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Monday, May 28, 2007

5 red bomb!!!!

I got 5 red bomb this last few days. To be let off at the begining of June two on 02-06-07 & one 06-06-07. Two more on 23-06-07 & 30-06-07. Oh red bomb refer to red wedding invitation card! Why so many people get married next month??? Very good meh?? And the date they get married easy to remember?? Why don't they get married on some easy to remember date?? For example 01-01, 11-01,02-02 or any public holiday. So I have no choice but to apply leave to attend to the function.


:: Nicole :: said...

be prepared for mine... er.... in the future.. muahahaha!

bongkersz said...

yeah.. next week i got 2 friends getting married as well. more to come i guess haha! next month a very good month is it?

cindy said...

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-jUsT- said...

Me going to Malacca attending my fren's wedding dinner this 1st of June too... lot's of wedding to attend recently... My mum asking me when's my turn... geeez... -.-

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi everbody!! So it seem that June is a good month.

Hallo Cindy!! Enter in already but no register as no PayPal A/c . What is this account?? TQ for u advice.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

thank god i havent received any yet.. faster build a shelter in your receive d also pretend dunno lor?

cindy said...

Horny: PayPal account is the place where they send the payment to you. You can register for a free PayPal account from Here.

Princess Eileen said...

My only big bro is getting married on the 1st & the 3rd of June. Woooooo.... That's why I am back to the borneo island now, enjoying the food and going to islands. Yeah, my family is special, we wanna be dark & attend the wedding. Keke.

Hor ny, I can smell something burning from here. Is that a hole with smoke I can see & smell from your pocket????

Iwan Sanchez said...

alamak horny,
getting pokai soon?


chinese wedding have to give big amounts one hor..

have a nice day horny!!

:: Nicole :: said...

actually me and russ just attended his cousin's wedding not long ago (a week ago) AND yesterday when we were out with my family for dinner, the restaurant was full.. coz of a wedding dinner lor *sigh*

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

Hmm.. so many ppl getting married huh... for me, most of my friends are getting their baby this year.

Good luck Horny... u need to prepare a lot of ang pows... hahah.

erinalaw said...

I normally got it during year end wor.

AceOne118 said...

People say diswan good season gua!

zewt said...

ouch... really sakit like that...

but u know... my record was 7 in a MONTH!!!!!

Chee Hsien said...

2 on 2nd of June. U need to choose one? or u're going both? :P

T.c said...

No idea how does it feel like to be bombed with a pink or red bomb yet as my friends are slightly too young for marriage. Well I will know the feeling in the future. Hehe

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hallo Everybody!! Sorry off-line this last few day.

Hi Joe!! U r so lucky.

Hallo Cindy! Will try later & s can earn some $$.

Hi Princess!! U r right. There is a big 'hole' now.

Hi Iwan!Have to buy big bomb!!

Hi Nicole!!Yalloh so many people get licence to poke this month!!

Hallo Purple!! When is ur turn??

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Erina! So u get bombed at year-end.

Hi Ace!This is the season to get poked.

Hi Zewt!!7 is a lot.

Hallo Chee Hsien! Only can attend one but have to buy two bomb!

Hi Tc! Lucky u.

zewt said...

how come u have nothing to say about my 3 laws of motion eh?

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Zewt!! Already comented as can only acess ur sites now. Have a nice day.