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Tuesday, July 03, 2007


I got this tag from storm in a teacup

A.5 things in your bag.

This I think applicable to ladies wan. Guy in most case where got carried bag wan. Ok ok I know most guy working in KL or big cities carried bag. Me on the other hand work in a small village wan. So nomally I only carried myself. So how about 5 things on me.

1. One lighter
2. One box of ciggy
3. One wallet ( sometime full of RM1, so that it look fat )
4. One comb ( to tidy up the 'bush' on my 'hor ny' head )
5. One pair of spec ( I am blind without my spec, so ladies it is perfectly safe to change your cloths in front of me when I am not wearing spec. Actually this did happen but I have no idea wheather that is a guy or a ladies I only have a blurr pic of something black on top & somethings black in the middle )

B.5 things in your room.
Actually what room r u refering to?? Bedroom, livingroom, bathroom, pangsai-room etc?? I suppose I just use bedroom ( as it is the happening room for me )

1.A few boxes of 'safety bag' ie condom* with different type & colour.
2.One big king size bed ( so that many different type of 'activities can be carried out )
3.Two towels ( for further information on their use, please poke in two towel )
4.One a air-con ( sexerise is a very hot & sweaty job so need it to cool down )
5.A few pillow ( to be use nomally plus some other use )

C.5 things you've always wanted to do.

1.To have some 'pokeing' activities when outstation ( untill now none as afraid I get raped* instead )
2.To go speeding at high speed ( untill now only 140kph as that is the max speed my car can go )
3.To have 2 or more GF living together ( not possible as no ladies like to share her men )
4.To travel oversea & visit some 'Ang Moh' land ( not possible as too poor & also no passport )
5.To be rich & famous ( not possible now as 'Hor ny Ang Moh' post too many sensitives entries )

D.5 things you're currently into.

'Currently into' meant what? Someting I am doing now?

1.I am pokeing entries into this post using my middle fingers ( very painfull now as this is how I type )
2.Thinking very very 'hard' using my 'hor ny' head ( my nomal head not the one down there ) what to 'poke' into this entry.
3.'Pokeing' every night as I consider it my daily sexerise ( oh yes the 'pokeing' season is on )
4.Playing PC game
5.Resting after doing all the above!

E.5 people you want to tag.

This wan very hard for me. If I tag five reader the other few hundred readers ( I do hope I have this amount of readers ) will feel that I don't regard them as friends. So to be fair to all my readers it is free tagging!! If u feel like doing this tag do drop some coments OK.

Phew!!! Done finally ( my middle finger is very painfull now ). Have a nice day my reader.


AceOne118 said...

Fuiyoh! what a long tag. Errr..are you sure there are only 5 things in your bag? Beside one lighter, a box of ciggy,wallet, comb and a pair of spec you didn't mention abt condoms, lubricants, play dolls, vibrators etc..wakakaka

Calvin's Wife said...

"oh yes the 'pokeing' season is on"
Have fun!! ;)

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Aceone118!That one got lah but only when travelling.

Hi everly! Yes I am having fun now.How about u?

Nonnie King said...

You don't have passport??

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Nonnie! Yallo, I am still living under my coconut shell.

clement said...

soo long, but quite informative.. ha ha

Iwan Sanchez said...


lucky u didnt tag me..


have a nice day!!

zewt said...

this cirnelle better do my tag!

ColourMeCrazy said...

Hehe - I got tagged by Cirnelle as well. Your top 5s are funny! Don't you have a "manbag"? I've seen some men with "manbags" here!

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hallo Clement! Tag is suppose to be 'short'??

Hi Iwan! Don't worry! I don't 'tag' people.( Actually I don't know how to 'tag' people! )

Hi Zewt!

Hallo Colourmecrazy! Wellcum! Got 'manbags'? Me don't know got such bag. TQ for the infor.

Cirnelle said...

I will lah, zewt... I will.

Very funny, Hor Ny. But I thought you didn't believe in condoms? Why have them in your room?

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Cirnelle!After the big scare I insit on wearing it even if GF don't like it!