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Friday, March 30, 2007


Due to the current hot weather my 'hornyness' is put on hold thus nomal post resume.
I have no tidy my garden shed for a long time. In fact it is full of 'ah gi pu cha' stuff. Within nothing to do ( I finished playing mine pc game & mine gf is in her monthly 'close' period ) I decided to give the garden shed a cleaning.

Look! This is what I find in the garden shed. Rats!!! The garden shed has being turned into a rat mansion!

I only manage to catch the baby rats or rather I manage to get the baby rats. The papa, mama & all the other rat relative manage to excape. There are 7 inmature rats baby & 6 new born rats baby. All of them are still blind.

Nomally I don't mind rats in the wild. But I hate rats when they infest mine house, in fact I don't like to live in rats infested house.This is what happen to me last time when I lieved in such a house, actually a rented house.

Rats have the bad habit of chewing up stuff & pooing all over the place. Rats seem to like mine clothing particularly mine underwear. After rats have gone throught chewing mine underwear I find that if I wear that underwear ( sometime i have no choice as I do mine lundry once a week ) I don't ever have to take off that underwear when attending nature call. Why? The darm rat have created two big hole on mine underwear one behind ( now I can be poked) & one in front ( now I can do the pokeing ). Because of this I spend more money buying underwear then other type of cloths ( the supermarket sale girls did ask me why I buy underwear on a regular basic & I tell her I have a wild lover ).

Anothe reason why I don't like rat infested house is b'cos of their nightly activities. While I am doing my nightly activities that is while I am banging mine lover away on mine bed, half a drozen rats are also banging away on the ceiling board. Just as I am geting into a banging rhythem ( my lover enjoying ) the darm rats upset mine banging rhythem with all their lound thumping & squeaking sound ( this squeaking sound also drown out the soft moan that mine lover made ).

How to get rid of the rats? U can rear cat which is what I use ( made sure that the cat u rear can catch rat ). U can use rat poison which I have try before & I don't like. This is because after eating the poison the rat end up dying everwhere & anywhere & if a poor cat happen to eat this rat it will end up dead also. U can use rat traps. I use that also. Please clean the trap with soapy water & dryed before u use the trap against. This is because traped rat leave a distress sence behind the trap & if u didn't clean the trap it can never trap another rat. Another favourite method is the use of mouse glue. I just apply the glue on a study cardboard & to attract the rats I use some tasty food like biskuit to attract the rats. I then left the cardboard where rats are. The problem using rat glue is u have to be very carefull when applying the glue as it is very sticky.

Oh before I forgot all the baby rats shown above ends up in mine two cats stomach. Someone once told me that eating new born rat alive will boost your sexerise, I almost want to try it out & give mine lover a surprise. But looking at the tick infested mice change mine mind.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Hor ny Entry!!! The Art Of Love M akeing..Part 2

Previously I have talk about giving a lady good time. Now its is the ladies turn on how to give guy a good time. It is far more easier to get a guy to 'turn on' & get a 'hard on' out of a guy then to turn a lady 'hor ny' & 'wetness' out of her's.

Guy get 'turn on' mainly through sight but smell is also applicable. Opposit se x attract ( actually same se x also attract as in lesbo & g ay). Guy get stimulated by the sight of lady's face & body shape. The face need not be beautifull but a great body shape is a must to most guy. To a guy in general, slim body shape like those of a model is generally a turn on. I do agree some lady from behind look great ( thus we guy hurryly try to get in front & have a look at the face ) but in most case the face is so so only & in some case terrible but ladies don't worry you can still have your guy. In fact some guy perfer cubby ladies . ( some guy say it is painfull m akeing love to skinny ladies due to the banging against her pelvis bone, but I do know it is difficult to try out all sort of position if the ladies is much bigger size then the guy )

Guy get very stimulated by looking lady's leg. Long & slim leg!! A se xy pair of leg which look extra se xy when wearing high heel ( but the leg must be smooth & not unsightly with vain & hair, Ladies go round this problem by wearing socking which in turn, 'turn on' a guy even more, image a guy unpresant surprise when the socking is off or the lady forget to shave her hairy leg & the guy pay a surprise visit ).When a lady sat down & cross those pair of leg, the sight & action of crossing & uncross is enought to sent 'hor ny' though going a guy mind. And some ladies have the habit of drangling her feet while sitting crossed with her high heel shoe half off. To a guy this is consider se xy sight. Thus some office lady look very se xy.

Apart from this the boob is the next most 'turn on' sight for the guy who will always try to have a sneak peek of it. What type is hard to define as a lady boob came to all sort of shape & size. But it is safe to say a bigger boob is always prefer to a 'flat' one. Hence this fact is exploited by ladies who have the abilities to enchance their boob temporary or permenantly. A good example will be the use of 'enhancement' bra, the guy might be so 'turn on' that when the bra is off it is already too late to be 'turn off' as he is already 'in' or the lady just turn off the light! Sight of a lady eating, licking or s ucking ( eg eating crap, sea snail, banana or ice-cream ) do 'turn on' a guy. Smell also did the same. Some guy do fine a lady smell se xy when she is sweating after a game of badminton ( now she is wearing short & t-shirt which wet with sweat ) for eg.

By nature a guy usually enjoy m akeing love. For a guy the fore play is not so complicated. Just a little licking, rubbing, s ucking on the 'equipment' will do. U don't need to shallow the whole 'equipmen' as it is difficult to do so unless you have a lot of practical lesson or the guy 'equipment' is small.Guy do find it very very enjoyable if the lady use use her tongue to rub on the 'equipment' head while she s uck on it. In fact so enjoyable, some guy just cum in her mouth.( please ladies don't use your teeth to scrab the sensitive head or worse still chew on it, it is very very painfull ). The 'equipment' head is well position to recieve all the rubbing which reach a climate when he unloaded or when he cumed.

Guy do enjoy more when he made love to a lady who is more responsive with her body movement & behaviour. He receive enjoyment when he go pokeing in & out of the 'hole'. How much he enjoyed or rather how fast he cum depend on the lady performance, guy find it very stimulating if the lady moan softly & in rhythem with his pokeing (but it varies between guys some like it soft while some like loud but definetly not total silent or yelling at the top of her voice ) & the squeezing on the 'equipment' by the hole. ( of couse if your equipment is small & short u will need more pokeing & you need the lady's mouth service to have more enjoyment).

In conclusion to the art of m akeing love, I will advice safe love m akeing. For guy please don't go pokeing into any hole you see or any hole made available to you. Either you pay for the hole or the hole just happen to be there. Remember a healthy hole smell ok, a bit fishy but definetly not like rotten fish. For the ladies please don't simply allow yourself to be poked unless the guy is a pro (thus you don't end with a big tummy 9 months later )& you are sure to enjoy it & most importantly he is clean. And also for ladies please don't simply take birth control pill without doctor advice. It is much better to control the guy then to suffer the side effect of birth control pill.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Hor ny Entry!!! The Art of Love M akeing

Read it with an open mind OK. So is love m akeing an art? To most it is just an act of pokeing in & out while enjoying the act ( pokeing using your 'equipment', 'bro' or your pen is into a lady's poo sy ) in the case of guy. As for ladies it is the act of being poked & hope that the act is enjoyable & that the guy last long enought for her to be enjoyable.

I consider that it is an art b'cos the act should be enjoyable to both parties also more often than not it is the guy who enjoy while the lady is left with a 'almost there but not quite there yet' sort of feeling. I am sure that mine sexperiance ladies reader will know what I am talking about ( in fact u will be surprise that a lot of ladies don't experiance 'high' before ).

So ladies first! That is how to mad e love to a ladies & have enjoyment together. Ok people say for love m akeing to be enjoyable there must be feeling, well I do agree to a certain degree but that is another topic . Guy u must understand a ladies physicaly first before u can really give her enjoyment.

So how to stimulate a ladies? Ladies get 'turn on' differently from guy ( I shall talk about ladies first then guy later ).Ladies get 'turn on' due to a guy physical apperance, smell & even behavious, and ladies are expecially 'hor ny' during the mid term between their period ( this is also the period where they can get pregnate easily ).Fore play is important to warm up a lady. Physically a ladies get 'turn on' through kiss behind the ear carressing on the b rest & the poo sy area. Rubbing the two poo sy 'lips' & the bob of flesh on top of the two 'lips' is most stimulating as it is hightly sensitive using your hand or perferably using your 'bro'. Kissing the poo sy & gently scrubing the sensitive area with your teeth will sent a lady into a highly stimulate state. Your can also use your tongue to the same effect or poke in using your tongue.

Now some guy consider it 'dirty', well to a healthy lady the poo sy area is the 'cleanest' area if she keep to proper personal cleaniness, why b'cos any germ is being kill off by the acidic enviroment. How does it taste like? Well it taste slightly acidic & a bit salty as for smell, a bit fishy, all together an aggreeable taste & smell. As they say 'taste like chicken smell like fish'. The juice can be clear if she have regular sexerise or milky in colour. Naturally some ladies have more juice then other, if the ladies is rather 'dry' then u will have to use gel available any phma store as it is painfull to go pokeing into a dry hole.

A lady have two very sensitive spot the so called g spot which if properly stimulated she will achieve or gasm. One is located just inside the poo sy about 2" on the top part, you can feel a rought patch buy pokeing in & rub with your finger. Another g spot is located deep inside the poo sy. A lady feel enjoyment once this spots is being stimulated that is the act of pokeing in & out. But the problem is most ladies only get properly stimulated after pokeing in & out for at lest 10 minites.

The problem now is that some guy cannot even last for 10 minites of pokeing before they cum. This is b'cos their bro is very sensitive or the poo sy is tight. So how to last longer before u cum?

Some guy have their 'bro' undressed that the skin protecting the 'bro' head is being removed hence with all the constant rubbing it lost its sensitivities. Some guy practice rubbing in the bathroom using soap ( so ladies, that is why some guy spend a long time taking bath & the soap last only 2 days ). Or u can try physcology, while pokeing away think of unstimulating though like accident, csi forensi or anythings terrible. Apart from this you can try the 'withdraw method' when you almost want to cum you pull out your 'bro' for a while ( beat it around the bush ) the poke it in against. This method worked but the disadvantage is your self control must be super good & u cannot enjoy fully of couse your lover will not like it all ( she is enjoying all the pokeing & almost near high & then you pull out the enjoyment ) in fact she will not allow you to pull out ( hence we heard story of accidental birth ) by warping her legs around your or grasp your b* utt. Another better method is you empty your bullet before sexerise ( using soap or whatever ) due to your low reserve you will find is difficult to cum.This will prolong your cum.
Similarly if you feel yourself going soft then think of something stimulating like animal sence as in animal planet imageing yourself as a lion doing a lioness. Another way is to wear con dom, the thicker type or u can wear the rought type which is more enjoyable to the ladies.( I don't really advise the use of vigra, tongkat ali or whatever, just eat healthy food & have regular sexerise, your will find your performance improve with practice ).Most ladies don't like guy to wear con dom as they lost the rubbing feeling.

Ladies perfer some position more to other. Generally the missionaly position is perfer by the guy as it is not so tireying where as ladies perfer 'dogg y' position as the penitration is the deepest. Most guy don't like it as it is tirying & some guy couldn't do it as they are not long enought.

Rgardless of what ever position u use a ladies will be able achieved o gasme if you gave her a proper fore play & if you poke long enought, at lest 30 minites with different rpm sometime fast sometime slow & also different depth.

Well that is roughtly how to made an enjoyable love to a ladies.

To be continue.....

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Hor ny Entry!!! After Effect of M ateing/Love M akeing

Please don't read if u r not 'ripe' enought OK. So what is the effect???? Happy? Tired? Happy & Tired? OR just a sence of EMPTYNESS?!! Those of you who have m ake love will know what I am talking about. If u r still a v ergin ( b'cos u r still young or haven't find a p oosie to accept your bro or for lady you haven't let the guy in ) then sooner or later you will get to experiance it or have to m ake love ( unless you are a monk or just very unlucky/afraid to tried it out ) to someone you opposit or same as you if you are a g ay or l esbo.

You will agree with me that this is the only tireing job that a normal guy is most willing to do for free. Oh yes that include me!!! Unless that is, you are totally not mine type then it is still possible, but I have to shut mine eye or perform it in total darkness!! Don't laugh OK.

As for me it has being a sence of emptyness lately after most session of sexerise (after the session I find myself asking myself why am I doing this tireying 'job' ? ). I don't know why?? Maybe b'cos I know mine partner too well, her taste, perference & timeing so there are no much 'exploration' left for me to do. I end giving & not receiving ( she c um & have a few high whereas I didn't c um or can't c um, not that I mind as I believed makeing a ladies happy & sence of well being is, by right a natural job for men ).

I think I need to find new partner!!! But I can't do that where I live, I am quite well known in mine area ( as an officer & gentlemen type definetely no as h orny ang moh ) I think I will do that in mine next visit to KL ( but I failed that mission in mine pervious entry under 'h orny in kl sightseeing & extra circulum activities ). Perhap some of mine reader will be kind enought to help me out? To the guys & ladies out there please don't made known to your partner that you have multiple sexerise partner as you will be in deep trouble. This is due to our selfish prosessive humen nature.

This entry is a prelude to a very very h orny entry which is still developing in mine h orny head, as some of mine reader is bugging me for up-date. This entry is an ah hoc entry as I have just a 'empty' sexerise a few hour ago. If this entry is a bit not to your taste kindly left your comment in fact any comment is wellcum.

Have a nice or should I say 'h orny' day.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

DIY Kitchen Hood Installation & Maintence

Kitchen hood is now consider a necessary acessory in the kitchen. Its main function is to s uck out all the smoke from the cooking as m'sian like to do a lot of frying with oil ( hence the food here taste better ). Apart from this I suppose the kitchen hood can also be use to show off together with other high tech gismo in the kitchen when guest visit the kitchen.

I choose kitchen hood base on its s ucking power ( afterall its main function is to s uck out cooking smoke) measure in cube square meters. The s ucking power will depend on the type of fan use. From mine survey I find that 16 blades turbine fan is the most powerfull at 1300 cube square meters of air per mintes. Apart from s ucking power, I will consider the price, feature, build material & maybe brand.

In the end I choose the above base on its 2 powerfull s ucking fans, auto cleaning feature & also its slim design. I also like the twin light.

Installing the kitchen hood is a stright forward process. In mine case it is made easier as I have already prepare the smoke outlet together with the flexible aluminium tube. I use aluminium hose as it is more durable in the long run even though it is more expensive now. Plastic flexible outlet hose is not heat resistent & will become brittle in the long run. However when installing the aluminium hose to the hood's outlets care must be taken so as no to overstright the hose or the aluminium joint will be disjoint showing split. I have also prepare the power point.

The kitchen hood is install just by drilling two hole & fixing the suppled wall bracked to the wall. The hight of the kitchen hood is measure between the cooking strove & the fan about 36 inches. Too high the kitchen hood the s ucking power is decrease. You can adjust the hight by about 3 inches using the bracket.

As shown the s ucking power is strong enought to s uck up the wok cover. This is also the method I use to check on kitchen hood. To enable your kitchen hood to be efficient, regular clean up is necessary. U can just wripe the surface area using mild soap or just the dish cleaner.

For the fan to be in optimal operation condition u have to clean them regularly, once a week if possible. As the fan is made of aluminium it get corroded with salty smoke. Takeing out the fan is very tidious ( I do take apart everythings when I want to oiled the fan motors ) , thus a easier method is to switch on the kitchen hood & spray directly on to the spining fan with dish cleaner using a sprayer. Immediately you will notice all the oilly liquide collected on the oil collection pan, you will have to empty several pan until the liquide is just the dish cleaner. After that u will spray the fan with water to clean out the dish cleaner. The whole process take from a few mintes to more than 15 mintes depended on how dirty the fans is.

As for me I usually connected a small hose to the oil collection hole & just spray on the fans. ( I am too lazy to empty out the small oil pan several time). After that I just put back the oil pan. I also don't fix the fan grill as without the grill I don't have to wash the oilly grill, but you have to be carefull that you don't put your head near the spining fan , this is highly unlikely as your head will be above the frying pan to do this.

The above diy save me RM100-oo. Quite enought for me to spend on other things or activities.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Jack fruit & wild durian

I have jack fruits during CNY as it is very cheap. Three for RM1-00. I have 2 myself. I feel very full after that.

The fruits taste sweet with a strong smell. In fact after a while yours pee will have the smell of the fruit. You can also eat the seed after boiling its in salty water. Well jack fruit is suppose to be a 'heaty' fruit, but its have no such effect on me. After eating it, 2 in fact I am still not in 'heat'.

The next fruits I have is wild durian. Nomal durian I am sure every body knows. Wild durian is wild , u can find it in the jungle. Nomally eaten by wild animal like monkey, bat & fallen ripe fruit by wild boar. The native notice that it can be eaten also by us thus we joint our wild friend ( the monkey ) & animal in eating wild durian. The native will bring this fruit to be sold as jungle product.

The size of the fruits is quite small. ( Mine c-phone is there as comperison ). The colour of ripe fruit is from redish orange to yellow where as the meat is redish orange in colour. The fruits taste sweet.Unlike durian, wild durian have a weak smell. I have no idea if the fruit is heaty or no as I did'nt feel any effect.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Computer Maintence......Hardware

This CNY holiday ( hornyday 2 me ) is most boring wan. Mine usual partner instead of giving 'ang pow' is carrying 'ang pow' herself.( According to tradition she is not qualified to give 'ang pow' ). Hence no 'hor ny activities' so I go & give mine computer a clean up.

Depend on your computer, branded computer like dell,hp,nec etc operate quietly as they content only one cooling fan runing at min revolution, whereas croned computer is usually noisy as it got a few cooling fans. ( But branded computer cost a bomb & not value for money ). After sometime your might find that your computer is runing more & more noisy & become unstable. This is becouse the cooling fans & heatsink inside is cloged with dust & even hair, hence heat & noise become a issue.

First open up the computer casing & take out all the cooling fans carefully. Cooling fans are usually on cpu, agp, power supply unit & on some mainboad.Be extra carefull when u remove the agp card from the slot then u remove the heatsink & cooling fan if ur agp card don't have cooling fan, u just have to clean the heatsink only. This also apply to removing cpu cooling fan & its heatsink which is secure by clips.U will also have to remove the memory ram from its slots carefully. It is normally dusty as it is situated near cpu's heatsink & cooling fan.Hence heated up contributing to system unstabilities.Oh before I forgot please switch off & remove the power cord from the power socket. I don't want my dear reader to be electrocuted.

I clean using flat brushes the type use for water colour one small size to clean small fans & one big size to clean up mainboard. For me I open up everythings even the power supply unite & clean up the dust inside. I also use a valcum cleaner to suckup & blowclean ( eeeh! suckup & blowclean sound like a hor ny phase ) my computer, monitor & keyboard.

The above DIY is to be carried out at ur own risk as a computer mainboard content a lof of delicate component, if u r rought handed ur computer will go 'kaput'. I shall not be liable.As for me I open up everythings even the power supply unit to clean up the dust.

I like to do DIY if possible as I get to save some monies & to gain knowledge. However the above service is provided in most computer shop for a fee of couse. I do provide computer service if I happen to have time & if I happen to be near where u r free of monetary charge in return for frienship & free food as giving free service made me very hungry. ( Actually I meant to say is I will give free computer service & hor ny service if I am free & with my bro approval. Without my bro approval then just computer service only. He! He! Just a hor ny though ).

Feel free to ask OK. And wish all mine reader a happy ' Jar Goh May' ie 15th day CNY this cuming 11-03-07.