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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Life in the countryside in the good old day.

Back in the old day those of us who live the countryside don't have electricity or tap water so we have 2 use stream water 4 our daily need & firewood/candle/kerosene 4 cooking & lighting.
Life is peacefull and carefree.We spend our free time after study catching fish or birds (those that really fly). We will take bath from stream and have a good playing in the water. Now throught a personal experian when I was young I like 2 play in the stream nakel nothing feel better then the feeling of cool water all over ur body.But after being bitten by the small fish in the stream on mine 'equitment' I have 2 wear at lest mine underwear while playing the the stream. The experiance is damn painfull one. So 2 those of u who like 2 play play in stream please wear ur underwear OK.

Answering nature call while on the road.

For guy 2 pee while on the road is no problem just stop the car & pee by the roadside or at the nearest drain. However 4 girl or if u have 2 shiit then how? Out in the open other road user can c u. Well this is what I do. U open bothe the front & back door of u car & do yr business in between the door there u can do your 'businese in privacy'

Just made sure u drive up a bit so that the front passagent don't step on ur pee or shiit when they get in.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Answering nature call in nature.

This is mine first post. This happen 2 me a long time ago while I am just a kid (I am still a kid).Say what will u do 2 answer the call of nature & there is no toilet around? Well 4 small call we guy have no problem any crook & corner will do. This is applicable 2 ladies as well but they have 2 squat down so the clearing 4 them 2 pee have 2 be bigger.

Now what happen if u happen 2 be in jungle or in countryside 4 eg camping,jungle tracking,site inspection etc and there is no toilet around & no papper also & u have 2 answer a big call of nature. The following is what u do.

1. U need 2 dig a hole b4 u 2 shiit in it.If 2 lazy 2 dig hole also can do.

2.& u also need leaves 2 wripe ur butt!!

3.Don't use the following type of leaves:- hairy type
small type

Well the above is what I do while living in the countryside with no proper toilet.