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Wellcum! Wellcum!

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Monday, June 25, 2007

Blogivitis Syndrome: Virus detected!

This is a new type of virus spread by clare( ) .It is only applicable to blog owner as it will infect blog only or those with web sites. Why she want to spread the virus to me?? I suppost she regard me as a friend in blogsphere, in fact I feel very honoured as I saw my 'Hor ny' name on her sites. And as friend u r suppost to spread good things but sometime u also end up spreading bad things as well to ur friend.

Actually I have already contact the virus as I show the following sign:-

1.I am always thinking in my hor ny mind of what to post in my blog, something usefull ( but I think not popular ), somethings 'hor ny' ( this wan very popular, but very risky if gf find out or ID revealed ), somethings 'hor ny & usefull' ( difficult to have this entries but once in a hor ny moon got this entries )

2.Constantly check on my blog's comment ( if got comment, any comment then very happy as it show what I write got people read ) & sites counter ( at least I know my sites got 'poked' by visitors )

3.I check on my sites even afterwork or before I go to bed or on leave using my private 56K ( I cur*se to sky high when I have to waite for an hour for my sites to load & lost all my 'cum' when the 56k line got jamed ) line before I got this virus I hardly use the internet apart from looking at 'nice' picture once in a while.

4.I got all sexieted when informed by nuffnang that I got incuming ads ( but lost all my 'cum' when I saw the earning ).

5.Because I got this virus I have to take pic, so on most occassion I will bring a camera along but until now I haven't got the $$$ to buy myself a cameraphone ( this will enable me to take all sort of pic ).

6.This only applicable to me ( I think ). I got a thilling feeling whenever I blog ( especially on 'educational' post ) as I am faceless ( only orang utan face ) & untill now none of my reader is my real life friends or relatives ( this proof that 'hor ny ang moh' is the most 'technologically advance' in the gang ) or from my area/town.

Well, if my reader have some or all the above signs it meant u also have the virus.

Please pardon ( most appreciated if my reader can teach me ) me as this is my first 'tag', any 'rules' broken or not complied with is done ignorantly.


clare said...

Hey, horny...this is your first tag ar? But you did it pretty well lah...nice wan...Anyway, thanks for doing it...

Next time we have Sibu bloggers gathering you also must show your face liao hoh...dun hide long long lah...

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hallo Clare!! Wellcum! Sibu blogger gathering!!!??? Might go but very shy lah.( Actually gf sure wan to follow wan then how?)

clare said...

What shy? No need shy lah! If gf wanna follow then just bring her lor...if your brother, sister, friend, auntie, uncle wanna go also we welcome all...

Sibu bloggers' meet would be interesting you knwo...

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Clare! Will consider. Have a nice weekend!