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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

DIY Cleaning Air-Con

Almost everyone have one or two air-con at home nowaday as it is now very cheap to buy an air-con. It is cheap to buy but the running cost depend on the brand and the air-con condition. Dirty ac is not effecient hence ur electricty bill will go up, ur ac will work extra hard 2 keep u cool in the long run increase the noise level of ac and workload of ac part. The following is mine own diy way of cleaning ac.

1. Take off the ac cover thus exposing the inner part expeciallty the coolling fin.

2.Cover up the ac electrical part with plastic bag.
Afterthat use water 2 hose down the cooling fin with water, made sure the water pressure is no high or else u will flatten the cooling fins. Use dishes cleaner or liquid soap 2 clean the cooling fin using soft brush, I use the largest water colour brush to applied on the cooling fins then hose clean with water. Of course the water will flow onto the floor so I have rectangle container below the ac.

3.Clean the ac cover & filter & left it out 2 dry.

4.Now 4 ac outside unite take off the covering
& the fan exposing the evaporating fin. Hose
clean with water first inside out then from
behind the ac units.Clean the covering & fan.

After all the above u just reassember back every thing. U will fine ur ac now cooler & not so noisy. I basically do the above every 3 months. I clean the air filter every 2 weeks.

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