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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Tank Kiu Very Much!!!

One day, a lady decided 2 visit a doctor 2 solve a rather emberassing problem,

Doctor: Morning, what is the problem, which part not feeling well?
Lady: Morning. Eeeh! I have a problem down there.
Doctor: Well?
Lady: U c doctor, mine lips down there very big, I will get marry soon, so how ah? (let doctor have a look)
Doctor: Yes, it is quite big, (thinking, gosh! as big as ur upper lips). Tell u what, I think we can cut off a bit & reduce 2 nomal size.
Lady: Painfull or not, expensive?
Doctor: No lah! Just like nomal cut & not expensive.
Lady: Ok, I will do it, but please can u keep it secret?
Doctor:Sure no problem. Can u come back next week?
Lady: Ok.

So the following week the lady pay the doctor a visit at the appointed time. The operation was a sucess. While the lady is resting at the female ward, she is very surprise 2 recieved 3 bunchs of flower. She feel very angry & call out 2 the doctor.

Lady: U promise to keep mine operation secret!!! WTF is the flower 4??!!!
Doctor: Please let me explain, the first flower is from me. This is the first time I perform such operation. It is really an honour.
Lady: Oh! I c. How about the second?
Doctor: Ah! The second is from mine assistant. She is happy for u, now it look 'beautifull'.
Lady: What about the third?
Doctor:That one..... is from the burnt patient from the male ward who insist to send u the flower, thanking u for donating to him a new pair of ear lobes!!!!!!!! He! He!


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BaBy JeE said...

EEEEEEEE the last part is GALi... but... hey... where did u get this joke? hehehe such a twist... but a good one~!

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