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Sunday, October 15, 2006

What If U died Now!!!!!!!!!!!

I have being sick , very sick this past few day. In fact I took 2 day sick leaves. I have the above med. Taste terrible & turn mine stomach up-side down & inside-out. So on the second night of mine sickness, I feel really terrible, hight fever,sweating & feeling hungry as I have no taste in food, in fact I feel like dieing, the above question flash across mine. WHAT IF I DIED NOW!

If I am a working single.

Ship!! I am going 2 leave mine parent, mine bro & sis. Whose is going 2 look after them? MIne dog,cat & fish? Oh! What the heck! Mine bro & sis is going 2 look after them. Its their job now. Oh OK then I died in peace.

OMG I forgot I have a GF. Will she be heart broken? Will she look 4 new BF? Ship!!! I just 'poke' her eeh I mean I made love 2 her,( we both enjoy it ) & I forgot 2 take the usual precaustion ( she ask me not 2 wear it as she enjoy it more ) & get prenant!!! Gosh! I am turning nut just thinking about it. I take back mine word & don't died in peace. I must fight this sickness, I am a responsible guy I don't want mine baby 2 be fatherless.

The above thought flash throught mine mind.

Actually if I died as a single, mine parent, bro & sis will be very sad (the family has lost a very horny son with great portential 2 bring many grand children) as 4 mine GF, I am very sure she is not prenant (I have meet her demand many time & her tammy is still flat) & in no time she will look 4 new BF. (but I am sure the performance is not to mine level)

If I am a family man

Whose is going 2 pay 4 the housing, car, water, electricity etc if I died. I am the bread earner. Who is going 2 look after mine six kid? Kid need a father love. Mine wife? Who is going 2 look & help her 2 look after the family. Ship!!!Who is going 2 give love 2 her!!!!! Dam!! I am the only one 'pokeing' her & that is it. Period!! I am going 2 fight this sickness & get well.

Actually if I died as a family men I should have taken some measure. 4 eg I will take up MRTA insurance 2 pay off mine housing loan, car loan, well too bad just sold off the car. Mine insurance will be enought 2 cover family expenses. What I can't prepare is the love that the father can give 2 his children. The love a husband can give to the wife. ( The ideal of other guy 'pokeing' mine wife freak me out ) So look after uself well & don't died a family men. Too much is at stack.

Now I am well, the above ? is not so relevent but I have yet 2 made preparation 4 it. Oh mine GF tammy is flat as ever. Mine family still have a loving father & the wife still get all the love & 'pokeing' she need.

BTW I could be single or married u guss. Hope u enjoy reading the above & thought over it. Oh do drop some comments.

1 comment:

BaBy JeE said...

HAHA... Ko lien... hmmm but I'm sure your girlfriend can't wait to have new bf... UNLESS you become more active in BED...nyahahaaaaa