uniform ( above knee level ) seating down & faceing u..........u can imaging the image. Unfortunately ur truly only manage to seat on the second row but I can still peek through between the front seats ( I suppose I am lucky to seat on the second row as GF is traveling with me. I don't want to arrive at KL with two elongated ears! Yes if I seat at the front seat it will be very very hard for me not to stare at those pairs of sexy* legs & nice butt* ). This is different in MAS. MAS ladies seat behind closed door. So I suppose this made traveling on AirAsia worthwhile apart from the low fare. But u got to be quick & patient as almost every AirAsia flight got delayed.

Do remember to have a full stomach before going onboard AirAsia as food is sold on board but not FOC ( unlike MAS )and it is expensive. Having a small bottle of water is allowed. Almost reaching LCCT the AirAsia ladies also start selling Bus tickets to KL sentre ( SkyBus ). As this is my first time using AirAsia & to LCCT I just bought the ticket RM9 per person as I can then took a bus to genting at KL sentre using genting bus at RM8.30 per person.

When I arriced at LCCT terminal I find 3 bus counter inside! Amount them SkyVan Rm38 direct to genting. Now if I have know earlier I will have use this SkyVan as I save on time, husher & brusher. The bus trip to KL sentre is unevenfull apart from the fact that u will have a hard time trying to find ur luggage underneat the bus compartment as a lot of other bus passangers's luggarge will be on tops of yours! And do try to mark urs luggage! U have no idea how many people use Polo luggage ( lucky for me I use a red cheap looking bag ). And another thing the bus travel at 120kph almost all the way from LCCT to KL sentre! ( It is no wander that KL accident always result in road-kill ).As luck will have it, when I arrived at KL sentre the genting bus is full & already left & the next bus is 3 hrs away! No choice but to take a taxi RM70. So I end up spending more! So to those who are in a hurry to get to genting use the SkyVan.

The taxi trip up to genting is unevenfull apart from a talkative driver. Oh yes the taxi is a lousy one. The air-con is not cool & while going up genting the air-con have to be switch off as taxi no power with air-con on!! Luckly it is a bit cool outside & I got to smoke my ciggy!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

East & West

There are some differents between the east & west in the context of wedding ( of couse there are other differents but I can't put it down here ) as I have a chance to attend a wedding for the same couple in the east & the west.

This is the first different..............the wedding car!This is the car use in the east. Yes ur truly becum driver for the day. In the east wedding cars are nomally their own car or borrow from friends or relative ( as in this case ). Thus all sort of car end up as wedding cars including pick-up!

This is the car use in the west! A merc ! From my westen friend it is nomal for merc,bmw or any up-market car to be use as wedding car. If can borrow better, if not then rent ( renting is not available in most part of the east, beside the people here don't like renting also ).

The other different is the number of wedding tables. In the east unless u r a vip or very very rich & have lots of relative & friends weddings tables seldom excess 25 tables. Nomally around 20 tables. But according to my westen friends more then 50 tables & up to 100 tables is nomal!!

So I conclude that getting married in the west is a very expensive affair!But the while in the west I notice a lots of beautifull ladies around ( of couse I look around discreetly, I don't want my ear to be pull by GF ) but according to my westen friend most of such ladies only look at money so no hope for me, is this true? ( Ok! ok! I know I have a steady 'GF' but it never hurt to have wishfull thinking ).

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Reaction to Red Bomb!!!

This is the reaction to the last of the red bomb I received last months.

This cost me Rm1,600-00!! Made of 99.999 pure gold. Lucky I am not the main sponsor but I do the buying. And because all this red bomb I end up with a red meat roll and this made me go off-line for the last few days as I have to go on travel.

This wedding is between the east & the west. Or rather I should say the west 'poke' the east ( this is also the truth for the other type of 'pokeing' which is politically sensitive ). Thus I can made some comparison.

The wedding in the east take place in Sibu ( pai kia land ) in a restaurant behind Kawan Hotel while that of the west take place in the biggest resturant in Batu Pahat in Johore ( now u know why I end up stuck here ). Here is some pic taken in the wedding hall in Batu Pahat. I didn't take any wedding hall picture, appart from food in Sibu as it is 'ordinary'.

This hall is big! Can accomodate more then 100 table! And this restaurant have two such hall.
I never get to taste the cake! Just for show only?
I get to drink the champage as I have to go on stage to toast ( I represent some VIP ).

Sorry for the fuzzy pic for the food taken in Batu Pahat as I cannot take pic as I sit here on the VIP table ( I really regard sitting here as I can't take food pic, I have to waite for the men of the house to take first bite,the food is already pre-divided ie two to four pieces per person, I can't get to look at all the Batu Pahat pretty ladies & I have to eat slowly & properly so that the food don't end up on someone head ).

Ok here go the food pic. The bottom is the wedding food in the east ( Sibu ) while the top is from the west ( Batu Pahat ).

This the first dish. 'Cold dish' I think. Both side taste so so only.

This is dish 2. It is lobster meat in honeydrew bowl I think. The lobster taste super ( I am wet in the mouth but I only get to eat two pieces & it is inproper for me to eat next table potion wan ). The Sibu side is shark fins. Inside I did find shark fins.

This is dish no 3. Batu Pahat side is shark fins. I didn't find any shark fins but a lot of crap meat. For shark fins both side taste so so only. Sibu side is steam proffer. Taste OK but the meat is a bit on the 'hard' side as oversteamed.

This is dish no 4. Batu Pahat have roasted duck. The duck skin is so crispy. Taste very good. Sibu side have roasted duck & lemon chicken. Taste so so only as the duck is not crispy & the lemon chicken is too sour.

This is dish no 5. Batu Pahat offer steam proffer. Done just nice, fish is flesh & the meat is not oversteamed. Sibu offer mixed vege with abalone. Taste ok.

Dish no 6 is... Batu Pahat offer mixed vege in abalone & mushroom with meat. Taste so so. Sibu side offer assorted prawn in yam bowl. The prawn is nicelly done. Two type of prawn, one is stired fry while the other is deep fry coated with cheastnut.This dish taste yummy.

Dish no 7. Batu Pahat offer curry lamb together with bun.Curry pic on the top, bun pic in the middle. This dish really save my hungry stomach ( image only 2 to 4 pieces of food from each dishes ) luckly the fellow sitting next to me say she can't eat curry. I am more then happy to eat her potion! Yes. the curry taste nice & so is the bun ( I have 4 bun & two bowls of curry ).Sibu side offer meat wrap in flour sheet & yam cake. This dish taste yummy.

Dish no 8 is the last wan. Batu Pahat offer some sort of soup with chinese date, white mushroom & somethings else. Taste herby. No picture is taken ( as mention I ask a lady to take the food pic, she forgot the last dish & she got unsteady hand ). Sibu side offer fruits on ice. Taste so so only.

So it seem that the food serve is similar apart from the arrangement in the arrival of the dishes.There are one exception, that is curry as wedding dish.I suppose it is normal in the west but never in the east. The other is pork leg. It use to be the compousory dish but lately some wedding left out this dish. The other different is pork is not serve in west wedding feast where as in the east u can find pork in almost every dishs.

Given the choice I prefer wedding food in the east as the potion is more, even though the food arrangement is so so only ( to me good food taste good no matter how it is arranged ).

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


I got this tag from storm in a teacup

A.5 things in your bag.

This I think applicable to ladies wan. Guy in most case where got carried bag wan. Ok ok I know most guy working in KL or big cities carried bag. Me on the other hand work in a small village wan. So nomally I only carried myself. So how about 5 things on me.

1. One lighter
2. One box of ciggy
3. One wallet ( sometime full of RM1, so that it look fat )
4. One comb ( to tidy up the 'bush' on my 'hor ny' head )
5. One pair of spec ( I am blind without my spec, so ladies it is perfectly safe to change your cloths in front of me when I am not wearing spec. Actually this did happen but I have no idea wheather that is a guy or a ladies I only have a blurr pic of something black on top & somethings black in the middle )

B.5 things in your room.
Actually what room r u refering to?? Bedroom, livingroom, bathroom, pangsai-room etc?? I suppose I just use bedroom ( as it is the happening room for me )

1.A few boxes of 'safety bag' ie condom* with different type & colour.
2.One big king size bed ( so that many different type of 'activities can be carried out )
3.Two towels ( for further information on their use, please poke in two towel )
4.One a air-con ( sexerise is a very hot & sweaty job so need it to cool down )
5.A few pillow ( to be use nomally plus some other use )

C.5 things you've always wanted to do.

1.To have some 'pokeing' activities when outstation ( untill now none as afraid I get raped* instead )
2.To go speeding at high speed ( untill now only 140kph as that is the max speed my car can go )
3.To have 2 or more GF living together ( not possible as no ladies like to share her men )
4.To travel oversea & visit some 'Ang Moh' land ( not possible as too poor & also no passport )
5.To be rich & famous ( not possible now as 'Hor ny Ang Moh' post too many sensitives entries )

D.5 things you're currently into.

'Currently into' meant what? Someting I am doing now?

1.I am pokeing entries into this post using my middle fingers ( very painfull now as this is how I type )
2.Thinking very very 'hard' using my 'hor ny' head ( my nomal head not the one down there ) what to 'poke' into this entry.
3.'Pokeing' every night as I consider it my daily sexerise ( oh yes the 'pokeing' season is on )
4.Playing PC game
5.Resting after doing all the above!

E.5 people you want to tag.

This wan very hard for me. If I tag five reader the other few hundred readers ( I do hope I have this amount of readers ) will feel that I don't regard them as friends. So to be fair to all my readers it is free tagging!! If u feel like doing this tag do drop some coments OK.

Phew!!! Done finally ( my middle finger is very painfull now ). Have a nice day my reader.

I Am Stuck........

I am stuck for 7 hrs, 7 long hrs in this godforsacken place( actually I have being stuck before but of the 'hor ny' type for 10 minites ).
While stuck there, I have no choice but to stare at this!

Actually my fright is delay for 5 hrs. Yes, it is the in famous Air Asia. @#4443278!!!fcuk Air Asia!! ' Now Everybody Can Fly' should be change to 'Now Everybody Can Fly & WAITE'!! It wouldn't be so bad if I got to watch 'nice' ladies passager, but apparantly Johore airport is only porpurlated but 'aunty' type of ladies. So no choice but to stare at my baggage & guard it ( it is because it is very unsafe in Johore ). The only good view I saw is some MAS ladies & Air Asia ladies.
Now some interesting things I notice on Air Asia ladies ( I have observe 10 Air Asia ladies ), they all have near perfect behind!! I got to observe 6 of them real close on board the plane. I really wander did Tony put this down as one of the requirement? And out of this 10 ladies I can only see one VPL ( visible panty* line, oh yes I do notice this sort of thing when looking at ladies among other 'things' ) the rest no VPL, so I conclude that either they wear g*string ( very unlikely as it is very uncomfortable ) or nothing underneat ( very unlikely also but possible ) or some utra thin undies* ( I am very pissed* haveing to waite for so long, so to made my waite more 'interesting' I made the above observestion, but as mention only 'aunty' to see ).
One more things the Air Asia Ladies smell nice ( on morning flight ) & no smell ( on night flight ie delay wan ) or rather some sweaty smell. Couldn't blame this ladies, afterall they really have to work their ass* off ( is it because of this they have nice round behind? ).