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Wellcum! Wellcum!

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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Genting here I cum...........!!!!

Before making my way to Batu Pahat to attend a wedding, I made my first stop at Genting. I first arrive at LCCT using AirAia. As this is the first time I use AirAsia ( nomally I use MAS on co expense ) I will just give a quick review. Apart from the AirAsia ladies ( who all have nice butt* ) the seating arrangement is different from MAS, there are no class!In MAS there are first class ( fare cost almost 2 times! ) and nomal class where poor guy like me usually sit. In fact it is free seating. So whoever is the biggest/fastest get to seat in front and more importantly get the overhead compartment space to put his/her bags. To save on excess baggage charges I can see almost every AirAsia passagers hand carried including ur truly. And I can see all sorts/sizes of bags including a few big biskuits tin! Apart from this, passagers are also allow to put small handbags/rusacks on the floor besides the passangers. This is no allow on MAS flight. For slow passangers, sorry, their bags maybe be further down from where they sit as their overhead compartment space may be already taken up.

Now there is another advantage for the fellow who manage to sit in front. Apart from the bigger space those who sit on the left front seat get to have a very good view! And I am not talking about the view outside ( ok u do have a small window but so does every seat )! Faceing the front left seat are two small collasible seat. This are the seats where two AirAsia ladies seat when the plane take off or land. Now the two small collasible seat is lower then the standard seat, so with AirAsia ladies wearing tight & short uniform ( above knee level ) seating down & faceing u..........u can imaging the image. Unfortunately ur truly only manage to seat on the second row but I can still peek through between the front seats ( I suppose I am lucky to seat on the second row as GF is traveling with me. I don't want to arrive at KL with two elongated ears! Yes if I seat at the front seat it will be very very hard for me not to stare at those pairs of sexy* legs & nice butt* ). This is different in MAS. MAS ladies seat behind closed door. So I suppose this made traveling on AirAsia worthwhile apart from the low fare. But u got to be quick & patient as almost every AirAsia flight got delayed.

Do remember to have a full stomach before going onboard AirAsia as food is sold on board but not FOC ( unlike MAS )and it is expensive. Having a small bottle of water is allowed. Almost reaching LCCT the AirAsia ladies also start selling Bus tickets to KL sentre ( SkyBus ). As this is my first time using AirAsia & to LCCT I just bought the ticket RM9 per person as I can then took a bus to genting at KL sentre using genting bus at RM8.30 per person.

When I arriced at LCCT terminal I find 3 bus counter inside! Amount them SkyVan Rm38 direct to genting. Now if I have know earlier I will have use this SkyVan as I save on time, husher & brusher. The bus trip to KL sentre is unevenfull apart from the fact that u will have a hard time trying to find ur luggage underneat the bus compartment as a lot of other bus passangers's luggarge will be on tops of yours! And do try to mark urs luggage! U have no idea how many people use Polo luggage ( lucky for me I use a red cheap looking bag ). And another thing the bus travel at 120kph almost all the way from LCCT to KL sentre! ( It is no wander that KL accident always result in road-kill ).As luck will have it, when I arrived at KL sentre the genting bus is full & already left & the next bus is 3 hrs away! No choice but to take a taxi RM70. So I end up spending more! So to those who are in a hurry to get to genting use the SkyVan.

The taxi trip up to genting is unevenfull apart from a talkative driver. Oh yes the taxi is a lousy one. The air-con is not cool & while going up genting the air-con have to be switch off as taxi no power with air-con on!! Luckly it is a bit cool outside & I got to smoke my ciggy!


TingTitLei said...

wah why u always go wedding one .. haha

cathay pacific's air stewardess are the best.. haha

zewt said...

ahhh... so GF spoils your fun? kkakakakaka...

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

so did u win back ur taxi money ar??..hahaha

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Tingtitlei! Just last monts so many red bomb so very poor! Hemmm will try Cathay Pacific next time ( when got passport & becum rich )

Hi Zewt! Yalloh GF with me.Got got 'tied up'.

Hallo Joe! Win back back of it.( it will be a entry )!

Iwan Sanchez said...

wah.. uniform tight?? thats kinky!!

i know u must have lots of wild toughts on them rite?? hahaha!!

Wah, the taxi fare damn ex??!! RM70?? tsk..tsk..

so in cold weather can do exercise meh?? hahaha!

have a nice day!!

Princess Eileen said...

Win some money from Uncle Lim for us!!! And have fun with pokeing business in genting. Muahahaha

W_W_Ho said...

hey ang moh, help me to kirim salam to Uncle Lim. Thanks yah... hehehe... ;)

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

So, hows your trip. First time on Air Asia huh? Don't you think their seats smell??

Calvin's Wife said...

Owh, so you got win Uncle Lim's money is it? That's good, u fed some sweets under the table is it? LOL kidding... some theory I heard from a friend. :)

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Iwan! Cold weather still can, under the blanket!

Hallo Princess!Small win only lah. Pokeing only with gf! I should travel alone.

Hi W W Ho! No problem!

Hallo Purple! Yes AirAsia got smelly seat! Forget to mention that.

Hi Evie! I don't sweet! I use another method. Will blog about it later.

Anonymous said...

wah lau. u mean u got pokeing activities with other ppl, other than ur gf? u got too much energy, must utilize huh? what kind of girls u poke with? curious lah, no offence..

cindy said...

Wow, you're popular amongst the wedding invitations ar. Hahahaha.

Eh, how come never take photos wan??

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Anon! Wellcum! So far no 'activities' with other people as 'bro' very choosy!

Hallo Cindy!Got a lot of photo! But cannot publish as got show one very 'hor ny' fellow.