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Wellcum! Wellcum!

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Only One Night......First World Hotel

So after staying for only night, I am on my way to Batu Pahat to attend a wedding feast. This is the real reason why I am in W'sia! Paying Lim Pek ( Genting ) a visit is just a side trip. Luckly only one night, another night I think I have to change hotel as I can't 'perform' in the small toilet & I can't really give myself a throught clean up in the small bathroom. U know I can't really reach all the crook & cranny of my big body without opening the bathroom door. And of couse I lost the privacy as I have to unpant outside the toilet & bathroom.So I went to Batu Pahat on this!

A double decker bus. Well actually not a full double decker as the lower deck is very low ( I can't even stand up & I am real shorty ) so can put baggage only. But it did have a set of fixed benchs & table ( which enable u to play card & so on ).

This is the interior of the bus. The seating arrangement is 2 & 1 per row. So the seat is wide & comfy.Not bad I say. It also got 3 LCD TV. Not much use to me as its show the movie 'Shooter' which I saw already. The bus took my group to Yong Peng where my relative will pick my group & then on to Batu Pahat. The Bus took about 5 hrs to reach Yong Peng!

This is the view I saw going down Genting! Twisty road & twisty view. Looking at this sort of twisty view give me twisty thought & drifting cum to my mind ( anyone actually do drifting here? ).

Here is another view of the twisty road on the decend down Genting. I think this is the new road as going up Genting or cumming down Genting is now a oneway affair. I really don't dare to think what will happen if one of those supporting pillar is to give ways.

Oh I almost forget the bus trip to Yong Peng is unevenfull apart the very few pee-stop. In fact only one pee-stop ( so by the time I arrive at Yong Peng, the first thing I ask at Yong Pengner is 'where is the loo!' )! As the bus is not full I got to seat where I like. So I choose at the emergency exit. Why? Because the space is big & I got to hang my leg up. So I go to Yong Peng from Genting hanging up my leg on the bus window in full view of all the pass-by! Oh I am wearing slipper only. So it is my bare feet in full view ( pity I forgot to ask GF to took pic of my hanging feet ). He! He! Can u imageing the image?


ColourMeCrazy said...

Urghgh. I hate twisty roads. I remember when I was little going up the road to Genting with my parents - I used to throw up everytime!

Calvin's Wife said...

Actually I spotted a same group driving sports car (below 300ks) a few times who went up there purposely to drift down the new wide road.. but that road unfortunately got few bumps, or else every weekends you can get to see free drifting races :)

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Colourmecrazy! I hope u r Ok now!

Hi Evie! So some people do drift there!

Iwan Sanchez said...

wah.. horny,
ur gf never ask u y u wanna taking pictures?

she dun know u blog rite?


conan_cat said...

yor so nice one ur bus! looks cool to me lor hahahaha... and aiyor use mineral water bottles to fill in lor if no toilet... XD

AceOne118 said...

Have a safe journey and a nice day.

cindy said...

Eh hey.... I also going to Genting tomorrow!! xD

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Iwan! She donnot wan!

Hi Conan Cat!Aiyoh, the mineral bottle hole so small, how to put 'bro' in? 'Bro' cannot put in how to pee* as the bus is moving? I don't wan to pee* all over the bus & also got a few s'porean ladies.

Hallo Cindy!Wish good luck at limpek! Win many many OK.

jessie said...


The journey up is normally ok...
Coz starting on a journey~~
So..its exciting!!

But i hate it when we get down..
Coz of weather change and winding roads~~~

Its always fun to go on trips~~!!

erinalaw said...

huh??? Ur gf don't know you blog? But when you take pics she never ask why take those pic meh?

Princess Eileen said...

wah, ur blog a secret from your gf ar? Muahahaha... coz u share too much intimate secret ke?

She should be proud of you. You are our si fu/guru where we get the education we cannot get in school.

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Jesie! Sure fun to go on trips wan.

Hi Erina! She don't known. So still very 'safe' for me to post up all my 'experiance' here or all long as nobody know the real me! Ha! Ha! Me 'naughty' or not?

Hallo Princess! I am happy that my 'educational' post is of some use to my reader.

More 'educational' post will be up after one more post. ( still under development in my head )

I'm Choonie. said...

Genting is a fun place. I prefer to stay at Theme Park Hotel. How's sexercise lately? No news lately. Gednting should be a fun place to practice.

GeriYin said...

Am new here.. Wah you ar.. very naughty ya! Everything so secret-secret wan.


Cirnelle said...

You mean the cars there drift on purpose and not because some crazy driver was trying to overtake the bus? Wait, I think I just contradicted myself.

Hi Hor Ny. My office koneksyen have made it impossible for me to visit your blog often these days. Couldn't get my Hor Ny fix.

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Choonie! Gf with me plus a whole bunch of relative so no sexerise there!

Hallo Geriyin! Wellcum!Naughty & secret made life thirling mah.

Hallo Cirnelle!Ur office also restrict sites like mine office? Got word restriction that is why some word is spell wrongly & all frendster sites block.Anyway TQ for dropping by.

Ok 'educational' post will be up soon Ok!

have a nice weekend to all my dear reader.

TingTitLei said...

nv ask bus uncle to drift meh? all of our genting bus drivers are highly trained in japans "cao ming san" haha

W_W_Ho said...

hi ang moh, hows Uncle Lim??? any Ang Pow from him???

I'm Choonie. said...

hahaha... too bad! Now I can understand why you hate staying in the hotel room. You even have to undress yourself in there! Not easy task, even to the slim people. Uncle Lim must be thinking all the people will be asking for angpow from him and no time to spend in the bedroom, and what more to say about the bathroom!

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Tingtitlei! Aiyoh if ask bus driver to drift I think a few S'porean ladies will faint!

Hallo W W Ho!Got some pocket money from him.

Hi Choonie!other hotel OK lah. Just this wan too small!

erinalaw said...

U damn naughty. Real naughty

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Erina! Me good good wan, where got naughty! He!He!