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Wellcum! Wellcum!

To all my dear readers if u find this site too 'horny' then please poke into My Other Site where I am more 'normal!!! Feel free to poke into any link within the post as it normally led to more 'interesting' post! Rest assure it is mostly not paid post! No ads for a 'horny' blogger!!!!

Monday, February 26, 2007

CNY.....Chinese New Year...Food

To me CNY is food & holiday. ( ' hor nyday' to me as I look forward 2 a lot of hor ny activities). So below are the food I had at reunion dinner curtesy of mine partner:-

Fry mee or noodle. Taste yummy but u will fill very full if u have a plate of it, so I ate only a few mouthfull.

Deep fry prawn. If u have too much of this u have to watch out for your collestrol level. ( As for me I just have to do more 'hor ny activities' to reduce the level)

Deep fry chicken or rather roasted chicken. I have just a drumpstick as it is rather filling.

Fry yum bread. Taste so so only. Basicaly it is just sandwish with yum.
Duck merinated with 5 different spices. This is mine favourite. Taste very good.

Bony pork soup with some herb & bean curb ie ' tou hoo'.
Fry glass mee. I have no ideal what is its english name. To me it is transparent noodle. Depent on its ingredient it taste good.

Fry assort food, like crap meat, fish ball & chicken nugget.

Fry 'kiew tiew'. Sorry for the blurr picture as by now I am very hungry.
Fish fillet in lemon source. Yum yum.
Stir fry veggie like bean, cauliflower,mushroom & lady finger.
Assorted steam food like meat ball, crap fillet & fish sasauge.
Sea cucumber in egg, mushroom & some other ingrediate which I don't know. Taste very yummy, but I feel very heaty after this. ( Am I on heat??? )
The above show all the CNY food. After the dinner I am too full for any 'hor ny activities'. I can't sleep as well as by mid-night the night is fill with all sort of firework that also kill all the mood for mine night time activities.

Friday, February 16, 2007

CNY.....Chinese New Year

Wishing all mine chinese reader a very happy porky CNY & the rest enjoy the 'hornyday'. Please be extra carefull if your are playing with firework, you don't want to blow up part of yourself!!!! (Or worse your 'equipment') And for this year if u r in M'sia playing firework, those banned type u have to watch out for our highly 'efficient' Police force lest u end up paying fine for the firework.

As for me I shall enjoy mine 'hornyday' & hopefully if I am lucky I shall have some 'extra curicullum activities'.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Happy Valentine Day............

Tomorrow is a special 'HORNY DAY!!!' for me. For tomorrow is Val day!!! I must be extra horny & mine stiminale must be up 110%. Every year I offer myself to mine GF as a priceless gifts. I am still wandering how to present myself to her.( I use to tied a ribbon on mine 'bro' when she open the gifts but it is getting stale, I meant the idea NO mine 'bro', unless mine gf is new wan).

As I am a poor fellow, I could only afford to present myself after all I am priceless!! Well I am still thinking............ Any idea from mine dear reader on how to present myself as gift to mine GF????

BTW happy val day to all mine reader..

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Hor ny In KL......Sightseeing & extra curiculum activities

After the siminal I got some time to kill so I took mine kl friend advice & pay KLCC tower a visit.( Actually he ask me to pay 'kl jagung' in local language ie 'kl corn' a visit, I must say it did look like corn.)

From mine hotel room the tower look rather near, but I took half an hour walking toward it passing by a huge play ground. It is a huge relieved for me as I am darn tired when I reach it. Inside is full of high class shop with high class price. No big deal, I will no pay it a visit the next time.

After that mine friend cum & pick me up. I ask him to bring me to anywhere for some extra-curiculum activities ie ' hor ny activities'. Before that he bring me to some roadside store for dinner ( as having dinner in klcc will cost a bomb ). We have 'pak kue teh' ( pork rib in some chinese herb ) and marinaned pork leg total cost is RM45-00. Rather cheap. We went sightseeing in his car.

He bring me to a place call 'Pudu Pai Yee Tiang' for some activities. I have no idea what the hack is this place. I though it is a spa or massage palour etc. ( in fact he told me it is like a service centre or more appropriate a supermarket for service ie hor ny service). It turn out to be a sort of open-air food court with a few different.

1. most of the customer is seen drinking, beer or soft drink not eating.

2.I didn't see any family sort of gathering.

3.The area seem to be control by gangster as I saw a few groups of people with tatoo.

4.there are large number of chinese ladies from china.

I understand why it is a supermarket for hor ny service as the large number of chinese ladies is there for it. The different here as u can choose like buying durian, the ladies will cum 2 u, if u like her u can have her ( of couse he must bargain for the price & type of service). If u r not interest the next ladies will come & so on. Me & mine friend sit down & order some drink. Within a few minits two chinese ladies sat down. One each. We enggage on small talk first before the real bargain begin.

Ham :lady u cum to m'sia for what?

C lady:Cum here to do business & earn some money.

Ham :U cum from which part of china?

C lady:Cum from foochow province. ( no wander u r dark skinned )

Ham :What sevice u provide??

C lady: What ever service u want!

Ham :How much?

C lady:RM200-00

Ham :That is rather expensive! ( I have no idea of kl mkt price, but according to mine friend it should be around RM160-00 if she is a knock out, RM200-00 will do, but the c lady is not mine taste, she is big size weight around 70kg with the body shape of an oil barrel!!!)

C lady:No expensive! I give u a lot of extra.

Ham :No, thank! I am tired today, pehap tomorrow ok.

C lady:Tired!! Cum I will give u a good massage FOC!!

Ham :I meant mine 'bro' is tired ( I lied as I lost interest in her).

C lady:A litter sucking & rubbing will waken ur 'bro'. ( while saying this she run her hand up mine tight she sat next to me while the other lady sat next to mine friend)

Ham :I am sorry but I must go now as I am very tired!!

C lady:Last offer RM50-00 only!!!!

Ham :I will consider u offer tomorrow.

I ask mine friend to leave this place. Luckly mine friend also reject his c lady. I ask mine friend why the ladies here no pretty wan. Well he say we arrive late ( almost 12 midnight ) & most of the pretty ladies have being booked. This will be the last time I will visit this place.