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Monday, July 23, 2007

Finally I Understand Why.........

It is late in the afternoon with nothing to do I am connected to the net looking at some 'nice' picture ( I am using my super fast 'hor ny' computer but using 56k so I suppose it is like driving a Ferrari fitted with kancil wheels ). Without warning the sky open up & start pouring like there is no tomorrow together with lightning & thunder. I just manage to shut down my computer ( as for the nice pic I am viewing, I just manage to see her perfect upper part almost showing that 'area' when I shut down the computer, I am still trying to find my dream girls ). No a moment too soon as the there is a power black-out! In my area it is quite normal to have black-out whenever it rain.

Thus like a 'good boy' I wait patiently for the power to cum back on! I wait & wait, by now it is getting dark & it has stop raining ( the thunder storm last for just half an hour in fact the road is just 'we*t' only dam the frea*ky weather ) & my gf have the dinner ready & we have candle light dinner ( I must say it is romantic & the food taste or seem to taste nicer even though it is the same food as lunch, that is veggie & more veggie )! After dinner my gf have her bath using candle light ( actually she did invited me to have a bath together but I suspect she want me to hold the candle while she bath ). As for me I am still waiting for the power to cum ( I want to connect to the net to continue viewing the 'nice' pic ) but by 8.00 pm I got the news that power will restore latest by tomorrow morning as power cable strike by lightning! Dam I have no choice but to have my bath as I am hot, sweaty & stic*ky!

Having a candle light bath is quite an experience. Everything have to be done by touch! Of course I can bring the candle nearer & have look at where I am washing but I rick putting out the candle or burn myself neither of which I fancy. Because of this, no shaving is done thus that night I have a picky face ( apparently gf like the pickish feeling when I rub my face over hers body ).

It is 9.00pm!! So early but what to do but to go to bed. My gf is already gone to bed at 8.30pm. Normally I went to bed around 12.30am on weekday & around 2.30am on weekend or when the following day is a non-working day. No power meant no air-con, no fan & no light apart from candle light ( I got torch light & emergency light but both also no power ) & so I am very hot & how to sleep in this condition! I find that gf is also the same, how to sleep!!!!!!!!! What to dooooo???

Yes! U r correct! Before I know it, me & gf are doing 'pokeing' sexerise in moonlight ( I have put out the candle as it is dangerous to have candle in the bedroom )! I suppose this is the only natural activities for us to do as it is dark & we can't do anythings else using candle light.

Now I understand why our grand parent have big family!! My grand-parent have 12 kids! I suppose if I live in his era where power is not available I might just as well end up with a dozen junior 'hor ny ang moh' as there is nothing much I can do but 'pokeing' after sundown & 'safety bag' ( Oh! I just forget to wear it against! That is twice this month ) is expensive in my grand parent era!!

The power only cum back on, 29 hours later! By now all the ice-cream ( I bought this ice-cream for gf because I like to see her lic*king ice-cream ) in the fridge is all melted & in a mess & I suffer a 'blow'! My computer's usb modem is strike by lighting & posting this entries made me remember I forget to wear 'safety bag'.


clement said...

now i understand.. ha ha... well, have a nice day 2 :P

cindy said...

Hey... must always practice safe s3x wan!! :P

lovegoddess said...

whoaa..thats bad man...more than 20hours of no electricity is farking unbearable !

its impossible to sleep in humid condition !

Princess Eileen said...

Hor ny, ppl used to comment that east Malaysian have more kids than west Malaysian coz we have less night activities in east Malaysia. Muahahahaha..... I think you need an enormous supply of condoms lar...

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Clement! Ah so u understand now hah!

Hi Cindy!I always safe se*x wan!

Hallo Lovegoddess! Yalloh, how to sleep, so hot, after sexerise evern hotter!! Aiyah! I should sleep on the floor in the living room!

Hi Princess! Saw people here of couse more 'hardworking' mah so got big family loh. I just buy on box of safety bag now already half gone!

Iwan Sanchez said...

must take care! MUST remb to put safety bag!!

too horny liao rite??


have a nice day!!

W_W_Ho said...

a few more black out, and there is it, one football team, full squad own by ang moh!!! muaaahahahahaha... take care man.

Nonnie King said...

That's what my ex-boss used to tell me.

People who lived back in the days or kampong-kampong places don't have any entertainment.

They only fun is.. like you say, poking.

ahlost said...

princess eileen..
are u sure? haha.. first time heard bout that.. hehe..

hor ny.. wow.. your gf sleeps so early.. haha.. im like u lar.. sleep round 12sth..

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Iwan! Yalloh! Must remember!

Hi W W H! I don't wan that to happen! Ha!Ha!

Hi Nonnie!Ur boss is right!

Hi Ahlost! Wellcum!Gf also sleep late ( watching boring korean movie ) but black-out so wait for me loh!

Cocka Doodle said...

So hot and sweaty still can screw meh? You really damn horny lah. LOL

Donny Ang said...

Its a hot day and pretty much there is noting to do. So pretty much its logical to do that. Ha ha ha! Reminds me of an old joke i once read.

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Cocka!Hot & nakel so one things lead to another things so it end in pokeing! So where got hor ny wan!

Hallo Donny!Yalloh logical things to do with gf!

erinalaw said...

Sexcises under a hot weather??? Ada shiok meh?