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Thursday, November 09, 2006

ABC Of Wife/Husband Hunting (Part 1)

Most of us will go looking, searching or hunt 4 for a good/suitable gf or bf 2 be our wife or husband at some stage of our life. (Unless u r a monk or prist or ur 'equipment' is non functional hence no desire, even gay look for partner except their 'equipment' might not be fully utilised. 'Equipment' refer to male/female reproductive organ. ) Some sooner (marry young) some later (marry old, some well past prime time). So what r the things or point we look out for?

1. Physical Apperance.


Ah! This is the most important and in fact the first things that men look out for in choosing wheather this girls will be his special hence pontential wife. I am sure the following type is suitable for almost any men:-

How about this girl? So very beautiful & cute.

For those who like bigger 'asset' how about the following:-

The above is just some eg of the physical types of ladies men look out for when seaching for gf. Most men perfer their gf 2 be physically smaller them them. Why? So that they can 'sayang sayang' their gf. However there r men who prefer their women to be bigger them. Why? B'cos they like to be 'sayang sayang' by their women!! According 2 one of mine married friend (whose wife is almost 6' weight almost 80kg) it feel very nice when wife hug him every night, just like what mummy use 2 do when we r young & there is another (hor ny) reason.

We set target 4 ourself that mine gf must have physical like the above eg. If u have the luck to have the above as gf, fine u r so lucky, if not then lower u target a bit eg, small boop can do also or as long as got boop (big boop sag very fast beside u might be salforcated in not carefull) then I do believed nomal guy should have no problem having gf.


For ladies physical apperance is also important, but for most ladies it is NOT the most important factor when choosing bf. Some example below:-

This fellow handsome or not?

How about this fellow quite handsome & funny.

Ok this fellow a bit extreme but I just use it as eg to show the big muscular body.

I can safely say all ladies don't mind haveing bf size bigger then them as they all like to be 'sayang sayang' by their bf and not the other way round. According 2 one of mine ladies friend she feel very 'secure' with big guy. Big as in physically big. (big equipment is another story to be blog later if no body complain). Ladies also feel more 'secure' if the guy is bigger then them. So guy size does matter big time. OK. be continue


Andrew Ho said...

thnx, ask babyjee to help u link me then, like my entry, kamsia, promote me banyak banyak...intro me banyak banyak to all ur advertisement fees one. okay really gtg, bye....(don care to reply back in my blog)

BaBy JeE said...

haha... Horny Ang moh, do u know where can i get a surgeon who can make my boobs THAT big (size of my butt)??? hahahhhaha... NICE POST... i enjoyed every bits of it... keep up the good work..~