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Wellcum! Wellcum!

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Monday, July 16, 2007

What Did I Do In Genting.....

Genting is a side trip to me ( as I have no money to gamble & don't know how to play cards ) but gf & her gang ( including a few kids ) insisted so this is how I end up in First World Hotel looking miserabley at the small toilet & bathroom! Oh well, I might as well made the best of it. While gf & her gang is out enjoying themself out in the outdoor, I might as well enjoy myself indoor. According to my friend genting have a lot of freelance PR*C ladies. So off I went sightseeing & 'hunting'. But I didn't find any, perhap they are in the carsino ( or perhap it is off season or our police very 'efficient' in this area ). Beside by now I am thirsty so no choice but to visit the carsino. Yes, inside u can have free drink ( food & drink in genting is very expensive, so to cut cost we bring our own food that is, goodness know how many packets of noddle cup we bring which is cooked by pouring hot water on it ).

But first I must change into somethings smarter. Nomally I go wandering in t-shirt,short pant & slipper ( I feel safer as nobody pay me any attention, even the police ladies at KLIA check in don't bother to chec*k me ) but must wear at least collar t-shirt,long pant & shoes to enter carsino. This is applicable to men only. As for ladies they can wea*r whatever they want or even no*thing ( not fair to us guy I say ).

As I stay in First World Hotel, the first carsino I visit is First World carsino. The first things I did is to go to the free drink counter. Got a few drinks choice. I have a few cups of mil*o ( luckly I did as genting carsino only offer plain water ) while looking around. Not much to see as First World carsino is quite small, didn't find any PR*C ladies & also didn't see any cute carsino ladies.So off I went to Genting carsino which is quite far from First World carsino, have to use a number of escalator before reaching it. It is much larger. By now I feel the urg to 'play' & do some betting ( it is because of 'something' or it is because of the enviroment? ). This is how I 'play' at Genting carsino, 'hor ny style or rather chicke*n style'.

Have a budget on how much u want to 'invested', in my case I have just RM10-00 ( remember I am a poor fellow ).

How do u like it to be 'invested' ie which type of games or slots machine? Since I know nuts about gambleing or cards I spend quite sometime looking & studying at the various type of games ( ok actually I am 'studying' the carsino ladies ) .

What is ur strategy? My strategy is simple, I will only 'invest' in my winning ( chicke*n style ) so that if I lost, I only lost the winning, my principal is still intact.If I lost my principal amount then too bad, I am not lucky that day ( better get out or else u will even lost whatever u r wearing ).

When do u 'invest'? Me, I will start to 'invest' on an empty table or the table with the lest number of people. To me its meant that table or that game is not popular so that 'something' ( don't know got such things or not ) will give some small luck to the people 'investing' there so as to retain & attract more people to that table.

I decided to 'invest' in wheel of fortune, b'cos the ladies is cute, the game is simple & nobody play at this table for long as the winning is small. The game is simple if the wheel stop at RM 1, & u place ur bet at RM1 slots, u get back one time on ur 'investment and so on. Minimum bit is RM5. Since I have only RM10 to 'invest' my first bit is on RM5 with just one pieces of RM5 chips. The return is RM25-00. Thus I spend about 4 hrs at the carsino highest winning is RM85-00 but in the end my net earning is just RM40-00.

Do I really enjoy myself? Not really, I did find some PR*C ladies, but they are the 'aunty' type & they are busy 'investing' on limpek table, so not worth me 'investing' in them. I did saw some cute carsino ladies, all of then wearing gold shirt, black skirt*s & black sock*ing & also a few wearing black b*ra. Really wasted my time there.

I think gf & her gang have a far more enjoyable time then me. For example I would never have dare to try the roller coaster ride because it is too expensive RM15 for a few minities & I am afraid I will end up with 'twist*ed' 'ba*ll' or worse still my 'ba*ll' will fly off.

( My dear reader I must appologies for all the 'poor' spelling & a lots of word with * in them as office computer is now very 'holy' wan. Even 'bal*l' I have to put * inside, if not this post is ba*red. I do hope my reader understand. Have a nice day )


I'm Choonie. said...

At least u still win RM45. I like to go to Genting.. especially the theme park even though I dare not play most of the games. I think I am so useless because my MIL even dare to try out most of the games there... even the roller coaster. Btw, MIL is 73 this year. She was there with me three years ago. My MIL is super, rite?!

TingTitLei said...

i thought minimum bet 10? i like play big small =D

the coaster ride is 15 for unlimited mah. that time i played around 6 times want to vomit ady haha

erinalaw said...

At least still got untung mah. Better than nothing, rite?

Iwan Sanchez said...

to horny,

So dissapointing... cannot find any victims.. hehehehe!!

at least u win some money... hehehehe!!

so got belanja gf or not??

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Choonie! Ur MIL real great.

Hi Ting! Some r Rm10, the wan I play only Rm5. That rollar near FWH. Rm15 per ride.

Hallo Erina! Yalloh, somethings better then nothings.

Hi Iwan! She don't know. I tell her I am a good boy!

Anonymous said...

haha.. i really like ur sense of humour. erm, though hor*ny as u are, i hope u will remain faithful to ur gf..

hope u have better luck on ur next genting trip! (:

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hallo Ano! Wellcum! Ha!Ha! Wishfull thinking!

W_W_Ho said...

hmm........... carsino yah, i wanna go there now!!! but i can't... ;( any idea arr ang moh. hand very itchy liao leh... hehehe.

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi WWH!If u r in KL just go lah & do some 'investment'. Small amt can win wan. If greedy or big amt then lost for sure.

jessie said...

Ooh~~!! =p

I tried all the outdoor rides in Genting~~
U shud try it out too~~
Try it with a group of fwens~~

It's fun~~!!
But a lil pricey though...
Everything there is "Mountain" PRICE~~!!


Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hallo! Jessie u so brave wan try all the ride!Me 'chicken' wan.

Princess Eileen said...

I love genting for the weather!
I love outdoor theme games!
I did not gamble much in the casino yet, cause the last time I went go genting, I still havent earn any money.

horny, at least you won Lim Pek's $$$ and have free milo. Keke... So are you back to Sarawak?

belle said...

gahhh!!! i wan to go in there! but need to wait one more year T T

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hallo Princess! Already cum back to the jungle. So got mosquito bites!

Hi Belle! Why have to waite for one more year???

Calvin's Wife said...

hello horny, for these few visits, I am beginning to like Rou*lette. I used to play the computerized ones but the actual is more accurate and fun... Of course lah I play only the RM10 table.. also same like you, poor fellow.. :(

Normally me and hubby would try to spot a high roller (b*etting RM50-RM200 on a RM10 table) playing the game and we'll join in. Whatever the high roller b*ets, we will try to calculate if the numbers he b*et are correct. If they are somewhat accurate, we'll follow his lead.

From there, we will at least win a few hundred before we leave the table. *grins*

Iwan Sanchez said...

i tink u must be very guai infront of gf hor.. hahahhaa!!

Nonnie King said...

I walked in the Casino... wander around with the bf and another guy friend..

All they did whole night is, want to gamble or not? want to gamble or not?

In the end.. we did nothing but wandering around for 1hr+...

Fun huh?

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Everly! Oh I see.OK next I target hight roller & see can win big amount.Tq for ur infor!

Hi Iwan! Me very 'good boy' in front of gf wan!

Hallo Nonnie! Really arr? So whole night no play?

Cirnelle said...

Hi Hor Ny. I figured out the reason behind your spelling from my first visit. Alternatively, you could hide behind a proxy, you know. It should, in theory, confuse the heck outta the 'holy' server.

Statistically, baccarat (don't ask me what game that is, I haven't a clue) is the most feared game by the house. Every other game, the house always wins.

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

ny.ang.mohHi Cirnelle!Noton anti-virus with sites restriction installed on 'holy' computer! It is so 'holy' that common word like 'suc*k','lic*k' also got banned! Is this the sort of game that Jame Bond play? Tq for all the infor. Next time in Genting will try to have better luck both inside & outside the carsino!

ah nel said...

hey man!

thanks to drop by my lousy blog!

wat a nice name u got!

wat colour their undies?

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hallo Ah Nel! Undies cannot see as they all wear black skrit! He!He1 If I bent down can see but didn't bent down.