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Monday, February 26, 2007

CNY.....Chinese New Year...Food

To me CNY is food & holiday. ( ' hor nyday' to me as I look forward 2 a lot of hor ny activities). So below are the food I had at reunion dinner curtesy of mine partner:-

Fry mee or noodle. Taste yummy but u will fill very full if u have a plate of it, so I ate only a few mouthfull.

Deep fry prawn. If u have too much of this u have to watch out for your collestrol level. ( As for me I just have to do more 'hor ny activities' to reduce the level)

Deep fry chicken or rather roasted chicken. I have just a drumpstick as it is rather filling.

Fry yum bread. Taste so so only. Basicaly it is just sandwish with yum.
Duck merinated with 5 different spices. This is mine favourite. Taste very good.

Bony pork soup with some herb & bean curb ie ' tou hoo'.
Fry glass mee. I have no ideal what is its english name. To me it is transparent noodle. Depent on its ingredient it taste good.

Fry assort food, like crap meat, fish ball & chicken nugget.

Fry 'kiew tiew'. Sorry for the blurr picture as by now I am very hungry.
Fish fillet in lemon source. Yum yum.
Stir fry veggie like bean, cauliflower,mushroom & lady finger.
Assorted steam food like meat ball, crap fillet & fish sasauge.
Sea cucumber in egg, mushroom & some other ingrediate which I don't know. Taste very yummy, but I feel very heaty after this. ( Am I on heat??? )
The above show all the CNY food. After the dinner I am too full for any 'hor ny activities'. I can't sleep as well as by mid-night the night is fill with all sort of firework that also kill all the mood for mine night time activities.


wan said...

That is a lot of foods o.o

No 'lou sang' tho? :p

Benghan said...

I am hornily hungry.

Horny Ang Moh said...


LuUeE said...

Whoese balls are those? looks so familiar, i think is belong to those mine. Did you steal them while i was sleeping..?

===--- did it sound dirty.. i mean my fish balls in my fridge went missing..

wan said...

Maybe you should hint to your partner to make oysters for next year's dinner? ^^

zewt said...

bad idea to see this now... made me hungry!!!