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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Hor ny in KL.....The Food

I have a early Chinese Year Fest sponsor by mine co after the ' brain washing' siminar I meant the siminar on how to be a 'super salemen' (Gosh! To achieve the target set I have to sell myslef also!). The food is prepare by Prince Hotel, I think rather expensive I guss about RM1,000-00 per table. So here are the food:-

The first dish is 'Yee Sang with Salmon' .Sorry about the messy pic, ( Actually I should take the pic before it was mess by the guys sitting with me on the same table, well to tell u the true I am more interest in the ladies sitting on the next table while I am having all sort of hor ny though going through mine mind, thus forgot to take pic first.) Apparantly this dish is a must to celebrate CNY in W'Msia. It consist of several small dishes of sweet cracker or koropok & est all sweet in taste except for the raw salmon, yes raw wan, taste yawky to me. U mix up the small dishes with ur chopstick tossing the food as hight as possible as the same yelling 'Yee Sang' at the top of ur voice. ( Geee!! I must remember to be carefull with the tossing as I nearly toss the food on top of the guy sitting opposit me!!) Anyway this is the only dish with left over hense I suppost KL people also don't like it . They only like to toss it for money I am told.
No 2. is 'Barbeque Platter with Char Siew Chicken & Roast Duck' . Taste OK to me but the food so litter, I manage to get 2 mouthfull before it is finished. One chicken & one roast duck!( U will notice that I took the pic before it is being eaten as I will now consentract on eating instead of the ladies now, as I now relise the food here is serve for small size stomach KL people as 'Hor ny Ang Moh' is big he have to consentract or else he will be hungry)

No 3. is 'Szechuan Seafood Soup' it is similar to our 'shark fin' soup or 'sea cucumber' soup except I didn't find any seafood inside and the taste of vinerger is very strong.

No 4. is 'Wok Fried Sliced Grouper with Black Mushrooms' . To me this is just like u what u have at home. That is grouper stir fried together with black mushroom. I manage to have 3 mouthfull before it is finished.

No 5. is 'Braised Vegetable with Mushrooms & Beancurd Skin'. This is actually green culiflower with mushroom & beancurd skin. Taste OK.
No 6. is 'Fried Rice Yong Chow Style'. To me it is just plain fried rice. Rather plain with not much ingrident.( It is normal to have fried rice included in a fest?? To me if it is a CNY fest it is suppose to be full of exotic dish which u don't have nomally. OK 'Yee Sang' is special, but fried rice??? U might as well inculde fried mee & kui tew & bee hoon!!!) Anyway I must tell u that it is the fried rice that save me from hungry stomach. I have 2 bowl full.

The last dish is the desert ' Hot Gingko Nuts with White Fungus & Barley' Hemmm! This is a new to me. Taste Ok. But I perfer flesh fruits or Ice Cream.

All in all only 7 dishes. I suppose it is normal to have only 7 dishes in a fest in KL. Well over here where I live it is normal to have 9 dishes. When mine boss pay me a visit last time I order one 12 dishes dinner for him!! Full of exotic food like deer meat, bat meat, river terapine, flesh water gouper ' Soo Hock' ( I understand 'Soo Hock' is very expensive in kl 100g is RM20.00 so image mine boss reaction when I told him I order 2, 2kg 'Soo Hock' he say that is real expensive. He! He! Actually it only cost RM28-00 per kg here.) And the fest all 12 dishes for 8 cost only RM250-00!!! ( As I known the restaurant owner.) According to mine boss that will cost at lest RM2,500-00 in kl. No wander KL people have high salary. The cost of food is damn high. With 3 figure salary like me I will end up as gigolo sooner then later if I get to work in KL to survice. I do hope mine boss didn't see this entry.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Hor ny in KL.....The accomodation

Recently mine co sent me 2 attend a course in KL. The place I got 2 stay in is Prince Hotel & Residence, a 5 star hotel. I must say it is a classy hotel. It cost me RM70 from klia to the hotel using klia limo. The room cost RM360 plus plus per night inclusive of breadfast. This is how mine room look like:-

The closer is fully equipted:-

The bathroom is big & also fully equipted ( I can perform a lot of hor ny activities here but unfortunely I got to share the room with a guy & since I am not a gay not activities here)

Well that is all for the time being.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Hor ny Entry!!! Shaven! Not Haired!!

Jame Bond ' Shacken! Not stir!' when he order drink. Mine lover gave me a priceless new year gift. No, not wine. What she will have say me is ' shaven, not haired' to me to give me the gift. ( But then she don't watch westen movie, so don't know Jame Bond quote)

See mine lover shave her hair!! Not she is not bald! I meant her pussy hair! Gosh! This is a very presant surprise. A priceless surprise I must say. On new year night as usual I do what a man got to do. Except on that night mine hand feel bald tender flesh where I usually feel curly hair. I have to switch on the light. She look so much more appealing, smell nicer & taste better. ( Actually it taste the same, but u will agree with me food taste better if nicely arranged.)

Sexerise from now on is on a higher level. Why? Be'cos mine lover tell me she enjoy it better as she cum much earlier as all the sensitive part is more exposed or it is b'cos I spend longer time to eating her oyster? ( Oh! I must mention here before her surprise gift to me, I already have a surprise when I find mine shaver stuck full of curly hair. Well I thought she shave her armpit hair with mine shaver. I have a hard time plucking out all the stuck hair from mine twin blade shaver, must remember to buy her a proper shaver.)

Well one thing I must say is now she have to shave everyday! First few day she itch a bit so apply power after that OK. But if she don't shave, it is pure torture for mine equitment. ( Imageing rubbing ur equitment with sand papper! Also ur hand don't feel nice rubbing against picky hair. I now use to tease her if she is a porquepine or a nice oyster for me.)

To mine lady reader I must say it is nice if u shave off ur pussy hair. Give it a try, u can always let it grow back if u don't like it. Trust me u will feel nicer & cleaner.( This is what mine lover told me. While bathing u will find it easier to clean ur pussy too.) The only negative point is u have to shave everyday.