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Monday, March 26, 2007

Hor ny Entry!!! The Art Of Love M akeing..Part 2

Previously I have talk about giving a lady good time. Now its is the ladies turn on how to give guy a good time. It is far more easier to get a guy to 'turn on' & get a 'hard on' out of a guy then to turn a lady 'hor ny' & 'wetness' out of her's.

Guy get 'turn on' mainly through sight but smell is also applicable. Opposit se x attract ( actually same se x also attract as in lesbo & g ay). Guy get stimulated by the sight of lady's face & body shape. The face need not be beautifull but a great body shape is a must to most guy. To a guy in general, slim body shape like those of a model is generally a turn on. I do agree some lady from behind look great ( thus we guy hurryly try to get in front & have a look at the face ) but in most case the face is so so only & in some case terrible but ladies don't worry you can still have your guy. In fact some guy perfer cubby ladies . ( some guy say it is painfull m akeing love to skinny ladies due to the banging against her pelvis bone, but I do know it is difficult to try out all sort of position if the ladies is much bigger size then the guy )

Guy get very stimulated by looking lady's leg. Long & slim leg!! A se xy pair of leg which look extra se xy when wearing high heel ( but the leg must be smooth & not unsightly with vain & hair, Ladies go round this problem by wearing socking which in turn, 'turn on' a guy even more, image a guy unpresant surprise when the socking is off or the lady forget to shave her hairy leg & the guy pay a surprise visit ).When a lady sat down & cross those pair of leg, the sight & action of crossing & uncross is enought to sent 'hor ny' though going a guy mind. And some ladies have the habit of drangling her feet while sitting crossed with her high heel shoe half off. To a guy this is consider se xy sight. Thus some office lady look very se xy.

Apart from this the boob is the next most 'turn on' sight for the guy who will always try to have a sneak peek of it. What type is hard to define as a lady boob came to all sort of shape & size. But it is safe to say a bigger boob is always prefer to a 'flat' one. Hence this fact is exploited by ladies who have the abilities to enchance their boob temporary or permenantly. A good example will be the use of 'enhancement' bra, the guy might be so 'turn on' that when the bra is off it is already too late to be 'turn off' as he is already 'in' or the lady just turn off the light! Sight of a lady eating, licking or s ucking ( eg eating crap, sea snail, banana or ice-cream ) do 'turn on' a guy. Smell also did the same. Some guy do fine a lady smell se xy when she is sweating after a game of badminton ( now she is wearing short & t-shirt which wet with sweat ) for eg.

By nature a guy usually enjoy m akeing love. For a guy the fore play is not so complicated. Just a little licking, rubbing, s ucking on the 'equipment' will do. U don't need to shallow the whole 'equipmen' as it is difficult to do so unless you have a lot of practical lesson or the guy 'equipment' is small.Guy do find it very very enjoyable if the lady use use her tongue to rub on the 'equipment' head while she s uck on it. In fact so enjoyable, some guy just cum in her mouth.( please ladies don't use your teeth to scrab the sensitive head or worse still chew on it, it is very very painfull ). The 'equipment' head is well position to recieve all the rubbing which reach a climate when he unloaded or when he cumed.

Guy do enjoy more when he made love to a lady who is more responsive with her body movement & behaviour. He receive enjoyment when he go pokeing in & out of the 'hole'. How much he enjoyed or rather how fast he cum depend on the lady performance, guy find it very stimulating if the lady moan softly & in rhythem with his pokeing (but it varies between guys some like it soft while some like loud but definetly not total silent or yelling at the top of her voice ) & the squeezing on the 'equipment' by the hole. ( of couse if your equipment is small & short u will need more pokeing & you need the lady's mouth service to have more enjoyment).

In conclusion to the art of m akeing love, I will advice safe love m akeing. For guy please don't go pokeing into any hole you see or any hole made available to you. Either you pay for the hole or the hole just happen to be there. Remember a healthy hole smell ok, a bit fishy but definetly not like rotten fish. For the ladies please don't simply allow yourself to be poked unless the guy is a pro (thus you don't end with a big tummy 9 months later )& you are sure to enjoy it & most importantly he is clean. And also for ladies please don't simply take birth control pill without doctor advice. It is much better to control the guy then to suffer the side effect of birth control pill.


PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

Hahahahha! This post is much better than the previous. I guess it's because you tried to describe it from woman's point of view in the previous entry, which is weird. This entry makes me laugh. Hahahah! Funny, the way you expressed it.

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi purple mushroom! So I suppose u r agreeable to this entry.

Iwan Sanchez said...

hello Horny Angmoh,
thanks for visiting my blog despite only 56K..

hmmm... however, i also get turn on when i see a girl licking an ice cream..

and a gal scent can really me instant hard on.. but i dun fancy gal with a sweaty smell!!


Imagine her pussy also stinks!!


hmmm.. ur entries never fail to wake my bro up..


Russ said...

Kekekeke.... Horny, u really King of all Horny guys lah..
Girls crossing legs & eating crab also can get turned-on... kekeke..
But at least u r not shy to admit it.. thumbs-up! :)

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Russ! No lah I am not that hor ny. But if a real se x boom do that, what do u think?

Princess Eileen said...

Hi hor ny ang moh, at last china decided to unblock blogspot. Wow, I love your post, makes me go wu la la & a gu gu.

Splendid writings indeed!

Russ said...

Hahaha, yes, if a sex bomb did that, it should turn most guys on, but I was picturing some ordinary old aunty crossing her legs & eating crab... kekeke, dont know why but that was on my mind when reading ur post!