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Saturday, December 16, 2006

DIY Ac Pump

Due to bad economic nowaday I have being saving real hard for rainny day. One way I can save is on mine fuel expenses, hence I perfer to travel on this nowaday..........

So I only use mine Pajero once a week or when its rain.(Mine company don't fancy a wet & soaked to the ball Horny Ang Moh reporting to work). Thus on that day when I want to repair the punture tyre after it have being manually pump using bicycle, the Pajero do start after a few kick. It feel very shuggish no power at all even if I press the paddel to the floor. After moving a few hundred meter from the house the damn car died on me.

NOW WHAT!! As '####!!!%%%18XXXX' go through mine mind. I have no choice but to tow back the Pajero using mine other car a Nissan Sentra saloon. Small car towing big car back to mine house. Luckly only a few hundred meter & now on the main road. That will be real emberassing.

Now for those of u who don't have desiel car, it is usually no much of a problem compare to petrol car. If it don't start or start with difficulty it is usually the battery is weak, heater is gone, ac pump leaking air, fuel pump faulty or worse case engine head having problem. In mine case I discover that the ac pump is leaking air. This is how it look like...............
The one on the left is the recon one after I seach the whole town for it on mine trusty Honda Ex5. Cost me RM60-00.The one on the right is the faulty one, look much newer but it is leaking air & new one cost a bomb! Anyway I took out and fix in the recon ac pump myself. I use the recon fuel filter as well as I discover that it is still very clean even though it look very dirty on the outside.

The faulty ac pump without the connector. The container contain gasoline which I use together with toot brush to clean the recon ac pump. So on that day I spend RM60-00 on ac pump (will cost around RM150-00 to RM200-00 if u tow ur car to workshop & they will kill like pig with all sort of reason why u car don't start ) & RM7-00 on tyre punture.

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