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Monday, November 13, 2006

ABC Of Wife/Husband Hunting (Part 2)

2. Character.

Guys tends 2 look for girls which they consider 'cute', it could be the way the girl smile,laugh or her general behavious. That is somethings that attract his attention, apart from her physiacl attraction. Generally guys is usually put off by 'bitchy','sacastic' & 'proud' behavious. But then girls usually play 'hard to get' if she don't known the guy intentially which is normal, if she is too friendly then the guy may say she is so 'cheap'. So if u like the girls then at least give a few try before giving up wooing the girl. After all things u obtain through hard work is usually worth more. Also most guy love girls who can cook a good meal. The saying 'men is rule by his stomach' is very true.

To a ladies charcter is more important then physical apperance. Girl love attention. She tend to choose guy who shown concern for her well being. A good example will be when she is sick, call her up to show ur concern as many time as possible, visit her as many time as possible with 'gift' (please don't bring banana. chicken essence will be good). Girl like their guy to rember 'important' date like their birthday (very important, u can forget all this 'important' day once u get married) and also a lot of other date like their parent b-day. Girls consider guy to be romantic if they can rember this date. ( Guy however think otherwise). Apart from this she tends to choose guy who listen to her and also agree to her opinion.(guy can consider this as nagging) Most girls like guy who shown 'leadership' quality and know how to made decision. Almost all girls don't like guy who gamber or drink. Smokeing is still accetable to some. ( girls if u want to know wheather the guy gamble or not, it is very simple, just ask if he like football & place bet during world cup, also if he like to buy 4-d) Hence sometime we can see beautifull with bf face like 'kanasia' it could be b'cos the guy have the above quality.

In other words both character must comparetible including way of thinking & belief, ( eg. religion, but not in all case some, I know a couple, husband is buddish, wife is rc, but b'cos husband love the wife so much, in her present he is a devout christen, but behind her back he is buddish.) For a happy marrage one must give & take & understand each other.

3. Financial & Health Consideration

Many a time perhap the girls is so beautiful that the guy forget to consider the finance & health of the girl. It is always prudence is ask uself if u can afford to have a 'flower vase' as ur wife. Is the girl a 'sicky' type? ( most slim girls is 'sicky' perhap they r on diet most of the time, u can check working girl sick leaves, sicky wife will stop all sexual activities ). Some guy also perfer thier wife to be working so that the family is financially stronger.

This should be the second most important factor after charcter that a girl should consider in choosing a good husband. The guy must be fanancial stable. Never mind if he don't look like Tom Cruise, so long as his character is good, hard working with stable income & don't waste money, that guy is good husband material. But of couse u must be sure that his health is good so as to enable u to have a happy married life. ( Sexual activities will be affected if ur man is sicky hence very weak) It will be bad is all the money earn & save is all spend on medical bill.

Of couse we all get sick in our life, husband & wife should look after each other in time of sickness. What I mean to say is during the wooing period if u discover either parties is 'sicky' or fanancially not stable u can still have a choice to look else where.

Rember 'Money Can't Buy Everythings, No Money Can Buy Nothing' be continue


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Whoa... Great analysis... hmmm... Horny ang moh, you must be a MALE AND A FEMALE at the sametime rightt???? nyek nyek nyek...

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