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Monday, May 28, 2007

5 red bomb!!!!

I got 5 red bomb this last few days. To be let off at the begining of June two on 02-06-07 & one 06-06-07. Two more on 23-06-07 & 30-06-07. Oh red bomb refer to red wedding invitation card! Why so many people get married next month??? Very good meh?? And the date they get married easy to remember?? Why don't they get married on some easy to remember date?? For example 01-01, 11-01,02-02 or any public holiday. So I have no choice but to apply leave to attend to the function.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

My Job.........The truth! Nothing but the truth!!

The Truth About My Job

The truth about being a service provider..............

1. I work very late ...
... Just like pro*stitutes/giga*lo.

2. They pay me to make the client happy...
... Just like a pro*stitute/giga*lo.

3. The client pays a lot of money, but mine employer keeps almost every sen...
... Just like a pro*stitute/giga*lo.

4. I am rewarded for fulfilling the client's dreams...
... Just like a pro*stitute/giga*lo.

5. My friendships with friends fall apart and I end up hanging out with people in the same profession...
... Just like a pro*stitute/giga*lo.

6. When I have to meet the client I always have to be perfectly groomed...
... Just like a pro*stitute/giga*lo.

7. But when I go back home it seems like I am coming back from hell...
... Just like a pro*stitute/giga*lo.

8. The client always wants to pay less but expects incredible things from me...
... Just like a pro*stitute/giga*lo.

9. When people ask me about mine job, I have difficulties to explain it...
... Just like a pro*stitute/giga*lo.

10. Everyday when I wake up, I say: "I'm not going to spent the rest of my life doing this."
... Just like a pro*stitute/giga*lo.

Due to the sensitivities of my job I just can't reveal it. But I can assure u that my job is very very well respected in the sociaty. My job is also very well sought after by new graduated. But to meet target & sales performance I have to do all the above plus a lot of extra.

So to my dear reader happy gussing. The weekend is near so I wish u all a happy & relaxing weekend.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


No!!I am not going to write about physical toilet. I am going to write what is ur impression & some juicy information at the end of this post.

A clean toilet in any home give a very good impression of the house owner. What is ur impression if that house is very expensive & impressive looking, but when u visit the toilet which is modern but it is dirty, smelly & even got unflushed stuff inside?? All the good impression is gone. I have even visit a toilet which is strew about with unwashed bra & undies of the house owner which is a lady. I lost all my good impression of that ladies defenitely no wify material. To me it show that the house owner is a messy person & couldn't borther to take care of personal hygiene. If that task couldn't be accomplished then other more important task in life is a failure.

I am a smoker. Increasly I can feel that I am being discreminate from all direction ( OK OK please spare me all the reasons why I shouldn't smoke & its effect on others. Lets not argue over that ) so much so that in order to enjoy my smoke, I have no choice but to smoke in the company's toilet. Now the company where I work in have 4 toilet, 3 seating type & one squating type. All this toilet are unisex ie both male & female can use. Being a cheapsake company there are no proper smokeing area so smoker have to smoke in the toilet. Out of the 4 toilet only one have ventilating fans ie the squating toilet. Of couse this is the most popular toilet as men can have a puff while ladies don't have to do half-squat to do their business. My smokeing time is between 10.30am to 11.00am & also between 11.45am to 12.15pm. In the afternoon it is between 2.30pm to 3.00pm & also 4.30pm to 5.00pm. This also happen to be the peeping time for most people so I have to waite for my turn to have a smoke in that squating toilet.( This is how I know some ladies don't wipe themself after peeing as this toilet have a faulty flush, so when I enter this toilet after the lady I don't see any toilet paper in the unflushed toilet bowl ). Those who can't waite have to use the next toilet by the side.

Now came the juicy part!!( No! No! I don't peep into the next toilet while I smoke OK. I am not that 'hor ny'). While smokeing I can more or less guss who is in the next toilet as the toilet is the type with open cilling type. For men I can heard the zip following by running tap sound & maybe a few relieve grunt. For ladies I can even smell their perfume & of couse heard them takeing off their undies to pee or unwarping sound when they apply the sanitary pad. Now the interesting part is the sound made by ladies peeing. Some of the ladies pee making a loud 'sheeeeeeeeeing' sound while other just made a lound 'phat'. Young unmarried lady made the 'sheeeeeing' sound. So I analyise that lady have a 'tight hole' while that of a 'phat' sound is mainly made by married ladies with 4 kids so I assume that the 'hole' is 'loose'. I could be be wrong as I can't ask the lady for a poke to test out my theory. So any doctor amoung my reader?? And please don't regard me as pervert as I couldn't help listening to lady peeing next door while I am puffing away in the toilet.

Monday, May 21, 2007


Peeing . This could be a 'hor ny' entry depend on ur view point. If u can analyse from a 'hor ny' direction then it b'cum 'hor ny'. Otherwise it is information as usual. Peeing something we must do everyday ( unless there is something wrong with ur tap ). How often & where depend on where we are & even on what we have in our stomach ( eg after eating a few big slice of water melon, sure have to pee ) & the job we do ( eg we do have more pee if we work in an air-coned enviroment ).

Guy can pee anywhere & everywhere & at anytime they please ( literally speaking of couse ). However since we now leave in a 'mordern sociaty' we just can't do as we please including peeing. Now how do a guy pee? Simple just take out the 'bro' & aim it at wherever he want to pee. Now, how well he aim depend on two thing. That is how high the pee pressure is & also the condition of the 'bro' or in this post I will refer to as the 'tap'. Now if the pee pressure is very high ( this is normally the case in the morning ) the pee will shoot out in a neat jet, provided that the guy pull back the protective skin covering the the 'bro' head. If he don't do that the pee will cum out like a garden hose ( set to spraying mode ) & of couse he will pee all over the place. No matter how carefull he aim, part of the pee will alway end outside the bowl unless he pee like a lady ( more about later ). Now if the guy have a 'nakel' 'bro', by right he should have a neat pee everytime, but sometime the 'tap' hole do get 'deform' & the pee cum out crooked so the pee is also messy but not like a garden hose of couse. Under low pressur this don't happen. But guy still have a messy pee!! Because of the low pressure guy sometime don't position the 'tap' over the toilet bowl hence the pee of couse end up on the floor ( with low pressure usually the 'bro' is soft & short ). Now all this is not applicable if the guy is having peeing contest ( I remember when I am young still schooling we regularely have a peeing contest, ie who can pee the highest or the furthest ).

Because of all this reasons, guy sometime end up haveing a messy pee ( so I do hope that my ladies reader will now understand why we guy sometime end peeing all over the place, & please don't scold us guy that the toilet bowl so big & ur 'bro' so 'small' how cum still pee over the bowl & on the floor ). Now after peeing what the the guy do??? Most of the guy just put back the 'bro' into the trouser regarless of the pee weted 'bro'. This is very 'dirty' as this guy underwear will be very dirty with pee & worse still sometime sitting next to such guy u can even smell the pee. Some guy try to clean the wet 'bro' by shacking it gentlely or vigrousely. This of couse mess up the toilet. Try to imageing the pee flying everwhere when this guy shack their 'bro'. Now I believed the proper way is to clean ur 'bro' after u pee ( yah! I know like a ladies, some might even call me sissy ) using toilet paper just dry ur wet 'bro' will do & ur underwear will not stink of pee & have yellow stine on it ( this is why white underwear is not popular with guys but ladies do find guy in white underwear or black underwear sex*xy ). This is why I always perfer toilet cubice to open type when peeing.

Now for the ladies. How do they pee?? They pee squating or sitting down of couse. What do u expect?? How they squat down is the different. At home or clean toilet with they perform the full squat. With dirty toilet they perform the 'half' squat. That is squat half way with bent knee, this also the same with dirty toilet seat what the ladies commonly refer to as the 'hovering' method. Of couse after they pee they wipe off the wet 'hole' with toilet paper. With ladies there are no much issue with messy toilet. Well most of the time anyway unless the pee pressure is high & they perform the half squat or sit then the pee might overshoot the toilet bowl. There is a cone type of device on the market which enable a ladies to pee standing up but this do not enable a ladies to clean the 'hole'. So I suppose becouse of this it is not popular. I should say most of the ladies do clean up after peeing. However I do known some who don't ( how I know? Maybe in the future post ).

This post is done at the requst of Iwan Sanchez because.............U ASK FOR IT.

Hope u like it.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


This is a 'hor ny' post. Please don't read if u r not 'ripe' enought ( I have to put a warning here as my reader could be underage ) & I shall not be liable for any damage or injuries cause by this post.

Bathing together. What I meant is guy & lady bathing together. So this post is applicable to married couple & guy & lady having inti*mate relationship. It is a very nice & stimulating experience. It feel very very nice having someone to wash every crook & canny part of ur body.

For guy.
Imageing the feeling having a lady's soft hand rubbing soap all over ur body & of couse scrubbing ur body with a soapy sponge. Imageing her hand rubbing or rather stocking ur 'bro' as she clean it. Imageing her hand pulling back the protective skin of ur 'bro' head & cleaning it with soap ( applicable to those with original 'bro', ie uncircumsie 'bro' ).This will granrantee to wake up ur sleeping 'bro' ( unless ur 'bro' have ED problem ) and of couse ur 'bro' will harden in no time. Imageing the feeling when she use her soapy to rubb against your body, expecially her firmed up brea*st.

For lady.
Imageing the strong soapy hand of a men carressing ur body while he clean it for u. The soapy strong hand cupping ur brea*st & cleaning it in a circular motion ( this is also the time to ask ur men to check ur brea*st for any lump for brea*st cancer ).Imageing ur men's strong soapy hand rubbing ur but*t & if he is strong enought he might just lift u up. Imageing the ur men strong soapy hand carressing & cleaning your 'hole' surrounding area & using his finger to scrub the two lips ( guy don't ever poke into the hole with ur soapy finger, it is 'clean' inside, this is also to prevent any health problem ). Imageing the feeling when he use his soapy body to hug u.

All this cleaning, rubbing & scrubbing activities is a form of very good foreplay. After both of of u have clean off all the soap, loving & pokeing can be carried out in the bathroom, provided that the bathroom is big enought. Care must be taken when pokeing in the bathroom as more often then not the floor of the bathroom is still slippery with soap & pokeing is usually done in the stand-up position with either the lady on one foot or the guy on one foot. Made sure that both of u keep ur balance. It will be a painfull experiance if a harden 'bro' get knocked or crushed against the floor if the guy lost the footing. If the bathroom not big enought for such activities u can always do it in the bedroom provided that both of u are having bath in the master bedroom's bathroom ( this is also the reason why next time if u buy house, always choose a house with front master bedroom with bathroom ). For ladies by now ur men will have a fully harden 'bro' which u could grap hold on & lead hin to the bed. For guy u can alway poke into ur lady & carried her to bed attached ( applicable to lady below 65kg or strong men with carrying power ). It is best to use liquid soap expecially the type which produce a lot of bubble. Soap bar can be use but u wouldn't want to spend ur time catching a slippery soap.

So what do u think. Game to try it out??

Rain!! Its rain finally.

Finally it rain. It have being so hot for the last few days. It rain this early morning. The atmosphere this morning is cooling. I can feel the wetness. And with wetness cum my 'hornyness'. I really feel like a bean spur. Ready to do my usual activities. I feel revitatised. Good day to all my reader & hope u all feel the way I do.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Afraid!!......Be very afraid!!!!

A few day ago in the newspaper got new about girls being cheated throught internet. One case is about a girl befriend a guy thought chating, after a meeting both of them do some pokeing. The thing that guy also took some nud*e photo of the girl. And when the girl want to end the relation that guy threaten to publish the photo in the internet. Worse still he also force the girl into the 'service' industry. The other case is similar except the girls trust a guy through chating that she gave him some money through their first meeting. That is the last that she saw him. I am sure there are many other cases about being cheated thought internet.

Guy & gurl expecially ladies, they should be carefull with who they befriend with ( however most of my reader are nice people, as I also read thought their blog which are most informative & by reading their entry I can more or less judge that they are nice people ) throght the net. Be on guard if such so called friend ask for money or even se*x the very first they meet u ( this is applicable to ladies, althought the case of lady ask guy for se*x I have not heard off ).

As I am new to internet ( only started blogging last year & before that I only know how to look at some nice pic in the net even that I need some of my good friend to teach me ) I tended to read whatever internet news with a pitch of salt ( I hope I don't offended my reader with this ) . That is also why untill now I am still faceless or as least I have the profile pic of a monkey ( courtesy of baby ) if I should show pic, who know I might be raped next time if I hapen to be in KL or Johor ( according to my friend it is very very dangerous there ). The other more important reason of couse due to some of my 'hor ny' entries. It would not be nice if I get recorgnised ( some guy will say ' so that is how u do it to ur lover or worse still they will ask my lover is that how I do it & if she really enjoy it' & some lady will also look at me & might even ask me how I feel doing it ). In blogsphere I don't mind writting whatsoever.

Thursday, May 10, 2007


No, I don't meant the death of my 'hornyness' althought due to the very hot weather all 'activities' is suspended until the enviroment is more condusive. I meant the sudden death of my colleague. The reason of her sudden death is work pressure. She have a bust blood vessel in her brain. Thus she have a black-out on friday & have her head operate on. The operation is a sucess according to her friend ( how can it be consider a sucess when she never wake since her black-out? ). This morning I received new that she is death!!! She is a young pretty lady weight around 50kg, her youngest child is only 1.5 years old & oldrest is only 5 years old. I really pity for the children expecially the young one. She will never get to experiance her mummy love. I also pity the hubby. What will u do if u r in his shoes???
I will for the moment image myself as him( touch-wood ). I will be crying my heart out & I will have to look around for a nanny for the two kids. That will be the immediated task to do. After that I will then have to look for a suitable 'partner' takeing into consideration that this partner is comtible to this two kid. But this might take a few years time. Or I might not do any planning & lets life take its course. What ever it is, my condolence & I wish the best for his family. As for my colleague I just lost a good friend who gave her life for the company.

So it is worth it trying to work ur as*s off to achieve company sale target??? Oh yes she have achieved her target for the whole year, & yet she received pressure from management to do even better. To me it is worthless. Ur life is more inportant. Ur family life is important. This value is priceless. If u loss ur job b'cos u can't achieve the sale target, it is NO the end of the world. Just find another job.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I am dying slowly...........

I am dying slowly under this hot weather. I meant my hornyness is 'dying'. Now it is at a very low level. Why does it have to be so darn hot. Global warming already starting??? Due to this hot spell this last few day, I have being sleeping naked. In fact with nobody around the house I will also go around naked. This is the only way I feel 'cool'.
How I wish I still live in the country side & not in the urban jungle now. At lest back then even when the sun is at its hight I can still feel some breeze & the air is not poluted. I can always have an afternoon nap under a big shardy tree. Now under this hot weather with poluted air my life is slowly being be stuffed out. Nowaday my lunch break is only 15 minites, the rest I spend in office to enjoy the cool air-coned air.

Friday, May 04, 2007

White Shirt & Green Bra

Why do ladies wear white shirt ( semi transparent wan ) with green bra???!!! Don't they know that it is very very distractive to us male! This is expecially so if that lady happen to have a great body shape, slim body, long leg, tight as*s but breast is bit on the small size but still very stimulating as the bra is the half-cup type. But why green bra???

I am refering to one of the auditor. She is busy pokeing her nose into all sort of file & carbinate she can find & busy recording all her finding. Luckly she is not auditing my department. If she did, I will find it difficult to stand up ( as my 'bro' stood up on my behalf ) & if she ask me question I might ask her why green. If I really did that I will be in deep trouble!!!!

So to my reader may I ask why green??

Thursday, May 03, 2007

I have being lucky........So far!!!

My gf have being driving my car like there is no tomorrow. Nothings wrong with that except the car have an expired road tax. It has being overdue by more that two weeks. It is a generally accepted fact that ladies know nuts about car ( most ladies ). As long as the car can start & move, the car is perfectly OK to them. This apply to my gf, she don't check the car tyre ( she can even drive a car on almost three wheel once as one of the tyre is almost flat due to a small leak ), never check on engine oil ( most lady don't check ), never fill up the wiper water ( complain why no water when wanting to clean the wind screem ), never check on headlight condition ( left it on, in daylight in rainy day & then went shopping for almost a day then complain why battery is flat ) & of couse never check on the road tax. I suppose this 'job' is to be done by the guy ( but there are a lot guy who know nut about car also ).

The other reason why I feel I am lucky so far is becouse I am still undiscovered! I have being 'bloging' like a mouse ( on the lookout for cat ), always on the look out, lest that gf got to know about it. While in office the same case apply, lest that my stuff get to know my blog & of couse how 'hor ny' I am in blogsphere!! All this mouseing around is rather thrilling to me.