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Thursday, December 28, 2006


I just received the new that mine current boss is being transfer to a new department. This is disturbing news. Mine current boss is a nice man most understand & don't give unresonable demand & most important he give recornition hence promotion when it is due.

For those who work under a boss, u will know that he pay a very inportant role in our life. How much we earn will be base on his recomendation hence our daily well being. He atitude will influnce our working life. If he is a real ass-hole we will seek other co to work.

I just hope & pray to whoever up-there that mine new boss is as good if no better then mine out going boss. Anyway from now on mine future with the co will be waite & see & I will have to understand the new boss before making any drastic move.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Have u notice time seem 2 past at different rate? On daily basic breakfast time seem to past extra quick. Snozing time always no enought. Before u know it u must wake up or else u will be late 4 work sometime u will miss breakfast b'cos u snozing just a bit extra then u end up with all the jam as everybody also rush to work. An extra 5 mintes early made all the different! (If I have early morning sexersice then I would't dare to do on workday unless extra horny then sure late 4 work, usually excuse is meet client or car battry flat!)

Time also seem to past extra when I am on leave, before I know it I am back working. I will be back working next week today ie 03-01-07. What have I done on this year end leave? Well just a few DIY to be blog later.

Time also seem to past very quickly when u do things that u enjoy. For me doing sexcise is one before u know it 30 minites has past & mine lover is in seventh heven & I haven't cum & I am wet all over not from love but from sweat, yeah that is how I excerise to keep fit. Another good example for me is when I play pc game. Usual time is after bath around 9.30pm. Oh the night is still very young. A quick pc gaming is OK I will hit the sack by 12.30am. Damn once started I am stuck to the pc, before I know it is already 3.00 am in the morning I have 2 hit the sack at once. Next morning I end up going 2 work with beady eyes looking very tired. Any enquiry by college is I have 3 round of sexercise!!! (I am stuck to mine pc playing when mine lover is not around or when she watch korea boring love series, other then that I am usually stuck to her!!!)

Saturday, December 16, 2006

PC game

Last few days or rather night have being rather busy for me as I have install a few games six games in fact.

1 Dawn Of War- Dark Crusade
2 Mark Of Chaos
3 Dungeon Siege-Broken World
4 War On Terror
5 2142 Battlefield
6 Need For Speed-Most Wanted.

Ahhhhhhhh!!! So far have being enjoying myself with Dark Crusade every night. Luckly mine lover is having her off period or rather mine horny period is off as her is having herrrr.........But I will still perform mine duty as lover every night or whenever she need it, but after that I am stuck to mine PC instead of her. He! He! He!

Bad Luck............

From bad day to bad luck!!! 3 day after geting mine Pajero going it is mine nissan turn to give me headach!!!(I wander wheather it want to get mine attention as I use it to tow back the pajero, couldn't be as I praise it for be so strong as to tow back a big 4WD like pajero.) It start nice enought but later during the day when mine lover want to use it it just wouldn't start. NOW WHAT!!!!!!!!! Oh just a flat battery, but hello I use maintence free battery a BOSH battery for ------- sack!!! And I bought it 15 months ago, just outside warranty period. Damn luck!

As usualy I DIY battery change. I bought a Yogohama brand this time cost me RM220-00.
That is no the end of the story, due to mine carelessness I accidentelly disconect the battery
without back-up hence the car ecu setting is gone. With defult setting the car behave like unsatisfief lover. No choice but to reset at nissan workshop cost me RM46-20. Just this few days mine cars cost me RM333-20.

DIY Ac Pump

Due to bad economic nowaday I have being saving real hard for rainny day. One way I can save is on mine fuel expenses, hence I perfer to travel on this nowaday..........

So I only use mine Pajero once a week or when its rain.(Mine company don't fancy a wet & soaked to the ball Horny Ang Moh reporting to work). Thus on that day when I want to repair the punture tyre after it have being manually pump using bicycle, the Pajero do start after a few kick. It feel very shuggish no power at all even if I press the paddel to the floor. After moving a few hundred meter from the house the damn car died on me.

NOW WHAT!! As '####!!!%%%18XXXX' go through mine mind. I have no choice but to tow back the Pajero using mine other car a Nissan Sentra saloon. Small car towing big car back to mine house. Luckly only a few hundred meter & now on the main road. That will be real emberassing.

Now for those of u who don't have desiel car, it is usually no much of a problem compare to petrol car. If it don't start or start with difficulty it is usually the battery is weak, heater is gone, ac pump leaking air, fuel pump faulty or worse case engine head having problem. In mine case I discover that the ac pump is leaking air. This is how it look like...............
The one on the left is the recon one after I seach the whole town for it on mine trusty Honda Ex5. Cost me RM60-00.The one on the right is the faulty one, look much newer but it is leaking air & new one cost a bomb! Anyway I took out and fix in the recon ac pump myself. I use the recon fuel filter as well as I discover that it is still very clean even though it look very dirty on the outside.

The faulty ac pump without the connector. The container contain gasoline which I use together with toot brush to clean the recon ac pump. So on that day I spend RM60-00 on ac pump (will cost around RM150-00 to RM200-00 if u tow ur car to workshop & they will kill like pig with all sort of reason why u car don't start ) & RM7-00 on tyre punture.

Bad Day!!!!!!!!!

I wake up a few morning ago and discover this on mine Pajero!!!!!!!!!

'%*@$@!!!~&XXX18%' go through mine mind while I spend nearly an hour pumping up the damn rear tyre using a bicycle pump! I nearly have cramp on mine hand.(Definetly no sexcerise for me that day). Anyway the punture cost me RM7.00. Ah that is no the end of the event, before repairing the punture, the damn car give me another headach. Next entry.........

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Hired!! As Conndoms Tester!!

A few days ago I received a letter from durex. Gosh! I am excited when I saw 'Congratulations! You've just been hired!' I have forgot about the application. Refer to mine entry dated 06-09-06.
Upon opening the letter ( I have half expected it content term & condition of employment ) it content the one successful applicant letter, testers questionnaire & one small packet of durex fetherlite with three condom for me to test.
I am a bit disappointed. I expect to recieved may be a bit more condom or at least different range of condom 4 me to test out. Well I tell myself something is better then nothing.

The above show the condom I normaly use. From left to right, Durex fetherlite, Hunter comdom free gear 002, Hunter condom big gear & one no brand condom ( which I use just once ) red in colour. Hunter condom free gear 002 is the one I usually use for nomal sesion lasting between 20 minites to 40 minites. Hunter condom big gear is use for exteneded sesion lasting more then 40 minites. U may have notice the big gear is full of spike as shown on the box. This is the one I use to give mine lover extended pleasure as its is rather thick hence I don't really enjoy it, but mine lover it as it stimulated her to the max.The reason why mine sexecise last so long is maybe b'cos mine 'equipment' ( 'equipment' refer to sexual organ or 'cock' if u like ) have being in regular use, so lost a lot of its sensitivety.

I like the durex fetherlite b'cos it is thin & give both me & mine lover pleasure. I like it b'cos it is fit well & thin enought to give me enjoyment. However mine lover have a bit of trouble puting it on & unroll it for me. (This is mine lover job, it is very stimulating letting her to do it.)Maybe durex made it slighly smaller or maybe mine 'equipment' is bigger. Mine lover like it b'cos she can feel the texture & the hotness of mine 'equipment' unlike the usual condom which I use, she say it is too smooth hence that is why I use spiky one. I think it is b'cos durex fetherlite is very thin & fit well. Mine lover also like durex b'cos it is almost transparent hence mine 'equipment' look more natural & appearing. ( Imaging a green or purple 'equipment', so yucky. ) Since using durex give her all the pleasure as it I am not wearing one, she don't complain.( Mine lover usually don't like me to use condom as it is not so pleasure & most of the time she is no co-operative to let me pull out to eject mine 'load' outside .) Finally durex fetherlite smell nice! Almost like perfume. This is very good, great for bj. The usual condom I use smell of latex so not good for bj. I must mention here that durex fetherlite too smell of latex after sexcerise.

I must also say durex is good enought to include a simple instruction on how to have safe sex.
Finally I think the word 'hired' is not suitable, only 3 condom for me to test, I thought got full range then I think I can made a more comprehensive comparesion. Anyway I think I will switch to durex since mine lover like it once I finished off mine present stock.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

ABC Of Wife/Husband Hunting (Part 3)

4. Background.

Guys will usually place this at the bottom of their factor to consider, some don't even consider, as long as the girls is beautifull & he has the chance to woo her, that is it. But do pause for moment, the girls may be beautifull now, what about after married? She don't have to be on diet now, & soon may take after her mother who look like an oil drum. What if there r hereditary disease in the family ( I know a guy who woo a beutifull girls & almost get marry untill he discover that she have kiney problem, apparently he may the discovery when he complain that she is always 'dry' when he made love 2 her ) It will be a good things 4 guy 2 know the other family members first while in early stage of courtship eg bro is not the local 'pai kei' leader or sis work as a whore!

Girls should consider this factor seriouly as sooner or later u have 2 live together with ur in-law. The saying ' In-Law From Hell ' do apply if u r not carefull. After all son still listen to his parent unless u r a terrific/terriber wife! Other reason is the same as the above.

Sumary of Wife/Husband Hunting

For Guy 2 look in Girl

1. Physical attraction

For Girl 2 look in Guy

3.Physical attraction

There u r mine simple ABC of Wife/Husband hunting. I am sure if u consider all the above factors, of couse, no body is perfect, u have to give & take & lower some of the requiment, u can find ur ideal wife/husband.

Feel free to drop some coment.

Monday, November 13, 2006

ABC Of Wife/Husband Hunting (Part 2)

2. Character.

Guys tends 2 look for girls which they consider 'cute', it could be the way the girl smile,laugh or her general behavious. That is somethings that attract his attention, apart from her physiacl attraction. Generally guys is usually put off by 'bitchy','sacastic' & 'proud' behavious. But then girls usually play 'hard to get' if she don't known the guy intentially which is normal, if she is too friendly then the guy may say she is so 'cheap'. So if u like the girls then at least give a few try before giving up wooing the girl. After all things u obtain through hard work is usually worth more. Also most guy love girls who can cook a good meal. The saying 'men is rule by his stomach' is very true.

To a ladies charcter is more important then physical apperance. Girl love attention. She tend to choose guy who shown concern for her well being. A good example will be when she is sick, call her up to show ur concern as many time as possible, visit her as many time as possible with 'gift' (please don't bring banana. chicken essence will be good). Girl like their guy to rember 'important' date like their birthday (very important, u can forget all this 'important' day once u get married) and also a lot of other date like their parent b-day. Girls consider guy to be romantic if they can rember this date. ( Guy however think otherwise). Apart from this she tends to choose guy who listen to her and also agree to her opinion.(guy can consider this as nagging) Most girls like guy who shown 'leadership' quality and know how to made decision. Almost all girls don't like guy who gamber or drink. Smokeing is still accetable to some. ( girls if u want to know wheather the guy gamble or not, it is very simple, just ask if he like football & place bet during world cup, also if he like to buy 4-d) Hence sometime we can see beautifull with bf face like 'kanasia' it could be b'cos the guy have the above quality.

In other words both character must comparetible including way of thinking & belief, ( eg. religion, but not in all case some, I know a couple, husband is buddish, wife is rc, but b'cos husband love the wife so much, in her present he is a devout christen, but behind her back he is buddish.) For a happy marrage one must give & take & understand each other.

3. Financial & Health Consideration

Many a time perhap the girls is so beautiful that the guy forget to consider the finance & health of the girl. It is always prudence is ask uself if u can afford to have a 'flower vase' as ur wife. Is the girl a 'sicky' type? ( most slim girls is 'sicky' perhap they r on diet most of the time, u can check working girl sick leaves, sicky wife will stop all sexual activities ). Some guy also perfer thier wife to be working so that the family is financially stronger.

This should be the second most important factor after charcter that a girl should consider in choosing a good husband. The guy must be fanancial stable. Never mind if he don't look like Tom Cruise, so long as his character is good, hard working with stable income & don't waste money, that guy is good husband material. But of couse u must be sure that his health is good so as to enable u to have a happy married life. ( Sexual activities will be affected if ur man is sicky hence very weak) It will be bad is all the money earn & save is all spend on medical bill.

Of couse we all get sick in our life, husband & wife should look after each other in time of sickness. What I mean to say is during the wooing period if u discover either parties is 'sicky' or fanancially not stable u can still have a choice to look else where.

Rember 'Money Can't Buy Everythings, No Money Can Buy Nothing' be continue

Thursday, November 09, 2006

ABC Of Wife/Husband Hunting (Part 1)

Most of us will go looking, searching or hunt 4 for a good/suitable gf or bf 2 be our wife or husband at some stage of our life. (Unless u r a monk or prist or ur 'equipment' is non functional hence no desire, even gay look for partner except their 'equipment' might not be fully utilised. 'Equipment' refer to male/female reproductive organ. ) Some sooner (marry young) some later (marry old, some well past prime time). So what r the things or point we look out for?

1. Physical Apperance.


Ah! This is the most important and in fact the first things that men look out for in choosing wheather this girls will be his special hence pontential wife. I am sure the following type is suitable for almost any men:-

How about this girl? So very beautiful & cute.

For those who like bigger 'asset' how about the following:-

The above is just some eg of the physical types of ladies men look out for when seaching for gf. Most men perfer their gf 2 be physically smaller them them. Why? So that they can 'sayang sayang' their gf. However there r men who prefer their women to be bigger them. Why? B'cos they like to be 'sayang sayang' by their women!! According 2 one of mine married friend (whose wife is almost 6' weight almost 80kg) it feel very nice when wife hug him every night, just like what mummy use 2 do when we r young & there is another (hor ny) reason.

We set target 4 ourself that mine gf must have physical like the above eg. If u have the luck to have the above as gf, fine u r so lucky, if not then lower u target a bit eg, small boop can do also or as long as got boop (big boop sag very fast beside u might be salforcated in not carefull) then I do believed nomal guy should have no problem having gf.


For ladies physical apperance is also important, but for most ladies it is NOT the most important factor when choosing bf. Some example below:-

This fellow handsome or not?

How about this fellow quite handsome & funny.

Ok this fellow a bit extreme but I just use it as eg to show the big muscular body.

I can safely say all ladies don't mind haveing bf size bigger then them as they all like to be 'sayang sayang' by their bf and not the other way round. According 2 one of mine ladies friend she feel very 'secure' with big guy. Big as in physically big. (big equipment is another story to be blog later if no body complain). Ladies also feel more 'secure' if the guy is bigger then them. So guy size does matter big time. OK. be continue

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Project Aqurium

This past few days I am having mine anual leaves hence with nothing (apart from cleaning ac) 2 do I decided to clean out mine aqurium which have being in this stage 4 the past 6 months:-

After that the following is the result. Any idea what 2 put on the other half?

DIY Cleaning Air-Con

Almost everyone have one or two air-con at home nowaday as it is now very cheap to buy an air-con. It is cheap to buy but the running cost depend on the brand and the air-con condition. Dirty ac is not effecient hence ur electricty bill will go up, ur ac will work extra hard 2 keep u cool in the long run increase the noise level of ac and workload of ac part. The following is mine own diy way of cleaning ac.

1. Take off the ac cover thus exposing the inner part expeciallty the coolling fin.

2.Cover up the ac electrical part with plastic bag.
Afterthat use water 2 hose down the cooling fin with water, made sure the water pressure is no high or else u will flatten the cooling fins. Use dishes cleaner or liquid soap 2 clean the cooling fin using soft brush, I use the largest water colour brush to applied on the cooling fins then hose clean with water. Of course the water will flow onto the floor so I have rectangle container below the ac.

3.Clean the ac cover & filter & left it out 2 dry.

4.Now 4 ac outside unite take off the covering
& the fan exposing the evaporating fin. Hose
clean with water first inside out then from
behind the ac units.Clean the covering & fan.

After all the above u just reassember back every thing. U will fine ur ac now cooler & not so noisy. I basically do the above every 3 months. I clean the air filter every 2 weeks.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Happy Deparaya !

2 all mine indian & malay reader happy deparaya! 2 all mine other reader happy holiday. Mine holiday started 5pm 20-10-06. I will be on leave untill 30-10-06. Back 2 mine borring job on 31-10-06. He! He! Shall be enjoying this few day. Hopefully will have some 'hor ny' thing 2 blog.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Tank Kiu Very Much!!!

One day, a lady decided 2 visit a doctor 2 solve a rather emberassing problem,

Doctor: Morning, what is the problem, which part not feeling well?
Lady: Morning. Eeeh! I have a problem down there.
Doctor: Well?
Lady: U c doctor, mine lips down there very big, I will get marry soon, so how ah? (let doctor have a look)
Doctor: Yes, it is quite big, (thinking, gosh! as big as ur upper lips). Tell u what, I think we can cut off a bit & reduce 2 nomal size.
Lady: Painfull or not, expensive?
Doctor: No lah! Just like nomal cut & not expensive.
Lady: Ok, I will do it, but please can u keep it secret?
Doctor:Sure no problem. Can u come back next week?
Lady: Ok.

So the following week the lady pay the doctor a visit at the appointed time. The operation was a sucess. While the lady is resting at the female ward, she is very surprise 2 recieved 3 bunchs of flower. She feel very angry & call out 2 the doctor.

Lady: U promise to keep mine operation secret!!! WTF is the flower 4??!!!
Doctor: Please let me explain, the first flower is from me. This is the first time I perform such operation. It is really an honour.
Lady: Oh! I c. How about the second?
Doctor: Ah! The second is from mine assistant. She is happy for u, now it look 'beautifull'.
Lady: What about the third?
Doctor:That one..... is from the burnt patient from the male ward who insist to send u the flower, thanking u for donating to him a new pair of ear lobes!!!!!!!! He! He!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Strange Visitor

Today I have a strange visitor. Can someone tell me what it is? It stay on mine front house wall for almost a day & only fly off in the evening. He! He! I hope it bring me luck.

What If U died Now!!!!!!!!!!!

I have being sick , very sick this past few day. In fact I took 2 day sick leaves. I have the above med. Taste terrible & turn mine stomach up-side down & inside-out. So on the second night of mine sickness, I feel really terrible, hight fever,sweating & feeling hungry as I have no taste in food, in fact I feel like dieing, the above question flash across mine. WHAT IF I DIED NOW!

If I am a working single.

Ship!! I am going 2 leave mine parent, mine bro & sis. Whose is going 2 look after them? MIne dog,cat & fish? Oh! What the heck! Mine bro & sis is going 2 look after them. Its their job now. Oh OK then I died in peace.

OMG I forgot I have a GF. Will she be heart broken? Will she look 4 new BF? Ship!!! I just 'poke' her eeh I mean I made love 2 her,( we both enjoy it ) & I forgot 2 take the usual precaustion ( she ask me not 2 wear it as she enjoy it more ) & get prenant!!! Gosh! I am turning nut just thinking about it. I take back mine word & don't died in peace. I must fight this sickness, I am a responsible guy I don't want mine baby 2 be fatherless.

The above thought flash throught mine mind.

Actually if I died as a single, mine parent, bro & sis will be very sad (the family has lost a very horny son with great portential 2 bring many grand children) as 4 mine GF, I am very sure she is not prenant (I have meet her demand many time & her tammy is still flat) & in no time she will look 4 new BF. (but I am sure the performance is not to mine level)

If I am a family man

Whose is going 2 pay 4 the housing, car, water, electricity etc if I died. I am the bread earner. Who is going 2 look after mine six kid? Kid need a father love. Mine wife? Who is going 2 look & help her 2 look after the family. Ship!!!Who is going 2 give love 2 her!!!!! Dam!! I am the only one 'pokeing' her & that is it. Period!! I am going 2 fight this sickness & get well.

Actually if I died as a family men I should have taken some measure. 4 eg I will take up MRTA insurance 2 pay off mine housing loan, car loan, well too bad just sold off the car. Mine insurance will be enought 2 cover family expenses. What I can't prepare is the love that the father can give 2 his children. The love a husband can give to the wife. ( The ideal of other guy 'pokeing' mine wife freak me out ) So look after uself well & don't died a family men. Too much is at stack.

Now I am well, the above ? is not so relevent but I have yet 2 made preparation 4 it. Oh mine GF tammy is flat as ever. Mine family still have a loving father & the wife still get all the love & 'pokeing' she need.

BTW I could be single or married u guss. Hope u enjoy reading the above & thought over it. Oh do drop some comments.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

The ABC of buying a car.

Car market is really bad nowaday with almost all car dealer offering some form of discount. It is now a buyer market. So u dicided 2 buy a car now. I am face with this decision a sometime ago. So how do I made mine decision?

1. Ask u'self this ? Do u really need a car? If yes
(I need a car 2 'par toll' ie 4 dating purpose, with car I can 'do' so many thing together inside a car. I think this is a very good reason.)
then how much or rather ur burget 4 the car.

2. How much u are capable of paying 4 the car will determine the type of car u buy. R u going 2 buy new car or 2nd hand wan ie pre-owned will do. Both have pros & cons.
New car is of course better,
(Which guy don't wan 2 date a virgin and have a virgin wife? )
it enjoy lower interest rate, waranty & the new car feeling. But please don't forget new car depreciated terriblely.
( Yeah virgin wife have no sexperiance at all, terrible in fact, u have 2 teach them every & any things of couse if u happen 2 be virgin u'self then everythings is OK)
Pre-owned car can be consider also.The main advantage is that with the same amount u use 2 buy a new car u can now buy a much bigger/better car. This is be'cos the car has already depreciated and the cost is being bore by the previous owner.
( Some guy prefer gf/wife with ex-bf.This is b'cos while dateing at intimate stage they enjoy it a lot as the gf/wife is well sexperiance as the ex-bf have already teach them all the technic ie all the hard work have be done, foundation has be established so 2 say. )
Some 2nd hand car came bundle with a lot of extra like sport rim with low profile tyre,hight power sound system,tinted glass etc which u can bargain 4 free. All this extra u have 2 buy if u buy new car although optional only but sooner or later u will fit as least some extra 2 ur new car, tinted glass 4 eg.
(Eg.Some get married & only have children after a long time. Some well sexperiance gf/wife came with extra as well!!! Ha! Ha! I meant children ie divorces. So u don't have 2 'work' 2 produce result.Somemore the children maybe thought babystage already so save a lot on trouble & cost.FIY baby milk is dam expensive. )
However buying 2nd car have risk since most 2nd hand car don't have waranty or at most with 2 months waranty only. U have 2 check out the car properly before buying it so as to prevent u'self from buying an accident car or problematic car. More of that later.
( This is the same with gf/wife with ex-bf made sure that she is really broken off with that guy.This is expecially so as that guy have intimate sexperiance with the gf/wife & of couse ur 'performance' must be on par if not better then the other guy or else ur gf/wife will yield 4 that sexperiance unless she don't mind ur poor 'performance'. Or worse still her ex-bf is a gangster & he came after u with a 'parang' then u r in deep sheep!!!! So be carefull. )

Now u have some ideal 2 buy new or 2nd hand car with ur burget. We came 2 point no3.

3.What type? Hah? What 2 u meant what type? Well there hatch-back, saloon, mpv, suv, pick-up double carbin and 4X4. So which type u want? Each type have pro & con also.

Hatch-back 2 door or 4 door.2 door eg proton satria 4 door produa kancil,kelisa,kenari(it is not a hacth-back sort of small mpv), hundai gets etc. Small size easy 2 park,easy on fuel comsumption (f c), simple maintentence quite cheap & simple.Car cc usually between 650 to 1000. Suitable for town use,single ( partoll can do lah ),small family <4.saloon style="color: rgb(51, 102, 255);">He! He! I am sure some of u do test drive ur gf, but ur gf is similar to but not a car ok. Seek permission first. If u want 2 test-drive do test-drive with responsiblelity & precausion ie wear condom. I am also sure that ur gf also want 2 find out about ur 'performance'. And if u r a lousy driver eer I meant ur sexperiance 'performance' u can always bring along a mechanic I meant someone good in this. Ahem! Ahem! Horny Ang Moh 4 e.g He! He!)

7. Financing!!!! Yeah u buy u pay! Can u affort? How much u pay per month :- amount u borrow x int rate in % x no of years + the amount u borrow divided by no of months = u monthly instalment. Also set aside some $ 4 fuel. When buying new car it is advisible to borrow so as to avoid IRD. U can pay off later with one lump sum 2 save int but please do it within a year as the rebate is more. Also don't redeem u reg card untill the loan period is up even though u have settel the loan to avoid IRD. Also u save on insurance 1st party dam expensive 3rd party only RM60 per year. If u wan 2 be safe buy 1st party but personally I feel it is a waste of money u cann't really claim u money unless the accident is real bad. If u buy pre-own car u can buy on cash no problem from IRD. Deal with first owner already.

8.Back-up service of the car. A lotl of people forgot about this. Some car in, fact most new car are control by electronic. So u just can't simply have them service by any garage under the coconut tree. Nomal service like oil/filter chg can of couse but made sure u fill the correct oil grade. Made sure the car is fully back by service centre and the service centre service is good. It will be a good ideal if u can pay a visit 2 the service centre & have a look see. U can judge the service, price and most impt the problem likely 2 be developed by the car u intended 2 buy. A talk withe the car owner there will yield a lot of valuable information like fc, ride quality, any regret with the car etc.

9. Some other factor 2 consider beside the above. Some people buy car for snob appeal. U will look better if u arrive in a merc then if u arrive in a kancil but then merc have hight maintence hight fc, the opposit of kancil. People will say wah! rich fellow.BTW pre-own merc is real cheap due to high fuel price. A merce c200k is now less then RM100k.
( This why some rich people will always find a beautifull gf/wife if cannot then beautiful mistress also can do 2. So people will c & say that bugger is real rich can affort 2 have such beautifull wife. )

So the above is mine ABC of buying car. Hope it is helpful 2 u reader. Do drop ur comment.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Condom Tester

Yeah! I decided to do just that. Apply through a condom manufacture online last night. Hemm wander if I will be selected and what am I suppost to do. Will I be pay for all the hard 'work' I did? Anyway will up-date later.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Life in the countryside in the good old day.

Back in the old day those of us who live the countryside don't have electricity or tap water so we have 2 use stream water 4 our daily need & firewood/candle/kerosene 4 cooking & lighting.
Life is peacefull and carefree.We spend our free time after study catching fish or birds (those that really fly). We will take bath from stream and have a good playing in the water. Now throught a personal experian when I was young I like 2 play in the stream nakel nothing feel better then the feeling of cool water all over ur body.But after being bitten by the small fish in the stream on mine 'equitment' I have 2 wear at lest mine underwear while playing the the stream. The experiance is damn painfull one. So 2 those of u who like 2 play play in stream please wear ur underwear OK.

Answering nature call while on the road.

For guy 2 pee while on the road is no problem just stop the car & pee by the roadside or at the nearest drain. However 4 girl or if u have 2 shiit then how? Out in the open other road user can c u. Well this is what I do. U open bothe the front &amp; back door of u car & do yr business in between the door there u can do your 'businese in privacy'

Just made sure u drive up a bit so that the front passagent don't step on ur pee or shiit when they get in.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Answering nature call in nature.

This is mine first post. This happen 2 me a long time ago while I am just a kid (I am still a kid).Say what will u do 2 answer the call of nature & there is no toilet around? Well 4 small call we guy have no problem any crook & corner will do. This is applicable 2 ladies as well but they have 2 squat down so the clearing 4 them 2 pee have 2 be bigger.

Now what happen if u happen 2 be in jungle or in countryside 4 eg camping,jungle tracking,site inspection etc and there is no toilet around & no papper also & u have 2 answer a big call of nature. The following is what u do.

1. U need 2 dig a hole b4 u 2 shiit in it.If 2 lazy 2 dig hole also can do.

2.& u also need leaves 2 wripe ur butt!!

3.Don't use the following type of leaves:- hairy type
small type

Well the above is what I do while living in the countryside with no proper toilet.