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Friday, June 22, 2007

Something Wrong With GF

Something is wrong with her.Normally one 'poke' & one 'twist' will start her & she will be willing for me to do however I like with her. Well she still start with one 'poke' & one 'twist'. However after doing her for half an hour or when she really get heated up, I shut her down! That is when she shown her problem! If I start her that is one 'poke' & one 'twist', nothing! Nothing happen except she just made a clicking noise! She only show this problem when she is all heated up, no such problem once she cooled down. Oh I am sorry, I am refering to this gf ( not my regular gf where I do a lot of 'pokeing' & have sexerise ) which I also do 'pokeing' ( into the keyhole with key of couse ) & driving.

What cause the problem? The battery? No! This is the first thing I check ( 90% of the time, starting problem is cause by weak battery ). So how about electrical system? Possible, as once she cooled down ( about 1 hour time, in the meant time while waitting for her to cool down I will be smokeing a few sticks of ciggy drooling at any sex*y ladies passing by ) she can be started up. No that is no the problem ( thank goodness ) as my friend who is also a mechanic can't even jump started the Pajero ( as in stealing the Pajero ). So cumfirm the problem is with the starter! This is how the Pajero starter look like.

Look rather simple & solid( notice the smaller cylinder, that is the relay switch, attached to the big cylinder which is the actual starter, more on this later ). The problem is takeing out the starter which is located deep down in the engine compartment. The second battery have to be taken out including the gear box's dip stick & the fuel filter plus the turbo inter-cooler ( partially dismended ) just to remove two screw which attached the starter to the engine block. And then the starter can only be remove from underneat the Pajero ( luckly the guy who is removeing the starter is a small guy, he spend almost 3 hour underneat my Pajero removing just two srews as the space is very tight ).

The problem with any starter is nomally the wore-out carbon contact.So I have this changed. With new carbon I hope this will solve the problem.

Wah lah!!One poke & one twist she is ever ready for me! So happy, so off I went driving. But my happyness is short-lived. Just to test that she is really well I stopped her & started her against with her all heated up. Nothing!! Nothing at all just a 'clicking' sound!! (My mechanic friend is now scraching his head like no tomorrow wandering what the fcuk is wrong with the starter! ) Once she is cool no such problem! Anyway the process of takeing out the starter began against ( the poor small mechanic spend another 3 hour underneat my Pajero ).

This is the souce of all this strange paj starting problem. It is a sort of relay switch which also activate the starter motor. It is attached to the started as show in the second picture. Apparently when hot this thing don't function thus the starter don't start & just made a clicking noise. Changing this switch solve the problem.

So to my dear reader I hope that if ur car give the above problem it might just be the starter relay giving u problem.


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

haha i was wondering how you twist ur gf around while poking..hahaha..hope ur pajero is running fine..and let u do whatever u want with it!

TenthOfMarch said...

I got cheated. I thought you really go poke "another gf". Hahaha. Every post also must be horrr nyyy one meh?

Iwan Sanchez said...


first paragraph looks so erotic, sekali its abt ur another gf.. hehehe!!

i dun have a car yet but i learnt a tip from u.. hahaha!!

have a great weekend!

lovegoddess said...

ha..u really got me there! thought you were talking about your human gf !

hhhmmm..sory i can't help you on your mechanical gf....i'm so hopeless at these things. i only know how to pump fluid and air into my boyfren

have a good weekend horny!

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Joe!Yes she is running fine now.

Hallo 10/3!Where got 'hor ny' wan. I just discribe how I start my Pajero mah.

Hi Iwan! Great weekend to u also.

Hallo Lovegoddess!U r one of the few ladies who know how to pump air into their bf.Most ladies don't know wan.Have a great weekend to u also.

danielctw said...

aiyoh say properly ga...
say gf...ish za dao is ur pajero

The Snark said...

That's a starter solenoid. The starter relay sits in the relay box on the right side of your engine bay.

erinalaw said...

Kena tipu pulak........... thought you really poke your gf.

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Daniel! My english is not so good mah.

Hallo Snark!Tq for the infor.

Hi Erina! He!He!This gf I also 'poke' wan!

Iwan Sanchez said...

though horny english is not good, i tink he did and tried his best...

cheers horny!!

Nonnie King said...

I tot car = wife? How come still gf?

Donny Ang said...

geez... I thought your gf was really giving you the cranky start. How could I be so blind and not to see it that you have other kind of misleading affairs. Bummer!

Hope the car is behaving when you poke it while its hot.

"Poke it while its hot!"

LOL! Good One!

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Iwan! Cheer!

Hallo Nonnie!Better to have GF then wife. If becum wife then no more 'pokeing' around.U know what I meant?

Hi Donny!Good phase! This is a good phase! Hope u don't mind if I use it in some future post.

Have a nice Sunday everyone!

bongkersz said...

yeah, just changed my car starter also. cilaka stupid starter.. :D my car die on the road, need to tow back to the workshop. somemore raining when i was waiting for the tow truck :D

Casey and Peanut said...

Hi Horny Ang Moh,

Its been a while since you visit the 2 cute doggies .... must be "busy"

We are glad to hear everything is ok with you liaw.

Anyways, You Are TAGGED by Casey and Peanut.

Kindly follow this URL:

Kind regards

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hallo Bongkersz! I hope ur car is Ok now.

Hi casey & peanut! Yes, it has being sometime since I pay u a visit as very very worry this last few weeks. Its ok now.Will have a look at the tag.

Kiwi Sheep said...

Solenoid rosak kah ?

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Kiwi sheep! Yalloh! Solenoid rosak! Only work when cold! Once hot no contact!