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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Bad Luck............

From bad day to bad luck!!! 3 day after geting mine Pajero going it is mine nissan turn to give me headach!!!(I wander wheather it want to get mine attention as I use it to tow back the pajero, couldn't be as I praise it for be so strong as to tow back a big 4WD like pajero.) It start nice enought but later during the day when mine lover want to use it it just wouldn't start. NOW WHAT!!!!!!!!! Oh just a flat battery, but hello I use maintence free battery a BOSH battery for ------- sack!!! And I bought it 15 months ago, just outside warranty period. Damn luck!

As usualy I DIY battery change. I bought a Yogohama brand this time cost me RM220-00.
That is no the end of the story, due to mine carelessness I accidentelly disconect the battery
without back-up hence the car ecu setting is gone. With defult setting the car behave like unsatisfief lover. No choice but to reset at nissan workshop cost me RM46-20. Just this few days mine cars cost me RM333-20.


Stupe said...

hehehe...the other day, my car ran out of petrol right before my house, then my wife's car can't be started when i needed it to, so i can buy petrol for my other car...

damn kaw badluck. the MF battery cost me RM230 though.

Horny Ang Moh said...