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Wellcum! Wellcum!

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Gosh!!!!!..............It is but............

Warning! This is a Hor ny post. 18sxs for mature/'ripe' reader only ( As 'responsible bugger I give 'warning' first so that any mummy or daddy will not 'parang' me ). However to my all dear reader u r more that wellcum to this sites!

She is perfect! She stand in front of me in all her gory in all her natural beauty..........not a single piece of cloth on her!!! I look at her, absorbing in the sight before me.........

Her face is so pretty just like a model with her long silky hair( actually she look a bit like the model doing the glade home perfume ads ).
Her fair skin is silky smooth.
Her breas*t.........oh soooooo nice the type which is firm, can 'stand' wan, the 'jambu' type ( no the 'papaya' type or the bouncy type which can suffocate u if u bury ur face there )
Her body shape is sooooooooo perfect
Her love triangle is soooooooooo neat & pinkish without a single hair
Her leg is soooooooooo smooth & long

Me! I am seating on a big long sofa in a big house. Even though I am seating down but my 'bro' is standing at full attention, I can feel it trying to uproot itself & rocketed to her! I can stand no more, I beckon shakily to her........... She knee down &........... She lic*k my 'bro' full length down to my 'bal*l'. Then she took my throbbing 'bro' in her sen*sual mouth.I can feel her running tongue all over my 'bro' head & gently scrub it with her teeth, teasing it. I can stand no more, my 'bro' is at it max, my 'bro' head is throbbing, it is near 'burs hing' point!

I lift her pretty head. She climb on to me, she want to sit on me..........No! I lift her further up until she is standing on the sofa over me. Then without warning I bury my face between her long smooth leg. I could hear her grasp! Oh her pinkish lov*e lips is soooooo w*et taste sooooooooo good & smell sooooooo natural. I use my mouth to lic*k & suc*k on her lov*e lips. I thrus*t my tongue into her until my tongue could go no more. I use my tongue to rub & explore her inside & her firm lips & her small bop of plea*sure flesh! I use my teeth to scrub on & also gently nibble her two lips & her small bop of pleasure flesh. I try to lic*k her dr*y but she is oh soooooooo w*et! She grasp my head & try to push my face away between her leg but just when my face is about to move away she push it back in. She is moa*ning & I could feel her body shudder with what I am doing to her between her legs.

Finally I let her sit on me. Gosh! With one strong smooth thrus*t I bury my 'bro' deep into her while she sit down on me in one smooth move. She gave one sharp grasp & then moa*n with each thrus*t! She grip me strongly with all her might . She match the timing of her grip with my thrus*t perfectly. She is breathing deeply , oh the sight of her firm up fair breas*t in front of my face showing faint blood vain is too much........I bury my face in them. I lic*k, suc*k each breas*t, each firm pink nippl*e giving each of them full equal attention.

This is too much I want to give her my best. I need to do it in the bedroom! I carried her still stuc*k to me up the stairway into the bedroom with huge mirror on the wall! I lay her down on the huge bed with me on top. I spread apart her sex*y long leg, then I began to thrus*t into her with all my might.........faster & faster........first she moa*n softly then as I increase my thrusting she scream with each thrust urging me first she grasp the bed sheet tightly then she grasp my arm & then my back.......... Gosh she is strong inside, my 'bro' could feel her grip.

Faster & faster I thrus*t, her so strong almost hurting my 'bro' I am going to.............
( start my count down )

10...I am a big lion ( ram in with full force )

9.....faster...........faster ( pull out ) ( ram in )

7.....& furious ( ram in against )

6.....the bed headboard is banging hard against the wall ( pull out )

5.....she have her eye shut tight ( ram in harder )

4.....her scream is ( ram in & pull out, ram in & pull out )

3.....where should I cum ( ram in & in )

2.....she is clawing my back, her grip on my 'bro' is so strong ( ram in & stay in )


I WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dam!! Dam!!It is just a 'hor ny' dream!!! I look at the alarm clock! It is 4.35am! And as usual my 'bro' is having his morning drill standing up at full attention. Then I know what wake me up & hurt my 'bro'. My sleepy gf is gripping my 'bro' with her small hand! 'Having dream' she whisper? Well with the dream flesh in my mind I gave gf an early sexerise!

So I cum to work this morning working like a zombie.Oh! Now I remember I forgot to wear 'safety bag' this morning! I hope my gf is not going to give me this nightmare, I will keep my finger crossed but then I don't want to end up with a red meat roll either. My gf? She is very satisfied & happy. Oh!!!!!!! How I wish it is not a dream! Perhaps one of this day this dream will cum true!


Princess Eileen said...

Hor ny, must be potong steam for you. People say a dream may indicates something wor. Haha... You make your readers arouse early morning..... Hor ny readers in da office~

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Good morning Princess!! Wah I 'arouse*' u early the morning arr...sorry arr. Hope u can still work! Have a nice day.

Low said...

Just out of curiousity, i assume u are leaving in with your gf, how about your parent?

TingTitLei said...

wah havent fucked for a long time ah? i think i read it somewhere that if u fuck or masturbate regularly u wont have wet dream

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Low! Parent not with me! I am sort of 'indepentend' already.

Hallo Ting! No true! I suppost I am tired so got dream! By far the best dream I have in a long long time.

erinalaw said...

Tingtitlei could be true. Horny, tired cannot dream liau lar. Too tied where can dream lagi. So, we might see another post from you later with the title - She Belum Cum Lagi..... hehehe......... all the best to you my dear horny friend.

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Aiyah Erina! Don't be like that lah! I don't wan to do another post on 'she didn't cum'.

I'm Choonie. said...

hahaha... I was wondering what is this horny ang moh do behind his gf. hahahaha... it is actually the work of your horny gf... hahahhahah...reallli potong steam realising that it is just a dream!

Iwan Sanchez said...

oh no Horny!!

i tink u are too sexicted and too horny to get a safety bag!!

i hope u didnt shoot inside hor...

anyway, nice story! i like!

have a nice day!

:: Nicole :: said...

gosh.. at first i thought u've become a romance novelist.. haha.. what a dream! :p

Eric said...

i fell for it.. nice one..

Cocka Doodle said...

Come, next time I take you go fulfill your fantasy.

lovegoddess said...

waaahhh horny..really a lustful and fulfilling dream you had !

so now you're wanting a long-legged, creamy & fair skin, drop-dead beautiful woman ya!

pray u strike lottery or 4D big big..then you can have any mega beautiful women you want!

Russ said...

Good dream horny! U lucky man. last time I had a dream like that, i was 14 years old. I dreamt this sexy model climbed in my window late at night just wanting to have sizzling sex all night long.. I miss that dream so much, my 'dream girl' i used to nickname her, but dreamgirl never came back!! :(

Cocka doodle, I thought u were a guy.. hmm.. good for u to offer Mr Horny your services.. heheeh :P :P :P

Kenny Ng said...

LOL... damn potong stim. Anyway, how to get such kind of wet dream ah? I never had in my life leh.

Kenny Mah said...

Potong stim is right... aiya, you should have stopped at the part before the dream ends ma... Still, better to have dreamed than not at all, right?

Come to think of it, better to have done than just dreams! LOL

:: Nicole :: said...

bb, u want your 'dream girl' to come back? okay la.. she can do 'the' job for me instead :p~ hahaha...

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Choonie!Sorry to potong ur steam!

Hi Iwan!Yalloh so sexicted so forget to wear! Of couse exploxed inside!

Hi Nicole! Its the best dream I have!

Hallo Eric! Ha!Ha! U fall for it.

Hallo Cocka! Will look u up if in KL next time.Tq tq.

Hi Lovegoddress! Wish me luck! If strick big wan will look u up.

Hi Russ! U got that dream also! Ha!Ha!Nicole already 'angry'! Cocka don't 'offer' his service. He will 'bring' me around!

Hi Kenny Ng!Sorry potong ur steam! Think about it then u can have this dream also!

Hallo kenny Mah! I have 'done' all 'that' but the girls in the dream is perfect wan!Aiyah wake up at wrong time.

Aiyah Nicole! Russ is still a full-blodded men mah!No harm in wishfull thinking!

belle said...

i cross my finger for you too! lol

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Tq belle!

ms_dowager said...

hey dude, just saw your tag on my blog! Thanks for dropping by! and yea man, u definitely shld give the spa a try! =D

ms_dowager said...

and oh btw, nice horny blog. hahaha.. damn funny!

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hallo Ms Dowager! Wellcum!