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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I Am Stuck........

I am stuck for 7 hrs, 7 long hrs in this godforsacken place( actually I have being stuck before but of the 'hor ny' type for 10 minites ).
While stuck there, I have no choice but to stare at this!

Actually my fright is delay for 5 hrs. Yes, it is the in famous Air Asia. @#4443278!!!fcuk Air Asia!! ' Now Everybody Can Fly' should be change to 'Now Everybody Can Fly & WAITE'!! It wouldn't be so bad if I got to watch 'nice' ladies passager, but apparantly Johore airport is only porpurlated but 'aunty' type of ladies. So no choice but to stare at my baggage & guard it ( it is because it is very unsafe in Johore ). The only good view I saw is some MAS ladies & Air Asia ladies.
Now some interesting things I notice on Air Asia ladies ( I have observe 10 Air Asia ladies ), they all have near perfect behind!! I got to observe 6 of them real close on board the plane. I really wander did Tony put this down as one of the requirement? And out of this 10 ladies I can only see one VPL ( visible panty* line, oh yes I do notice this sort of thing when looking at ladies among other 'things' ) the rest no VPL, so I conclude that either they wear g*string ( very unlikely as it is very uncomfortable ) or nothing underneat ( very unlikely also but possible ) or some utra thin undies* ( I am very pissed* haveing to waite for so long, so to made my waite more 'interesting' I made the above observestion, but as mention only 'aunty' to see ).
One more things the Air Asia Ladies smell nice ( on morning flight ) & no smell ( on night flight ie delay wan ) or rather some sweaty smell. Couldn't blame this ladies, afterall they really have to work their ass* off ( is it because of this they have nice round behind? ).


erinalaw said...

You go holiday kah? No wonder no post for so long lar. But, another thing I don't like about Air Asia ladies, they don't bun their hair up. Looks very untidy lor. This is not a hair product company, ok? So no point showing off the long hair.

-jUsT- said...

eh.. come JB never ask me out?? eler... no good lah u....

Calvin's Wife said...

LOL you have a very good pair of eyes... :P

lovegoddess said...

yeahh..speaking of air asia..sometimes the deliver broken promises.

myself & family supposed to leave for Siam Reap on 30th August (and back to KL on 3rd Sep) via Air Asia - return flight & airport tax fully paid.

about a month ago Air Asia notified us that flight on 30th Aug has been cancelled and would leave for Siam Reap on 31st Aug instead and back to KL 3rd Sep.

that means we would be spending 4days in Siam Reap instead of 5.

i told them to fucking cancel everything and return all the money.

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hallo Erina! No lah not holiday.Will blog more later.Yes some have 'untidy' hair.

Hi Just! Forgot u r in JB. Will contact u next time.

Hallo Everly! Nothings to do mah! So look see loh.

Hallo Lovegoddess! Forget about ur money. they will not refund u wan.

Russ said...

I hate flying budget airlines, not because im rich or anything, but my company pays for all my flights and sometimes some companies try to put me on budget airlines, like AirAsia, Virgin airlines, Tiger air.. all those cheap airlines, the cabins are dirty, u have to pay for the food, and engine sounds bad as well!
The only thing I like about Airasia (flown only once) was as Horny Ang moh said, the girls.. hehehe :P
*nicole dont whack me, pls*
Erinalaw: It may seem untidy, but I dont really like MAS girls' hair tied up in a bun, the time I saw airasia girls, they all had short hair and looked neat (and cute).. like chinadolls.. :)

:: Nicole :: said...

*whack russ's head and ran off crying* bohoooooo~~~~

:: Nicole :: said...

russ likes nice girl's arse so he's more into the air asia stewardess than the rest

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hallo Russ! We are afterall a full blooded male.

Hi Nicole! U r lucky that russ still interested in ladies. Be worry, very worry if he lost interest. He could becum gay*!

:: Nicole :: said...

THAT i'm not worried.. lol..

Russ said...

Thats true Nicole, listen to Horny Ang moh...after I become gay then u will really be upset.. :P kekeke,

thanks man, I owe u one *phew*

:: Nicole :: said...

*whacks russ's arse* so u like to get poked, bb?? hahaha... want to sell your backside issit?

*whacks again* this is for looking at other girls arse.. hmph..

hor ny: i'd rather russ become gay than looking at some other chicks arse and drooling all over.. haha.. at least he'd know how it feels getting poked! LOL!