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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Answering nature call in nature.

This is mine first post. This happen 2 me a long time ago while I am just a kid (I am still a kid).Say what will u do 2 answer the call of nature & there is no toilet around? Well 4 small call we guy have no problem any crook & corner will do. This is applicable 2 ladies as well but they have 2 squat down so the clearing 4 them 2 pee have 2 be bigger.

Now what happen if u happen 2 be in jungle or in countryside 4 eg camping,jungle tracking,site inspection etc and there is no toilet around & no papper also & u have 2 answer a big call of nature. The following is what u do.

1. U need 2 dig a hole b4 u 2 shiit in it.If 2 lazy 2 dig hole also can do.

2.& u also need leaves 2 wripe ur butt!!

3.Don't use the following type of leaves:- hairy type
small type

Well the above is what I do while living in the countryside with no proper toilet.


Baby Jee said...

hahaha Horny ang moh, i think you discussed this in my blog before~heheh but still funny ler!!! hahaha.. and so cute the way u wrote it... erm... I will help u with ur templete soon... so ur blog will look prettier but... erm.. u must contact me thro msn or smth... email?

Horny Ang Moh said...