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Wellcum! Wellcum!

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Feeling Lucky????

Do u have this feeling? U feel like buying or betting on some lucky number etc? Me I don't know about this feeling ( the most femilar feeling for me is 'hor ny' wan ) but someone pass me an email to check out this site .After going through this site I think I better share what I know with my dear reader. If u haven't poke into the site let me introduce it as I have poke into it several time.

It is a bidding sites where u can get prices or money ( both types I am interested in so long as it is free ) by placeing ur bid. Now nomarlly the highest bid win, but this site offer prices/money to the lowerest bidder!!

Eg If 'hor ny ang moh service' is up for bid & the lowest bid won, 10ladies offer 1 banana for hor ny services, 5ladies offer 2banana for hor ny services but only 1 old lady offer 5banana for hor ny services. It meant the old lady win the bid eventhought she offer the most banana. That the the lowest bid with the lowest bidder win!

The reward is most attractive and the range is huge. Free Gifts,Sweepstake,Cash prize are gifts which I am sure u can find most attractive.

So to my dear reader are u interested? If so just poke into register & start bidding & pray that ur bid is the lowest wan.


Ken said...

Let me make this clear. There are two conditions in order for you to win your prize on bidding. You have to have placed the LOWEST and UNIQUE bid in order to win. This means that your bid has to be the lowest and no one other than yourself placed a bid of that amount. Now think about this for a while before you place your bid.

Iwan Sanchez said...

hello Horny,
maybe this site is hoax??
but nevertheless, i tink its unique lah...

hahaha!! so u bid in there too??

erinalaw said...

Got such thing? You got bid also kah?

Be3^Be3 said...

aiks....i was about to write wat Ken wrote...but going to check out the site...if i get something out of it...will let u know!!hehehe

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hallo Ken! Tq for ur infor. U win any things?? BTw tq for ur coment.

Hi Iwan & Erina! The 'link' is no working. I corrected it now. ( This is the first time I do linking ).

Hallo Be3^be3! Wellcum. Tq for ur coment.

To all my dear reader, sorry offline for this past few days. Going to up-date with all my 'hor ny' activities soon.

Have a nice day everyone.